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Chapter 226 - The Unrivalled Master

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"Xue Tong!" The Third Elder shouted anxiously. Although he too believed in the rationality of Mu Xue Tong's words, but felt that it wouldn't be best to provoke the Sixth Elder at this time since the man was already blaming himself for today's misfortunes!

"Put me down! This Old Man isn't dead yet; I can walk on my own!" the Sixth Elder shouted furiously: "This Old Man doesn't need to learn 'conduct' from a young man like yourself! You need to watch your words! You can't talk to this Old Man in this manner even if you're an expert in your own merit! Measure your weight and qualifications before commenting on this Old Man's way of going about things again!"

Mu Xue Tong's face went pale with anger as he voiced his thoughts again: "You really have a lot of courage ah! You didn't seem this tough when you were faced with the Solitary Falcon earlier, but now you're taking it out on me? And do you really think that I'm enjoying carrying you on my back?!"

Even though Mu Xue Tong was a bit hesitant, the Sixth Elder had already struggled off his back and onto the ground. However, the pain from his injured and broken chest bones only aggravated further, leaving his forehead dripping cold-sweat.

"Indeed, you really are tough. Had you been this prideful in front of the Solitary Falcon earlier, then you might have actually earned my respect instead of being in this position!"

The Third Elder hadn't even had the time to act as a mediator when a cold and sharp voice sounded rather unexpectedly; blatantly mocking them with its words. An enormous Qi Field came into existence out of nothing almost simultaneously as a masked black-robed man descended from the heavens in the same manner as a deity would. However, the unusually strange manner in which this person had suddenly appeared in front of everyone, coupled with his cold eyes which seemed to be flickering with an even colder radiance, made him seem more like a monster in contrast.

"It's him!" Little Princess Han Yan Meng screamed as her trembling body ducked behind the Third Elder's, while the manner in which she clutched onto the Third Elder's robe clearly expressed the fears she couldn't state in words. The sudden appearance of this black-robed man had apparently terrified her to the core: "He's the man who beat up Brother Xiao before hitting me as well!"

The Third Elder's heart sank!

His biggest fear had arrived in fles.h.!.+ The real trouble… had finally arrived!

And this horrifying nightmare was far more terrifying than any threat the Solitary Falcon posed to them.

The Silver Blizzard City's n.o.bility clearly felt the overwhelming pressure of this insurmountable strength, and were left trembling as a result. Of the four of them, the Little Princess was only afraid of this person due to ferocity of this person's nature since the abuse he had dealt on Xiao Feng Wu had left a very deep impression in her psyche. Moreover, upon recalling the att.i.tude this person had exhibited at the time, and finding it similar to his present one only made her fear this "ignorant and fearless man" even more!

In contrast, the fears of the other three people in her company were far more real in comparison. Being more knowledgeable than her, they had already understood that this person was extremely furious at the moment which was being clearly demonstrated by his exploding momentum as well as the malice in his eyes. They could clearly understand that such a person wouldn't ever allow his momentum to reach a point where it could devour the heavens and earth unless the said-person was trying to demonstrate the destruction he was capable of causing!

In fact, this Aura was exactly the same as the one they had felt at the time they were entering into the Tian Xiang City. Moreover, this Aura was just as vast, boundless, transcending above the heavens, and deeper than the oceans as the one they had felt earlier; a fact which only added to their fears!

Overbearing! Unparalleled! Irresistible!

This person is certainly the same one who released that ma.s.sive Qi Field a few days ago, and definitely the one who destroyed the Southern Maple Forest today! Even though he had just appeared moments ago, the Third Elder and the others had already identified as much!

They were completely unaware that this ma.s.sive Qi Field wasn't being controlled by Jun Mo Xie, and was merely due to the Hongjun PaG.o.da which resided in his body. However, even the wisest of men wouldn't be able to tell the difference since the Hongjun PaG.o.da resided inside the young master Jun's body, making the Hongjun PaG.o.da's Qi Field appear the same as Jun Mo Xie's.

However, even though the young master Jun had the capability of starting the Hongjun PaG.o.da at his will, he still didn't have the ability to control it since his cultivation level was still extremely low. As a result, the Aura emitted from the Hongjun PaG.o.da would always feel the same to a bystander, irrespective of Jun Mo Xie's mind-frame; whether it be angry or happy!

However, the surging momentum this mysterious Master was exhibiting was enough for the Third Elder and others to determine that this man was extremely enraged at the moment.

Moreover, the earth-shattering momentum being exhibited by this mysterious Master was far higher than any of the Eight Great Masters were capable of displaying!

The three of them were left even more horrified than before when they mentally compared this person's strength to that of their City's Master, Han Feng Xue and discovered that even the publicly accepted third-strongest person alive in this world would be nothing more than a mere ant in front of this man, and would at best simply be a strong beginner; and nothing more!

The three experts immediately lost the courage to resist this man as this realization dawned upon them, while the Sixth Elder's face turned ashen with fear.

I'm afraid that such a high cultivation level is already beyond the reach of humans. Am I just a lamb waiting to get slaughtered by a sharp knife?

The black masked man coldly stared at the four people who stood in front of him as he slowly moved closer to them, one step at a time, while his footsteps made slight sounds as he moved.

But, the lacking silence of these footsteps left the Third Elder and the others even more surprised than before!

Given his cultivation level, this person ought to be strong enough to cross the waters, the mountains, and soar above the clouds in silence, but instead his footsteps are making slight sounds as he moves… this means that his anger must've already reached insuppressible limits.

It seems that the four of us are unlikely to get out of this alive!

"Do you all belong to the Silver Blizzard City?" the man in the black mask asked with his hands folded behind his back and head held up high, almost as if he was floating with the winds while his voice sounded extremely bright, clear and devoid of any kind of fireworks.

"Who… may I ask the Sir's introduction….." the Third Elder stood up perfectly straight as he respectfully asked this question while cupping his hands. Giving respect to another man never brings any harm; anyway, one really couldn't blame the Third Elder for a being overly respectful at this time since any sort of courtesy would be deemed as necessitated when faced with a man of such strength.

"Oh….." the masked black-robed man issued a long 'Oh' sound which was completely devoid of any traces of anger or joy, and rather made it seem as if he's just waken up from a long dream: "Think of it this way; this Old Man has had relations with the Old Silver City's Masters for several generations, dating back to a time when that Han Feng Xue's services used to be at the fingertips of the Old City's Master. Anyhow, that time has long past, but still… I had never thought that the Silver Blizzard City would fall to this point! Is it just bad luck? Or do the riches and wealth really don't survive more than three generation?"

He shook his head almost as if he was feeling extremely sorry, and then sighed as he said: "Sad, very sad!"

"Since the Old Master and our Old City are friends of old, then we aren't really foreigners to each other. Ah……." Even though the Third Elder replied politely, his mind had already taken a different direction: What did he mean by the City's previous Masters? He knew our second generation of Masters? Or was it the First?… G.o.d, this man's age may have already surpa.s.sed more than two lifetimes…..

"A small punishment needed to be delivered since the younglings broke into my territory and disrupted my practice; and as for you Elders, instead of teaching mannerism to your descendants, you allow them to act as audaciously as their heart desires, and then you go about wantonly implicating others for the situation? Is this what the Silver Blizzard City has been pa.s.sing down its generations?" the black masked man's voice gradually became stern.

The hearts of the Third Elder and the others started drumming with fear, while Little Princess was left muddleheaded in the face of this crisis. She was finding it extremely strange that a violent man who was previously running amok naked, was now portraying himself as a highly respected member of the society and was actually being received by his Elders as such……

Is it really that same person? His entire body was covered in mud at that time, but I can still sense that violent streak in him….. but, if it is the same person, then why is there such a big contrast now? Is it just because he's wearing clothes now?

The black masked man didn't say anything for a while, but it seemed that he was only getting angrier and angrier. Finally, he hummed and said: "I've heard that you are tracking me down? And that you wish to extract your revenge from me? So I decided to come here voluntarily in order to give you that opportunity!"

"Ha ha, please forgive us Sir for our younglings were unaware of the factors surrounding this situation. We understand this matter quite well and will teach them as well, but by the virtue of being their Elders, we still can't completely ignore this matter. Moreover, our Old City's Master had entrusted this task upon us before we left the City…. I request the Master to ignore this matter in case they've offended you." The Third Elder smiled as he explained the situation without denying anything.

Parents shouldn't even be allowed to ask questions if their children were bullied outside their house? Even if the parents are fully aware of the situation, they must still be allowed to discuss the matter!

The Third Elder could be described as a true master of words; even though he had been very respectful with his reply, he hadn't left any weak spots in his argument for the man in the black mask to exploit.

"Is that so? If that's the case, then I will not pay any mind to this. However, you also went to the Jun Family in order to investigate my ident.i.ty! And since you've insulted the Jun Family in the process, wouldn't I be the one to be blame for all of it? On top of that, a dignified Spirit Xuan expert actually attacked a young child?!"

The man in the black mask started becoming even more furious, and soon s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards the Sixth Elder: "An experienced Spirit Xuan expert actually hurt a little child! Is this a good way to demonstrate power?! I'm afraid I find such people excessively pathetic and evil spirited!"

"Sir, I'm afraid that your words are very subjective in nature since the Jun Family and the Silver Blizzard City, both have old resentments of their own which are rooted very deep within our paternity. Since this matter is difficult to explain in words, I request that the Master mustn't interfere since it may cause damage to his name….."

The Sixth Elder still hadn't been able to recover from that choking sensation after suffering that humiliation at the hands of the Solitary Falcon, and was still feeling rather ashamed of himself. Then, soon after leaving the Jun residence, he unfortunately ended up running into a peerless Master, who too had simply showed up in order to question his actions as well.

The Sixth Elder was almost on the verge of collapsing again!

The Sixth Elder was left thinking that all the bad things under this heaven were his' to encounter today, what good will I have to do in order to get out of this? One humiliation after another… this Old Man has had enough already…..

I really can't take it anymore! I'm not going to endure everything that comes out of your mouth, not even if you're strong enough to kill me at your whims and fancies! You think I was wrong? Well I feel the same way about you!

"Are you trying to say that I'm being nosy?" the black-masked man's face suddenly became very serious, and then his body simply disappeared into thin air with a sudden flash, leaving no traces of existence behind.

A man, who was standing in front of their eyes just moment ago, had simply disappeared now; it wasn't enough to say that they had never thought it possible, for this was something they hadn't even heard of; not even in a distant myth!

The Third Elder was the first to react since his cultivation level was the highest within his company. However, left with no other option at this time, he resorted to shouting with all his strength: "Mercy, Sir!"

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