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Therefore, Solitary Falcon and Lei Wu Bei hurried with great speed towards the battlefield. They were putting forth all of their efforts for the fear of losing face. The Solitary Falcon's Xuan Qi had even started to produce sound waves as he flew. Speed had always been his domain of excellence. He couldn't allow Lei Wu Bei to beat him.

Lei Wu Bei had come to avenge his disciples. Hence, he couldn't allow his strength to be looked down upon. Therefore, he was chasing after the Solitary Falcon in full-force.

From this perspective — Jun Mo Xie's Yin-Yang Escape was worthy of being called formidable and astonis.h.i.+ng. However, its efficacy was still very shallow. He had yet to unlock the mysteries of the Yin-Yang Escape. So how could he compete with those two powerful masters yet?

However, he was able to keep-up with those two Supreme Masters. This was a world-shaking and astonis.h.i.+ng fact given his age and cultivation level.

The two men's shadows flickered back-to-back like a falling meteorite. They crossed from house to house, and were soon outside the city. They then disappeared into the vast open-lands.

The city couldn't be considered small since millions of people lived in it. However, these two masters had crossed-over from the center of the city in a few breaths. Jun Mo Xie reckoned that even an F-4 fighter aircraft from his previous life couldn't match this speed…

Young Master Jun felt a little dispirited as he saw the two men disappear from his line of sight. The people he was following had managed to evade him. This was the first time in his life that something like this had happened to him. He couldn't help but force a smile as he raised his eyes.

[Indeed it must be fate! I had come here in the evening today, and had barely plucked myself from a hugely troubling incident. And now I'm here once again …in the middle of the night!]

[Does this place have a relation with me?]

Jun Mo Xie looked around to confirm this inference.

This place was an uninhabited countryside. It was surrounded by dense and misty forests. It was well suited to kill someone.

He stood on a treetop. The wind caressed him as it slowly whistled by. Jun Mo Xie felt content for a while. In fact, he even felt heroic. He was almost unable to stop himself from singing, "To wear a dress and to step across the snow covered forest… oh anger to dash like water… oh e eee!"

This loud singing voice never left his throat though. Suddenly, two loud blasts burst from the middle of the jungle. They sub-merged that part of the forest like a tsunami; its waves were as imposing as mountains.

[I thought those two old fools had gone far-away. But it seems like they've started fighting somewhere nearby. It seems that this territory not only appealed to me, but them as well. What a great area!]

Countless trees were forcefully tilted in the opposite direction. The area resounded with 'snapping' sounds. It seemed that the trunks of the trees would break at any second.

He had been standing on a treetop, and had felt very pleasant in this atmosphere. In fact, he was on the verge of breaking into a song… But the Young Master Jun suddenly swayed and came down. He then cursed inwardly; [these old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds don't have any appeal. Don't they know that fighting requires grace?]

Then he silently looked towards the inner part of the forest. An opportunity to watch a fight between such Masters was very rare...

Solitary Falcon and Lei Wu Bei stood opposite-each-other in the middle of the jungle. They were about thirty meters apart.

The ground between the two men had become exceptionally smooth. There had been a huge tree there just moments ago. However, it silently disintegrated and disappeared forever because of the explosion caused by their colliding Xuan Qi.

At present — that s.p.a.ce seemed smoother than a basketball court's floor from his previous life.

[Such amazing craftsmans.h.i.+p! How come these two beasts don't repair roads? They ought to go to remote mountainous areas, and build roads. This is even smoother than the work of a road roller. And it's far more convenient. This road is so smooth that it could be used for speed racing… It's such a waste that no one will be able to make proper use of their craftsmans.h.i.+p in this area…]

An invisible field of Qi spread-out between the two fighters. The back of Solitary Falcon's head was covered with disheveled hair. His hair seemed to lift as if they were drifting in the wind. Lei Wu Bei stood opposite to him. However, he didn't move a single inch. Even the hem of his clothes didn't sway.

The two men had judged whose cultivation was relatively superior.

"Falcon, your cultivation has progress significantly over these years!" Lei Wu Bei snorted coldly, "I can't compete with you in speed, but your Xuan level falls far behind mine! You'll have to be honest in front of me!"

"Is that so? Not necessarily!" Solitary Falcon suddenly jumped high and soared into the air. He was like a high pressure spring which had suddenly rebounded. His entire body was like a javelin that had been thrust straight into the sky.

The Xuan Qi of the imposing Master Solitary Falcon was a bit lacking. It would've been difficult for him to continue if he were to maintain his position. Moreover, he would've been too powerless to save himself had he fallen into Lei Wu Bei's field of Qi. Therefore, the Solitary Falcon had made a prompt decision and had shot-up. He had broken-through Lei Wu Bei's Qi barrier in the process.

The Solitary Falcon held the last position amongst the Eight Great Masters. His Xuan Qi was also at the lowest level amongst those masters. This was a well-known fact. In fact, he probably wouldn't have been deserving of the t.i.tle of a "Great Master" if he were to foolishly entangle himself against one of the mightier ones.

Each has their own strengths. And Master Falcon's strongest advantage had never been a powerful Xuan Qi.

This high-a-jump had broken past Solitary Falcon's original limit. He had jumped to over seventy meters. He looked like an indistinct dot in the night's sky.

Lei Wu Bei snorted coldly as a brilliant light flashed in his eyes. He started spinning on his toes, and his body suddenly became similar to a spinning top. Then suddenly, a tornado started to appear around him. It was made-up of a completely s.h.i.+ny-black strange Qi. The surrounding trees, the gra.s.s and the soil started to roll-up with this tornado. As its range got larger and larger — its power also increased.

A sharp, incisive and ear-rupturing howl echoed in the sky. The mournful and shrill howl came down like lightening.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" the sound of a sonic-boom echoed from the sky as the Solitary Falcon reached the limit of his speed. The friction between his body, his clothes and the atmosphere rent the air. This had given rise to such a loud sound.

The Solitary Falcon extended his right hand into a claw as he moved his left to his shoulder. The man himself was descending from the sky, but his long s.h.i.+ning hair was perpendicular to the ground…

The Solitary Falcon resembled a devilish G.o.d of war as he emitted a fearsome arrow made of wind. He screamed loudly as he let it loose towards Lei Wu Bei.

"Good! Come!" Lei Wu Bei shouted coldly. The tornado around him rose steeply from the ground to meet the strong black figure in the sky. Soon the two came into contact. This resulted in a loud 'blasting' sound. The two powerful forces disappeared in the blink of an eye; they left no trace. The Solitary Falcon stood in front of Lei Wu Bei again. His claws transformed in an 'ever changing' manner as he s.n.a.t.c.hed at his opponent.

Lei Wu Bei let out a ruthless howl. His palms were covered in black Qi. He welcomed his opponent's attack with no trace of fear in his eyes. The hands of the two men clashed several hundred times in an instant. Then, suddenly there was a loud "Bang!". Lei Wu Bei's body flew away, while the Solitary Falcon stumbled back due to the recoil.

This flying-retreat had created a distance of over thirty meters between the two men.

There had been an intense explosion at the place where these two forces had clashed. The two men were thrown into a retreat. Jun Mo Xie had been hiding over sixty meters away. However, the waves of the aftermath of the explosion had reached him. In fact, the tree he stood on had snapped under the effect of the explosion.

It was a huge and astonis.h.i.+ng explosion.

Hit-man Jun had been observing this decisive battle between those two powerful Great Masters with keen interest. Moreover, these were the top fighters of this world. And he had been comparing them to the ones from his previous life. He felt that he could learn a lot by observing from the sidelines. That could help him in becoming more powerful.

He had just figured-out another hiding place when that tree broke. But, it broke into more than ten pieces. Jun Mo Xie was suddenly flung to the ground. He fell hard and rolled for a while. It was a sudden incident, and he didn't get enough time to recover. Moreover, he couldn't help but let-out a low groan since it happened so suddenly.

This groan was indeed extremely low in volume. However, that sound was like a thunderclap to the two Great Masters. Someone had been spying on them, and the two of them had been shockingly unaware of his presence.

The two men couldn't help but shout in unison, "Who's there?! Come out and show yourself!"

The Young Master Jun didn't dare to. He withdrew his neck and escaped into the woods. He moved onto another tree as he studied the contest between the two men in his mind. He could determine who the relatively superior man was…

The fight had just started, but he could see that the Solitary Falcon was no match for Lei Wu Bei. [I'm afraid I'll have to suffer if he loses.]

This was like a fight between two extremely rich men. One was fighting with one billion, while the other was fighting with one-and-a-half billion. These two men were filthy rich from this world's standard of strength. They had spent enough. But as much as they liked it, they were still squandering their money. However, the one with the one-and-a-half billion would win if both sides fought to the end. After all… he was better off.

[However, the Falcon is on my side! Do I just look on helplessly as he gets humiliated? Ah, I guess I'll give them a little trouble.] Jun Mo Xie suddenly thought of a plan. He snorted coldly; his voice was full of disdain. He then moved again.

The two figures suddenly moved onto the place from where he had groaned in a fraction of a second.

However, Yin-Yang Escape was wondrous. He could hide right in front of the eyes of the two Masters.

The two Great Masters thoroughly searched the area. They looked at each other in dismay since they were unable to find him.

The two men were extremely shocked. How could someone infiltrate so close to them? That too right in front of their very eyes.

This man's Xuan Level was in no way under theirs. His Xuan Level might even be superior to theirs. [Who is this man? What is his purpose?]

Just then, someone snorted coldly. It seemed as if this person was looking down upon them. [Who would be so arrogant?]

Solitary Falcon suddenly came to himself. He then cursed, "Lei Wu Bei, you're extremely shameless. You came with a helper! I am disgusted with you! This is your manner of conduct?! And yet you call yourself one of the 'Eight Great Masters'!"

"Shut your nonsense!" Lei Wu Bei was very angry, "I can deal with you on my own. Why would I need a helper? This is a joke! This man's your helper, right? Falcon, stop crying 'thief' when you're the one going-about committing 'robberies'. I'm going to teach you a lesson!"

The two men cursed each other. But they were inwardly alert. One may have been superior to the other, but his superiority was very limited. However, their respective opponent could easily turn the tide in his own favor if the man had someone with a decent strength as an aide. Therefore, both the men quickly came up with the thought to end the fight then-and-there.

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