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The next day; the sun hadn't yet risen.

Jun Mo Xie hadn't gotten out of bed. He was still researching his sensuous dream, and had made a very shameful discovery. He could no longer wear his underpants since he had discovered a huge wet-spot. He had even felt the sticky-spot with his hands to confirm…

[This is indeed very shameful! Such wet dreams can happen to me, Hit-man Jun!? This is very humiliating for me! For G.o.d's sake! Who's going to believe it? ill.u.s.trious name has reached rock-bottom!]

The Young Master Jun quickly pulled his quilt to cover his first-time-defeated body. Then, he looked around carefully and then quickly raised his b.u.t.t to pull-off his pants. He'd feel extremely uncomfortable if he didn't change it.

His movements were incomparably swift and nimble as he took off his clothes. He kept the quilt in place with one hand, and stretched-out the other to feel for an appropriate place to dump them…

However, then…



The door of the room was suddenly thrown-open at that frightening moment and Grandpa Jun stormed-in with his flowing white beard fluttering across his anxious face. He fierily entered the room and shouted with his mouth wide-open, "You brat! You're still not up! Don't you know what time it is?!"

He had run into a person in that extremely embarra.s.sing moment by pure accident. Fortunately, it was a man; an old man.

Jun Mo Xie felt like dying. His hand extended and he pulled the quilt back like lightning. He then repeatedly promised from underneath that cover, "I'll get up! I'll get up! But you go out first!"

"What're you holding in your hand?" Grandpa Jun got suspicious. And not only did he not leave… he instead took two step forwards. He then frowned and glared angrily before he shouted, "Take it out and let this old man see!"

"It's nothing! It's nothing… it really is nothing!" Jun Mo Xie felt that he had never been in such a difficult situation in either of his lifetimes. He dug deeper into his quilt as he complained, "Grandfather, you don't have any courtesy! I was sleeping and yet you barged in with that 'Bang!' Luckily I don't have a wife. But, supposing you had found a wife for your grandson… would you've barged in like that if she were here with me?"

[What did he say?]

Grandpa Jun became extremely angry. His eyes filled with dark look as he said, "Evil creature! How can you speak those words?! This Old Man… you brat, you haven't hurried and gotten up yet? You really wish to trouble this old man?"

Grandpa Jun grabbed the quilt with one hand and pulled it. How could that little rookie like Jun Mo Xie resist a Sky Xuan expert's strength?

Grandpa Jun looked at 'what' was in front of him. Jun Zhan Tian looked like he had just awoken from a dream; he couldn't help but become red. He swung his arm and then slapped Jun Mo Xie's bare a.s.s hard; a sharp 'Bang!' resounded, "Show me what you're hiding!" The reached out with his hand and tussled that crumpled piece of cloth from Jun Mo Xie.

That ball of cloth felt damp for some reason. This was unexpected, and he didn't know why it was like that. He gawked at it for a moment, and then brought it to his nose and gave it a sniff. Then, he recognized the strange yet familiar smell emanating from it…

He realized everything in a split second.

His embarra.s.sed face reddened, and he quickly threw it away. Then, he continued fiercely, "…This Old Man will kill you; you shameless little…" the blood-curdling scream echoed everywhere; it sounded extremely mournful…

Jun Wu Yi heard the blood-curdling cry and quickly rushed over. He reached in-time to run into his father. The red-faced Old Man was emerging from Jun Mo Xie's room while puffing his whiskers. However, the inner corner of his eyes showed a faintly amused expression…

"Dad, Mo Xie p.i.s.sed you off again?" the Third Master asked solemnly.

"I didn't raise that little beast!" Grandpa Jun trembled as he shook his right hand and remained silent. It seemed that he wanted to say something, but he didn't utter another word. He continued to tremble for a long while, and then he finally said, "Alas… that brat has grown up… it's time to look for a daughter-in-law." He then slipped-away with his hands behind his back…

However, he suddenly remembered why he had come there in the first place when he reached the door to Jun Mo Xie's courtyard. Hence, he roared from afar, "Oh right! Third, you hurry-up and get that little beast ready. He is to meet His Majesty!" He then vanished with the 'whoos.h.i.+ng' of his clothes.

The Commander-in-chief of the troops of the country, the Great General Jun, seemed quite embarra.s.sed regarding today's matter. The hero of his generation had 'actually held' his grandson's 'lethal weapon'… it was very humiliating. However, he couldn't help but smile even though it was a gloomy matter…

The Old Man seemed somewhat rea.s.sured. [It was big ah… he's attained a decent 'capital'… his 'capital' hasn't reached the level of a grown adult. But he's going in the right direction. He's barely sixteen, and there's a lot of room for growth at this stage… ]

[Hurry up and grow branches so you can scatter leaves for our Jun Family!] Grandpa Jun placed his hands on his chest and started to move as if he was carrying a baby. His face suddenly broke into a smile at the thought of it...

The Third Master entered the room, and saw his mystical nephew acting subdued like he had never seen him before. Jun Mo Xie lowered his head like a bashful young lady and pulled-up his clothes. [Something extremely fishy was going on here.]

"What the h.e.l.l was that shout about? I didn't see what you did, you little devil… but your grandfather was clearly very angry. However, he seemed to be rejoicing something… His expression seemed like he was cursing you… but he was also smiling. Hurry up and explain this to me!" Jun Wu Yi was baffled.

Jun Mo Xie was without an option. He looked-up in embarra.s.sment and asked reverently, "Third Uncle, I beg you… please don't ask…"

This matter could not be discussed face-to-face.

The Young Master Jun was brazen. His skin was thicker than the corners of The Great Wall. But this matter was too humiliating for him; no matter how shameless he was. This was an extremely serious matter.

Jun Wu Yi learned what had happened from his father over their meal. They were dining with the Solitary Falcon. So he must've heard it as well. Jun Wu Yi was eating rice when he heard this. The rice turned into two white lines as he chocked, and came out from his nostrils. In fact, he nearly spilt the food over Solitary Falcon's body.

Master Falcon didn't get angry even though he had nearly been spat-on. He had a strange yet blank expression on his face for a while. Then, he laughed till he was breathless. He hadn't been this happy in a long time. He had gotten to fight Lei Wu Bei the previous night. That had made him very happy. But this was a very amusing matter…

Jun Mo Xie and his grandfather ignore the two men whose laughter knew no end, and focused on eating their breakfast. The General in the wheelchair and the Eighth Great Master couldn't restrain their laughter the entire duration of the meal. Hence, the grandfather-grandson duo quickly finished their meals, mounted their horses, and proceeded towards the Imperial Palace.

Jun Wu Yi and the Solitary Falcon were still laughing as the two of them left. It seemed as if the two men had been nearly engulfed by devil fire.

It was not known why the Emperor wanted to meet Jun Mo Xie. What kind of a crazy request was this? He was supposedly holding the previously-cancelled Golden Scholarly Talent repose that day. And that too in the Imperial Palace…

This was extremely unusual matter.

The news of this had been issued last mid-night. The Master of Rights, Minister Sun Cheng He, ran his legs rugged. Naturally, the people who were busier than him were the Masters of the 'Heavenly Literature Inst.i.tute' since their students were looking forward to the festivities quite eagerly. Their students had been very disappointed for a long time upon finding out that the feast had been cancelled. However, this sudden news had caused a wild rush; especially since the venue was the Imperial Palace.

It was decided in the evening that the event must necessarily be held the next day. However, this meant that there would be many people who wouldn't be able to partic.i.p.ate….

Several white-haired Masters cursed in their hearts. [What kind of an order is this? You must learn how to contain yourself even if you're anxious to suck the milk…]

But he was the most powerful Emperor under the heavens. If he wanted it to happen that day… then it would happen precisely on that day. Hence, this group of white-haired old men couldn't dare to refute his order and cancel it since it would be akin to ruining the golden road of their scholars' development…

The timing very tight this time; the venue was enormous and the scale of the event was unprecedented-grand. The Young Masters of every important Aristocratic Families were invited. The event would include the three Princes; the other Princes would take part as well. Even talented young women from major families were welcome to show-up.

Jun Mo Xie, Tang Yuan and the other notorious debauchees were also on the list amongst other well-known names. So, the two of them received an invitation each.

Grandpa Jun's face was calm along the way, and he didn't speak. Jun Mo Xie pondered hard and felt that there was something wrong with these events. The grandfather-grandson duo simultaneously felt that the so-called Golden Scholarly Talent Repose wasn't going to be a good feast.

[This is very abnormal! This is extremely abnormal… it is to the point of being unreasonable!]

Jun Mo Xie had a faint feeling that there was an incorporeal net which slowly closing upon him… Jun Mo Xie was puzzled; [why am I feeling like this?]

[d.a.m.n it! No one ought to be aiming at me! Admittedly, I'm an outstanding talent of great erudition and scholars.h.i.+p. I'm conversant with things past-and-present, and am familiar with a variety of verses… and am a master of the four arts! But these people don't know that. So what status do I hold in their eyes…?]

"Mo Xie! Today's matter… this old man feels that something is wrong." Grandfather Jun Zhan Tian's gaze was dignified, "You… should avoid making a fool of yourself; as much as possible."

Jun Mo Xie smiled in order to relieve his grandfather, "Grandfather, do you distrust me? By no means do we feign madness and foolish acts. I'm the number one debauchee of Tian Xiang City. What's point of hiding my foolishness?! I'm born foolis.h.!.+"

"Little devil!" Grandpa Jun felt teased by him. He smiled as the pressure on him decreased greatly.

A tower of meat stood with a straight posture in front of the Imperial Palace.

Jun Mo Xie gazed as his dear friend and laughed. Tang Yuan and him were surely brothers in the same boat.

Grandpa Jun went-on ahead into the Imperial Palace first. Jun Mo XIe and Tang Yuan crouched outside and leaned against the wall. These two seemed very nefarious sitting in that posture.

The Young Masters of Each Family and the gifted scholars sat beside them. They looked bright and neat. There was an air of elegance and sincerity about them. These two Young Masters seemed out of place when compared to them.

Some people were unable to recognize these two mischievous figures sitting at a distance. They inquired the others about those two.

"You don't know? You don't even know these two?" an astonished voice asked. This was quite astonis.h.i.+ng. It was similar to the Americans not knowing who Was.h.i.+ngton was… the French not knowing who napoleon was… and the Germans not knowing who Hitler was.

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