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Li Shang's voice was dignified, "Do you understand, You Ran? The pressure which induced this change in Jun Mo Xie was so great that he had no choice but to change himself. High pressure can sometimes force a change in a person. In fact, even the biggest cowards around can sometimes turn into heroes under pressure. You may've never experienced such pressure. But, this change in Jun Mo Xie is unexpectedly very reasonable…"

Li You Ran looked pensive as he pondered. Then, he slowly nodded.

The Grand Preceptor Li's speculation was somewhat reasonable. But, he could have never guessed the real reason. In fact, his conjectures would only continue to deviate and distance from the truth as he'd follow his logic. That's because this Jun Mo Xie wasn't the same old Jun Mo Xie. In fact, there was a difference of sky and land between the two. Therefore, the very-base of Li Shang's theories were mistaken…

"Let your grandfather give you another advice regarding Jun Mo Xie — Don't try to pressure him too much if you don't have full confidence in landing the fatal blow." Li Shang's white eyebrows trembled as he smiled and continued, "You and the Li Family only wants more power. But, Jun Mo Xie doesn't desire power. In fact, he ignores power. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie doesn't have a substantive conflict with us. This is why the rivalry between you and Jun Mo Xie is different from the one between Jun Zhan Tian and me."

"He ignores power…? How can you be sure?" Li You Ran's eyebrows shot up. [Who wouldn't want a high post, a generous salary, and authority over the Empire? Who doesn't envy the men who have power over thousands of men? Who isn't fascinated with waking up to the whole world in your hand, and an intoxicating beauty at your knee? Why does Jun Mo Xie have such an independent and unique character? Why doesn't he want this?]

He didn't believe it.

In fact, he couldn't believe a word of it!

"This is visible from every action and every move of Jun Mo Xie's. He doesn't care about anyone's opinion. Moreover, he's unlikely to care about honor or disgrace… or life or death. Thus, he doesn't care about glory or death. He has the ability to spend millions of taels by raising his hand, and he's also capable of living in unlimited luxury by merely smiling his way to wealth. He looks down on all men in the world in the true sense of it! He goes his own way, and does what he pleases. That youngster moves freely, and bodes no restrictions."

Li Shang sighed, "That's the kind of person he is! His goal is greater than yours. He is better than you. I don't wish to admit this. However, I have no choice but to do it!"

"He's better than me… better than me…" Li You Ran slowly went over those words, and suddenly became bitter. [I've done my best to pursue what I desire… But, is my effort that dismissive in others' eyes?"

This was a mocking irony for someone as proud as Li You Ran.

"Yes, he's better than you. I can see your ambitious… I can see them very clearly," Li Shang's spa.r.s.e eyebrows budged lightly, "You've sought it your whole life… you want the throne of the world in the palm of your hands. You want to rule over all men… even if it's impossible. This wonderful taste of power is your goal, but it will also be your ruin. In fact, you will sacrifice anything for that wonderful feeling!"

"Yes!" Li You Ran's eyebrows moved softly. His eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a b.l.o.o.d.y and murderous aura. "Everyone desires power. And, everyone must strive to improve. Emperors can change with time, and my chance can also come someday. And, I will unmask my potential if that happens. I will rise up to make my Li Family last for a thousand generations. I seek to establish the Li Dynasty the moment I see the chance!"

"However, what Jun Mo Xie pursues is detached from everything else! He wants to stand beyond imperial power… like the Silver Blizzard City, or the Xue Hun Manor… or even something higher! But, I don't know what that is…" Li Shang sighed. "And, His Majesty also sees this very clearly. Therefore, he's more tolerant than before. But, he's also thoroughly repentant," the Imperial Preceptor smiled.

"I can understand His Majesty being repentant when I listen to Grandfather's words. But, how is he much more tolerant than before? Was he that intolerant in the past?" Li You Ran was puzzled. [What's the inside story here?]

The Imperial Preceptor smiled, but didn't answer that. Instead, he merely said, "Who knows the reasons and results? Whatever is between our Li and the Jun Family… is nothing more than a grudge between Jun Zhan Tian and me. There's no cause for conflict otherwise. And, we're getting old…"

"So, what grandfather means is…" Li You Ran was somewhat puzzled. [My grandfather's tone suggests that he wishes for the deep hatred between our families to be let off even though it has been carried on for three generations?]

"You Ran, you must remember this… Dealing with the Jun Family means dealing with someone like Jun Mo Xie! Don't act unless you're sure you'll annihilate him with his entire family… And, make sure that you see Jun Mo Xie's corpse swaying before you with your own eyes…" Li Shang closed his eyes. He continued in a somewhat tired manner, "That's the only case in which you must make a move! But, don't act recklessly if you're not sure of it!"

"Then, that is when we will attack first…" Li You Ran bowed his head. His soft hair draped over his face and covered it. However, his true expression weren't visible to anyone…

Li You Ran was shocked inside. [What Grandfather said right now, and what he had said before, "Don't try to pressure him too much unless you have full confidence in landing the fatal blow…" These words have the same meaning. However, Grandfather emphasized them, and even spoke them twice!]

[What does this mean?] Li You Ran had understood it very clearly.

[This explains grandfather's feelings… He believes that I won't be able to face Jun Mo Xie's counter-attack. Moreover, it'll be the end for our Li Family if he counter-attacks.]

However, Li You Ran couldn't accept this point of view.

"Everything is still your plan. And, you should be better than me… no matter the manner in which you act. So, I can't issue my opinions. This family… relies on you! So, you do anything as long as you deem it fit. And, don't worry about my impressions."

Grand Preceptor Li tiredly closed his eyes, and waved his hand, "You only need to remember two things in the current situation — don't disobey His Majesty, and you must be very careful with Jun Mo Xie. Have full control. Don't provoke these two. And, everything should be alright. Then, your efforts will surely pay off for our Li Family. In fact, they will take us to great heights."

Then, Grand Preceptor Li became silent, and this conversation between the grandfather and grandson came to an end.

It was merely early winters at the moment. But, a brazier was still raised inside Li Shang's room. Li You Ran had always felt warm when the brazier was lifted. However, he felt cold this time… And, it was because of this conversation. In fact, he felt very cold.

This cold feeling left his usually upright figure to curl up s.h.i.+vering. And, he couldn't help but lean close to the brazier.

The complicated expression on his handsome face revealed that he was in deep thought. After all, he couldn't accept that he would… lose. [Could I be so much worse than him? I've been trying so hard, but it still hasn't made much of a difference?! I haven't had the time to think about this aspect much. But, how has Jun Mo Xie already surpa.s.sed me by so much?]

[Is he that fierce? Is he so hard to rival?] Li You Ran sighed deeply.

Li Shang closed his eyes, and reclined on his couch. His heart could only sigh as he wondered what his grandson might be thinking. He had obviously understood it clearly. His grandson could depend on him for aid when it came to a.n.a.lyzing the pros and cons. However, Li You Ran could only rely on him when it came down to it...

"I have a report for the Lord Young Master. The Head of the Meng Family — Meng You Wei wishes to meet with the Lord Master," a voice reported from outside.

"Tell him that the Grand Preceptor is unwell, and needs to rest. So, the Grand Preceptor can't meet anyone. The Young Master has gone out, and hasn't returned…" Li You Ran's replied in a weak voice.

Meng You Wei must've arrived to unite with the Li Family so that they could discuss how they should deal with the Jun Family. But, Li You Ran didn't wish to hear the words, "Jun." Therefore, everything must wait until the storm of his heart had come to pa.s.s...

He looked at the three files on Jun Mo Xie, and smiled bitterly. Then, he suddenly picked the sheets, and threw them open into the fire of the brazier. The fire roared, and the flames soared inside the room. The temperature inside the room also rose as a result.

However, Li Your Ran's face was increasingly being filled with frustration. The flame illuminated his face in a deep red color. It was a somewhat strange color…

There was a sound of flapping wings in the sky. Then, someone informed, "Young Master, the report on the army returning from Southern Heaven City is here."

Li You Ran tossed the remaining sheets into the brazier. His movements were neither too fast… nor too slow. He then dully replied, "Come in! Read it aloud!"

"Yes!" A big person cautiously entered. He did the usual ritual, and opened the letter he held, "There was an incident on the ninth day of the army's return march. They were hindered by the Silver Blizzard City's Second Elder — Xiao Bu Yu. He had five other Spirit Xuan elders, the Seven Swords, and two Sky Xuan experts along. Furthermore, Xiao Han challenged Jun Wu Yi to a death-match."

Li Shang's eyes suddenly opened wide, and he sat up straight. Li You Ran stopped tossing the papers, and became completely still as well. The big man was shocked by this, and didn't read any further.

"Go on," Li You Ran clenched his teeth.

"Jun Wu Yi defeated Xiao Han, and the latter was crippled in the fight. The Seven Swords fought the Eight Great Master — Solitary Falcon. The Great Master went on to defeat the Seven Swords. And, Xiao Bu Yu fought Jun Mo Xie in this battle…"

"Xiao Bu Yu fought Jun Mo Xie…?" Li You Ran trembled as he raised his head to look up at that man.

"Yes. Xiao Bu Yu fought Jun Mo Xie, but he was no match for Young Master Jun. Then, Jun Mo Xie used some evil scheme, and made Xiao Bu Yu strip in public. This shamed him to an extent that he killed himself. Jun Mo Xie's sword also decapitated Xiao Feng Wu. And, he also cut the legs of the Silver City's Eighth and Ninth Elders. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie pierced the Sixth Elder's chest. Jun Mo Xie took on four of Silver City's Spirit Xuan experts by the end of it, and he came out on top. Everyone from the Silver Blizzard City…"

Li You Ran didn't hear whatever was informed after this part since his mind had spiraled into a great shocked. His eyes went dark, and only that single piece of information was left to resonate in his mind, "Xiao Bu Yu fought Jun Mo Xie, but he was no match for Young Master Jun. Then, Jun Mo Xie used some evil scheme, and made Xiao Bu Yu strip in public. This shamed him to an extent that he killed himself. Jun Mo Xie's sword also decapitated Xiao Feng Wu. And, he also cut the legs of the Silver City's Eighth and Ninth Elders. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie pierced the Sixth Elder's chest. Jun Mo Xie took on four of Silver City's Spirit Xuan experts by the end of it, and he came out on top."

[Jun Mo Xie took on four of Silver City's Spirit Xuan experts, and came out on top.]

[Jun Mo Xie took on four of Silver City's Spirit Xuan experts, and came out on top.]

It seemed that his ears had been filled with the sound of a thunderclap. It was like his soul had flown out of his body, and had transcended to the clouds. Li You Ran swayed a bit, and his right hand grasped at something in order to steady himself. The thick pile of papers he held dropped from his hand, and landed into the brazier. This stack of paper landed on top of the raging flames inside the brazier. And, this gave rise to a plume of thick black smoke!

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