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Mei Gao Jie burst into tears. He felt too ashamed to show his face to Jun Mo Xie's sharp and disdainful glare.

These were the disciples he had spent his blood and effort on. These were his Empire's brightest of the brightest. He was proud of them, and he had cultivated them to become the Empire's pillars. But, their conduct was no different than that of corrupt officials. However, were they any different from a termite that was eating into the country's woodwork?

Mei Gao Jie was in a daze; he didn't speak-up.

"Mei Gao Jie, you've spent your life's hard labor in training those disciples. You had proudly thought that they were the country's brightest. In fact, this is only a small part of them. After all, you've lead the Wen Xing Heavenly Literature Inst.i.tute for decades. How many of such disciples did you teach over that time period? Mei Gao Jie, you've always stood at the peak of righteous morality, but you've never known the filth that thrives in the world beneath you. Yet, you accuse me of bringing about the destruction of Tian Xiang! But, why don't you open your eyes and see who has been bringing destruction to Tian Xiang?

"The destruction that you'll bring to this nation will be far greater than what I would. In fact, it's several thousand times! Ten-twenty-thousand times! So, let me ask you Mei Gao Jie — what qualifications do you have to criticize me? You say that I may cause a rebellion. But, where do you think I will get the military strength for it from? They will rise amidst the victims of your disciples' bad governance! Therefore, I can say that Mei Gao Jie will become my greatest co-conspirator, my greatest helper, and the strangest secret accomplice in case I were to revolt! Do you agree with what I'm saying — the great and wise Mei?!"

Jun Mo Xie chuckled, "Don't say you didn't know. I thought that we were different people. But, no! We're the same! But, who doesn't like to claim that they are clean?! After all, every raven sees calls itself clean when it sees a crow! But, they're the same! Isn't it?"

Mei Gao Jie staggered back. His previously calm appearance had vanished by now. And, his complexion had turned ashen instead...

"Mei Gao Jie… Master Mei is a very wise man! You keep repeating that you've cultivated bright minds to act as pillars for the Empire. In fact, you've been saying it for decades! But, did you see what you've cultivated? They're nothing more than termites that will bring the nation to disaster! Hahaha… it's so very laughable! Do you see where you live? How are you different from a beggar? But, do your clean hands cancel out your crimes? No! Your crimes are innumerable! You had said that I would bring disaster to the land, right old man? Pardon me, but I can't even find an adjective to describe the amazing work you've done for the Empire!" Jun Mo Xie's words became increasingly sharp.

Young Master Jun's true goal had finally been exposed at this moment…

Jun Mo Xie's main aim was to deal with those great hypocrites. But, Jun Mo Xie's investigations had only been the tip of the ice-berg. After all, the Wen Xing Inst.i.tute's filth had been entrenched very deeply inside the Tian Xiang Empire.

Moreover, these men had a lot of power in their hands. Only a few of them were in higher ministries. But, they could still bring about great damage.

However, Jun Mo Xie wasn't a heroic person. So, he wouldn't have dealt with these people if they hadn't offended him. He would only have dealt with these injustices if he had encountered them…

However, the scholars had become a pain for Jun Mo Xie the moment they had led the to attack him. And hence, Jun Mo Xie had taken the steps to first remove those human filths!

He could even kill ten-thousand men if they dared to block his way. In fact, he would even kill a hundred-thousand if they stood in his path! Jun Mo Xie wouldn't even think twice about killing over a hundred-thousand people like these ones!

[I'm an, but I believe in good things! I don't seek justice, but I will act with fairness!]

[No matter who it is… I'll be fair!]

[Not for the world! Not for Law! But, for myself!]

This was part of Jun Mo Xie's belief.

"Master Mei… have you ever calculated the amount of losses you've caused the Empire? Do you think I wanted to insult you when I belittled your disciples in the scholarly retreat? I only shut their mouths to reprimand you into waking up. I had hoped that you'd get back on the right path! But, it's a pity that you've stubbornly followed the wrong one instead. And, you've kept repeating those words 'all for the sake of Tian Xiang'. So, tell me now… How will you face your sins? How will you redeem yourself of them?" Jun Mo Xie's voice was somewhat sinister.

"I had previously allowed your students to insult their teachers. After all, I wanted to show that they'd betray their own teachers! You should be thankful to me, and grateful to me! In fact, you should wors.h.i.+p me! But, I want to see how a dignified hypocrite like you can have any standing in society after you've been exposed!"

Jun Mo Xie maliciously spoke his thoughts.

"Redeem my sins?" Mei Gao Jie's blurred vision became clear as he grasped the last straw which would save him, "Can I truly redeem my grave sins?"

"Some sins can't be redeemed. But, we can still remedy some of them. And, I'm sure that Master Mei can lessen those sins if he strives!" Jun Mo Xie sounded like the 'Wolf' who was trying to entice 'Little Red Riding Hood' as he carefully spoke these words of guidance.

"Haha… Jun Mo Xie! I can clearly see your true intentions now! You want to use my hand to root out my students so the Wen Xing Inst.i.tute can never stand in Tian Xiang again! I can see your intentions clearly. But, I'm the reason behind these crimes. My hands are clean, and my heart is loyal. But, how can I not attempt to clean what I'm leaving behind…? I know fully that you're using me. But, I'll still happily oblige!"

Mei Gao Jie smiled bitterly. He then frowned before he spoke, "Heaven's… pity me. I had lost my way, but I've have finally woken up. However, I must pay for everything I've done in the past. I must make things clear! But, scholars can't be destroyed. And, Tian Xiang can't be either. However, Tian Xiang will certainly need a new atmosphere! How did this old man ever become such a callous teacher?"

Tears flowed as he started to tremble while speaking. He recalled the students he had taught… from the common youth to the renowned scholars. They had advanced in their careers with the pa.s.sage of time, and had become minor governors of the frontier areas. Some had even become senior officials. He had labored his entire life. And, he had harbored many expectations in return. However, his efforts had unexpectedly come to nothing…

He had worked painstakingly to establish the Wen Xing Heavenly Literature Inst.i.tute. He had wanted his name to be immortalized in the books of history; he had hoped to be remembered in the annals of history. It now seemed that his name would indeed be recorded in the annals of history. However, his name would be remembered with eternal infamy…

[Was it a mistake?]

"Master Mei, your starting point wasn't wrong. Nor can anyone criticize your initial intention. But, you had overlooked human greed."

Jun Mo Xie saw through what the old man was thinking. So, he straightaway a.s.suaged his doubts. "Ability is obviously a necessary aspect. But, virtue is more important! An exceedingly talented man can bring an equally exceeding calamity if he doesn't have virtue. Your inst.i.tute always posed as righteous. But, you only spoke of righteousness — as if it was merely a slogan. It never became the heart of the education. And, this righteousness has become a weapon you attack others with because of this. In fact, this meant that you had acted with self-righteousness even if you had done something wrong!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed and said, "After all, one's guilt is of no significance if they can find a high-sounding justification. And, this was even easier to grasp for your studious and educated scholars! Therefore, they became increasingly self-righteous. And, the long-term consequences of this are rather easy to imagine…

"Virtue is the first thing a child must be taught about!" Jun Mo Xie continued, "This is the true aim of education."

"Virtue is the first thing a child must be taught about…" those words resounded like loud drums. In fact, they seemed so loud that they exploded in the old man's mind, and he suddenly understood many things…

Then, he went to the other room, and returned soon after. However, he was carrying a thick binder that contained a roll of names. The names of different people were listed inside it along with the careers they had embarked on. In fact, it contained everything… where they held office, where they were transferred, what they were doing now… Everything was marked very clearly…

Every individual was listed very clearly.

This had previously been the greatest source of Mei Gao Jie's pride. In fact, he used to show it off very frequently. However, it had become the death mark for his students now...

"Jun Mo Xie! It doesn't matter if you're good or bad… Or if you're doing this for justice or personal grudges! But, this old man has been convinced by what you've spoken about the true meaning of education! So, I request you to eliminate these black sheep! I'll be indebted to you for it! And, I will repay this debt in the next life!"

Mei Gao Jie's complexion was proper as he continued in a stern voice, "But, you must do a proper research! You can't hurt the innocent amongst my students! Otherwise, this old man's ghost will never let you off!"

Jun Mo Xie snorted and spoke, "I never thought of myself as a good man. But, I'm far more conscientious that you are. I won't be able to sleep at night if I mistakenly kill a good man. And, what meaning will life have if I can't even sleep peacefully?"

Mei Gao Jie burst into laughter. His voice was shrill as he said, "Only a good man can get a good sleep. But, a good man must have a good heart to start with. And, he must be educated properly as a child for that to happen. This old man has taught thousands of students. But, I've only realized the true meaning of 'education' today. This old man genuinely regrets it. Why had I turned a deaf ear to these words before…? Why had I scoffed at them? Hahaha… I had desired my name to be remembered throughout history… only to have it go down in infamy at the end! I regret it! I regret it a lot!

"To clean my house with the help of my enemy! Such a ridiculous thing can only happen to me — Mei Gao Jie! Hahaha…"

He laughed and stepped back. Then, he rushed forward. Jun Mo Xie sighed, and flashed aside.

The old man Mei Gao Jie's head slammed against the stone table with a loud "Bang!" His brain ruptured as a result, and he died. However, the grey-haired man's eyes didn't close, and remained open to stare at the gloomy sky. One could even see a vague hint of shame in his eyes…

"Mei Gao Jie, you spoke with conviction. But, your pedantic thoughts were hopeless to begin with. You were muddleheaded, but your heart could still distinguish right from wrong! You were d.a.m.ned, but you weren't wretched! But, you offended me without being a wretched man. So, you were d.a.m.ned nonetheless!"

Jun Mo Xie took the binder. He felt neither happy nor sad as he said softly, "I won't kill good men… But, I won't let a single bad one get away with it."

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