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Chapter 479: Tracking and Reverse-Tracking

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"The Tang Family has always been loyal to the Imperial Family. My grandfather has always been loyally devoted to His Majesty, and my Family will surely follow his." Tang Yuan frowned. He was quite distressed. "My grandfather had fought alongside the Emperor in those days. The Emperor may decide to deal with the Jun Family. And, my grandfather… he will..." Tang Yuan clenched his teeth, "He'll stand on the Emperor's side!"

"I understand!" Jun Mo Xie patted Tang Yuan's shoulder to console him, "I won't hurt him."

"Thank you!" Tang Yuan put down the great weight on his heart.

"Oh? You've learned to thank me? Do you feel better now, you bull?" Jun Mo XIe tilted his head and looked at him.

"Hehe... we're brothers! I didn't wish to say what I said a moment ago. But, we're brothers! And, I will always stand by your side, but..." Tang Yuan's expression was very serious.

"Fatty, you're also aware that my desire is to make my family and brothers feel safe and happy, right? And, my brother's family is obviously included! But, you've sounded like an outsider by thanking me for it!" Jun Mo Xie chuckled gently as he spoke.

"You're my brother. We're brothers for life…" Tang Yuan's vexed face suddenly underwent a change. He grabbed his head in embarra.s.sment, and spoke-up in a nervous tone, "Third Young Master… that matter needs to be settled. But, it can't be known to anyone in the family! And, Sun Xiao Mei can't learn of it either… Otherwise, I'll be so embarra.s.sed that I'll never be able to show my face to anyone!"

"What can't be known to anyone? Are you speaking... of 'that' matter? d.a.m.n!" Jun Mo Xie jumped in surprise. Then, he started to pace around the room, "Why didn't you say so before?! You see… I spoke of it only a moment ago. I wasn't careful, and it slipped out in front of her... Ah, that entire matter... I thought that you were husband and wife... So, it wouldn't be much... Ah, blame me for it! Blame me! I'm so stupid!"

Tang Yuan thought that he was playing a joke at first. But then, he noticed that Jun Mo Xie looked upset. In fact, it didn't seem as if Jun Mo Xie was acting. Fatty couldn't prevent his heart from slowly sinking. His plump face gradually became dark. Then, his body started to slump, and slowly slipped down. He then asked weakly with the last bit of hope, "Really?"

"Of course… It's true! I can lie to you in this matter. But look at my face!" Jun Mo Xie's face was covered with a color of regret.

There was a "Bang!" as Tang Yuan finally fell to the ground. His eyes looked lost as he cried without tears, "Finished... I'm finished..."

Jun Mo Xie said in grief, "It's too early to say that. In fact, there should still be some time. She was preparing to go the Tang Family when I last saw her..."

"Huh?" Tang Yuan's over two-hundred-and-fifty kilos of bodily meat jumped up like a carp. His facial expression made it seem as if he had learnt of his mother's demise. He looked up and screamed, "My mother! My life is horrible! Xiao Mei..." After that, he rushed out like a truck that was loaded with horsepower. A few "Banging" sounds were heard as he disappeared without a trace…

Jun Mo Xie chuckled mischievously. He gestured towards a maid to take away the tea pot. Then, he crossed his legs, and stretched his toes. He then snorted and started to tune up an old folk song, "My team of a dozen had seven or eight gunmen when I had started out…"

Then, he frowned and said, "This song has a serious problem with its lyrics! How can a dozen people have seven or eight gunmen? Did they have women soldiers as well?"

He then suddenly heard Tang Yuan yelling in the distance, "Nothing happened! I swear by the heavens! It's nothing! Go and ask Third Young Master if you don't believe me! I only wanted to look at you... It's nothing! Don't ever let me enter the bridal room if you find out that I've lied to you! You must believe my words!"

Then, he heard an extremely furious and irritated voice, "Why won't you tell me if it's nothing? And, why shouldn't I go home? Will you die if you speak of it? What's the worse that can happen to you? Will you die if you speak of it? And Jun Mo Xie…? Call him here! No! I'll go and look for him! I'll ask him and get to the bottom of this!"

He heard a loud "Bang!" afterwards. And, this was followed by the sound of footsteps. Then, the sounds of Tang Yuan falling over echoed. These sounds were also mixed with his frightful screams of pleading, "My lady... my dear lady... please forgive me..."

"Why do you beg for forgiveness if you haven't done anything wrong?"

"I... I... I... Argh! Third Young Master! You've killed me today! You've gotten me killed! Argh… my mother!" Fatty Tang violently screamed towards the heavens.

Jun Mo Xie chuckled in a mischievous manner. [You had ruined the mood, you brat! So, I'll let your wife fix it by tidying you up!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie raised his head and shouted, "What did you do? Didn't you just go out to drink with some escorts? What's this fuss about? I'm very confused by this!"

Sun Xiao Mei was stumped when she heard this. She then quickly grabbed Tang Yuan's ear, "You fat pig! Didn't you say that you were accompanying the Third Young Master to the Dugu Household, you brat? You went drinking with escorts?! Hah! You're great! You're really great..."

Tang Yuan started crying to find some tears. How could he explain it? This explanation was obviously wrong. But, giving the correct explanation would be worse... Therefore, he could only scream his throat hoa.r.s.e while he cried in a daze, "Dear lady... look at my belly... How could I be drinking? And, which girl would accompany me? It'd be crus.h.i.+ng death..."

Jun Mo Xie as he spoke, "Oh… I suddenly remembered something..." Then, fled away and his body disappeared from the scene...

However, he could still hear the mixed sounds of kicking, punching, and interrogation in the background.

Jun Mo Xie felt very relaxed in his heart as he drifted out to the street with a 'whoos.h.i.+ng' sound. However, Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt as if someone was following him. So, he sped up and took turns round many corners. Then, he initiated the Yin-Yang Escape, and disappeared without a trace.

No one else could see him. But, he was still there at the same spot as before. However, he had become invisible. Nothing strange happened for a while. So, he started to doubt his suspicions. But, that was when a flash of green light occurred, and he felt a chilling sensation over his entire body. This kind of dense and chilling feeling was similar to the one that a forest full of cold vipers would emanate. This chilling sensation travelled from his head, reached his spine, and quickly made its way to his toes…

It seemed as if a ferocious and poisonous snake had appeared.

Jun Mo Xie was extremely familiar with that feeling. He instantly recalled the time when the Cold-Blooded Great Master Lei Wu Bei had fought the Snake King Green Hunter!

The Snake King's aura had been as awe-inspiring when she had first appeared at that time.

Jun Mo Xie suddenly came to realize a lot of things in this moment…

That green light flashed as it searched everywhere within fifty meters at a great speed. Then, it went straight into the sky. It flew to over thirty meters in the sky, and looked around with its sharp and incisive eyes. It floated down after some time had pa.s.sed. Then, this individual raised their sleeves, and disappeared without a trace with another flash of green light.

Jun Mo Xie smiled amiably. It was the white-clothed girl's younger sister — Mei Qian Qian!

He had finally ascertained that Mei Qian Qian was the Tian Fa Forest's Snake King.

She was Green Hunter.

He had felt that something was wrong when he had first met the two sisters on that road. Then, they had disappeared inside the city even more mysteriously. [They're following me… What do they plan to do? What are they attempting? Are they doing something against the Jun Family?]

[A Beast King as strong as a Great Master has followed me to Tian Xiang City... Could they be aware of my secret?]

Jun Mo Xie suddenly thought of something. He let the aura from the Hong Jun PaG.o.da out, initiated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune, and used his spiritual sense. It then moved to chase after its target like an invisible shadow.

That green light floated, flashed, and changed directions at least ten times. After that, she darted out like an arrow from a crossbow, and moved towards a place outside the city with a 'whoos.h.i.+ng' sound.

The Snake King's speed was extremely fast. In fact, it seemed as if her body had turned into an image of a meteor. And, it appeared as if her green clothing would catch flames any moment.

She didn't have any misgivings even though the hours of broad daylight were upon at this time. And, that was because she was confident that no ordinary person would be able to see her owing to her present speed. In fact, the said-individual wouldn't be able to see her face even if they were to come face-to-face with her.

They would only feel that a sudden and cool breeze had blown past them. But, they would never suspect anything else.

[I believe that even a talented Xuan expert wouldn't be able to see me unless they were at the Sky Xuan realm. In fact, even a Sky Xuan expert would have to focus their entire power in their eyes. And, they would then have to stare towards the path I'm taking with extreme attention in order to see me.]

[And, in case someone wanted to track me…]

The Snake King was confident that even the world-renowned Solitary Falcon wouldn't be able to catch up to her in a short period of time.

This lightning-fast speed was the Snake King's innate skill.

And, no ordinary human could accomplish such ultra-fast speeds.

Consequently, the Snake King had left the city within moments…

What was worth mentioning was that she had dashed past the fifteen-to-eighteen meter tall city walls with ease. It had seemed as if the city's walls were like flat ground to her.

In fact, the city walls 'were' like flat ground for the Snake King!

Moreover, the Snake King hadn't used even the slightest of her strength to achieve this flight of fleet. The speed of her flight hadn't reduced one bit, but her body had slowly started to get nearer to the ground. She eventually reached the nearest point over the ground. Then, she extended her toes, and dashed forth at an even greater speed.

A withered tree trunk swayed behind her in a gentle manner…

"Green Hunter is worthy of being the Snake King!" Jun Mo Xie admired in secret. [A regular person wouldn't have been able to attain such high speeds. In fact, I believe that even the Solitary Falcon wouldn't be able to do it. After all, he's a human.]

It was the innate ability of one of the great Beast Kings from Tian Fa Forest.

No one could learn it.

The Snake King continued to rush out at a crazy speed. Consequently, she had travelled a dozen kilometers away from the city within a few moments time. A mountainous forest appeared in front her soon after. And, the woods grew denser and lusher as she continued onwards. However, her slender body suddenly paused. And, she abruptly stopped moving even though she had been travelling at that immense speed. She then suddenly rose up into the air like a rocket. And, it seemed as if she was ready to hunt.

She then suddenly looked back. And, her lovable, charming, and innocent-looking face got exposed in the air. Her green clothes whipped at the air, and the hem of her gown fluttered over the earth as if she was an immortal. However, she had also emanated an extremely sharp killing intention.

Her eyes were clear and cold as she looked behind her with a sharp gaze. The Snake King's imposing and earth-shattering aura rose violently. And, all the plants and trees in the vicinity of several hundreds of meters were stricken down as a result.

She had sensed that someone had been following her!

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