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That return journey from Southern Heaven City was the most humiliating experience of both his lives. The name Evil Monarch had always stirred fear in the hearts of everyone in his previous life. Consequently, no one had dared to mess with him like this…

And, no one had dared in this world either.

Those sullen situations and humiliations had forced Jun Mo Xie to sneak into the Hong Jun PaG.o.da from time-to-time. In fact, he had been forced to train in hiding. His strength had increased by a huge degree because of that. But, Jun Mo Xie still felt that he had been forced into doing that!

After all, that wasn't of his own initiative.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had wanted to get back at his perpetrators, but he had never figured out the ident.i.ty of the people who were messing with him. However, he had already identified the Snake King Green Hunter. And then, he had seen Mei Xue Yan. Moreover, he had also a.s.sessed Mei Xue Yan's frightening strength over the course of this close-quarter combat. Then, Mei Xue Yan had admitted to those mischiefs. Consequently, he had finally determined that this cold woman had been behind everything.

Jun Mo Xie gave a long roar. He ignored Mei Xue Yan's charge. He pivoted, soared high, and flipped backwards to retreat. But, he then began to change directions in a mysterious manner in order to dodge her attacks. He changed his direction about five or six times, and came close to Mei Xue Yan amidst her attacks. However, his body suddenly dropped…

[Okay girl, let me teach you a lesson if that's the case! Let me also make you experience the feeling of being played with. Let's see if you enjoy it; let's see if this turns out to be a fond memory for you!]

[Your Xuan strength is much superior to mine. But, you've set the condition of not using Xuan strength in your arrogance!]

[We've got quite the rivalry between us. And, setting this condition was as good as asking for a thras.h.i.+ng. You must know that I'm a proud and merciless man. I won't show any leniency even if you're a girl. I'm going to destroy you!]

Mei Xue Yan suddenly felt that the fight's intensity had increased. In fact, this ma.s.sive increase in pressure had begun to suffocate her to some extent. Jun Mo Xie's body had somewhat fallen. However, he still launched an attack from this position, and let his right foot lose. His right foot was aimed at her throat, but his left foot had also been sent to attack. Moreover, his left foot was aimed at the lower female parts of her body.

"That's shameless! You're despicable!" Mei Xue Yan's face became cold as her body leaned forward. Her right hand moved like lightning in order to chop at Jun Mo Xie's left leg. But, she realized that she was chopping at empty air. Meanwhile, Jun Mo Xie's hands turned into fists. They then made a whistling sound in the wind. Mei Xue Yan twisted her waist back, and moved forward to get the advantage. Then, her knee ferociously charged towards Jun Mo Xie's abdomen.

There was a "Bang!" as the two fighters' knees collided. Mei Xue Yan's body retreated an inch. However, hers and Jun Mo Xie's knees had remained motionless between them. Suddenly, there was a strange movement below Jun Mo Xie's knee. Then, his knee somehow inverted, and a kick flew towards Mei Xue Yan's thigh.

The Young Master's knees were raised. However, he had managed to land this kick even though his right heel was facing upwards. Moreover, his calves had also gone upwards in a similar fas.h.i.+on. This was extremely abnormal. It simply violated the laws of nature. It was important to know that one couldn't a.s.sume this posture unless the bones of the leg had broken or shattered...

However, Jun Mo Xie had somehow employed this posture to attack.

Mei Xue Yan had profound battle experience. However, she couldn't help but become startled when she saw this. And, her body quickly retreated in a daze. But, Jun Mo Xie quickly raised his lowered head, and directed it upwards to slam into her forehead. Mei Xue Yan cursed, "You've got b.a.l.l.s!" as her white palm glittered beautifully while moving towards his forehead. This strike didn't contain her Xuan Qi. However, this strike would easily split the Young Master's forehead into smithereens if it were to land.

However, Jun Mo Xie's hair band suddenly burst open with a 'Crack'. His long and jet-black hair became as straight as arrows. The hair then resembled millions of sharp needles as they turned towards Mei Xue Yan's upper body to pierce it.

Even hair could be used to injure one's opponents!?

However, this wasn't the end of Jun Mo Xie's attack. One of his shoulders leaned away from his body. In fact, it seemed as if it had dislocated from his body as he shrugged it to block Mei Xue Yan's left palm.

This change had happened very suddenly and unexpectedly. Mei Xue Yan had calculated very kind of scenario. However, she realized that this strange attack was enough to end this fight. After all, she didn't wish to be pierced by those needle-like strands of hair. She lightly breathed out as her body faced upwards. Then, she quickly rose upwards, and retreated backwards. These two movements had been completed in a blink of an eye. However, Jun Mo Xie's hands came like thunder, and struck at her soft bosom as this happened!

Mei Xue Yan was startled by this, and cried out in anger. In fact, she was unable to adhere to the restriction of not using Xuan Qi anymore. And, her beautiful body rocketed skywards as she let out a cold snort in anger and shame. 

Jun Mo Xie only felt his palm touch something silky, soft, and plentifully elastic. In fact, he wasn't able to beckon enough strength to injure the enemy for a moment. However, Mei Xue Yan's body was already in the midst of moving upwards. His hands were pasted against her chest a moment ago. So, his hands opportunely moved towards her abdomen because of her upwards motion. However, he felt like they had slid into a canyon from the high mountains… from hills to plains. Moreover, this road between the mountains and the plains had been a very comfortable one. And, this journey had left him with an indescribable feeling… like he was caressing something satin and warm...

Jun Mo Xie couldn't help himself as his hands instinctively moved to a certain area of her body. Then, he instinctively kneaded… However, this kneading motion nearly made the rapidly ascending Mei Xue Yan fall down!

It felt like he was kneading cotton. Moreover… it was plentiful and fine cotton…

The youngster couldn't help but blurt out, "Nice!"

The quickly ascending Mei Xue Yan suddenly felt a sense of huge loss. She then fell down from the sky. The weather in the sky also became dark. She had remained pure ever since she had taken human form. In fact, most people didn't even know that she was a female. But, this lecher had ruined that...

Mei Xue Yan wanted to burst with rage.

The entire Xuan strength stored in her body exploded in all directions, and brought about a crazy pressure. The entire sky was filled with thunder as a result. In fact, it seemed as if the end of the world was rus.h.i.+ng towards Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie jumped startled at this sudden change. [This woman's strength was so great?! None of the experts I've faced in the past can match this Mei Xue Yan!]

Jun Mo Xie saw that this terrible attack was descending unto him. And, he knew that it would be a fatal strike. Therefore, he shouted in a moment of desperation, "Stop! You've lost, and yet you don't admit defeat! Do you have no shame?"

That terrible attack stopped when he said those words.

Mei Xue Yan's face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with murderous intentions as she landed right in front of him. She was looking at him in a way that made it seem as if she was near-ready to turn him into mincemeat.

Her eyes were full of a murderous rage, but her face was blush-red from ear-to-ear. Her previous immortal-like elegant and tranquil countenance had disappeared; it had vanished altogether. Instead, it had been subst.i.tuted by the expressions of an angry and embarra.s.sed young girl.

In fact… she was seething in anger!

But, Jun Mo Xie was in a good mood. The expressions on his face were those of decency and earnest, "Young Mei, victory and defeat have already been decided. I won by a fluke. So, I must apologize to young. Also, it's late now. So, I must bid you farewell!"

[Are you still haggling at that insignificant matter of victory and defeat?]

[Now that it comes to it… this brat acts like a hoodlum and plays with me! You just want to take advantage, grope a.s.s, and leave?!] Mei Xue Yan had already forgotten the real purpose of the fight by now. She felt so ashamed that it seemed as if she had been pushed into a sewer. And, that had resulted in her bizarre rage.

"Victory and defeat has been determined? How has it been determined? And, how come I don't know about it? You think you can walk away after doing something so cheap!" this statement was proof that Mei Xue Yan had truly lost her head. It was important to know that Mei Xue Yan was a peerless power. She was open and honest, and she would never try to cover-up for her defeat. But, the circ.u.mstances were quite different now. The strangely pleasant sensation she had felt when her chest had been kneaded was still lingering in her mind. In fact, her heart had been left to pound and stir by that unfathomable feeling. She felt as if her entire body had started to heat up with a fever. She wanted to rid herself of that feeling of embarra.s.sment and shame. So, she raised her hand and yelled, "Let's see how you escape from me now! The World Cage!"

Young Master Jun's face had a serious look on his face. However, his heart had been yelling with satisfaction; [Awesome… so wholesome!]

Hatred must be avenged. However, his hatred had been avenged with an extra rate of interest applied. Therefore, he was secretly feeling pleased with himself. However, this was when his bodily movements came to a sudden stop. Even his spirit sense had been sealed-off!


He wasn't unfamiliar with that so-called World Cage. This technique was the only one which could suppress him successfully in this world. In fact, he couldn't even cheat and escape to the Hong Jun PaG.o.da once under its effect. He had suffered this secret method at the hands of Tian Fa Forest's Venerable Mei. [This woman can also use this technique! s.h.i.+t!] 

He didn't need much else to explain his predicament. In fact, this realization had come to Jun Mo Xie's mind in an instant. Even calling it a spark of electricity or a spark from a flit wouldn't be an exaggeration. Consequently, any other ideas that the Young Master's mind had been thinking suddenly came to a screeching halt.

However, one couldn't blame him from not thinking of anything at this time. After all, Mei Xue Yan's fists and legs had started to rain down on him without mercy…

Jun Mo Xie was only thinking… [This is the same as… tyrannizing me…]

"Bang!" He was punched in the eye.

"Bang!" He was. .h.i.t again.

"Bang!" His posterior had been turned into a sandbag.

"Bang!" His back, thighs, shoulders, chest… nothing was spared.

Jun Mo Xie floated in the air like a dead leaf during autumn. He moved up and down, but didn't land on the ground. The various "Bangs!" were echoing like drumbeats. He didn't even get any time to recover. He had been struck a thousand times in a blink of an eye. And, his eyes now resembled a panda's. His head had become swollen. As for his posterior — even a naked eye could see how fast it was swelling…


The Young Master finally fell to the ground. In fact, he had dropped on all fours. He was visibly in a very difficult situation.

Then, Mei Xue Yan's slender foot stamped heavily on the Young Master's chest. She then looked down arrogantly, smirked in anger, and asked with the pleased countenance of a victor, "Who is the victor in this fight?"

Mei Xue Yan had panted faintly as she had spoken those words. So, her chest had slightly moved up and down. After all, the strikes she had delivered a moment ago had stifled her breath. Moreover, she had refrained from using her Qi while fighting hand-to-hand for so long, and that had drained her body's physical strength. Therefore, it would be a lie to say that she wasn't tired.

She was very tired, but it had been worth it. After all, she had avenged her hatred. In fact, his hatred had been avenged with an extra rate of interest applied. Therefore, she was happy! She was very satisfied!

Mei Xue Yan's mind felt rejuvenated at the moment.

However, she would obviously need to undo the World Cage while interrogating Jun Mo Xie. Otherwise, how would that boy speak?

But, Mei Xue Yan had made a mistake — a grave mistake. She had been too careless. She shouldn't have undone the World Cage!

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