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The Tian Xiang City stood tall in the dark of the night. In fact, the city seemed like a huge giant which had been standing there since antiquity.

Two figures were staggering forth from a distance. They eventually saw the pitch-black outline of the city, and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, they relaxed and fell to the ground.

These two people were the same ones who had escaped that b.l.o.o.d.y fight earlier — Mu Xue Tong and Han Yan Meng. They had fled far via many remote areas. And, they had suffered a lot during this time, and had been left thoroughly exhausted as a result. The last one month had been particularly tough. And, that's because they had been repeatedly ambushed and hindered by experts of the Xiao Family. Consequently, these two had constantly been fleeing in a state of panic and terror.

Mu Xue Tong was somewhat better. After all, he was at the Sky Xuan level, and had travelled far and wide in the society. Therefore, he was able to endure for longer periods of time. But, the Silver City's Princess — Han Yan Meng — was in a miserable state. It must be mentioned that this little girl was the divinely pampered little princess of the Silver Blizzard City. She had always had an easy life. She had never suffered through such a b.u.mpy journey. Moreover, she had constantly been in danger of being ambushed and brutally slaughtered this entire time. Plus, she was merely at the insignificant Gold Xuan level. So, it could be reckoned that she would've died countless times by now if Mu Xue Tong hadn't been at her side.

They had arrived at Tian Xiang City by pure luck. It was mostly thanks to the extensive experience Mu Xue Tong had gained whilst travelling through the world in the past. They had changed their appearance and route countless times. In fact, things had gotten to a point that they had to make a b.u.mblebee sting the Little Princess's beautiful face to ensure a better disguise. They obviously had to repeat this 'b.u.mblebee stingy' trick whenever the induced swelling started to recede. The two had also been using a special liquid on their faces to tan their skin dark and glossy. And, these methods had somehow helped them in crossing the mountain

The two had also kept sound-altering pills in their mouths throughout the journey; they had never taken them out. In fact, they wouldn't dare take them out even when they had confirmed that they were alone and safe. They were so afraid of being caught by their enemy that they had gotten habitual of these things.

They had been extremely cautious the entire journey. However, they had still left many tiny and unintentional clues along the way, and had been almost discovered as a result. They had been attacked my many enemies at once instance. But, they were fortunate that they were far away from the Silver City at that time. After all, this was the reason why they hadn't encountered too many experts at that time. Mu Xue Tong had fought with everything he had, and had managed to kill them in order to make their escape. However, that instance had also exposed the hidden trails of their escape route. Consequently, the Xiao Family's experts had soon blocked off the roads leading to the Tian Xiang City.

The two didn't know how long they had been wandering for. However, they had finally arrived near their destination. And, they knew that there was at least one individual in this city who would protect the two of them. Therefore, they breathed a sigh of relief as they loosened up. But, Mu Xue Tong still hadn't forgotten that the Magnificent Jewel Hall was also located inside the Tian Xiang City. It could be reckoned that the venue might have some members of the Xiao Family. In fact, there was a possibility that the Xiao Family might've gained complete control over it. And, this meant that they couldn't dare to be careless by means. In fact, it seemed that the final moments leading to safety were also going to be the ones of the maximum danger.

They couldn't relax until they had met with Jun Wu Yi or Jun Mo Xie. After all, any lax or careless on their part could consign them to eternal d.a.m.nation. In fact, their carelessness could even foreordain the entire Silver City to doom.

The Xiao Family had been preparing for this revolt for many years in secret. Therefore, their secret strength had become considerably overbearing.

Mu Xue Tong felt extremely sorrowful as the thought of it crossed his mind.

[The Han Family had always trained their children to exercise the utmost tolerance towards the members of the Xiao Family. In fact, they tried to be empathetic, and tried to help them in every possible way. And, that's what helped in increasing the Xiao Family's strength. The Xiao was also an industrious and conscientious force. They always took care of matters and shouldered every responsibility with determination. They were truly iron-clad allies of the Han Family. But now...] Mu Xue Tong smiled bitterly.

The Silver Blizzard City was a colossal force. But, the truth would remain hidden from everyone since the Xiao Family was possibly in control. Even the ruling Han Family of the Silver City had been turned blind and deaf to everything. The Silver City had secret contacts in every major city of the vast continent. And, this meant that any node of this vast network could be used to send information to the Silver City. But, he couldn't dare to use them.

And, that's because the backbone this information network was controlled by the Xiao Family.

The Xiao Family was controlling everything that was outside the Silver Blizzard City!

Consequently, this ma.s.sive information network had become a hindrance to his mission. It was needless to say that he wouldn't get any help. Moreover, he was also worried about his location being betrayed.

After all, he was shouldering the responsibility that pertained to the very rise or fall of the Silver City! And, this meant that he couldn't dare to show any carelessness or recklessness.

Mu Xue Tong controlled his breathing as he slowly stood up with difficulty. He took out two packets of millet from his chest pocket. He handed one to Han Yan Meng as he spoke-up in a warm tone, "Little Meng, eat this and recover your strength. We'll go the city in order to try and find Jun Wu Yi or Jun Mo Xie in some time."

Han Yan Meng's face had become dark and glossy due to the application of that substance. But, one look at her previously beautiful face was enough to tell that she had lost a lot of weight over the course of that journey. In fact, she had become shriveled. The course of this escape had taught this naïve and adorable young girl the true meaning of the word viciousness.

She had never even dreamed that the elders who always acted so genially towards her would be perpetrating such contemptible acts in secret. They didn't stint at anything in order to get her killed. Consequently, the little girl had been left to feel as if her whole world-view had been toppled in an instant.

The physical toll and the heavy physiological strain of this journey had made it difficult for her to breathe.

She appeared nearly stupefied as she took the packet from Mu Xue Tong. The little girl brought the millet to her mouth, and took a bite. She then chewed it painfully. The sour taste of it started to make her sick at heart, and she couldn't help her tears from flowing out. Mu Xue Tong sighed and looked at her with pity. [She's a pampered princess of the Silver City. This little one has been loved and pampered by thousands of people. How can she endure such suffering?]

[That Xiao Family is the one to blame for all of this! That d.a.m.ned rebel family!]

[You must finish it… even if it's hard to eat and digest. You must eat this unpalatable thing so that you have enough strength to press on.]

They ate their dry rations, and rested for a short period. They then felt that a portion of their strength had restored. Well, they could at least hasten at a normal pace now. So, the both of them slowly stood up. However, a complicated feeling arose in their hearts when they looked at the Tian Xiang City in the distance. Who would've thought that the very future of the Silver Blizzard City would've rested on the Jun Family one day? The same Jun Family which was once brought to devastation by that very Silver Blizzard City!

[Isn't this too ridiculous?]

Mu Xue Tong would've found it laughable if it had been mentioned at some instance in the past. But, that situation had become fact nowadays.

This was the only straw these two people could grasp at in order to save their lies at this time.

"Let's go!"

There was a 'whoos.h.i.+ng' sound as they forced themselves to rise. Then, their silhouettes flashed, and they disappeared into the night…

It was nearly midnight.

Mei Xue Yan sat in front of the dusky lamplight with her chin rested on her hands. She nearly seemed unconscious as they lamp's light flickered in her spellbound eyes. The powerful Venerable Mei had been commanding the lands with her supreme authority for G.o.d-knows how many years. So, one could well-imagine her bearings. However, she had never experienced this feeling of palpitating with fear before…

That sudden kiss from Jun Mo Xie had fallen like a stone in the calm and still lake of her heart. And, it had suddenly given rise great waves in her still-lake-like tranquil mind. In fact, the ripples that had started from the spot where that small stone had fallen… had moved outwards by now. Moreover, they were showing no signs of stopping.

Snake King had been very concerned. So, she had asked her a few questions about the matter. But, Mei Xue Yan had refused to acknowledge her. In fact, her expression had become quite unsightly. That had scared Green Hunter. Therefore, the Snake King had escaped like a wisp of smoke, and had gone to talk to Guan Qing Han instead.

[That look on Elder Sister's face is enough to induce the pressure necessary to kill a person. I'll be done for if she gets mad at me. After all, the pretty dogs end up being endangered when one kind find an ugly one for their meal. Ah… What kind of an a.n.a.logy am I using? Anyway, staying here is certainly not as much fun as listening to Guan Qing Han talk about the scandalous ways in which Jun Mo Xie used to behave!]

[Just imagining this guy's past behavior is extremely laughable! It is certainly very enjoyable!]

Jun Mo Xie continued to strive and suffer as he refined the pills. His skills must've improved since he didn't fail so many times this time around. He had successfully refined a bunch of pills inside the furnace. Afterwards, he sent out his spirit sense around the Jun residence while remaining hidden inside the Hong Jun PaG.o.da. And, his spirit sense covered the entirety of the ma.s.sive residence. [Those two experts from the Illusory Ocean of Blood disappeared from my house last night. So, their follow-up operation should happen tonight!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie couldn't be careless by any means. After all, those people from the Illusory Ocean of Blood may not have been much in Mei Xue Yan's eyes. But, they were still genuine Great Master Level experts at the end of the day. And, Jun Mo Xie knew in his heart that he wouldn't have been able to deal with those two black-clothed masked men if it hadn't been for Mei Xue Yan's actions.

He had refined six more of those pills that night. Jun Mo Xie had finally learned of the ferocity of these pills. Therefore, he obviously didn't intend on satisfying the Tian Fa Forest's needs first. After all, that would be akin to concentrating on the details while ignoring the fundamentals.

One of these six pills was intended for his grandfather. One each was meant for Jun Wu Yi, Solitary Falcon, Hai Chen Feng, and Song Shang. And, Baili Luo Yun would also get one of these pills if he were able to complete his a.s.signed goals within the agreed time period.

Most of these individuals hadn't reached the Spirit Xuan Level. And, this level of strength was a minimum requirement when it came to the consumption of those pills. But, Jun Mo Xie was confident that they could be advanced to that level in a short period of time.

[We can only look down at the world with arrogance if our side's strength truly advances!]

It could be said that Jun Mo Xie was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence since he had these three pills now. He had only refined one of them till now. But, Jun Mo Xie was confident that refining the other two wasn't that far off. That was because Jun Mo Xie could clearly feel his progress. In fact, he could faintly sense that he had reached the peak of the Sky Xuan level! Moreover, he felt that the Spirit Xuan realm was only a step away.

This increase in his strength also represented that his ability to refine these pills would enhance substantially.

The two children could still be seen immersed in their training below. The two mute kids were practicing the sword style he had shown them… even in the darkness of the night. In fact, the two kids never seemed to get exhausted. It was unknown how much sweat they had been pouring out of their bodies every day.

Jun Mo Xie sighed in the secrecy of his heart. The hard work of those two kids could shock anyone. But, their innate apt.i.tude was far too inferior. They had taken the Ten Years' pills only a short while ago. But, their current strength was still too low to give them the Bone Tempering Pills. Moreover, they couldn't speak or write. So, it was very difficult to communicate with them...

[They can't speak?] Jun Mo Xie's eyes flashed as he remembered something special; it was a very unique ventriloquism skill. [Learning this may take some time. But, won't the problem be solved with ease if I can pa.s.s on this skill to these two? And, this would be particularly useful with these two kids since they can't speak at all! In fact, I believe that these two kids will be able to make some sounds once I've taught them the basics of this technique. And, all the problems will cease to exist once that has happened!]

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