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Chapter 522: Experts Gather; Ning Wu Qing!

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Fatty Tang was seated opposite to Jun Mo Xie. The Fatty was wearing an extremely thin robe even on such a cold day. However, he was still wiping his sweat nonstop! The frenzy outside the hall resembled a momentous wave. And, these waves of frenzied aura were even infiltrating into the hall through the walls. Fatty's mental strength was rather weak. Therefore, it was impossible for him to withstand the aura of this place since the world's strongest people had gathered here!

"Third… Third Young Master… You're going to stay here for this auction, right?" Tang Yuan said with difficulty while wiping his sweat.

Jun Mo Xie looked at Fatty's cowardly appearance, and felt somewhat helpless as a result, "You look like you've got diarrhea! You think I won't stay here for this auction? Fu*k! You're worthless! This is such good opportunity for you to seek fame, and you look like you're about to let it slip by! Don't tell me that I will have to take charge in person!"

Fatty calmed down to some extent. He then looked at his sweat-soaked robes, and said with a bitter smile, "Third Young Master, I can barely this task today… I would surely lose weight if we hold more of such auctions…"

'Pfft' Dugu Xiao Yi sneered at this. This little girl was sitting next to Mei Xue Yan. Consequently, she couldn't sense this pressure since she was well-protected… Therefore, she obviously didn't look as miserable as Fatty Tang.

Guan Qing Han and Mei Xue Yan also couldn't help but smile at the sight of this. Fatty's appearance could lighten-up anyone's mood no matter how gloomy they had felt. It was indeed very comical…

"Okay, this Young Master will personally take charge of things. I will heroically go out, and I will control them in a commendable manner," Jun Mo Xie snorted. He then smiled with the att.i.tude of an upright and unafraid hero.

Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly addressed in a contemptuous tone, "Hmm, you are the host of this auction. So, its obvious that you'll have to control it. What good would you be if you can't even control it…! This is how it should be. But, you're still feeling so complacent about something so obvious…"

Everyone burst into laughter.

Mei Xue Yan smiled and said, "You need to pay attention. This auction must be a low-key affair. Moreover, you ought to be aware of when you're supposed to stop. The people who've arrived here are very powerful. This makes me presume that people from the Three Holy Lands will also show up. In fact, I can sense the aura of a few old acquaintances of mine… This isn't the time for you to make money —you must be clear about this point! There will be big trouble if you provoke this crowd's anger. In fact, so many powers have gathered in Tian Xiang City right now that even I won't have any other option besides withdrawing in case they were join hands against you!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled as he nodded repeatedly, "This is a bit extreme." However, he had other plans in his mind.

[Don't make money? Then, what are we doing in this grand auction? Are we here to give them the pills as gifts? I'd rather feed these pills to the pigs!]

The Aristocratic Hall's gate was slowly opened as the sun started to rise in the sky! Two individuals appeared at the doorway. They were smiling whole-heartedly. Sixteen youngsters dressed in white clothes had been arranged in two rows at the entrance; they were stationed there to welcome the guests.

"The auction is about to begin. Please show your number plates to enter!"

The caliber of people who had come for the auction seemed very high this time. The Aristocratic Hall's gate wasn't opened in advance. But, it must be said that no one had seemed impatient; nor was anyone making a ruckus. It can't be said that there was absolute silence outside the gate. But, it was peaceful nonetheless.

The gates had been opened at this time, but the guests had still remained silent. In fact, n.o.body had budged. Instead, everyone was waiting calmly and quietly.

A ma.s.sive burst of momentum showed up. Then, a cold breeze started to blow. The crowd in the front of the Aristocratic Hall started to separate, and a big strip of road was left vacant as a result. Five people in the black robes showed up. They then slowly walked to the front amidst the lowered murmurs of the crowd.

The old man heading the group was dressed entirely in black robes. In fact, it appeared as if his robes had been dipped in black ink. He had a purplish-golden belt around his waist. A purplish-golden scabbard was suspended around his waist via a purplish-golden cloth. His facial features were lean and simple. And, he was walking over step by step.

He was being accompanied by four people. And, they were also dressed similarly. But, the differences could be clearly seen if one were to look at them attentively. One side of this old man's purplish-golden belt was inlayed with three s.h.i.+ny and sparkling stars. His eyes were twinkling like that of a demon as was walking. Two of his four companions had two stars inlayed on their belts, while the other two had only one star.

It is worth mentioning that the two two-starred men were the Hurricane and Rainstorm Masters! The two earth-shaking swordsmen — Hurricane and Rainstorm Great Master!

However, the att.i.tude of these two men had made it evident that the old man in the black robes held a higher status than them!

The old man was walking in a manner that made it seem as if he was floating. He was covered with black robes from head to toe. However, his robes weren't swaying as he was walking. Also, his robes weren't wrinkling in the process. He slowly raised his eyebrows as he arrived below the stairs. Then, he gently opened his eyes and smiled faintly. However, it seemed as if his eyes had contained the summation of the worldly vicissitudes.

Hai Chen Feng was the in-charge of welcoming the guests. However, he suddenly felt as if everything had gone dark before his eyes. Even his soul felt as if he was looking at the starry sky when he looked at this old man's eyes! He was left spell-bound for a moment. But, he then calmed himself, and managed to come back to himself with some effort. Then, he looked at the old man again. But, he felt normal this time. In fact, it seemed as if nothing weird had happened. He then heard the old man saying, "This Old Man is Ning Wu Qing from the Elusive World of Immortals! I've arrived to partic.i.p.ate in the auction!"

He handed over the number plate once he was done speaking. He had acted in complete accordance with the Aristocratic Hall's rules of entry.

Hai Chen Feng had never heard this name, but he had understood that this old man's was a remarkable individual. In fact, he had realized that this old man might be even stronger than his own master— Meng Hong Chen. However, he calmly accepted the number plate, and cupped his hands in greeting as he said, "Senior, please come in!"

Then, a white-robed youngster came from behind, and led these five black-robed men into the hall.

Upstairs of the Aristocratic Hall; Mei Xue Yan sighed and said, "This man is a three-star law enforcer from the Elusive World of Immortals — Ning Wu Qing!" she then lightly spat on the ground and said, "He's devoid of any virtues and morals. He's merciless and ruthless!"

Jun Mo Xie's eyes shone as he remarked, "Well, his name suits him in that case!"

Mei Xue Yan whispered, "This man was originally a scholar named Ning Dun Ru. He was a stunning talent of literary arts. However, a young master from some influential Xuan family of his hometown dishonored his girlfriend one day. Ning Dun Ru shouted to the heavens, but got no reply. He called out to Mother Earth, but received no response. Moreover, that beautiful woman committed suicide by hanging herself via the ceiling. His temperament suddenly underwent a huge change after that. And, he changed his name to Ning Wu Qing. He abandoned his scholarly ways, and picked up martial arts instead. He practiced swords for fifteen years. And, he returned to his hometown once his sword practice was successful. There were over seven-hundred people in that Xuan family which had sinned against him. And, he killed all of them in one go. In fact, not even the mice inside that household were able to escape him! The power of his sword remained invincible for ninety years to come! He would roam the lands, and would punish any evil he would see before his eyes. In fact, he would incapacitate an individual even if he were to see them stealing something as insignificant as a chicken or a fowl! He was very fierce, and would go to extremes to do this task! He remained a bachelor his entire life; he remained a solitary man. He joined The Elusive World of Immortals later on. But, who would've imagined that he would become a three-star law enforcer? After all, this means that he's considered an outstanding personality even inside the Elusive World of Immortals!"

"He used to kill out of pain!" Jun Mo Xie's eyes shone he praised this old man.

Dugu Xiao Yi had been amazed by Ning Wu Qing's aggressive att.i.tude. Guan Qing Han somewhat sympathized with Ning Wu Qing's bitter experiences, while the Snake King envied Ning Wu Qing's Xuan strength. Only Young Master Jun had blurted out a sentence!

Ning Wu Qing had walked into the hall the moment Jun Mo Xie had said 'Kill out of pain'. Consequently, Ning Wu Qing raised his face, and glanced upstairs.

His glance seemingly spanned through the time and s.p.a.ce like a lightening in the dark. It then seemingly turned into a sword, and stabbed Jun Mo Xie's face even though they were separated by a few walls!

And, Jun Mo Xie genuinely felt a sting on his face!

His vision had obviously not been malicious. But, it had been enough to demonstrate his strength! After all, Jun Mo Xie had felt the touch of this stare even though he possessed the cultivation of near a Sky Xuan peak expert! In fact, prominent signs of warning had arisen from Jun Mo Xie's heart…

The people from the Elusive World of Immortals took their seats. Moreover, they had taken their seats in the first arrangement of the first row! The five of them had sat down at the same time, and hadn't even said a word. An individual would feel that the hall was empty at this time in case they were to try and sense with their eyes closed. And, that's because these five people had seemingly fused with the atmosphere…

The Snake King muttered, "That's two Great Masters, and three individuals who are above the Great Master level! Big Sister, when did the Elusive World of Immortals become so strong?"

Everyone had obviously understood the meaning behind Green Hunter's question. This was only an auction. Five individuals had arrived to partic.i.p.ate from the Elusive World of Immortals. And, all of them were super-experts! So, what was the real background of this Elusive World of Immortals?

"This makes it seem that the Elusive World of Immortals must be very intimidating. In fact, the Elusive World of Immortals must be stronger than us by a fair margin!" Mei Xue Yan's expression seemed somewhat heavy as she sighed, "And, mainly because we Xuan Beasts… have to cross the most difficult bottlenecks for break-through!" she said while looking at Jun Mo Xie. And, there was an ardent hint of hope and expectation in her eyes.

Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously, and said: "Everything will be easy to handle as long as you agree to marry me."

"Get lost!" the four women retorted in unison, "In your dreams!"

Jun Mo Xie shrunk his head back.

Five people dressed in hemp-robes walked inside with expressionless faces after the people from the Elusive World of Immortals; their heads were crowned with hats. They were being led by a man whose body was extremely thin. But, he was still wearing very s.p.a.cious hemp-robes over his body. In fact, he looked like a hemp pole…

He seemed neither too young… nor too old. So, it was hard to judge his age. His face looked like an egg-plant which had been stirred in the food-blender for a long time before being left out to dry in the air for a year. In fact, his face made it seemed as if he had experienced the vicissitudes of several thousand reincarnations!

The dressing style of these five individuals was very similar to the people from the Elusive World of Immortals in a way. And, one couldn't make out which one of them was superior or inferior in terms of status. Only a careful observer would discover that there were three golden lines on the inside of their leader's hemp-collar. An even more careful observation would make one realize that those three lines were the images of three golden swords in reality. However, the other people had only two golden swords on their collars.

This hemp-pole-like looking man came in front of Hai Chen Feng, and said in a low voice, "Great Golden City's Ma Jiang Ming has arrived from a visit."

Hai Chen Feng didn't dare to neglect this man. He collected the number plate, and said, "Please come in."

"This man is Ma Jiang Ming. He's a top-ranking expert of the Great Golden City. He looks funny, but he's extremely dreadful in reality," Mei Xue Yan was introducing these men since she knew that Jun Mo Xie won't be able to recognize them.

"Ma Jiang Ming… Like a lucky charm of sorts? This is a very good name!" Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but laugh. He then said, "But, this guy also looks extremely unfortunate, doesn't he?" he looked at Tang Yuan, touched his chin, and said, "Brother Tang's body can be divided into twenty Ma Jiang Mings at the bare minimum… This contrast is a bit too obvious," Tang Yuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. However, everyone else burst into a loud laughter.

"His father was a gambler. And, that's why that man had given his son this name. So, this was intentional," Mei Xue Yan smiled faintly and said, "But what you've said isn't wrong either. This man's nickname used to be 'Face full of Vicissitudes' in those days. But, you mustn't get fooled by his looks… And, that's because there are merciless daggers hidden in his smiles! This Ma Jiang Ming and Ning Wu Qing are personalities of the same era!"

"Big Sister, why was he called 'Face full of Vicissitudes'?" Dugu Xiao Yi had unwittingly started calling Mei Xue Yan as 'Big Sister' since Snake King was doing so.

"Because… his face has appeared full of vicissitudes since the day of his birth…" Mei Xue Yan couldn't help but smile as she said, "In fact, he looked like an old man who had seen many vicissitudes even when he came out of the womb."

Everyone roared with laughter together.

"However, this man's life was extremely rough. He lost his parents when he was young. And, he was obviously incapable of earning his livelihood at that time. So, he sold himself to a brothel, and became boy-servant there. He started to serve as a hawker in the brothel when he grew up a little. In fact, he used to peddle various kinds of… aphrodisiac to…. the customers…"

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