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Soon after, it was the turn of the people from the mainland's influential families to enter the auction hall. The younger generations of these influential families would usually act very arrogant. But, all of them seemed very cautious and solemn on this day. And, one thing was common among each of these influential families — their leader was old enough to have snowy-white hair and beard. One look would make it obvious that they were the ancestors of their respective families.

These old ancestors naturally possessed profound Xuan strength. However, each of them also had a second characteristic. And, this characteristic was the most important one — they possessed extensive knowledge and experience.

This auction was extremely important. After all, it could affect the future of the society. In fact, it could even alter it. However, these families would also have to face extremely serious consequences in case they ended-up offending people who shouldn't be offended. Therefore, it was necessary that these knowledgeable and experience old men lead their families for the course of this auction. Let's take the matter of entering the auction hall as an example — the younger generations would've hastily charged into the hall the moment it was opened if they had come alone. But, the youngsters would never do something this silly and sinful since their ancestors were leading their party to the auction.

Could the people from these worldly families move into the hall if the delegates from the Three Holy Lands were still waiting outside? Wouldn't that be akin to courting death?

Moreover, these people would first go over to the seats of the Three Holy Lands' delegates once they'd enter. They would then pay their respects. And, they would look for their own seats only after they had done this. Everything seemed in synchronized in a perfect order, and there was no confusion whatsoever. In fact, it seemed as if these aspects had been properly arranged in advance.

These acts of courtesy had nearly wasted half of the morning. And, this had left Jun Mo Xie to yawn again and again in his seating area upstairs. In fact, the Young Master felt very dull. After all, he felt that he would've been better-off refining more pills during this time…

The door of the hall was slowly closed-shut once everyone had entered the hall. And, the hall suddenly sank into darkness as a result.

Even the windows of this large hall had been closed-shut. Every individual present on this scene was a top-ranking expert. Therefore, they weren't worried about the possibilities of any mishaps. However, they were left somewhat bewildered by this. Suddenly, a big flame was ignited on a high alt.i.tude at the center of the hall. And, countless sparkling objects glittered up in every nook and corner of the hall as the light of this flame reflected onto the hall below. These lights flashed, and merged. And, the entire hall was suddenly illuminated by their dazzling lights as a result!

The fact is that Jun Mo Xie had ingeniously used the principle of optical reflection for this. And, he had successfully created a dream-like environment inside the hall by using one regiment of flame and countless gems. The entire hall had brightened up. However, the true delicateness of these preparations was visible from the fact that there was no smoke or fire-like odor in the hall.

Who amongst those present in this hall wasn't knowledgeable and experienced? However, they had never seen such a strange and marvelous scene. They were left astonished to the extent of clicking their tongues. [This scene itself has made our trip worthwhile. This Aristocratic Hall is an eccentric marvel. It deserves its reputation!]

Suddenly, a loud 'tapping' sound came from the auction stage. Then, a youngster dressed in white clothes appeared on the stage. He had a faint smile on his face and a gavel in his hand; he had slammed that gavel a moment ago in order to attract everyone's attention towards the stage.

"Each of our guests is a senior and a hero. And, everyone has surely arrived here with the same purpose in mind. Therefore, I won't start with some nonsense speech and waste everybody's time. After all, I'm aware that our guests' time is very precious. And, this youngster's upright nature wouldn't be able to endure angering his seniors… ha ha…" Jun Mo Xie looked at the experts in the audience, and decided to start things off with a little joke. After all, he wanted the mood to be lively. However, he hadn't expected that no one would cater to it; the scene had remained awfully silent. In fact, it could be reckoned that one would be able to identify the source of a sound as light as a gentle cough…

This instance had come out as that rarity where the Young Master had ended-up appearing less suitable than usual. In fact, it seemed as if the Young Master had been given a 'cold shoulder' on the stage…

[Is this crowd made of statues?] However, one survey of this hall was enough to tell that even the weakest amongst this crowd belonged to the Sky Xuan realm. It was needless to talk about the Spirit Xuan Level either. After all, they could be found in abundance over here. Moreover, there were almost two-or-three-thousand people gathered in this place. Jun Mo Xie was certainly extremely daring, but even he couldn't dare to act rashly and provoke a public outrage under these circ.u.mstances…

Therefore, Young Master Jun coughed twice while he secretly thought; [All of you are so untactful. This Young Master will twist his own neck if he doesn't make you people bleed money!]

[You think you're experts? Ba*ls! I won't be called the Evil Monarch if I don't swindle you out of your money until you start bleeding from your nose!]

"I hereby announce that the special auction of the Bone Tempering Pills has officially started!" Jun Mo Xie was still smiling whole-heartedly. He then proceeded to say, "This Bone Tempering Pill is a kind of supplement pill which is rarely found. And, it is far more effective than what the legends mention! There could be the so-called notion of 'all-talk-no-action' in some people's minds. Some might even say that these pills won't be as extraordinary and impactful as promised. Therefore, I will first take out three pills in order to rea.s.sure everyone. And, I'd like to invite one individual from each of the Three Holy Lands to test these pills, and examine if its effects are the same as those advertised so arrogantly by the sellers. Would everyone be convinced of the effects of these pills in case the seniors from the Three Holy Lands were to test them out?"

Jun Mo Xie had spoken a rather shady sentence. After all, he was still somewhat resentful that the crowd hadn't responded to him. Therefore, he had decided to use this trick. [Well, maintaining your silence in response to this question will imply that you don't believe in the Three Holy Lands!]

And, who could afford the consequences of that?

There was a sudden surge of excitement as soon as Jun Mo Xie's voice faded. In fact, the wave of that energy nearly broke through the hall's ceiling!

"I will be convinced! In fact, there would be nothing to be unconvinced about. After all, the Three Holy Lands have always been the objects of our admiration…"

"Ha Ha… Why wouldn't we be convinced if the people from the Three Holy Lands were to personally verify the quality of these pills? In fact, that would be the ultimate proof…"

"That's true…"

Jun Mo Xie laughed on the inside; [You couldn't maintain your silence anymore, huh?]

[Fu*k that! How could this Young Master have given vent to all that gloominess if he hadn't made you people roar your throats hoa.r.s.e?]

However, there was no change in his facial expressions. Then, three youngsters dressed in white clothes walked onto the stage. Each of them held a small tray with one bean-sized Bone Tempering Pill on it. They then carried these trays to the tables of the Three Holy Lands in a very respectful manner.

Ning Wu Qing glanced at Jun Mo Xie with an abstruse look in his eyes.

However, Jun Mo Xie remained calm and collected as he smiled and nodded in response.

Ning Wu Qing contemplated for some time. He then picked up the tiny yellow pill. Then, he twirled the pill in his fingers, but he was still not convinced about it. [Is this tiny pill genuinely capable of transforming the inborn skeletal framework of the human body?]

However, he indifferently raised his hand, and swallowed the Pill. It must be mentioned that his Xuan strength had already reached a level where he needn't be afraid of even the most highly poisonous substances. After all, he could easily dispel any kind of poison from his body once he had discovered it! Therefore, he wasn't afraid of any mischief Jun Mo Xie might've tried to cause.

[I reckon that n.o.body would dare to play tricks on the Three Holy Lands!]

Coincidently, Ma Jiang Ming and Huyan Xiao had also thought along the same lines. Therefore, they too swallowed the pill after some hesitation.

Thereupon, the faces of these three men lost their color!

High-caliber individuals like them had obviously experienced many mishaps over their long lives. Could they have stood firm and unyielding in the face of those earth-shaking experiences if it weren't their forte to remain calm in the face of enormous misfortunes?!

The pills melted in their mouths the moment they were ingested; only a balmy fragrance was left to linger. A large amount of force was produced as this happened. Then, this force got distributed into countless small stands, and entered the meridians of their entire body in a split. After that, they felt a sudden itch in every joint of their body… This sensation was also accompanied by a subtle pain which had seemingly arisen from the deepest corners of their hearts. In fact, it seemed as if their very-souls had been sent contorting…

The three men resisted the pain, and looked at each other with cold eyes. However, they saw no change in the expressions of their counterpart. It was obvious that none of these three men was prepared to lose their face in front of all the heroes of the mainland.

These three men possessed profound Xuan strength. Moreover, their physique had transcended the superhuman level by a far margin. Therefore, the pain they were feeling wasn't that intense. However, any other individual would've started crying-out in pain by now if the said-individual were to be subst.i.tuted in their place.

However, this was the pain of undergoing a thorough transformation of the body…

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming were able to remain resolute and steady under the public gaze. Their expressions had also remained unchanged. Even their eyes hadn't shown any fluctuations. However, Huyan Xiao was weaker in terms of strength. Tiny beads of sweat had already appeared on his face. His expressions had made it evident that he was trying to resist the pain. In fact, his eyebrows had started to wrinkle…

A while pa.s.sed. Suddenly, the bodies of these three people issued burst of sounds. Moreover, these sounds were similar to those which are heard when something breaks. In fact, it seemed as if every joint in their body had gotten ruptured…

Everyone could imagine that these three men were suffering from enormous pain at this moment.

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming forcibly suppressed their desire to resist this pain with the help of their Xuan strengths. Instead, they concentrated themselves on observing the interiors of their bodies. And, they were pleasantly surprised to see that their bones were undergoing some minor transformation around the crucial joining points. These two men had been engaged in the endless battles over the years of their lives. And, their bones had already been molded to their finalized state long ago. In fact, their bones had begun to age. However, every bruise on their bones had suddenly started to disappear at this time. Moreover, their muscles and tendons were being pulled-apart and re-adjusted to the most ideal location…

Both of them had a subtle feeling that their bodies had recovered to the point where it could be considered that of a newborn's! The pain they were feeling was very difficult to tolerate, but it was genuinely worth it! In fact, both of them felt that they would be willing to endure hundred-fold pain in order to attain such a result! They wouldn't have hesitated to choose this pain!

The powerful effect of the Bone Tempering Pill continued to work on their bodies. But, the two of them no longer had the slightest of doubts regarding the marvelous capabilities of the Bone Tempering Pills! Both of them simultaneously looked towards Jun Mo Xie on the stage. They then exposed traces of divinity in their eyes!

In fact, their gaze even contained traces of heartfelt grat.i.tude!

After all, these two men wouldn't have gotten to experience the effects of these pills if Jun Mo Xie hadn't asked them to test them out. And, that's because these Bone Tempering Pills would've been given to those talented youngsters once these two men had won them over in the auction. After all, those youngsters were being cultivated to become the future powerhouses of their respective factions. Firstly, these two men would've considered it beneath their dignity to fight over these pills. Secondly, they were very old. Therefore, they wouldn't have won even if they had fought over them. However, they had never expected that they would get to consume one of these pills right after laying their eyes on them!

Both of them were super-experts. So, how could they not know what impact a minor correction in their joints would have on their strengths? In fact, the situation of their transformed body would be entirely different from the time when they hadn't consumed these pills!

They could upgrade every aspect of their cultivation again… whether it was their speed or strength! In fact, the available scope of improvement was fairly astonis.h.i.+ng!

However, Huyan Xiao wasn't thinking along the same lines as these two old men.

His strength is relatively lower. And, he had also realized that this was a good thing for him. But, this pill's process of exerting its potency was very painful… He had employed his entire body's strength to resist the pain. In fact, he had barely prevented himself from exposing unsightly expressions in front of everyone. However, his body and clothes were already wet with sweat. And, everyone present on the scene had discerning eyesight. So, how could they have not noticed that he was in a distressed state? However, n.o.body had dared to express it out loud!

This experiment had by-and-large reached its end by now…

Ning Wu Qing's face exposed a trace of satisfaction as he sensed his brand-new body. Then, he took a step forward, looked at Jun Mo Xie, and spoke-up in a dignified tone, "Thank you!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly and replied, "Don't mention it."

Ning Wu Qing chuckled. He then turned towards the audience, and spoke-up in an unhurried manner, "This Ning Wu Qing confirms that this Bone Tempering Pill is very effective. Moreover, its effect goes beyond the expected! This Bone Tempering Pill deserves to be called a magical pill! In fact, this magical pill is wondrous enough to contend against the heaven's creations!"

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