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Chapter 631: Confrontation!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yi Jiu Kuang sighed longly and said, “I’m afraid both of us will be punished this time after we report this matter back. Perhaps we might even lose our current positions and get replaced by others. But this is not necessarily a bad thing; we can finally concentrate on improving our cultivation…”

Ren Ping Sheng also sighed in response. “Old Kuang… the battle back then ended with both sides suffering heavy losses; Feng and Yu have both entered the Elusive World of Immortals, while we both entered here by chance and recuperated before joining the Illusory Manor… How many years have pa.s.sed since then?”

Yi Jiu Kuang stared dazedly at the sheet of snow before him and lamented. “How many years has it been? I’ve already forgotten.”

Ren Ping Sheng stood quietly beside him and watched the falling snow. With a heavy sigh, he continued. “Actually, I really miss those days… Although our strength was weak, we were still t.i.tled as Supremes and placed above millions and millions of people. We roamed the martial world domineeringly for decades, but as our strength grew greater, we somehow felt weaker and more insignificant. Old Kuang… Do you think that the stuff they said really exists?”

Yi Jiu Kuang laughed coldly. “Don’t forget, even within the manor right now, there are still a few old monsters! This is already an incontestable truth since a long time ago!”

The two sighed and sighed as they watched the falling snow. Far away, numerous purple shadows floated through the sky. White robes fluttered, and hemp garments drifted; the people of the three Holy Lands were rus.h.i.+ng through the snow storm…

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan stepped on the snow-covered ground, gliding effortlessly through the thick snow. Mei Xue Yan carried Dongfang Wen Xin on her back; Jun Mo Xie actually wanted to carry his mother on his back, as per his filial duties. However, the job was forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Mei Xue Yan. You want to be filial, but this daughter-in-law needs to be filial as well!

Dongfang Wen Xin, on the other hand, enjoyed the tussle of the two children over her and as she laid down on her daughter-in-law’s back, she felt extremely content. With her daughter-in-law being so gentle and filial, she would definitely be a great helper to Mo Xie… From what she heard, that brat Mo Xie already had a few other wives already. This time, she would go back and take a good look at all of them. And she would be using Xue Yan as the benchmark…

Along the way, Jun Mo Xie asked curiously, “What is this Misty Illusory Manor? How come I’ve never heard of it before? Xue Yan, what about the illusory mists in Tian Fa? I’ve gone in there before; is that the Misty Illusory Manor?”

Mei Xue Yan fell silent for a long time. Her head lowered as she sped through the snowy land. After a while, she spoke. “There’s no advantage to you knowing these things. If there’s a need, I will tell you everything. But right now, our level is still not enough.”

Jun Mo Xie made a sound of acknowledgement and did not ask further. However, his heart was filled with countless questions. Mei Xue Yan had previously said numerous times, “The previous Lord of Tian Fa and Beast King had met with some kind of accident, and had supposedly entered closed seclusion ever since. Now that I think of it, they must be inside that Misty Illusory Manor…” From her words today, they were most likely not in closed-door cultivation. Instead, they should be stuck in the illusory mists…

As for the accident… it probably refered to that secret realm?

But one had to admit that the tangible mist was truly formidable. His spiritual sense was actually unable to move within the mists; initially, he thought that it was a natural phenomenon, but as it turns out, it was actually man-made!

Jun Mo Xie was somewhat shocked at this revelation!

In this world, there were actually so many things that he did not know and could not understand…

As the small group progressed, Jun Mo Xie suddenly made a “Yi?” sound and stopped.

Before them, atop a tree; the entire tree was as white as snow and the sky swirled with a sheet of white. A man dressed in robes the same color as the snow stood atop the tree, staring at the three coldly. His entire body seemed to have merged into the white background, and even if one strained their eyes to look, they would find his figure difficult to distinguish. The only reason they’d discovered him was because the Young Master Jun’s instinct was keener than that of normal people. Otherwise, it would be hard to discover the presence of this man.

Chu Qi Hun!

He was actually waiting here for them!

“Little rascal, as expected, you were helping me on purpose just now.” Chu Qi Hun floated down onto the snowy ground. The puffy white snow did not leave a single trace of his footprints. It was as if Chu Qi Hun’s body was completely weightless. Chu Qi Hun’s eyes were colder than a wall of ice; a faint chilliness surged from his body as he looked at Jun Mo Xie. The sentence he spoke seemed as if he’d come to offer his grat.i.tude, but his expression spoke completely otherwise. It was more like he had come looking for trouble.

“It doesn’t count as helping you on purpose; I just don’t want you to die so early.” Jun Mo Xie replied blandly as he exerted some strength in his legs and the sled shoes under his foot burst apart with a loud Pa sound. Against Chu Qi Hun, it was nothing short of seeking death if his legs were bounded with that clunky thing!

“The reason?” Chu Qi Hun was standing in the snow, but he gave one a feeling of intangibility. It was as if his body had disappeared. But at a closer glance, it materialized again. He was not wearing any disguises, but he seemed like a flower in the fog; no matter how one looked, it was hard to see his true appearance.

“Reason? … Perhaps it’s because… in this world, the number of that can catch my eye are too little. If the Supreme was to one day fall from the sky, then there would be a lot less things that could interest me in this world.”

Jun Mo Xie was speaking in an extremely calm and ordinary tone as well, but when he mentioned the words “Supreme,” he placed special emphasis on the words, clearly articulating each one. An extremely heavy atmosphere instantly appeared around him as the words formed!

It was like a bright, sunny day was suddenly overcast with dark clouds!

At this time, he’d completely thrown away his carefree demeanor. Although his face was calm, his words were exceedingly serious. For this lackadaisical young master, this kind of serious att.i.tude was an incredibly rare sight!

This rarely seen seriousness actually looked somewhat suave on his face!

Mei Xue Yan suddenly felt as if Jun Mo Xie had changed. In that moment, he seemed to be the same as Chu Qi Hun!

The two people stood facing each other, none making the first move. It was like two hungry wolves staring at each other on the prairie! Each of them wanted to swallow the other into their bellies!

The two was like a pair of incredibly sharp swords, both hanging in the same room; when they left their scabbards at midnight, they would shrill and vibrate, roaring at each other like dragons and tigers. All this was just to fight over which one of them was the sharpest sword!

One was an unmatched sharp weapon, the gleam of its edge blazingly glorious; one was a one of a mystical kind of weapon, showing off its edge proudly!

Both people carried an extreme confidence in themselves. It was the intense belief that they could kill anyone they wished to under the heavens!

“That’s a pretty good reason.” Chu Qi Hun, whose figure was covered in the snowstorm, lowered his head and smiled. After that, he raised his head fiercely and his blade-like pair of eyes stared through the swirling snow, directly landing on Jun Mo Xie’s face. “The one who has been making me into a scapegoat and setting me up—it’s you right?!”

“That’s not entirely true; it’s true that I was the person directly involved in this, but this can’t be considered as setting you up,” Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly, and continued. “I think you should be thanking me instead because I granted your wish to be famous all over the world! An undying legend!” As he said this, he lifted his head smugly and his eyes also pierced through the snow storm like a pair of lightning, directly meeting Chu Qi Hun’s sharp gaze!

Two pairs of eyes stared intently at each other. The two felt their eyes ache at the same time, yet neither was willing to give way and maintained the gaze resolutely!

“It’s a pity that the fame you gave me was not something that I forged myself!” Chu Qi Hun stared at Jun Mo Xie coldly. “Furthermore, this ‘road of glory’ is nothing but a road to death, and a path of no return! If it was you, would you feel grateful?”

“If it was up to you to choose, would you have the guts to do something that grand?” Jun Mo Xie looked back coldly at him. “You won’t dare! But, I dare to! Not only do I dare to do it, I have already done it, and not just once! Yet, after I finished the deeds, you were the one who were chased like a dog in my stead! That’s the difference between you and me! Therefore, I am better than you!”

“So, it’s someone of the same profession. However, to say that you’re better than me, stronger than me, you don’t have the qualifications yet!” Chu Qi Hun’s stared unblinkingly at Jun Mo Xie’s eyes. “Your killing intent may be very sharp, but I am the true Supreme of the world!”

Chu Qi Hun was a Supreme and was naturally extremely sensitive to Jun Mo Xie’s killing intent as well! The moment Jun Mo Xie’s original character was unleashed, the first thing that he immediately sensed was that this person was a legendary king level character of the in this world!

Like knows like, but two of a trade seldom agree!

This was why Jun Mo Xie had used the words “Supreme” and unleashed his aura. But Chu Qi Hun similarly used the same words to counter! I am the true Supreme!

The Supreme that the world knows—the number one killer—is me, Chu Qi Hun! Not anyone else! And definitely not you!

“Is that so? But don’t you think that your so-called killing intent reeks too much of blood?!” Jun Mo Xie slowly took a step forward. With a resoundingpeng! his right foot landed on the ground.

As his right foot landed, Chu Qi Hun, who was tens of zhang in front of him reacted correspondingly as his left foot took half a step back, then returned again as if he regretted the action. However, the foot had deviated from its original spot. His body turned slightly, showing a bit of his side to Jun Mo Xie.

“You don’t dare to fight?” Jun Mo Xie’s lips curled up slightly. “Why are you hiding? Since you said that I’ve set you up, aren’t you going to seek revenge?”

“When I kill, it’s always only after receiving silver for it! Even if it’s an enemy, it’s still the same!” Chu Qi Hun narrowed his eyes and said. “That is my principle as an! If there’s no compensation, I will not take action! Although you’ve caused me to be pursued by the three Holy Lands, you’ve still helped me today. Furthermore, today is not a suitable time for me to exchange blows with you. Firstly, my energy is spent.” His eyes swiveled to Mei Xue Yan as he continued coldly. “Secondly, I am greatly inhibited, while you have nothing to worry about!”

“Regardless of the reason, at the end of the day, it’s a fact that you do not dare to fight!” Jun Mo Xie snorted coldly. “So, the t.i.tle of the Supreme, should be mine! And not you!”

This sentence was like a sharp needle that pierced deep into Chu Qi Hun’s heart!

Chu Qi Hun gritted his teeth and spat, “The so-called Supremes in the world is naught but a useless t.i.tle! But the Supreme among killers, that seat does indeed exist! It’s something that no one can ascend beyond! The position of king is not something gained with one’s mouth, but with the blade and with blood!”

Jun Mo Xie’s words had directly pulled the killing intent of Chu Qi Hun, who was already on the verge of retreat, back forcefully. In that moment, killing aura rose to the sky, and he did not intend to mask it at all. He did not even stop to consider that his actions would draw his enemies towards him!

Yes, the King of Killers!

All of it was for the sake of that t.i.tle!

Although this was not a very glamorous occupation, but the two had traveled to the peak of it!

With two such characters meeting on a narrow path, would it be the number one of modern Earth, the Otherworldly Evil Monarch, who’s more powerful, or would it be the Supreme of this world who would come out ahead?

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