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Chapter 633: Battle of the Kings of!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The dense forest flashed past like a scenery, the gra.s.s underfoot pa.s.sed with a single leap, and the huge stones from the mountains were thrown far behind them. The further they traveled, the more desolate the land became and the more bleak it grew!

It was already unclear how far they’d traveled. Under Jun Mo Xie’s lead, three human-shaped figures shot forward like three straight lines through the half-cloud, half-mist snow storm; Dongfang Wen Xin laid on Mei Xue Yan’s back, growing more and more shocked as time pa.s.sed.

This daughter-in-law of hers was truly incredible! Carrying a person on her back, she had ran at least several hundred li ! Furthermore, her speed hadn’t decreased, and her breath was smooth and relaxed, as if it was effortless. Her speed was actually not any slower than that of the two fellows who were competing with each other; from the looks of it, she still had lots of energy in reserve and if she wanted to use her true ability, she could easily catch up to those two in front!

She laid on her back, watching wide-eyed as the trees and mountains turned into mere shadows which pa.s.sed beside them. This kind of neck-breaking speed actually did not create a single bit of wind in her face; there was completely no feeling of motion, as if she was sitting peacefully at home. If not for the worry in her heart for her son, she might have really fallen asleep…

Looking at the level of Xuan cultivation of this daughter-in-law of hers, it had definitely reached a peak—an extremely profound and terrifying level! Compared to her son, she could only be stronger and not weaker! It’s really a mystery how this son of hers attained such a level of courting girls… to actually manage to find such a beautiful girl well-versed in Xuan cultivation, with her character, demeanor, and grace all reaching such a high level and bringing her home… how remarkable.

Dongfang Wen Xin still didn’t know that she had underestimated her son. This good daughter-in-law of hers, was the number one person of Tian Fa, a leader of the current era; one of the heads of the Three Holy and One Ferocious Lands, an overlord of a generation!

If she knew all this, Dongfang Wen Xin would probably faint on the spot…

Soon, a large diagonal valley appeared before Jun Mo Xie. Without any hesitation, he jumped into the valley.

Chu Qi Hun followed directly after, his figure dropping down like a snowflake. When he landed, Jun Mo Xie was already standing before him, his eyes blazing coldly as he watched him.

“Pretty good speed!”

“Good skills!”

Both people spoke at the same time. As they were praising the other, a hint of unwillingness could be heard in each other’s tone. The two knew in their hearts that this contest of speed had ended in a draw!

Jun Mo Xie who had the advantage in moving first had not managed to throw Chu Qi Hun off his tail; the fiercely chasing Chu Qi Hun had also failed to catch up to Jun Mo Xie! As for the their techniques, the two were also well matched!

Mei Xue Yan and Dongfang Wen Xin arrived like a puff of smoke, landing several zhang away from the two. As Dongfang Wen Xin had guessed, Mei Xue Yan’s movement technique was above this two. It was only because she did not want to disrupt this match of skill that she did not display her abilities to the fullest!

Jun Mo Xie had already made known his stance on this matter! The first match would be a contest of speed and skill; at the same time, he was hinting to Mei Xue Yan that he did not wish for the interference of anyone!

Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s as he smiled lightly. A cold-blooded cruel smile that had never appeared before hung on his handsome face. “Chu Qi Hun, let me see your close combat skills!”

Chu Qi Hun stared calmly back in return. “I was about to seek your guidance!”

n.o.body made the first move as they stood opposite each other. But suddenly, as if they had moved at the same time; Chu Qi Hun rushed forward, a pair of iron fists suddenly bursting apart the snowflakes before him, its momentum seemingly unstoppable!

Jun Mo Xie also moved forward to meet him with great speed. The two were like a pair of incoming trains, running into each other headfirst!

In the final moment before the two made contact, their figures suddenly flashed strangely. Jun Mo Xie disappeared first, and at the same time, Chu Qi Hun also disappeared. This fierce battleground was suddenly empty!

But in the middle of the field, the sounds of violent punching and kicking could be heard. The snow on the ground flew up without reason. The sounds of the punches and kicks were practically counted by the hundreds per second. But, the bodies of the two people did not appear at all. They were tumbling in the air, formless and untraceable. However, the howling winds that approached the arena was instantly dispersed, and even the snowflakes were smashed apart and sent flying back!

A thick snow roof had formed in mid-air above the two. This snow had been stopped from falling and slowly acc.u.mulated into a solid wall!


With a loud sound, two white shadows appeared at the same time. With nearly the exact same speed, they blasted through the snow roof! And in the process of their exit, they were still attacking each other crazily!

Every strike was aimed at their opponent’s vital points. If any of the strikes landed on its mark, the opponent would at the very least turn into a cripple!

Jun Mo Xie slapped out with his palm, wispy and illusory; halfway, the palm turned into a claw which tore ruthlessly towards Chu Qi Hun’s throat. Chu Qi Hun raised his right shoulder, blocking before his throat. His left hand shot out with a speed akin to lightning, punching towards Jun Mo Xie’s temple. Jun Mo Xie slanted his head, and his leg kicked out three times soundlessly. Their targets were Chu Qi Hun’s Zhongji, Sanyuan and Dantian, the three great acupoints! As long as any one of them landed, Chu Qi Hun would instantly lose his life!

At the same time, Jun Mo Xie’s first palm smashed into Chu Qi Hun’s elbow; following that, three lond sounds rang out, and the two somersaulted through the air and landed firmly on the ground!

It turned out that Jun Mo Xie’s three kicks just happened to kick into Chu Qi Hun’s own three sneaky kicks!

Chu Qi Hun could not help to sigh with praise in his heart. He had a wealth of experience as an for close to a hundred years. After every job, he would always think hard and long about how to improve his techniques and style. Yet, he was still unable to gain any advantage over this kid!

The battle was not over yet. In fact, it had only just begun!

Jun Mo Xie had only just stabilized his step when his body swayed and he turned into a gust of wind. Chu Qi Hun snorted coldly; this time, he did not use any movement techniques. Instead, he began to spin rapidly on the spot like a top. His hands and legs were like the arms of the Thousand Hands Guanyin, covering his entire body so rapidly that they looked like numerous layers of blossoming lotus flowers, protecting him and counter-attacking with full strength!

A turbulent wind was stirred up around Chu Qi Hun, wrapping him in a small tornado. Numerous streams of Qi blasted out of the tornado, launching attacks in all directions continuously, including the top and bottom!

The tornado drew in all the snow in the area, pulling it in until it became a thick white pillar of snow dragon, das.h.i.+ng madly through the nine heavens!

Peng peng peng…

A series of heavy impacts rang out, along with the sounds of loud explosions!

Finally, a m.u.f.fled snort!

The snow pillar suddenly disintegrated, and Jun Mo Xie’s body appeared. Chu Qi Hun, who was standing opposite him, took three steps back, and his s.h.i.+rt was torn apart. A clear palm print surfaced slowly on his chest, and two deafening sounds rang out behind him. Two palm shaped pieces of cloth dropped from his robes. Chu Qi Hun grunted coldly, sucked in a breath of air and suddenly roared, “You’ll take a strike from me as well!” His body rose up and he suddenly disappeared in mid-air.

This time, it was Jun Mo Xie’s turn to defend! Jun Mo Xie did the same thing as Chu Qi Hun earlier, he did not use his movement technique to disappear, and instead began to step around rapidly. His two legs constantly changed his position with extremely speed, and his body suddenly rose and fell. When his body rushed up, it reached a height of ten zhang , but when he landed, it was only the size of a midget. The continuous banging sounded like the wind blowing on lotus leaves and rain beating down on banana leaves! Cl.u.s.tered and endless!

Finally, with a light hei sound, Jun Mo Xie’s body suddenly slid out seven zhangas if he had stepped on a water slide! At the same time, Chu Qi Hun appeared on his original spot, his eyes revealing a trace of disappointment.

Two almost indiscernible sounds rang out lightly. A palm print had appeared on Jun Mo Xie’s left shoulder, and two faint pieces of fabric could be seen on his calves…

Chu Qi Hun’s two strongest strikes had forced Jun Mo Xie to jump ten zhanginto the sky! Because of that, the two strikes that were supposed to land on his back was smashed onto his calves…

“The match of close combat has been lost by me.” Chu Qi Hun seemed somewhat depressed. But he lifted his head nevertheless. Although one could see the disappointment in his face, there was no regret in his eyes. His eyes were still blazing with battle intent, but yet, it was still as cold and calm as ice!

“You let me win, but this was a narrow victory,” Jun Mo Xie’s face was also somewhat ugly. He had used the Eight Trigrams Swimming Body Palm, Shaolin Dragon Subduing Hand, 18 Arhat Hands, and even the Tan Kick, Hung Ga, and the Long Fist style, switching between a total of 37 martial styles, to barely block Chu Qi Hun’s storm-like attacks!

In the end, both sides received three palm strikes each. But Chu Qi Hun had been hit on his front chest, and his back; all fatal positions! Whereas Jun Mo Xie had been hit on his shoulder and his calves! With a single glance, Jun Mo Xie had unquestionably taken the advantage, and his victory was obvious!

In a real life and death fight, Chu Qi Hun would have died without a doubt, but Jun Mo Xie would also be heavily injured and maimed! Although being crippled was better off than being dead, it was still not a complete victory. Thus, when Jun Mo Xie said that it had been a “narrow victory,” it was truly a sentiment from his heart!

Of course, if it was a real life or death battle, as long as Jun Mo Xie used his Yin Yang Escape art, or his Power of the Five Elements, he could have obtained victory with ease. But this fight concerned the t.i.tle of the “King of” Therefore, Jun Mo Xie wanted to rely on his own skills, and beat Chu Qi Hun convincingly! Otherwise, he wouldn’t understand why he lost even if he lost, and this proud Supreme would never be appeased even in death!


Chu Qi Hun raised his hand, and Autumn Dew Invincible Sword appeared in his hand with a dreamy light s.h.i.+ning on it. The edge of the blade seemed to be flowing with sharpness, and the entire sky of snow merged with his figure into a perfect dream-like scenery!

“Victory or defeat will be decided with this battle! The winner lives, and the loser shall die!” Chu Qi Hun said coldly as a keen gleam shone in his eyes.

“If that’s so, you will lose without a doubt!” Jun Mo Xie smiled and stretched out his palm. With a soft clang , a bright, clear, and resonant keen rang out! An unparalleled sword Qi rushed upwards into the sky, appearing abruptly in Jun Mo Xie’s hand. The handle of the long sword sat quietly in his hand!

The sword’s blade was silvery bright and exceptionally brilliant. A faint scarlet light reflected from its surface. The sword’s Qi flickered erratically, and an inexplicable aura surged from it, dignified and lofty! The target of this aura was unexpectedly, not Chu Qi Hun, but the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword in his hand!

This situation was like an emperor who went out for a stroll and happened to meet his subordinate official! The arrogance of the emperor was so deep that it radiated from his very bones. Even if he cast a casual glance at someone, that person would feel an invisible pressure!

This was a Divine Sword! Blood of Yellow Flame! And right now, the aura it was emanating was an innate suppression from an emperor among swords!

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