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"You're lucky! " Ma Jiang Ming's resentful face was purple and appeared even more horrible. "If it hadn't been for those two stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d and their sudden craze, how could you have succeeded easily? What a coincidence! It's G.o.d's will that I had to join the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. But at least I live longer than them, that's my win!…"

"G.o.d's will?! Haha, I have to admire your stupidity! You don't know how you died 'til your death. Do you think you won the brothers? Idiot! " Jun Mo Xie laughed and held up the sword, "Die! I'm not interested in talking with you!"

"Are you the one who did it?" Ma Jiang Ming suddenly stared at him and his expression gradually turned from surprise to malice. "It's you! Die, you little brat!" He yelped and suddenly flew up. With a flash of silver in the sky, a flash of violet lightning pierced down. It was quite forceful!

Jun Mo Xie snorted and moved slightly, unexpectedly disappearing. His body appeared again, and he was now behind Ma Jiang Ming. Jun Mo Xie pierced backwards! Ma Jiang Ming's body suddenly jumped up, but it seemed too close to dodge. Although he barely avoided getting a fatal blow on his back, he was stabbed into the crotch by the the sword that slid past his legs.

Speaking of it, Jun Mo Xie did not expect this sword fight to be so easy to win. He had already prepared several tactics for later use. He was ready to respond to the situation at any time. Fighting with a Superior Supreme head-on was difficult even if he was badly hurt.

Fighting head-on was different from!

But this blow easily castrated Ma Jiang Ming. Even Jun Mo Xie was surprised at the success. This injury was unbearable to any man, even if it was a Superior Supreme. After all, it was the most painful injury a man could get.

But the situation suddenly changed!

Just as Jun Mo Xie thought he was going to succeed, Ma Jiang Ming who had been hurt at the most crucial spot suddenly retreated at full speed. It was as if he felt nothing of the sword under his crotch. He seemed to have no pain at all. As he turned around, he gave Jun Mo Xie a slap on the shoulder, and it was really powerful!

Jun Moxie was really surprised. He did not expect Ma Jiang Ming to still be so strong and fierce even when his most crucial spot was. .h.i.t. With the blow, his bones seemed to have been dislocated, and he snorted and flew out together with his sword!

He suddenly realized that the sword was absolutely clean of any blood stain. His eyes widened in disbelief and could not resist cursing as he was flying backwards, "WTF, there's nothing underneath?"

No man could handle such a blow—unless, he was not a man!

Ma Jiang Ming laughed out loud and persecuted with a maddening face, "Right! There's nothing down there! Never thought of it right? Hahahaha…"

He seemed to be very proud of not having anything underneath as he laughed so loud. Jun Mo Xie totally could not understand…

Chu Qi Hun, who was recovering at a distance let out a dry vomit. So happy to not have anything underneath and he still call himself a man… No wonder he likes to torture girls to death. What a distorted man!

Jun Mo Xie was angry but could not laugh. No wonder that this kind of guy could still fight back; there was a hot pain on his shoulder, but he still laughed. "d.a.m.n it, you didn't have it under you… It's rare that you should be so proud. What a f.u.c.king talent!"

At this time, Ma Jiang Ming had caught up with him and said with a grim smile, "What if I don't have it? I was saved because of this. Sure you have it, but it will be wasted, because you won't be able to use it properly again after today!" He fiercely attacked; swords, silver needles, fists and feet all came storming down with a wave of rage!

Jun Mo Xie laughed and then disappeared into nothingness! It was right in front of Ma Jiang Ming's stares… without a trace…

Ma Jiang Ming let out his ultimate technique with a bang. But there was no one there. He could not resist yelping in surprise and turned around with full alert. Suddenly, he felt a pain at his crotch and he immediately jumped straight up, flinging his limbs.

He was being kicked by Jun Mo Xie from below. Under the forceful blow, his already featherweight body really levitated in the air. He did not even have time for a scream, another kick landed at the same spot.

In nothingness, Jun Mo Xie growled, "You don't have huh? You don't have! Don't have! Don't have! Don't have!"

With all the scolding, Ma Jiang Ming was being kicked at the same spot repeatedly as his body rose higher and higher in the air.

With all the storming kicks, even if Ma Jiang Ming had something below, there wouldn't be anything by now. It would at least be unrecognizable.

Chu Qi Hun was dumbfounded. He sucked in cold air as he witnessed Ma Jiang Ming rising up like a rocket. Up all the way he went, almost unstoppable.

With the continuous thud of kicks, Chu Qi Hun felt his teeth were softening. With this strength, that dude would have been dead by the second kick. But now Jun Mo Xie had send out more than two hundred…

The dude without anything underneath was a madman; so was the guy who had something!

Crazier than me! Chu Qi Hun concluded.

With a zip, Jun Mo Xie appeared in front of him. He said hastily, "Quick, let's get out of here. The three Holy Lands sent more men… They have in total more than a hundred…" He saw it clearly when he was up there. Many silhouettes zapped across the fields.

More than a hundred! How scary! They could not handle it!

Chu Qi Hun was still in shock. He raised his head and saw Ma Jiang Ming still rising, and looked as small as a bean. He was baffled how Jun Mo Xie suddenly came down here. Wasn't he still kicking that guy's crotch?

Jun Mo Xie grabbed Chu Qi Hun and hurriedly rushed to the snow cave Mei Xue Yan and Dongfang Wen Xin were hiding. He did not have time to say anything and he used the power of water!

Snow, formed from water, was still a form of water!

The snow below the four of them suddenly levitated and carried them up on the solid ground. As they stepped onto the solid ground, before Chu Qi Hun could express his amazement, Jun Mo Xie pushed his palm down and spread his palms. Chu Qi Hun suddenly felt that he began falling down an endless hole…

Wow, hold on, what was that? That's so mystical?

With a few zaps, some men had arrived at the site of bloodshed the moment the group disappeared. In the distance, there were more men rus.h.i.+ng here…

There was blood everywhere on the snow. Two halves of a body were being separated really far apart while his arms were still in the crawling position… The ground was covered by slices of flesh scattered everywhere. Ruan Yang was still pus.h.i.+ng himself up in this awkward manner despite being long dead.

There was another guy with all his intestines and organs hanging out of his body. He had obviously suffered great pain before his death. He had struggled much as half of his body was three meters away and his intestines were pulled straight and still looked hot…

Perhaps, even h.e.l.l was not so horrendous?

Everyone stared blankly at this horrid sight while they felt an immense urge to vomit from their stomachs. But they all looked very angry and wanted revenge!

All the men of the three Holy Lands had finally gathered. There was almost 150 men! This was only the men nearby. There were more who had not received the notice.

Their different clothing looked especially obvious on the snow.

"Brutal! Chu Qi Hun is really evil to an unbelievable extend! The whole world will not see peace until he is killed!" A very old man from the Elusive World of Immortals looked at the tragedy and said with a long sigh.

"You're right, second master! How dare he torture our people like this! If we get to capture him, we will chop him into pieces and grind his bones!" It was Zi Jing Hong speaking. His face was distorted at the sight of Ruan Yang's awkward death. He was infuriated to the extreme!

The Illusory Blood Sea had already lost five Superior Supremes in their pursuit for Chu Qi Hun.

Right now, this very strategic and ruthless third master of the Illusory Blood Sea was watching the gentle looking old man in front of him with slight fear. It was fear from within…!

The old man he had called the second master was the leader of the Elusive World of Immortals this time!

Obviously, the Elusive World of Immortals was also mad. They were badly hurt! Without choice, they sent the man that was just below the master of the Elusive World of Immortals.

This second master, kind-eyed, thick-faced, even seemed to have a slow reaction. His pair of eyes was full of compa.s.sion for heaven. He was a typical good man…

He looked too good, too honest. He was definitely easily convinced and very caring…

So he must be really gullible!

This would be the first impression anyone have of him!

A gentle and courteous man!

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