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Afterwards, the eight could only drink the muddy water to survive. There was oxygen in water. Even the most purest Xuan cultivation could not last for seven days and nights without breathing…

When they were dug out, seven of them each had only one breath left and had fallen into a deep coma. Each of them had multiple fractures on his body, and didn't even have the power to roll his eyeb.a.l.l.s… The last man was long dead. He was bitten and was missing many mouthful of flesh.

Everyone who saw this tragic situation in front of their eyes bowed their heads sadly…

It was obvious that the unlucky guy who died first had become the food of the rest…

A few days later, these people finally recovered a little. The first thing they did after waking up was to keep vomiting. And since then, they had some psychological issues. It must have been awful to eat their own fellow man…

This sort of terrifying experience could not be forgotten forever!

However, Jun Mo Xie exhausted his spiritual power to trigger the landslide. After coming out, he almost relied completely on Chu Qi Hun to carry him along the road. But Chu Qi Hun was still happy about it!

When he saw the collapse of the hole, he felt so comfortable like jumping into a river in mid-summer; when he saw the two mountains coming down, he even forgot to feel shocked!

He only wanted to sing then… it was too satisfying!

Who told you guys to persecute me so desperately? Well, isn't this karma now? Just for this, he would be willing to carry Jun Mo Xie for life, let alone a few kilometers!

More than ten days had pa.s.sed and they did not encounter anything else.

They could finally make out the shape of the walls surrounding the Tian Xiang City.

Jun Mo Xie's spirit energy had recovered, but he stayed on Chu Qi Hun's back and refused to come down. Geez, what if I come down and he left instantly?

But as Chu Qi Hun, he of course did not stay for long. With two days staying at the Jun Family, he left. He was like a lone wolf that would not stay and rest for too long. He only wanted to drift alone, seeking his own path of thrills!

"I am always like a plankton without roots. I am used to this sort of lifestyle and don't wish to find a root at all. We are already lucky to have met, perhaps we won't meet ever again."

Before he left, Chu Qi Hun had a long conversation with Jun Mo Xie. "We are both real killers, you know, my ident.i.ty is always a killer: this will never change! I like this kind of life, and I like the feeling of wandering all over the world. I'm not fit to stay in one place, so I will leave!

"I'm glad to meet you, the king among the killers. Unfortunately, your ident.i.ty dooms you to be a killer in a real sense! So although your strength can be regarded as the king of killers, there is no dispute, and no one is qualified to disagree, but you have to remember your ident.i.ty, you are not a killer! I am!

"So, I'm sorry I have to leave!

"I know what you want; I have an apprentice, and I'll arrange him to come to you later! I believe you still remember him because he you. I hope you can forget the past and treat him well. I am not only a killer, I am also a teacher.

"I don't care about the pursuit of the three Holy Lands, because I am being chased every day. It's just a little bit high profile this time!

"Maybe this time I can hardly escape the pursuit of the three holy places, but hiding away is not my habit! I am the King of Killers. Even if I want to die, I should be killed, not die in peace and silence. I would rather splash blood every five steps, but never be willing to live for the sake of living! It's my pride, I believe you understand.

"If I'm lucky enough to survive and feel tired again, I think I'll come and settle down for a few days and start my wandering again…"

This was Chu Qi Hun's exact words. Jun Mo Xie could understand, he even felt respect and a bit envious.

With a sword in hand, hatred and appreciation is simple; when the deeds are done, wield the sword and is gone!

Alone for thousand miles,

Face the morning breeze with a single sword;

Laughing, satisfied in dreams,

Blood-thirsty when awake!

Swords ready to settle the hatred and appreciation,

Life and death is not about sentiments!

The soft sentiments fills the edge of the world,

And sincerity s.h.i.+nes on the seas!

I will be a wanderer

leaving no trace between the heaven and the earth;

The cold moon will be the only company,

Withering branches blown around by freezing wind.

This was the life Jun Mo Xie wanted to lead. But his ident.i.ty for this life dictated that he could not be satisfied!

Chu Qi Hun was right; although he was the king of the killers, but he was not even a proper killer! An, an killer—that was his past life! For this life, he was just Jun Mo Xie!

The contest with Chu Qi Hun proved his worthiness as the king of the killers. But it was nothing else!

So Jun Mo Xie did not try to stop Chu Qi Hun. Or rather, Chu Qi Hun's wandering continued to help Jun Mo Xie fulfill his dreams!

To have someone that had the same dream as him was as good as fulfilling his own!

Jun Mo Xie only gave Chu Qi Hun three pills as he left: the Heaven Vitality Pill, the Vitality Congregation Pill, and the Vitality Linkage Pill. Then, he gave Chu Qi Hun two bottles of other medication. One for internal damages and the other for external injuries. The former was so strong that even going mad due to improper practicing could be cured. The latter was so magical that it could even bring back the almost dead.

Chu Qi Hun was silent for a while after knowing what these medicines could do. There was no signs of happiness and excitement on his face. Instead, it was dismay and struggle.

"I, Chu Qi Hun, have never owe anybody anything in my life; I have always been really proud of this, and it is the most fundamental reason for my frankness! Your present is too heavy for me to bear, but I know I can't refuse it. I don't want to refuse it. I owe you a lot. At the snowy hotel, I owe you a life; at the valley, I owe you a favor. Thousands of miles of escaping, I owe you again; now, I owe you so much medicine. I'm really upset! If you have the opportunity, I must return the favor, but favors are the most difficult debt to return. I am afraid I can't return for life! So I never owe it!"

Chu Qi Hun was gone. He left frankly and nonchalantly, without turning back.

Firm and frank.

He left his final words behind and he was completely gone!

The day you brandish your swords at the Blizzard Silver City, will be the time I arrive there with my sword! These pills will be my reward! Even if you don't see it like this, I do! I don't want to owe anyone, especially you!

Jun Mo Xie remained silent.

Just when Chu Qi Hun had left, Mei Xue Yan said she was leaving as well!

She said she would return to Tian Fa with the snake queen and prepare for the great battle!

Similarly, when Mei Xue Yan was back, it would be time for them to advance at the Blizzard Silver City!

If he was not wrong, the three Holy Lands would also partic.i.p.ate in the battle of the Blizzard Silver City!

So, Mei Xue Yan would be preparing her army when she returned this time. She brought many pills Jun Mo Xie gave with her. When she was back, the world will face a new Tian Fa!

The glorious Tian Fa would return!

I will not show mercy to anyone who tries to stop me avenging! I will destroy him with absolute strength!

Their expedition to the Blizzard Silver City was not only a revenge, it was also to shock the world!

Jun Mo Xie was not only going to kill the Xiao Family; he was going to collapse the snow-capped mountain!

He was determined to shock the whole Xuan Xuan Continent!

Avenge the Jun Family! Avenge his father and mother! Avenge his uncle! And his brothers!

And he will break the Dongfang Family's vows!

He would use this battle to announce to the world the rise of the Jun Family!

And the rise of Jun Mo Xie!

And no one could stop him anymore!

At that moment, the glorious path of the otherworldly evil monarch would be opened!

Mei Xue Yan was not very willing to part. She hugged him softly and left; the snake queen Qian Xun's eyes reddened. She did not look back and left.

Did she not dare to look back or…

Dongfang Wen Xin's return brought back an atmosphere of celebration to the Jun Family.

When seeing the shame-faced Jun Wu Yi again, Dongfang Wen Xin said, "Third brother, you need not be ashamed, nor have too much self-blame. You did nothing wrong; even if it's your fault, brothers are united and you were like one. If this happened to me, then the innocent victims, would be you! And we will also be sad… You only need to think about the whole thing from your elder brother's standpoint to understand what your elder brother meant. You will always be our favorite little brother; if you really feel sorry for your eldest brother, then live with dignity, and live in grace and pride for your eldest brother!"

Jun Wu Yi tried not to cry and went back with reddened eyes. He knelt before Jun Wu Hui and Jun Wu Meng's memorial for the whole night and all his hair became white!

But he was finally relieved!

Dongfang Wen Xin was very satisfied with Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi as well. Guan Qinghan's grit, beauty, and the cold plum-like temperament was really appreciated by Dongfang Wen Xin; she really appreciated her perseverance and pride in Guan Qinghan—it reminded her of her own youth!

And Guan Qing Han was really good and music and art. This was a common interest with Dongfang Wen Xin. So they were happy staying together.

As for Dugu Xiao Yi, Dongfang Wen Xin really adored her from within. It was like having a daughter again! She was so cute and interesting, and never failed to make Dongfang Wen Xin laugh. With the little princess Han Yan Meng from the Silver City who often came to visit, the four ladies really had a good time together and they became more close.

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