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Chapter 651: Rapid Progress of Tian Fa!

“Ah?! Erm… What?” Long Crane was completely bewildered. He immediately sat down, shook his head, and picked his ears. Did I become stupid after getting busted by Boss? Weren’t you angry with us because of the palace? Then why are you saying this now??

“Erm… I mean… since it’s already like this… it’s not possible to restore it. Let’s just use it then; do continue building…” Mei Xue Yan also knew that she was not being very rational over this matter. She blushed but said fiercely, “Why? You still dare to be unwilling?”

What? Boss blushed? Are we dreaming?!

“Ah… willing… We’re very willing…” The six kings went haywire as they nodded like they had dementia.

“Well… then that’s all for now…” Mei Xue Yan’s expression was a mixture of happiness, shyness, and anger. She turned her eyes before she stomped on the ground. “You stupid beasts, follow me! I want to talk to you!”

With a fragrant wind, she drifted away with a zap.

Venerable Mei could feel her cheeks warming up. How awkward…

The beast kings looked at each other and were puzzled. What’s going on? But they were sure of one thing: they were beaten today for nothing, and they had no room to complain…

The Snake King Green Hunter was also in a bad mood. “Hurry up and go! What are you still daydreaming about? Do you want to be busted again? Wuuu…” She suddenly burst into tears and was gone with a zap.

“Why did she cry when she was not beaten? What is this?” The six beasts were shocked at the same time. Seriously, what happened today was so dream-like. They were beaten for no reason and the boss blushed. How could the boss blush? That was not all. Those who were beaten didn’t cry while the one who was not beaten cried. What was this…

Mei Xue Yan was sitting in the centre. The seven kings below were standing in two lines. They were gasping for air and winced when they touched their wounds occasionally…

“The youngest king is still in training?” Mei Xue Yan frowned.

“Yes.” The six kings replied simply.

“Ok. Tell me the number of beasts above level nine. I want detailed numbers.” Mei Xue Yan hummed and said.

“The bear tribe now has 1764 Xuan beasts above level nine, including 824 at level nine, 640 at the middle rank of level nine, and 300 at the top of the level nine,” Big Bear answered honestly.

“The crane tribe now has 2169 Xuan beasts above level nine, including 1184 at level nine, 740 at the middle rank of level nine, and less than 250 at the top of the level nine,” Long Crane said.

“The eagle tribe now has more than 4800 Xuan beasts above level nine, including 3600 at level nine, 1050 at the middle rank of level nine, and only 157 at the top of the level nine.” The Eagle King was a bit ashamed. His tribe had the most above level nines, but the least top ranks.

“The tiger tribe now has 700 Xuan beasts above level nine, including none at basic rank, 400 at the middle rank of level nine, and 300 at the top of the level nine.” Earth Cracker said with a grin.

“The monkey tribe now has 2500 Xuan beasts above level nine, including 1400 at level nine, 600 at the middle rank of level nine, and 500 at the top of the level nine.” The Monkey King looked bitter. His tribe was the most difficult to manage among all the tribes. He was injured previously and his cultivation ranked down by one. Many of his subordinates tried to take over and more wanted to overthrow him. It was a great challenge to his authority. If it weren’t for Jun Mo Xie’s pills which advanced him to Superior Supreme, a coup would have long happened!

“I will personally deal with the monkey tribe later!” Mei Xue Yan looked at Monkey King coldly. “Useless, how can you be king when you can’t even manage your subordinates!”

“Boss, I…” The monkey was frustrated and felt wronged. After he was injured, he felt stronger about the difficulty of cultivation. So he was very merciful to the challengers and was afraid that he would kill them by accident. He showed more mercy when he advanced rapidly, but the monkeys were not grateful and only became more rebellious…

“You can never achieve great things by being too merciful!” Mei Xue Yan snorted coldly and looked at the Lion King.

“The lion tribe now has 3600 Xuan beasts above level nine, including 1700 at level nine, 1500 at the middle rank of level nine, and 400 at the top of the level nine.” The Lion King then grinned before saying, “There were 3605. Five arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.ds tried to challenge me. I tore them apart. The other lions were now more obedient than newborn cubs.” Careless Rock smiled proudly.

“Well done! We must deal heavy punishment during troubled times! If they want to take over, they have to be prepared to pay the price!” Mei Xue Yan nodded seriously.

“The snake tribe now has 4300 Xuan beasts above level nine, including 3000 at level nine, 700 at the middle rank of level nine, and 600 at the top of the level nine.”

“Nice!” Mei Xue Yan smiled with approval.

“And lastly, the panther tribe. Since they lost their king, a new king has not been produced. They are not willing to listen to each other and they have fought many times. More than ten of them have died from the conflict.” Big Bear murmured as he peeked at Mei Xue Yan’s reaction. He took over after the panther king’s death. But the panthers were not obedient and the Bear King was lazy… so the mess now was not a surprise.

“Tell me MORE detailed numbers. I don’t want to heAR this.” Mei Xue Yan’s eyes were cold. “I will teach them a lesson in the afternoon.” Upon hearing this, the kings chuckled at the panther tribe’s imminent misfortune.

“They have 3900 above level nine, including 2100 at the basic rank, 1300 at the middle rank, and 500 at the top rank,” Big Bear said.

“OkAY, how about the Peng tribe? How many of them are left since the second brother left?” Mei Xue Yan asked. She looked sad.

“They have 1100 above level nine, including 500 at the basic rank, 370 at the middle rank and 230 at the top rank.” Long Crane said. “The condor tribe of the youngest brother now has 4600 above level nine, with 2900 at basic rank, 1200 at middle rank, and 500 at the top rank.”

“Well done, Long Crane. You did well in managing the condor tribe. But the Peng tribe… okay, let’s leave that for later!” Mei Xue Yan frowned and slowly continued, “Now our top priority is to produce some kings.”

Produce some kings?

The kings were dazed upon hearing this.

Kings of Xuan Beasts can be “produced”? There had been many shocking things today, but this was almost mystical.

“In the afternoon, gather all the Xuan Beasts at the top rank of level nine who are about to reach the cultivation that allows them to transform!” Mei Xue Yan calmly commanded, but there was an indisputable authority within.

“Boss, did your husband give you many pills?” Big Bear asked excitedly, his eyes bright. While speaking, he drooled. He slurped all the saliva back. Coupled with his panda eyes, it was really hilarious.

“Yes, indeed. We will see a great leap forward! It will no longer be the ‘three holy and one ferocious lands’; instead, it will be the ‘ferocious and three holy lands’!” Mei Xue Yan smiled with antic.i.p.ation. “Second and third brother, how many of them are now about to transform?”

Long Crane and Big Bear exchanged their information nervously for a while and then said, “About 500 have reached the standard ready for transformation. With our careful surveying, the exact number is 489. Boss, I’m sure you know that transforming is the most difficult for us Xuan Beasts. For every generation, we would have around that same number, but there would only a handful that succeeded in transforming. Most of them would be stuck for life…”

Long Crane sighed and said, “The pills were definitely great. We all improved by at least a rank, and the Lion King and Monkey King even improved by two ranks! But I’m sure these sorts of pills are scarce. We can’t get hundreds of them in one shot. Should we pick the best and give them the pills to ensure they can transform…”

Long Crane spoke slowly, and peered at Mei Xue Yan. Although he did not sound optimistic, there was still hope and antic.i.p.ation.

Mei Xue Yan didn’t appear optimistic either. She frowned as if worried about something. Long Crane couldn’t help feel pessimistic and his words trailed off.

“I know. When combined, there will be around a thousand level nine top rank Xuan Beasts. Where can we even find so many pills.” Mei Xue Yan said bleakly.

Everyone sighed.

“So, we can only ensure that those who are ready to transform can make it. We will talk about other things the next time.” Mei Xue Yan took a big gasp.

“What?!” Everyone was dumbfounded. Long Crane opened his mouth so wide that his jaws were almost dislocated. He stuttered, “B… bbb… boss, what did you say? Five hundred… Xuan Beasts transform… together?!”

“Is there an issue?” Mei Xue Yan gave him a strange look. “You are not willing? If so, the crane tribe can withdraw from this exercise!”

“I… I… No… No… You… I… Ohwooo…” Long Crane suddenly hopped up and roared in a sound unique to the Tiger King. The kings almost though the old crane was going to turn into a tiger. A legendary giant bird

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