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"Your Majesty, the princess has just left by horse. She was in tears and a very bad mood, so we didn't dare to stop her." The gatekeeper came to report.

"Ling Meng?" The emperor was first surprised, but he soon smirked and said, "The two of them, mother and daughter are both leaving me to find their lover, huh? Haha… forget it! Bring me wine! I will celebrate tonight!"

"Yes sir!"

The cold wind whistled through. The dust-like snow was blown up, dancing in the air. The most prosperous streets in Tian Xiang City appeared spooky!

A small yellow carriage with beautiful curtains which was escorted by a hundred men proceeded slowly. In the carriage, there were hesitation and struggle on Murong Xiu Xiu's beautiful face.

Do I really have to do this?

The next moment, a sullen figure seemed to have emerged before her eyes. It was a lonely and desolate man with a pair of eyes that showed not only despair but also great affection!

"Han…" Mu Rong Xiu Xiu's facial expression showed her longing. Although she never put on this face when she saw Ye Gu Han, every time she recited his name at night, she always felt bitter. And this very bitterness reaffirmed her that she was still alive and was a woman!

This love story tormented the life of three people. It became the nightmare and eternal scar of Emperor Yang Huai Yu. It also became a never-fading memory of Murong Xiu Xiu and Ye Gu Han.

This night, Murong Xiu Xiu found that she was very strangely recalling too many past events, affection, and vows. It was as if she had just experienced it. During this short journey, it seemed like she had journeyed through her whole life once again, without missing any details.

"Han… I'm so sorry…" There were tears on Murong Xiu Xiu's face. At this moment, she suddenly remembered a poem left to herself before Ye Gu Han fled in the past. She smiled sadly and took out a plain white handkerchief. On it were several lines of blood-red characters that were embroidered in a nice calligraphic style:

I do not regret planting this deep affection and am willing to travel alone; how pitiful fated couples could only meet in dreams. I would rather betray the heavens and not you!

When Ye Gu Han left, Murong Xiu Xiu embroidered the poem on this piece of silk handkerchief and brought it with her all the time. No one else except herself knew that the red was her own blood!

She used her own blood to stain white thread and embroider the words from her lover bit by bit!

I was kept until today!

Just a few days ago, two more lines appeared on the handkerchief and they were as red. If we are still destined in our next life, I would rather betray the heavens and not you!

Ye Gu Han recently changed the last two lines of the poem! Murong Xiu Xiu embroidered it onto the handkerchief together with two more characters. I am looking forward to it!

Han, not only you! I am also looking forward to it! If we are still destined in our next life, I would rather betray the heavens and not you! If there is a next life, I will only belong to you! I will smile for you, cry for you, feel happy for you, have children with you, and grow old with you…

Even if we would have lowly status… I would not regret it… as long as I am with you!

Han, everyone is praising Jun Wu Hui and Dongfang Wen Xin, feeling sorry and sympathizing with them… who knows how much I envy them? Although they are parted by life and death, they were still husband and wife for over ten years!

They once had each other! How happy they are… while we never had each other…

Han… the man I love, do you know how bitter and how heartbroken I am every time I see you…

In our next lives…

"Your highness, we have arrived." The guard on horseback in front reported respectfully.

When he said that, Murong Xiu Xiu had just finished recalling her life until the present. She was still in wonderland… this sentence woke her up. She lifted the curtain and said in confusion, "So fast?"

So fast? The guard was speechless. It snowed so heavily and the ground is so slippery, how were we fast? We were slow.

A gust of wind carried snow right onto Murong Xiu Xiu's face as she peaked out of the lifted curtain. She suddenly s.h.i.+vered and there was an ominous premonition. Is this the end of the road? Or is it the end of my road?

At that moment, a hurricane suddenly formed just above her and it came cras.h.i.+ng down on the carriage!

Light flashed in the hurricane. There was a sword!

"You highness, be careful!" The appalled guards cried out loud!

In the distance, thunderous hoofs rolled in like a storm; this person must be mad to ride a galloping horse at night when the ground was frozen like a mirror! If she slipped and fell, she might be seriously injured or even dead! She was not taking her own life seriously!

In the wind came a faint but desperate cry. "… Mother… Be careful… Mother… Be careful…" The voice was blown intermittently by the bitter cold wind, but you could hear the infinite despair and anxiety in the voice! It was actually Princess Ling Meng riding the galloping horse! The cold wind blew her face and messed up her hair. The tears on her face were frozen.

Murong Xiu Xiu heard the guards' exclamation and saw the coming hurricane overhead, as well as the vague figure contained within. The sound of horse's hooves behind was also audible, and her daughter's desperate cry was also clear amidst the cold night wind.

She suddenly felt as if her body dropped into an ice cave and was petrified! She had no way of protecting herself under the pressure of the tremendous Xuan Qi!

But there was in fact a trace of relief on her calm face. Is this… the end?

"AH…" With a desperate, wolf-like hoa.r.s.e sound, Ah Jiu's shadow like body appeared suddenly. He kicked the carriage and it immediately slid backwards. The slippery, frozen ground became an advantage now… And his thin figure s.h.i.+ned in a bright yellow light, as he roared in desperation and faced the shadowy figure in the hurricane head-on!

The top rank of Earth Xuan! The empress' bodyguard was such an expert!

But the was Mr. Wen, and he was a Supreme! Let alone Earth Xuan, he could instantly kill a top Sky Xuan expert!

But Ah Jiu did serve to block him!

There was an explosion of blood in midair. Ah Jiu's body instantaneously became blood and pieces of flesh rained down from the skies when he charged upwards!

Mr. Wen was even faster than the showering blood! He was like a demon descending from the sky! He carried a small baggage with him. He was leaving for the Supreme Golden City immediately after he killed Murong Xiu Xiu!

And he would not be involved in secular matters anymore!

"Protect the Empress!" Dozens of guards blocked the carriage with their swords. At this moment, Murong Xiu Xiu rolled out of the carriage and fell onto the frozen ground. Simultaneously, the roof of the carriage blew apart from the force of someone's palm!

Mr. Wen did not say anything as he swung his sword. The emergent sword flash was like moonlight, easily slicing all the guards' bodies in half! The sword flash continued as. .h.i.t the ground, producing a deep indentation as snow was swept up!

The sound of the horse's hooves approached. Princess Ling Meng desperately jumped off her horse and almost fell down. She lunged madly at her mother who had fallen to the ground and shouted, "Mother…"

The approaching flying figure of Mr. Wen did not stop. His eyes showed slight hesitation before he extended his right arm, pus.h.i.+ng out his right palm. A region of vacuum in the shape of his palm was formed so fast that the flow of air was even visible. It headed straight for Murong Xiu Xiu's back!

"Stop!" A ghostly figure appeared without any sign. A strong blow was fired at Mr. Wen even before the figure arrived. It dispelled most of the power, but it was still too late. A portion of the power still made it through and hit Murong Xiu Xiu on her back!

Murong Xiu Xiu grunted, as her frail body was beaten into the air. Fresh blood sprayed out from her mouth. She was like a flower forcibly plucked from a branch, falling powerlessly from the air…

Her goose-yellow dress unfolded in the air. It was like a delicate flower withering in the snowy night…

"Mother!" Princess Ling Meng was terrified. She launched herself forward at a high speed, but it appeared too late, so she leaped forward and threw herself on her knees. She fell heavily on the ground with a crack. She was kneeling on the hard ice. Her bones were crushed! But she seemed unaware as she just stretched out her hand and firmly grasped the body of her mother who was about to land, like grasping the thing that her life depended on…

The great momentum of her mother's fall made her lean back uncontrollably and the back of her head smashed on the icy ground…

"Crack!" With the large force, her fractured knees were cracked once again and blood immediately flowed out. If her dress was lifted, her knees could be seen to have shattered. Her tender flesh were split and pieces of bone would even be visible…

But the girl showed top-notch endurance this time. She was able to take pain unbearable even for a Spirit Xuan expert. Moreover, the back of her head was also bleeding. But she just hugged her mother's body, preventing her from experiencing much impact…

Murong Xiu Xiu opened her eyes with difficulty. She looked at her grieving daughter lifelessly. She made a gentle and unwilling face as she said, "Meng, don't be afraid, I'm fine." But as she opened her mouth, blood gushed out and there were even pieces of internal organs flowing out…

She wanted to raise her hand to wipe tears away from the face of her beloved daughter. But she realized that she could not even raise a finger. She endured the pain that was like a tsunami within her body and tried not to appear in agony. She looked gently at her daughter and tried her best to signal that she was not in pain…

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