Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 715 - This is Your Responsibility! You Must Carry It!

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Chapter 715: This is Your Responsibility! You Must Carry It!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Han Yan Yao was like a wanderer who had left home for over ten years, suddenly reunited with her kin in a different place. All sorts of emotions overwhelmed her heart.

Tears of happiness fell from her eyes.

With Jun Mo Xie addressing her as ‘third aunt’, she was content. She was satisfied.

Ten whole years of worry, fixation, and guilt!

Jun Mo Xie sighed deeply. He could understand how Han Yan Yao felt, but it felt inappropriate for him to comfort her, since she was a woman and his own third aunt.

He decided to just let her vent out all these feelings and emotions of guilt, unjust, fear, and hope, that had acc.u.mulated and tortured and tormented this great beauty to exhaustion.

Letting her vent and let all these emotions might not be a bad thing.

Han Yan Yao cried harder as time pa.s.sed by, to the point she was almost going to faint.

A long while pa.s.sed…

Han Yan Yao finally and slowly controlled her emotions. Without lifting her head, her body s.h.i.+vering still, she asked, “Your third uncle… how has he been?”

It seemed as if she had used up the last of her energy to ask this question—her voice was gentle and almost inaudible, but she still hoped that Jun Mo Xie could give her the confirmation she sought.

“Third Aunt.. Third Uncle he… his health has been well! His leg injury has recovered completely, and his Xuan Qi cultivation has also improved significantly. He is almost at the fifth level of the Spirit Xuan realm.” Jun Mo Xie paused for a while before continuing. “But I could tell that he was not well well in any other way other than his health.”

“How could he be happy…” Han Yan Yao said softly. “He will never be happy as long as I am alive… Everything… it was all because of me… because of an inappropriate woman like me, who implicated him… and not only Wu Yi, but also his brothers and two nephews… I.. I am truly sinful!”

Jun Mo Xie frowned and was a little at a loss for words. It looked like his third aunt was truly unhappy, almost as if she had no other lingering attachments to this world…

“Mo Xie, help me tell Wu Yi that I will pay for my sins with my life… though I know a single life of mine will never be enough to compensate for everything, I.. I can only pray that I will continue to make amends in my next life…

“I have hung on so long, waiting for the day when the Jun Family would come for their revenge… Finally, this day has come… which is the same as saying my revenge has been attained… I have no more regrets in this world… Xiao Family, I will not let them off even when I’m in h.e.l.l!” Han Yan Yao cried.

Jun Mo Xie sighed and rolled his eyes, ignoring everything she had said. “There are two dead knots in Third Uncle’s heart and they are extremely difficult to undo. If not undone, I’m afraid…”

“Dead knots?….” Han Yan Yao laughed pitifully. “I know… I understand…”

“The first dead knot is still the Xiao Family, which is not too difficult to do; we just have to kill all of them and get our revenge. But the second knot is the sins the Xiao Family have committed…” Jun Mo Xie’s face darkened as he shared what happened in Huang Hua Hall. “But this… is more difficult to sort out…”

Han Yan Yao shook with anger after hearing the heinous crimes the Xiao Family had committed. “To think that they are this savage! To not even spare a child! Worse than a beast!”

“Exactly! We didn’t expect the Xiao Family to be this ruthless, to even harm these innocent parties after targeting the Jun Family!”

Jun Mo Xie continued solemnly. “But there will be opportunities to resolve these problems in the future, but the priority right now is actually Third Uncle… With these two knots in his heart, even after getting our revenge, I’m afraid Third Uncle will only live like a zombie thereafter and even… be unable to continue living. For his heart is filled with bitter sorrow that cannot be erased from blaming himself, much like you, Third Aunt.”

“Wu Yi, he….” Third Aunt’s eyes were filled with sorrow. “Wu Yi… you… my pitiful Wu Yi…”

“No one can help Third Uncle undo these two knots, but if it’s you, there’s a chance!” Jun Mo Xie was sharp enough to notice from Han Yan Yao’s words that the knots in her heart were more serious than Third Uncle’s. He had to take precautionary measures otherwise because even if Third Uncle finally came around, but Third Aunt was unable and an accident occured, it would only be another tragedy, even more difficult to salvage!

The knots that Jun Mo Xie had spoken of were not entirely false, but they were more or less resolved by him; the greatest issue was the knot in Han Yan Yao’s heart.

“Me? How could it be?” Han Yan Yao was so surprised that she forgot to cry. “I’m the ominous person who had caused all these problems. Wu Yi will only feel more despair when he sees me; how could I be the one to help him!”

“Precisely because it is you that lead to all these happenings. But you only think of ending it all by dying without taking responsibility for everything! Everything has a cause and effect; if you will not be the one, then who else can it be?”

Jun Mo Xie continued coldly, his voice sharp and menacing. “Are you going to continue running away? You ran away and hid in these snowy mountains, avoiding people, living carefreely! Ten years of solitude; do you think it can compare to the innocent children who suffered from this incident? Night after night, they howl in despair. And to those innocent souls that died in such a tragic manner, do you think imprisoning yourself here is enough to atone to them? You are just running away!”

“Stop! Don’t go on anymore…” Han Yan Yao covered her ears and screamed. “I’ll die! Is that not sufficient!”

“Dying is the simplest way of running away! Going out like a flame is so simple! It is not only is the simplest way, it is also the most despicable, the most thorough way of escaping from everything!”

Jun Mo Xie continued. “Then what of those who are left behind after your death? Who can they rely on? How innocent were those children?! Many of them lost their hands and can’t work! They cannot speak because they lost their tongues! Some are even blind and deaf! Every bone in their bodies was contorted out of shape; they cannot even grow anymore. Even if they survived, with no way to do work, they would only be a parasite to others! Who would support them for free? These children who are the descendants of brave warriors—even if they grow into adulthood, will there be any lady willing to marry them! Which man would be willing to take someone like that as their wife! The bloodline of these brave warriors will never continue!”

“If you are not going to take responsibility for this, who will?!” Jun Mo Xie stared coldly at Han Yan Yao. “You caused all this. Although you did not do it, you were the cause of all this! You had always understood this fact, so why won’t you step up and take responsibility for what you should be taking responsibility for!”

Han Yan Yao cried out involuntarily.

“Furthermore! You have completely ruined my Third Uncle’s life! After we get our revenge… he might seek his end anytime… You already made him like this; are you going to just let him die like that? My grandfather has three sons, and he already lost two… if Third Uncle leaves as well… Do you really want to see the Jun Family go through another major change?”

Jun Mo Xie continued coldly, “All these matters and problems await you to take responsibility of them! Await for you to atone for your mistakes! Han Yan Yao! But you wish to just die and run away from everything! How could it be this easy!”

“Then what do want me to do! What should I do! What can I do?” Han Yan Yao cried pitifully, tears flying down. “Did I not wish to make amends? Did I not wish to atone for these mistakes? But… how do I face them… Am I supposed to beg those children to forgive me?”

“Beg for forgiveness? What purpose is there in doing so! Why don’t you try taking care of and nurturing those children! Help them live properly and start their own families! Were you afraid that it will be tough? Are you unwilling to do it?!”

“I’ll do it!” Han Yan Yao gritted her teeth, determination in her eyes. “I will take care of them! For the rest of their lives!”

Jun Mo Xie snorted and continued, “Then what about my Third Uncle! Shouldn’t you be staying beside him?! To slowly soften his heart and help him undo the knots in his heart! Everything began with you as the cause! Only you can resolve all this with your own hands and your own abilities! Only then you can make up for your sins!”

“This….” Han Yan Yao looked at him in shock, but was unable to speak.

The person who she had feared meeting the most right now was the person that was constantly in her heart, the love of her life! That person who she missed dearly, that person who she dreamed of meeting again, but also the person she could only meet in her dreams.

Jun Wu Yi!

“You thought it was enough to just do that? What about my Third Uncle? He also needs to resolve his sense of guilt by doing this too! The root of all this evil is not only you, but him as well! Do you understand!”

Jun Mo Xie continued forcibly. “And how he is right now is due to you! From start to end, it was all for your sake! Do you get it? This is your responsibility! You must carry it!”

“I… am willing to carry it…!” Han Yan Yao opened her eyes and shouted, tears flowing out of control. “I will carry it till death! Will this do???”

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