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Chapter 734: The Death of The General

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Obviously, there was no way to win them in a fight. Since the enemy was already in his tent, there was nowhere else to run. If he panicked at that moment, perhaps none of his comrades in the tent would have been able to escape…

If Jun Mo Xie was in that situation, he had a few options. One, he would hint in his words for those outside to surround, attack, and die with the enemy. But in that scenario, he would still die first. Two, he would still find a way to escape first, knowing clearly that it would be impossible. But the difference in strength was still too great; it would be pointless, and he would still die…

If it were him, he would still put up a fight till his death! Despite knowing that there would be no chance of leaving alive, he would still take a shot at it! This was his personality!

Jun Wu Hui was clearly different from him in terms of his personality.

No matter what, the Jun Wu Hui at that point in time definitely had no chance of surviving.

But even knowing the hopeless situation he was in, the General in White’s first thought was not of himself, but of the safety of his comrades! So his first decision was to chase all these comrades out! Out of this doomed place! Leaving himself alone to battle against Death! He used his own connectedness to exchange for the safety of the comrades under him!

Perhaps the only regret he had was that his second brother was not able to leave.

“Xiao Han stood out, gritting his teeth. He spat: ‘Jun Wu Hui, do you recognise me?’ Jun Wu Hui smiled and replied, ‘I believe you are Master Xiao Han of the Xiao Family in Blizzard Silver City? Though we have never met, but I can guess that it is you.’ Then he stood up, still smiling and continued. ‘You’re here to kill me, right? Did you think that by killing me, my third brother would be tormented for the rest of his life? Xiao Han, you thought so, didn’t you?’…”

Xiao Zhen continued, clearly impressed by Jun Wu Hui in his tone. “Then Xiao Han said, ‘You are a talent of this world; if I had a choice, I would not wish to kill you too. But who made you the brother Jun Wu Yi held in such high respect? There are two people in this world who can completely destroy Jun Wu Yi with their deaths! One is Han Yan Yao, but I cannot kill her. The other person is you! And I happen to have the ability to do so, so why would I not? So please, Great General Jun, please don’t blame me; if you wish to blame someone, you can only blame that good third brother of yours!’

“Jun Wu Hui said, ‘Why would I blame Jun Wu Yi? He is honest and true to his feelings; where is the wrong in that? The one who is wrong is you! Even if you have killed every single one of us, my third brother will not break down! That is my third brother—a man down to his very bones! No matter what sort of situation he meets, he will face them bravely! He will never break down! I watched him grow up, and his indomitable personality is what I admire most about him! Xiao Han, I’m afraid you have miscalculated.’ ”

Jun Wu Yi could no longer hold it in. Voice raspy, he cried out “big brother….” and tears streamed down his face.

“Xiao Han had replied, ‘Whether he breaks down or not, I will know once you are dead. A pity you are destined not to be able to see it.’ Jun Wu Hui smiled and said, ‘If that’s the case, there’s no harm for you to wait and see.’ After that, he sighed and said, ‘So many experts! Looks like you definitely have to kill me…’ We had enough fighting prowess at this point, and the seniors had the cultivation level of a peak Sky Xuan. Most of us in the twelve had reached the beginning stage of a Sky Xuan, while the remaining experts were all peak Earth Xuan level…

“Jun Wu Hui looked at the colors of our Xuan Qi, and smiling, he said, ‘We brothers have always been prepared to die since the day we stepped onto the battleground, but what we expected was to die on the frontlines, not in our own commander’s tent. But we Jun brothers will never die in the hands of other people.’ Xiao Han said, ‘Jun Wu Hui, you are a legend that I admire, so I can make an exception and give you some time to write one last letter to your family members. The Xiao Family won’t be bothered by the revenge of a mere worldly family.’

“Jun Wu Hui laughed upon hearing this, ‘Of course Blizzard Silver City won’t be bothered by the Jun Family, but by giving me a chance to leave a letter, were you planning to use my suicide note to land a blow on my third brother and family? But did you know, I, Jun Wu Hui have always admired and cared for my third brother; as long as I am alive, I will not let anyone use my name to hurt him. Even if I am dead, I will not let myself be used. So thank you for your generosity, but I do not need it.’

“Xiao Han laughed coldly and said, ‘Do you still believe that you are that General in White who commands millions of troops even until now? Not only will you die, but I’ll even make that precious third brother of yours wish for death!’ Jun Wu Hui replied calmly, ‘That’s your problem. But the men of the Jun Family will never ever give in. The Jun Family ancestral teaching: ‘Having b.a.l.l.s does not make you a man! It is the incomparably indomitable spirit which does!’ I have always thought it was a little crude to be said out loud, but today, I want to say it loudly: ‘F*ck it’!’ He started smiling pleasantly after saying this!

“After saying this, he turned around to look at his second brother, Jun Wu Meng, and smiling, he said, ‘Wu Meng, looks like we really have to go this time. We brothers have spent all our lives fighting at the borders, and we barely get a couple of days to reunite in a year; to think that we will be leaving together at the end…’ ”

“Jun Wu Meng laughed loudly and said, ‘Brother, when we’ve reached h.e.l.l, I will still stand before you and be your s.h.i.+eld without change. Just as our ancestors said: ‘F*ck it!’ Father has Sister-in-law and Third Brother to take care of him, I rest a.s.sured! I shall take my leave first!’ After saying that, Jun Wu Meng sat on the chair, drew his sword, and cut his throat. Even when he died, there was not a slightest look of regret on his face.

“Jun Wu Hui chuckled and said to us, ‘Please wait for a while; it won’t take too long. I want to help my brother tidy himself up first. This boy is always in a mess, being able to command thousands of troop with ease but still unable to groom himself… always giving me a headache…’ Then he carefully tidied Jun Wu Hui’s body, tying up his belt, making him sit upright, and then gently wiped Jun Wu Meng’s face. He had done all this very quickly, as if he had done it countless of times before…

“Then he turned around, and standing before the seat of the commander, he said, ‘My second brother has already went in for the battle on my behalf, so I should join him soon. Going in too deep in battle all alone is not a good thing.’ After that, he made four weird gestures with his hands and his expression was also quite odd. Then, he drew his sword and stabbed it right through his heart, dying immediately.”

Aside from an uncontrollable sobbing, the surroundings were completely silent.

“What weird gesture did he make!” Dongfang Wen Xin asked quickly, her face streaked by tears, but there was no concealment of her hope.

Xiao Zhen looked at her oddly and mimicked the gesture Jun Wu Hui did before he died. “Like this, Jun Wu Hui clenched his left fist and hammered his heart lightly three times, then kept it there. His right hand held the sword, piercing through his left hand and into his heart, nailing it in place! But before he died, his expression was that of utmost gentleness.”

“Wu Hui…” Dongfang Wen Xin staggered as she cried out bitterly, “Even to the end, you were still thinking of the four of us…” She trembled all over, completely overwhelmed by distraught, fainting all over a sudden. Guan Qing Han, who was prepared by her side, caught her quickly.

Everyone understood instantly.

So that’s how it is…

Jun Wu Hui did not mention his wife and children even at his end because he feared that Xiao Han and the rest would be reminded to go after them to eradicate them completely! But those four gestures embodied all the lingering attachments this General in White had!

Left hand clenched into a fist and hammering lightly on his heart: Wen Xin, Mo You, Mo Chou!

Be it Wen Xin, Mo You, or Mo Chou, they were all in his heart. So he only lightly hammered his heart thrice to represent three people: Wen Xin, Mo You, Mo Chou! He still hoped that his wife and children would remain untroubled!

The sword was Mo Xie!

Piercing that sword through his fist and heart, nailing it down, was the greatest dying wish of the General in White: To nail all the love and emotions he had toward his wife and three sons into his heart and bring it along with him!

He did not say it, but this peerless hero wordlessly dedicated the last bit of time in his life to his wife and sons!

Everyone was speechless, and they glared angrily at all the members of the Xiao Family. The main culprits! They single handedly created this tragedy!

They must die!

Jun Wu Yi felt his heart hurt as if it were being crushed. He could only feel that his heart was going to burst; he gasped for air, but it was useless—all the pain, agony and anguish had filled his entire chest entirely. There was no room left for anything else. The tears in his eyes fell uncontrollably and he trembled all over.

Never belittle a man who cried; everyone has to endure sadness at some point in one’s life.

In the blurriness from his tears, Jun Wu Yi felt like his big brother was standing right before him, that powerful and determined voice echoing: Why would I blame Jun Wu Yi? He is honest and true to his feelings; where is the wrong in that? The one who is wrong is you! Even if you have killed every single one of us, my third brother will not break down! That is my third brother—a man down to his very bones!

I, Jun Wu Hui have always admired and cared for my third brother. As long as I am alive, I will not let anyone use my name to hurt him; even if I am dead, I will not let myself be used.

“Big Brother…. It’s all my fault… I’ve caused you harm!” Jun Wu Yi shouted to the heavens, his mind going out of control. A mouthful of blood came out his throat, and he collapsed onto the ground.

Even as he landed on the floor, the guilt in his heart still kept multiplying as he cried out loudly. In this moment, he felt clearly that even if he died instantly, it wouldn’t be sufficient to repay his Big Brother’s efforts toward him.

“Father has Sister-in-law and Third Brother to take care of him; I rest a.s.sured!” This was the last sentence his second brother said before he died. Jun Wu Yi hammered his fists into the snow, his throat so tight he couldn’t say a single word.

In that haziness, it seemed as if Big Brother Jun Wu Hui and Second Brother Jun Wu Meng stood before him, clad in their familiar armours, looking at him with great concern. Jun Wu Hui was distraught, reaching his hands out to thin air, he hollered, “Big Brother… Second Brother… Take me with you… I have sinned! I am guilty! I should die! I am the cause of all this! I am the main culprit of it all!

“Let me die! Let me die! Heavens! Are you blind?! Why did you not bring this main culprit along! I beg you, Heavens! Open your eyes! Let me die! I only beg of you to let my Big Brother and Second Brother to be revived…” Jun Wu Yi shouted, blood spraying out of his mouth and scattering all over the floor.

The merciless cold winds continued to blow, and everyone was chilled to their bones. The skies were already dark and heavy snow began to fall.

Dongfang Wen Qing sighed and hit Jun Wu Yi on the back of his neck, knocking him out, before signalling for someone to come and take care of him. Dongfang Wen Qing knew that if Jun Wu Yi continued like this, perhaps the bodies of the Jun Family would join those who were buried under the snow.

Jun Mo Xie felt a cold sensation on his cheeks. Raising his hand to touch his skin, his fingers met with tears he did not realize were falling.

“We were about to leave when Jun Wu Hui’s eight bodyguards suddenly came in. Turned out they noticed something was odd, so they came in to check! When the battle began, they didn’t last long. But it was enough to alert the guards outside. We fought our way out; while there were many troops, there were no experts amongst them. Plus we had the Golden Arrow Token, so we had some sort of control over the army. Furthermore, that man in black had planted many spies in the base, so those outside didn’t know what happened inside. Everything was in a mess, so we managed to escape easily…” Xiao Zhen finished the entire story.

“Continue to speak! My Third Uncle Jun Wu Yi, my older brother, Jun Mo You, my second brother Jun Mo You! How did you do it! Continue to spill it! I want every single detail!”

“We…” Xiao Zhen continued to describe all the scary scenarios of how they did it, and finally, Dongfang Wen Dao couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “Kill all these! Why are we keeping them alive! To allow them to continue to do harm upon others? Kill all of them!”

“Kill? Of course we will kill them.” Jun Mo Xie said coldly. “But we must wait for Mother and Third Uncle to wake up and everyone else to arrive before we get our revenge and let the world know! If we are to kill them right now, it’s too unfair to too many people!”

“Who else is coming?” Dongfang Wen Dao asked in confusion. Just as he finished asking, he understood.

From the direction of Blizzard Silver City, a group of people clad in white were rus.h.i.+ng over. In the strong blizzard winds, they were walking slowly, almost as if they were shackled by heavy weights. The person in front, though looking weak and feeble, was Han Yan Yao!

Behind her was an old man with white hair and bread, a middle-aged scribe, and a man with a bulky built. Behind that was Lady Han Zhan Meng and the people of the Han Family of the Blizzard Silver City!

Looking at the middle-aged scribe, Dongfang Wen Qing’s eyes narrowed. “Yun Bie Chen!”

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