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In a flash, Jun Mo Xie appeared three hundred meters away, looking around frantically. He caught sight of nine strokes of thunder and lightning beating down on Mei Xue Yan's almost lifeless body!

"Xue Yan!!!!!!" Jun Mo Xie hollered, fully activated the Yin Yang Escape and flew across that distance at a miraculous speed, pouncing upon Mei Xue Yan's body. When the lightning came into contact with Jun Mo Xie's body, it faded away…

The storm in the skies turned even more violent! Brewing for the next wave of attacks!

Jun Mo Xie hugged the beautiful woman in his arms tightly, his eyes fixated on Mei Xue Yan's face, not willing to look away for even a second!

Mei Xue Yan coughed weakly, blood pouring out of her mouth. Her hair was already charred by the lightning strikes earlier. Her face was bleeding, with none of that valiance in the past, but the look in her eyes still remained as clear as waters, as gentle as the moon….

Mei Xue Yan smiled meekly, full of gentleness. She lifted her hand with great difficulty, stroking Jun Mo Xie's face. She said gently, "Mo Xie… It's great….to be able to see you again before I die….I….I really want to be your wife, your real wife… But… I'm sorry… I cannot do it anymore…."

"You'll definitely have the chance… No, you definitely can! I guarantee!" Jun Mo Xie said in a low voice, as if he were making a vow. His eyes were full of gentleness, holding Mei Xue Yan's fragile body.

At this moment, Jun Mo Xie was taken aback. Mei Xue Yan knew of her own condition before him, and with a melancholic smile, she said, "It's no use, I won't have this chance anymore…"

Jun Mo Xie had already been pouring the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in his body into Mei Xue Yan in large amounts like crazy the moment he hugged her!

From Jun Mo Xie's understanding, Mei Xue Yan had used some mysterious method to alleviate her own capabilities by leaps and folds! Defeating experts of the three Holy Lands—naturally the price to pay wouldn't be small. The lightning tribulations due to her breakthroughs were the final blow. If it were any regular person, they would be dead in a situation like this. But he was here, beside her; as long as he aided and helped her get through this lightning tribulation peacefully, then transfer large amounts of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi to soothe the damages in the body due to the breakthrough, then everything else would be easily solved.

But Jun Mo Xie never expected it to be so serious this time!

The lightning outside wasn't easily to handle, but the key that would lead to Mei Xue Yan's death still came from her body! To kill three Saints with the cultivation level of a Venerable—to get such an unprecedented victory—the price Mei Xue Yan had to pay definitely was not small. She needed to pay with her life-long cultivation—all the life force in her!

A woman who had been forced into a corner was undoubtedly crazy. One Saint King Pill could multiply one's abilities by tenfold. Mei Xue Yan, for the sake of victory, had consumed three Saint King Pills at one go in order to get such terrifying capabilities temporarily. Consuming one alone was deadly enough. What sort of miracle would happen after she had taken three?!

Jun Mo Xie continuously transferred Spiritual Qi into Mei Xue Yan, thinking that he could help save his lady, but was shocked to find a violent strength in Mei Xue Yan's body. It was going about in all directions in a frenzy, becoming a terrifying force of destruction. And it was this violent strength that was slowly sapping away at Mei Xue Yan's life force, not letting a single bit go to waste….

This violent strength didn't complement with the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that he was transferring, strongly forcing it out! If not for him forcefully controlling it, it might have triggered a backlash from that violent strength and speed up Mei Xue Yan's death!

To think that we're stuck in an awkward situation like this when we can't proceed or back off!

A glimpse of powerlessness flashed across Jun Mo Xie's eyes, but it was taken over by resolution. Hugging Mei Xue Yan, he gently asked, "Who did this?" An unprecedented violent urge to kill overwhelmed his heart.

It was if an ancient, bloodthirsty demon had suddenly awakened!

But he looked at Mei Xue Yan and forcefully suppressed this killing intention. Right now, he couldn't let Mei Xue Yan feel any form of distress; otherwise it would only bring her closer to her death! Suddenly suppressing this violent desire to kill caused Jun Mo Xie to jerk slightly and vomit a small trace of blood.

Mei Xue Yan could feel the pain and gentleness in Jun Mo Xie's eyes, and she gave a contented smile. None of the aura of a supreme expert remained. She sat limply in his hug and looked at him deeply. "Who did it…. is no longer important… To be able to die in your arms, I am already satisfied, Mo Xie. I hope you can promise me one thing…"

Jun Mo Xie could still distinctly feel the destruction going on in Mei Xue Yan's body, feeling every single meridian slowly shattering, and the life force slowly fading from her. He didn't dare to be too careless, he asked, "What is it? Say it; no matter what it is, I promise you! I will help you accomplish it!"

He did not ask what the reason behind Mei Xue Yan's heavy injuries was. Because there was no need to ask—from the shocking changes going on inside her body, he could guess that Mei Xue Yan had definitely used some extremely taboo method to forcefully bring her body's capabilities up, thus causing the backlash and heavenly tribulation!

And all this was for the sake of the Jun Family. For himself! Else, with Mei Xue Yan's speed, if she wished to leave, nothing could hold her back—not even a Saint King!

And there was another reason behind all this. The nine Saints!

He could clearly understand that when that violent strength in Mei Xue Yan's body disappeared, it would be the end for Mei Xue Yan. And in this whole process, his Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi couldn't be of any use. Even if he forcefully tried to transfuse it, it would only speed up her demise!

Only when this violent strength completely dissipated could he then try to enter and change the situation! But Mei Xue Yan's flame would have already been out by that time! He had no confidence in what effects there would be, or if there would even be any effects!

If there was no effect, then there was only one route left for him: to watch Mei Xue Yan pa.s.s away just like this!

The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune's divine effects had a prerequisite: the other party must be alive!

How could this be?

Jun Mo Xie's heart began to tremble violently!

To watch his lover suffering from that indescribable pain and torture, but to not be able to help. The injuries in her body he could only look upon, but could not heal at all…

A fragmentation and shattering process could be seen with the naked eye. How much pain and agony was Mei Xue Yan, who was personally going through it, experiencing? But this strong woman did not make a single noise, only looking lovingly at Jun Mo Xie. Completely focused, fixated. Her eyes were full of love. Because she knew that…. she only had this one last chance left… If she didn't look… then she would never be able to see that beloved face again….

"I know you are furious, and I also understand your desire to seek revenge for me… But I still hope that you can promise me, you must promise me…" Mei Xue Yan stroked Jun Mo Xie's face gently. "Before you are strong enough, no matter what, don't go…. Don't take any reckless actions…. Can you do that?" Mei Xue Yan begged, concern and worry in her eyes.

She knew how deeply in love Jun Mo Xie was with her. If she died, how big a blow would that be to Jun Mo Xie? She was worried that if Jun Mo Xie impulsively sought revenge for her at all costs…

Even at this moment, Mei Xue Yan was not the least bit concerned about her diminis.h.i.+ng life force. Her heart was still worrying for her beloved. To die for his family—she had no regrets!

Jun Mo Xie rose like a shooting star. He still lacked in his foundations, and he was still too weak despite his martial arts improving at a shocking speed. And three Holy Lands had ten thousand years of thick foundations…. This was a drastic gap!

Mei Xue Yan could clearly see that if Jun Mo Xie decided to seek revenge, he would definitely be at an advantage since the beginning, but once the Saint Kings became involved, then it would be the start of his downfall!

Jun Mo Xie would definitely not stop at killing those few culprits! Mei Xue Yan was clear of this!

Today, when he looked at her—the anguish in his eyes and the forcefully suppression of that desire to kill—she could tell that this time around, the three Holy Lands and Jun Mo Xie would be stuck in a deadlock!

Either the Jun Family or the three Holy Lands would peris.h.!.+

There was no third possibility! No room for any possible changes!

But in the current situation, the Jun Family was still too weak… So Mei Xue Yan had to stop Jun Mo Xie from acting recklessly! She endured the pain and agony and begged of him… For the sake of her beloved….For her beloved's family….

Jun Mo Xie was shocked, and after a long, long while, he replied, "You can rest a.s.sured about this. If I am not strong enough, I won't go send myself to death. I have patience for something like revenge, loads of it….!" As he said this, he bit harshly down on his lips, tearing the skin and blood flowing out.

The violent thunder and lightning in the sky continued raging, brewing, beating down one after another upon Jun Mo Xie, who was clinging onto to Mei Xue Yan, but disappeared without a trace in an instant…

"You promised! I believe in you!" Mei Xue Yan smiled, feeling the life force in her body gradually becoming weaker. She couldn't help but let out a mournful smile. "Mo Xie…. I really need to leave now… I only ask one last thing of you…."

Two teardrops gathered in her eyes, sliding down from the corner of her eyes and landing on her ground. "….Forget me…."

"You're leaving?! Hahaha…. I won't allow you to leave! The heavens can forget about taking you away!" Jun Mo Xie growled, suddenly spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, his eyes turning red. "As long as I don't allow it, even the heavens can't do it! If the heaven wants you to go, then I shall defy the heavens!"

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