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Chapter 783: Fire Dragon Pursuit!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

All four faces changed in an instant, and their brows became covered in cold sweat!

From the looks of it, the reason the entire mountain had suddenly been sucked dry of water was also because of this mysterious person!

He could actually manipulate fire? And command it to ignite?!

This was an ability that went against the heavens!

Water and the fire were the most merciless elements. From ancient times to now, who was capable of controlling them?

No one had managed to do such a thing before! Even the Nine Nether Young Masters did not have such ability!

But right before their eyes, this unbelievable thing had happened!

The huge fire that covered the entire mountain and all the valleys rose high into the sky, seemingly linking up with the heavens. Scorching heat waves surged in all directions. The extreme heat that could melt even gold and extinguish all life blasted towards the four of them!

Everyone's mouths and noses were filled with smoke, and even their clothes were about to be set afire. Their hair had even curled up from the heat! This was also in spite of them using their Xuan Qi to form a protective barrier. Otherwise, with how much alcohol they had on their skins, they would have turned into roasted pigs long ago!

However, the person behind the fire still had not appeared yet, causing them to feel a deep fear in their hearts! Although this fire was strong, it would not be able to burn Saint-level experts like them to death! But with how the other party had been able to set this entire mountain on fire so easily with just a single sentence, how could it be this simple? The fire was definitely used to force them to abandon their position. Then, they would be faced with the true killing moves!

Facing such a terrifying and crafty opponent, a single wrong step would result in a miserable end!

That mysterious expert had not shown himself yet, but they could clearly guess one thing. That person must be hiding somewhere and watching them secretly, like a venomous snake, ready to strike at any moment!

As long as they presented that mysterious expert a suitable opening, at least one out of the four of them would be taken out! This was without doubt!

Thus, the four of them did not dare to move! They would rather endure the scorching flames than make any moves lightly!

Just at this time, someone dashed out of the cave!

The fifth expert, Leng Tong!

He reeked of alcohol, and like a moth to the flames, he soared into the sky and dove towards the fire. Laughing maniacally, he called out: "Mysterious expert! Are you finally here? HAHAHA, I, Leng Tong, have waited a long time for you! I was involved in all the schemes of killing Mei Xue Yan, bullying Jun Mo Xie, and plotting against you! In fact, I was the mastermind behind everything! Come then! If you have the ability, come and claim my life!"

Chen Chong's eyes widened with shock as he shouted, "Leng Tong! Come back!"

But as a Saint level expert, how fast was Leng Tong's full speed? In practically the blink of an eye, he'd already charged out of the cave and dove into the sea of flames. Before anyone could react, he'd completely disappeared!

Only the enraged roars of Leng Tong's voice could be heard in this sea of flames as he shouted energetically. "Come! Since I've already come out, why aren't you appearing? I'm the mastermind behind everything! Come and kill me! I'm not scared of you!"

Leng Tong's voice reverberated loudly as he flitted through the sea of flames. His movement was as quick as lightning, and all the fire was blocked by his Xuan Qi, leaving him completely unharmed!

In a short time, Chen Chong and the rest only heard Leng Tong's voice growing dimmer and farther away. However, the mysterious expert still had not appeared yet! He had actually just allowed Leng Tong to leave just like that…

The rest exchanged a glance, their eyes helpless as if saying, what now?

Chen Chong gritted his teeth and furrowed his brows. "This place is too strange; we definitely cannot stay here for long. Let's charge out first before talking! The four of us must never seperate no matter what! Only by sticking together do we have a chance of fighting. But if we're separated, we'll most likely be picked out one by one and hunted down!"

Chi Tian Feng and the rest nodded deeply, sharing his sentiments.

"Go! Let's leave this area first before talking further!" Although the fire was unable to harm them physically, the oxygen in the air was already disappearing quickly! The heat was also rising to a terrifying extent! Every single breath was like breathing a mouthful of charcoal…

Saints were people too and needed to breathe as well. Even they would not be able to endure this kind of environment for long!

"Let's go!" Chen Chong commanded and the four dashed out together at the same time. The moment they moved, they were already tens of zhang away as they fled to the west. There was a large mountain in that direction, filled with ice and snow! Furthermore, that mountain was several times taller than this one, and the area was also tens of times larger. Most importantly, that mountain was part of a mountain range connected to many more mountains.

Even if you're more capable, could you suck all the water on all those mountains as well?

The four were of the same idea.

They were like four shooting stars as they streaked across the sky.

At this time, a hoa.r.s.e laughter suddenly rang out cruelly around them. "After landing in this old man's hands, you're actually dreaming of escaping? I've misjudged you all! Power of Fire, chase!"

As soon as this command rang out, an unbelievable scene took form in front of everyone's eyes. The sea of fire suddenly gathered and morphed into a huge fire dragon, and with an indescribable speed, it charged towards them madly across the sky! Everywhere it flew past was burned and set ablaze!

Right in front of the trail of fire were four black figures escaping with full speed!

The fire dragon chased the four black shadows unrelentlessly! Whichever way the four turned, the fire dragon would chase. Its speed was not any inferior to theirs at all!

Heat waves continuously rose into the sky, scorching the four's backs, causing them to sense the taste of death behind them!

As they fled, the hearts of the four Saints trembled with shock and disbelief! Whenever they turned and looked at the fire dragon behind them, they felt a fear that came from deep within their hearts!

How was this possible… how did there exist a person with abilities to control a raging wildfire?! And to the extent where he could control the great fire that covered an entire mountain to form a fire dragon to attack his enemies! Not to mention encountering such a thing before—they hadn't even heard of such a ridiculous notion before!

This mysterious master of Jun Mo Xie's truly had divine abilities!

How could such a person be someone that regular Saint-level experts could match? Not to mention killing the former… to think that they'd come with such great confidence only to end up offending this powerful malignant star who no one could afford to offend!

Not mentioning other things; as long as this expert went to any of the three Holy Lands' base and play around with his fire like this, all the acc.u.mulated foundations of that Holy Land would be destroyed in a single instant!

Although they might not suffer many casualties in terms of their experts, but if their base was destroyed, it would be a great humiliation for the three Holy Lands! It would be hard to wash away even after nine lifetimes!

The human figures fled through the sky, while the fire dragon snapped at their heels from the ground!

Chen Chong shouted as he fled. "Senior, are you really going to set fire to the lands for the sake of a personal grudge? How will the tens of thousand villages in this area live from now on? What will they rely on to survive? Are you really going to be so heartless?"

A cold sneer rang out, and the hoa.r.s.e voice croaked emotionlessly. "The safety of the continent and the welfare of the common people; isn't that the responsibility of your three Holy Lands? What does it have to do with this old man! This old man only knows that my beloved disciple's wife is dead! The people who killed her must pay with their lives! The powers that sent the murderers must naturally be destroyed as well! As for the others, whether it's a million, or a hundred thousand people, if they die, so be it. What's there to fuss about? If you really have heart for the commoners, you can just stop running! That way, the fire will naturally not harm the livelihood of the innocents. Although this old man is half responsible for their disaster, the other half of the responsibility goes to you all! If you want to save the villagers, you can sacrifice yourself instead!"

Chen Chong was speechless in an instant!

To think that this old fogey was such a shameless and petty fellow that did not care about the bigger picture!

Chen Chong originally still had a bit of hope that the opponent was simply a gentle hermit. If that were the case, they could reason with him using both logic and emotions that for the sake of the common people in the world, he should put down his enmity and cease his wrath…

But now that the other party had said things so clearly, talking to him further about the tragedies of the common people would be no different from playing the lute to a cow, seeking their own humiliation!

This old fellow would definitely not buy that trick!

He was the villian, and if they were the heroes, they would just stop running!

This was definitely not a benevolent saint who cared about the world! This was a terrifying, world-ending demon!

Such a person was capable of anything, and none of his actions would cause others to feel the slightest bit surprised!

However, they had not reached the point where they would be willing to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of a few commoners… the lives of a Saint were not that cheap yet!

"Hmph! We respected you as a senior and did not wish to fight with you. But to think that your heart is actually so poisonous. A person like you—even if your cultivation is higher, you would only be a plague to the world. As a cultivator of the true Holy Lands, this one only has disdain for an evil creature such as you! A demon like you deserves the punishment of everyone! After this matter, our three Holy Lands will warn the world about you and cause you to be pursued to the ends of the earth, dying without a burial place!"

Chen Chong cursed with rage as his speed grew faster and faster!

"Your words are so righteous and n.o.ble, but how come you haven't stopped running yet? Stop running and exterminate this evil demon! Let me tell you all something! This old man is killing you, but my conscience is clear!" That hoa.r.s.e voice exclaimed in a theatrical manner. "This old man is not doing anything out of selfishness at all. This old man is killing you all for the sake of the safety of the continent! All this is so that the common people will no longer suffer the bullying and the poison of the three Holy Lands! This old man's conscience is clear!"

Hearing this, Chen Chong very nearly spat out a mouthful of blood!

This fellow had clearly been listening in on their conversation earlier! Apart from changing a few words, most of the things that they'd said to Leng Tong had been fully returned back to them!

Even more terrifying was, the four of them had been fleeing for quite some time and their speed was extremely quick. However, that voice had been hovering right above their heads the entire time, not faltering in the slightest! And despite having used all their methods, they still could not find the location of the speaker!

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