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Chapter 850: It's Great Having You Around!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Jun Mo Xie wanted to smile, but he realized all the muscles on his face had froze. He wanted to walk over, but realized that he couldn't move his leg. The great happiness had left his entire body beyond his control, the blissful feeling of regaining after losing something filling up his heart in that instant…

Although he knew that this day would come, although he obviously knew that he would see his long awaited beloved after coming back, although he felt that he had already prepared himself to welcome Mei Xue Yan's return…

But Jun Mo Xie still could not bear it when it happened!

It seemed like there was huge stress and pressure that came from too much happiness!

"Xue… Yan…" Jun Mo Xie felt his voice trembling for no reason. It was a little difficult for him to say these two words. His throat felt dry; there was a tingly sensation in his nose from happiness…

Amidst the dense Spiritual Qi, that white figure trembled violently, her lashes fluttered and two drops of tears suddenly fell gently…

The Spiritual Qi dissipated and gathered, moving about. Mei Xue Yan took two small steps, looking at Jun Mo Xie. The trembling of her delicate frame got even stronger, a weak smile on her face, but suddenly, she squatted on the ground and covered her face with her palms…

Tears poured down, seeping through the gaps between her fair fingers…

Jun Mo Xie let out a husky growl from his throat, the next moment, he had already enveloped his lover before him tightly in his arms… And Mei Xue Yan had abandoned all the reservations she had earlier, silently weeping tears of joy, tightly hugging him…

Although these two people have been meeting almost daily during this period of time. But this meeting after Mei Xue Yan recultivated and regained her human form, both of them felt like it was a lifetime ago since they had met…

As if it had been too too long since their last meeting…

The two embraced each other tightly, feeling each other's existence, but no words were spoken. After a long while, Mei Xue Yan gently struggled out of Jun Mo Xie's hug, her face a shy and bright shade of red. Lightly brus.h.i.+ng the end of her hair, she asked softly. "Did… I change?"

"Changed… You turned even prettier. In the past, it was as beautiful as the fairies in heaven; now you are a fairy that has descended in this world, even prettier than the past." Jun Mo Xie looked at the beauty before him greedily, genuinely exclaiming in adoration.

"Still as silver-tongued… During this period of time… I…." Tears started welling up in Mei Xue Yan's eyes again, as if she wanted to say something, but she forcefully swallowed those words, with a trembling voice, she said, "… thanks to you!"

Although she did not speak of the words she wanted to say, but both of them knew: this period of time was the lowest point of Mei Xue Yan's life, the period during which she felt inferior about herself!

As long as Jun Mo Xie had the slightest abnormality during this period of time—it did not have to be detestation or abandonment—as long as he suddenly showed slightly more concern and care, it would have been sufficient for the extremely sensitive Mei Xue Yan to be scarred for eternity!

But luckily, Mei Xue Yan did not disappoint!

From start to end, Jun Mo Xie had used the same att.i.tude as per usual and did not intentionally show excessive concern. His emotions had not faltered the slightest!

Everything was just as it was in the past!

But only this sort of ordinary feelings was sincere! Excessively displaying his concerns would have in turn revealed the doubts in their hearts… Mei Xue Yan and Jun Mo Xie understood this logic. There was no need for words; actions had proved everything!

Mei Xue Yan concentrated on cultivating, hoping to recover as soon as possible, but Young Master Jun was also battling with himself internally! Ensuring that there was no increase or decrease, maintaining everything the same as the past!

Mei Xue Yan had successfully recultivated. But during this period of time, Jun Mo Xie's mental strength had also levelled up! The benefit during this period of time had been quite significant!

"Silly girl." How could Jun Mo Xie not understand what Mei Xue Yan meant. He sniffled and grinned. "You and I are one. If I breakdown first and lose my original feelings, you'll naturally also breakdown. But… if you broke down first, what would happen to me?"

He gently stretched his hand out and enveloped Mei Xue Yan into his hug. Sighing blissfully, he said, "We… are one…"

Mei Xue Yan had no intention of struggling, gently adjusting her head to lay on the st.u.r.dy chest of her lover, a look of bliss on her face. She did not say anything. There was already no need to say anything else right now! Because no matter what she said, it was all redundant!

There was no need for it!

As long as the heart remained as it was at the beginning, the feelings would be eternal!

The purple Spiritual Qi in the Hongjun PaG.o.da swirled about slowly, the sparkles from the tree falling slowly upon these two people. They both remained in this position, hugging each other without moving for a long time.

After a long while, Jun Mo Xie broke the rare silence by chuckling. Young Master Jun blissfully inhaled the maiden scent on Mei Xue Yan's body. With great satisfaction, he said, "My wife, let's find a time to consummate first. You are really unaware; I've been enduring it to the point of explosion. If you don't believe me, you can touch…"

A pervert would always be a pervert, and his lecherous personality would be revealed the moment he opened his mouth…

But this pervert was really capable of breaking any awkward situation just by opening his mouth…

Mei Xue Yan giggled, pus.h.i.+ng him away, feeling both angry and amused. She was still feeling extremely moved, but this scoundrel just had to say something so indecent. 'You can touch'? Is that something that can be touched randomly? He really has no shame! How infuriating!

"Then you can look for your Sister Guan! Why are you looking for me!" Mei Xue Yan scoffed, her face completely red. Struggling out from his embrace, she gave a mischievous grin, suddenly flying up and far away. But just this alone revealed her extremely highly skilled agility, not the least inferior to the past.

Mei Xue Yan had just regained her human form, but she already had movement technique that was not inferior to hers in the past, as if her strength had already completely returned and she had already reached a new level!

"I have been exhausted during this period of time without you." Jun Mo Xie sighed lightly, but did not show any intentions of chasing. He only remained standing in the same spot, watching Mei Xue Yan's graceful figure, exclaiming, "Now that you're back, it's great having you around!"

Mei Xue Yan stopped and softly replied, "I know."

Mei Xue Yan's eyes fell onto Green Hunter, who was laying on the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein, a gloomy look in her eyes as she said in a low voice. "When I saw Green Hunter laying here that day, I knew… So I did not question… I am not willing to ask, and I couldn't bring myself to ask…"

She looked at Jun Mo Xie pa.s.sionately, saying with confidence, "But I believe… everything will get better! Green Hunter will also wake up! Aren't I the best example?"

Jun Mo Xie nodded his head heavily. "Yes! She will definitely wake up!"

Mei Xue Yan was more or less aware of what Jun Mo Xie had been doing during this period of time. She did not need Young Master Jun to further elaborate. The two of them stood silently, an extremely complex feeling in their hearts. Their reunion today, Mei Xue Yan's successful achievement of her human form, the happiness in their hearts exploding… as if no matter how they celebrated, they would be unable to express the elation and joy in their hearts…

But Snake King's injury and the situation this period of time still ultimately left a tinge of worry to the joy of this reunion…

All sorts of emotions welled up in their hearts; they both felt as if they had so many things to talk about, but they couldn't say it…

"Xue Yan, which realm are you roughly at currently? Tell me about it!" Jun Mo Xie broke the silence.

"I was at the eighth level peak earlier when I used the pills. After using the three magical pills, i managed to breakthrough to the ninth level peak, the realm to attain human form. The Void Extremes Pill and Heaven Extremes Pill have allowed me to advance even further.. right now, although I have yet to regain my former strength, but I am more or less at the middle tier of a first level Venerable!"

Mei Xue Yan gently frowned. "With my current level of cultivation, plus the skills of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune, if meant with regular experts who are below fourth level Venerable, I should have no issues in protecting myself. But to aid you in fighting Saint King and Saint Emperor experts… I am still not strong enough. I can't be of much help."

Mei Xue Yan was feeling a little unsatisfied; although she had already made really fast progress, she didn't even dare to dream of doing it, but Jun Mo Xie was in need of a main force for the battle with three Holy Lands anytime. Her current meagerly amount of strength was still far from being enough.

But Jun Mo Xie's jaw dropped to the ground in shock as he looked at the beauty before him.

He remembered clearly that when he broke through the second level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune, he had barely made it past the level of a Jade Xuan; when he broke past the third level, he was a Sky Xuan… But Mei Xue Yan right now was ten levels away!

How could this be?

Compared to anyone else… no matter how big the difference was, it couldn't possibly be this great?

"When I broke through the second level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune, I should have already reached the peak of an Earth Xuan, close to the level of a Sky Xuan."

Seeing his confusion, Mei Xue Yan charmingly rolled her eyes at him, gracefully smiling as she said, "You must know, after that breakthrough, I consecutively used five different pills. This was the equivalent of increasing in almost two hundred years worth of pure strength! You… have neglected all this didn't you?"

"But… that is still faster than me! Isn't it a bit too much!" Young Master Jun was feeling a little unfair, feeling like he had just become inferior before his lover… A sense of defeat like this left him extremely bothered, genuinely wis.h.i.+ng to grab the beauty before him and give her perky bottom a hit to get his payback…

"Hm, don't be so unsatisfied. All those magical skills of yours… I don't know them." Mei Xue Yan glared at him.

Jun Mo Xie instantly figured out where the problem in the difference between their skills was upon hearing Mei Xue Yan's reply. First, Mei Xue Yan had good foundations and a lot of experience. Second, when Young Master Jun was practicing, a lot of the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that he had absorbed in the outside world was offered to the Hongjun PaG.o.da… This was also the reason why only a small amount of the large amount of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi was really used for his practice.

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