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Chapter 949: The Chance to Enter the Spiritual Herbal Gardens

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“Normally, your choice of avoiding conflict is right. However, there are reasons why you have to go this time. Firstly, if you do not turn up, it is equivalent to you fooling all of them. You will break connections with all the heirs of the big families and the situation may not thaw within the next few decades. It will produce a lot of resistance to your future progress!”

Deep in her heart, Miao Xiao Miao actually agreed with his decision. However, she was rational enough to know the consequences if he didn’t go!

“Besides that, there’s another reason…”

“Another reason?” Jun Mo Xie frowned. “Can you elaborate?”

“Do you still remember the two guards who followed you out? They are disciples of Saint Emperor Cao! You ordered them to kill eight City Officials and this landed them in custody as Zhan Yu Shu accused them of murdering public officials. If you don’t go, it will be brought up to the highest jurisdiction level of the Misty Illusory Manor and the two of them will be punished! After all, the two of them were following your orders and if you don’t explain them, I’m sure you will get in trouble with Saint Emperor Cao as well!” Miao Xiao Miao sounded concerned.

“Hmmm? What are you talking about? When did I even order them to kill anyone? This is framing! The two of them committed murder of their own will. It has nothing to do with me!” Jun Mo Xie laughed scornfully. “Getting punished for murder is a natural thing and I believe there are strict laws in the Misty Illusory Manor. There should be no exceptions under the law! As for Saint Emperor Cao, I’m sure he will understand that it is more important for me to follow the legislation and not influence the justice system. So what you’ve said is incorrect. Don’t tell me that the laws don’t bind the big families of the Misty Illusory Manor…”

Jun Mo Xie reminded earnestly and even questioned the integrity of the big families!

Miao Xiao Miao was immediately astounded. What’s he trying to do? Why is everything the other way around in what he claims? Zhan Yu Shu thought he had obtained a trump card against Jun Mo Xie. How could he expect that it’s totally useless against Jun Mo Xie! Not only that, Jun Mo Xie even questioned them back! How aggressive! And… he really doesn’t care about the two guards? Aren’t they fellow disciples of Saint Emperor Cao? Is Jun Mo Xie so heartless?

Those two guards had followed Saint Emperor Cao for decades. Even if they had no significant achievements, they had definitely put in much effort. So what Jun Mo Xie was saying sounded extremely heartless and cruel!

Instantly, there was a tremendous wave of disappointment that washed up her chest. Jun Mo Xie’s cruelty is unforgivable!

Miao Xiao Miao’s face flushed with anger. “Brother Mo, do you really take the lives of your fellow peers so lightly? Even if you didn’t know them beforehand, they are still related to you! How can you not feel guilty if something goes wrong?”

Jun Mo Xie looked at her in surprise. He said softly, “What has happened, Ms. Miao… why are you so agitated?”

It left Miao Xiao Miao speechless. She had lost her composure! What he decided to do had nothing to do with her. It was the first time she met Jun Mo Xie and the two guards were not related to her. Why was she so agitated?

She blushed more as she didn’t know what to say. She lowered her head in embarra.s.sment, but soon, she looked up again at Jun Mo Xie and the disappointment and anger returned.

With Miao Xiao Miao’s status and experience, most people were as insignificant as ants to her. Even supreme experts like w.a.n.g Neng and Li Jie were nothing to her.

In fact, if she were in the same situation as Jun Mo Xie, she would give up the two guards as well in consideration for her own reputation. However, the way Jun Mo Xie justified his choice unexpectedly infuriated her. She didn’t even realize that her anger was more about the person than the thing he did!

Miao Xiao Miao was experiencing an indescribable feeling. If Jun Mo Xie were to lose his cool and decided to face all the danger straight on, she would also be disappointed that he was being impetuous!

However, Jun Mo Xie’s blatant rejection made her more uncomfortable. He was too cool, or rather cold, to be acceptable. However, what was her real expectation? She didn’t know herself. What he had decided was the most rational. Why was she questioning it? For her, it was like a perfect jewelry that sustained a small crack…

“The two of them… although we have the same master, ever since I arrived here, they have wished for me to die!” Jun Mo Xie explained nonchalantly. “I feel like it’s not worth it to save the two of them!”

“Why? You are the bearer of the Free and Natural Physique. You are the disciple Saint Emperor Cao wanted for his entire life…” Miao Xiao Miao suddenly realized and understood what was going on. “Ah… indeed…”

Jun Mo Xie didn’t say it explicitly, but the fact that the two of them always wanted to be the direct successor of Cao Guo Feng was not a secret. Jun Mo Xie’s sudden appearance took away their chance and all of their ambitions. How could they not feel resentment?

“What a smart girl!” Jun Mo Xie casually praised.

Miao Xiao Miao rolled her eyes at him. However, deep within her, she felt a comforting warmth. She pinched herself with her delicate hands. It’s only a casual jokingly compliment, why am I so happy? What’s happening to me? Why is my state of mind fluctuating so vigorously!

However, the warmth continued to flow up into her and couldn’t be stopped.

“So what’s your plan?” Miao Xiao Miao struggled to control her emotions as her beautiful eye brow outside her veil started to curl up.

“A plan? No plans! After my tour, it’s nap time! You see, it’s none of my business!”

It left Miao Xiao Miao speechless again. The whole Misty Illusory Manor was stirred up by him single-handedly and he said that it was none of his business? Anyone who heard it would uncontrollably want to laugh while s.h.i.+vering.

“Brother Mo, you indeed have some unpredictable decision making. I’ve really got nothing else to say.” Miao Xiao Miao smiled helplessly. “If you’ve decided, then please go ahead. But I think I’m going to win a big time thanks to you!”

“Win what?” Jun Mo Xie suddenly looked anxious.

“It’s just a bet I made today. If you don’t go, I will be winning it!” Miao Xiao Miao smiled on.

“Bet? What bet?” Jun Mo Xie frowned in curiosity.

“Five days later, the Spiritual Herbal Gardens will be opened for the first time in a hundred years. All the seniors of Miao Xiao Miao will be going there. And there’s a Rainbow Holy Tree in the Garden that only bears fruit once in five hundred years. Five days later, it will be bearing its fruit, so all the Saint Emperors will be going there to try to plant another seedling with their powers. And on this day, they will allow one of the younger generations to enter the Garden. That person will try to gain the recognition of the Tree, and if he is successful, he will be the next master of the Garden. Even if he isn’t successful, he will still be granted the chance of entering the garden every year for the next hundred years! And there are two people contesting to obtain this opportunity. That’s the Eldest Young Master of the Zhan Family, Zhan Qing Feng and I. So we made a bet and the winner will be granted the chance!”

“I see!” Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath as he became serious.

The Spiritual Herbal Gardens!

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