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Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Gido, tell me more details.」

With my eyesight, I can only see a rough outline.
This is where his excellent vision comes in.

「There are 15 giant birds the size of cows! And as for the humans with wings on their arms…… ten of them! There is an extraordinarily big and special-looking one too! They're circling around directly above us!」

I see, that really big one must be the boss.
It's shaped exactly like the other birds, only bigger.

「Everyone, stay focused and keep a lookout. They'll come in an instant」

Birds like eagles and black kites circle overhead when they're hunting.
They'll enter into blindspots and then descend rapidly.

Without any proper training, the subjugation squad of the village look around restlessly at the many cawing birds.

That was when a bird let out a particularly loud screech.
The sound immediately drew everyone's attention to its source, creating a blindspot for the giant birds to dive down.
Despite their size, the birds flew quite fast.


One middle-aged man gets grabbed and picked up into the air. I'm impressed at their cooperation.
Birds flock around the airborne man and quickly gets torn apart.

「Hahaha, I guess numbers mean nothing against enemies in the sky. Actually, having a larger group makes the outer perimeter easier to fall apart.」

Sekrit smiles as she watches the remains of the man fall back down to the ground.

「Don't say that. At this rate, those guys will die.」

「What does it matter to you? The monster birds will aim for the larger feeding box and probably won't care if we run away. Or do you feel a sense of justice urging you to protect total strangers?」

I am not interested in justice. But the situation is different now.

「They don't have enough people so even women have to be part of the subjugation squad. That mature lady has an especially nice a.s.s. Although that young girl has average looks, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are fairly large. How can I let them be bird food?」

I draw my sword and pick up a stone by my foot.

「Natia and Gido, find some way to take care of the ones going over there. Celia and Sekrit, take down the ones coming over here.」

If bows are used, it's possible to handle enemies in midair.
Obviously, it would be hard for Sekrit and I, but probably even Celia will struggle to hit flying creatures with her throwing knives.
We'll have to wait for them to come to us.

「Alice, can you use your magic on them?」
「Yes…… but I need to concentrate…… it's my first use today.」

Then we'll buy some time.


The giant birds attack the subjugation squad again.
Talons grab a woman and lift her into the air.

「I won't let you!」

Natia fires off an arrow, hitting the abdomen of the beast.
That causes the bird to scream and drop the woman, but a single arrow isn't enough to finish off something so big.

「Right there!」

Gido follows up with an arrow of his own to the bird's neck, sending the monster somersaulting down.

「They won't die unless you aim for their vitals!」
「It takes time to steady your aim when they're flying around!」

More arrows were fired at the giant bird, this time not on target.

Even Gido and Natia who are normally 100% accurate are missing, which shows how hard it is to hit enemies moving left, right, up, and down.
It looks like they're seeing the arrows come from us and then avoiding them.

「Anyways, keep shooting. It will be hard for them to attack us when they're constantly being aimed at.」

「They're coming this way too.」

I direct my attention upward when prompted by Sekrit's voice and one of the birds drop almost vertically down.


Celia throws her short swords, one with each hand.

Although the knives. .h.i.t, they were too shallow.
Throwing upwards really reduces the power.

「It's enough.」

The bird's eyes deviate from us after receiving a minor wound that doesn't hurt.
By the time it realized I was jumping up with my sword, it was too late.


As it skims the surface of the ground trying to fly away, my sword gouges into its belly.
Blood spills from the poor bird as it crashes and rolls over twice.

「That's two――」
「No, three.」

I feel a force push off my shoulder.

Sekrit uses my shoulder as a launch pad and dances in the air.

She stabs her right sword into the body of the giant bird further overhead and then cuts the throat with other left sword when the neck hangs down during its shrieks of pain.

Right before the dead bird hits the ground, Sekrit jumps off and lands softly.

「Watch out from behind.」
「You too.」

Sekrit and I turn around simultaneously, then slice off the sharp-toed foot trying to claw us.
Blood sprays out when the two birds lose their limbs and they fly off unsteadily.

「I'll jump up and finish them off!」

Celia is eager to help when she sees us working together, but I'm scared she'll get picked off with how lightweight she is.
I want her to stay by my side.

「I'll contribute too! I want to prove I'm capable of more than cheating!」

Gido looses an arrow at an enemy flying straight towards him.
His projectile cleanly pierces its eyeball and then the dead bird falls, its momentum carrying its huge body along the ground for some distance.

That bird's sharp beak was perfectly pointed at Gido.


Gido swiftly tosses his bow away and pulls out his sword to deflect the beak.
When the two objects collide, a piercing clang rings out.
The force of impact sends Gido tumbling safely away from danger.

「How do you like this!?」

Natia aims for the a.s.s of a bird flying away from her.
The arrow sticks into the surprising vital spot which is the a.s.s and the bird twists in agony when it returns to the sky.

It flaps its wings out of control, b.u.mping into the other birds before cras.h.i.+ng to the ground.
The bird writhes about even after hitting the ground until finally blood flows out from its mouth and a.n.u.s.

「With this, they can be finished no matter where they get hit!」
「Don't shoot directly upward.」

I'd rather not get hit by a stray arrow coated in poison.

「The next attack is coming!」

The birds ignore the subjugation squad and focus on taking us out first, probably because we're interfering with their hunt.

「D-do your best!」
「Chase them away!」

They plead for us to help.
To be honest, we would have an easier time fighting if they ran, but we can't really expect much from a group of amateurs.

In any case, everything will be fine if we clean these enemies up.

「Something seems different from before. Stay alert.」

The attackers of the next wave are much smaller than the giant birds from before.
Also, they aren't descending straight down, rather they are tailspinning and flying in complex patterns as they swoop down.

「They're the human-shaped ones.」

I can make out their figures more clearly as they fly down.

In terms of height, they are on the small side compared to humans at around 130 cm.
The most evident differences are the wings sprouting from their arms and bird-like talons for feet.

「They must be harpies. You usually find them living in tall mountains or steep cliffs. I didn't think this place had any mountains though.」

Sekrit comments as she licks the blood off her sword.

「There's the Dard mountain where these monsters maybe ran away from? It would be hard to live in a place covered with ash.」

Natia replies while firing off an arrow at the harpy, which dodges with a slight twist of its body.


Alice mutters.
With wide-open eyes staring at us as it approaches and partially human features, it is a pretty creepy opponent to face.

「Chief, we can't hit them.」

Harpies are probably more intelligent than the giant birds.
Instead of separately aiming for our blindspots, they're surrounding us first before attacking all at once.
Not only are they a smaller target and move irregularly, they are looking out for arrows, making them harder to hit.

「Take that!」

Celia's thrown short sword was simply knocked away by one of the monster's wings.

「Lure them in and then shoot.」
「But that means……」

That means we have to let them get close.
I guess my job is to figure out some way to do so.

A high-pitched shriek signalled the collective attack of the harpies.

「Here they come.」

I swing my sword at the one charging at me.
The harpy flies up right before my eyes and dodges my strike.

I knew it, if they have a little bit of a brain, they won't come head on.
That one was just a decoy.

I promptly turn around and throw the rock I was holding in my left hand.


Sure enough, the rock hit another harpy which was aiming for my back.
The rock might have been small, but landing it at such close range was enough to make the harpy stagger.
I don't miss this opportunity to grab one wing and pull it to the ground.

「What an interesting way to fight. It suits me.」

Sekrit takes a handful of sand and tosses it above her.
That was when the harpies fly through and get their big eyes blinded by the small particles, thereby dulling their movements.

「Like this-」
「-we can hit them!」

Arrows puncture the harpies in the wing and thigh, incapacitating them.
They're more nimble but have way lower stamina than the giant birds.

「Bring it on!」

In response to Celia raising her voice, two harpies fly at her, one from the front and one from the back.

As I thought, the one in front is a decoy and the individual attacking from behind grabs Celia's arm.

「Not good!」

Thankfully Celia isn't hurt since the harpy is holding onto a part protected by her leather armor, however I won't be able to do anything if they carry her off.

I was about to hurl my sword, only to stop when I see Celia skillfully twist her body.


Celia spins around and unleashes a kick to the harpy's windpipe.
That was enough force against the slender monster.
With the air being knocked out of its lungs, the harpy drops Celia and falls down itself as well.

Celia does two aerial somersaults before landing, then she looks proudly at me.

「I'm impressed. You're incredible, Celia.」

Celia's joyous expression from being praised quickly stiffens.

「Aegir-sama, behind you!」

I was distracted by Celia.
I feel something clutch my shoulders. It looks like I got seized by one of those things from behind.
The claws digging into my skin hurt a little.


The harpy shrieks almost in celebration and then vigorously flaps its wings to lift me away.


The harpy continues to flap its wings desperately.

「I don't blame you.」

I somewhat guessed that it would be impossible for one of those things to pick me up judging by the difference in our sizes.
I'm pretty heavy, more than double Celia's weight.
One glance at the lightweight harpies and I knew the result.

I grab the harpy's leg and pull it forward.
The monster loses consciousness when its face slams into the ground.


Its a.s.s is fully exposed now that it's toppled over.
I'm reminded of a young girl's small a.s.s and now it's more difficult for me to kill.

That was when I heard a reserved voice.

「I'm…… ready.」

「Alright, everyone protect Alice.」

All of us make a circle with Alice in the middle.

Both the harpies and giant birds swoop down when they see their prey clump closer together.

「High-speed…… fireball…… hit…… and fly……」

A ball of fire about one meter in diameter forms above Alice's head.
It zooms forward accompanied by a low growl at a terrifying speed.


Seeing the sudden appearance of a burning sphere, the birds stop their attack and scatter in different directions.

「Unnn, they would have been burnt to a crisp if hit……」

The magic clearly looks powerful, I would have liked it to affect a wider range if possible.
Lowering it after the enemies have dispersed would only take one or two out.

「Don't worry…… spread.」

Alice mutters in her usual quiet voice, then right before impact snaps her fingers―― and fails to produce any sound.


At the same time, the fireball explodes and breaks apart into ten smaller orbs the size of a person's face.
This is good, now it will take out several at once.

「Not yet…… once more……」

Alice snaps again.
This time she makes a soft sound, which she smiles satisfyingly at.

「Uwaah!」「Hohoooh.」「So pretty.」

The ten orbs split into b.a.l.l.s the size of small rocks.
There are easily over a few hundred b.a.l.l.s in total.

She sends the countless fireb.a.l.l.s at the group of monsters at the same frightening speed.


Now the harpies and giant birds don't know where to run.

「Right on target!」

The monsters trying to escape let out screams of terror as the storm of fire rains down on them.
After their bodies and wings get burned, they start dropping like flies.

Birds engulfed in flames and harpies with scorched wings spiral unsteadily to the ground, while other harpies try to twist their bodies to stamp out the fire on their feet.
It's safe to say the flock lost a considerable portion of its strength.

「It's…… over.」

Alice exhales deeply.
I feel like we're forgetting something.

「The biggest one is coming!」

A shadow forms over us as the beast descends.
The extremely large bird, which appears to be the leader, is still healthy.

To be more accurate, parts of its wings and body were charred here and there.
I guess a few fireb.a.l.l.s also landed on this one, except they weren't enough to deal significant damage.

「It's big…… so I'll go.」
「No, you won't make it in time.」

I hold Alice's head and push her down to the ground.

A gust of wind blows past as the boss monster barely flies over our heads.


Sekrit sticks her sword into the ground to hold on, while Celia rolls away.
Gido fires off an arrow, though it is rendered useless by the powerful winds and blown away.


The boss monster pokes at the subjugation squad after flying past us.
One young man gets his head bitten and then a man in his forties gets his body torn apart by the beast's sharp claws.
As the bird ascends into the air, the bitten man's head pulls away, leaving just the body to fall down, eliciting a scream from the crowd.
I'm glad the victim wasn't a woman.

Maintaining speed, the boss monster swerves around and readies itself for another attack.

「I'll draw its attention! Use that chance to use magic!」

Celia stands up and runs toward the monster.
Alice hurries to prepare her magic.

The bird's eyes seem to s.h.i.+ne when it saw that.

「Not good!」

I run after Celia.
Alice releases a large fireball without splitting it up this time.

At the same time, the boss monster lets out a sharp cry and turns its body sideways, drawing a circle in the air as if tracing around the rim of a barrel.
The fireball barely grazes the bird and misses.

I thought the heat of the fireball would have done something, but with both sides moving at high speeds, the bird just pa.s.sed by without being set aflame.

And then Celia was left in that thing's path.
Its sharp beak was aimed at her.


I watch as Celia readies her sword and braces herself for impact, knowing that she would likely get shredded from the apparent difference in size.
I'm not going to let that happen to my cute Celia.


I knock Celia forward from behind and swing my sword to meet with the boss monster.


When my sword blocks its beak, it instantly shatters.
Now I'm regretting not bringing my Dual Crater.

After losing my sword, I soon get grabbed by the shoulders and lifted up with its claws.
Naturally, my weight didn't pose a problem to a bird that big.

「Aegir-sama! Aegir-samaaaa!!」

Celia gives chase as she yells, though there's no way to catch up to a flying creature.
Her desperate attempts to bring it down with rocks don't have much effect on the boss monster's giant body either.
Eventually she trips.


I feel myself get taken higher and Celia gradually becomes as small as a speck.
The ground also gradually gets further away and I can overlook everything below me.
This isn't the time to be admiring the view though.

「What am I going to do?」

I have no intention of becoming food for whatever is waiting in this thing's nest.

「Also these talons…… hurt.」

They pierce through my thick leather clothes and hook into my flesh.
Getting scratched by a beauty is one thing, but getting scratched by some giant bird, no thanks.

I hold onto the claws and grip tightly.
Their size counterbalance the size of its body. It won't let me go that easily.

I know I'm going to be dinner unless I do something to make it release me.
The only option is to try.


I squeeze hard and bend the claw in the opposite direction of its natural range of motion.
That was enough to make the large creature waver and cry out.

At that moment, I heard something like flesh tearing apart.
All of a sudden, blood squirts out. I think I might have just ripped off one of its claws.


I feel my body get lighter the instant the boss monster's leg loosens, so I quickly grab on to one leg.

「Stupid, you're going to let me fall here!?」

Maybe it heard what I said, the bird bends its neck down and pokes at me with its beak.
This is the same beak that broke my sword. If it hits me, my body won't stay in one piece.

「Eeei, don't struggle in such an unstable position!」

I twist my body to somehow avoid getting hit, although my movements are restricted in this hanging state.
On the other hand, the boss monster has to bend its head down while flying so it can't attack me efficiently either.

「Stay still and focus on flying!」

I throw the claw I plucked off earlier at its face.
Somehow, it finds its way to the boss's eyeball and the bird flails around crazily.


At this rate, I'm going to fall.
I cling to its leg with both hands and start scaling up its body.

The wild flying worsens when I make it on top of its back.
Not only did it try to turn upside down multiple times, it would flap its wings violently to try and throw me off.

I hang on to feathers on its back, except they – while large – are still bird feathers and get pulled out if too much force is applied, making it hard for me to grab hold of.

I remove my top layer of clothing from my shoulder where it's torn, use it like a belt and wrap it snugly around the bird's neck.
If I squeeze tightly, I won't fall off and I can also choke out the monster at the same time.

「I'm going to strangle you and turn you into an extra large roast bird.」

It will make for a nice present to Claudia.
With how big it is, I think it will last three days.

I constrict hard enough to snap its neck bone, but it won't resign so easily.
The boss monster's soaring speed slowly increases and its movement also becomes livelier.
If I lose concentration for a split second, the one who will fall and go splat is me.

To break the stalemate, I start punching the neck and back of the head while also strangling it.
The monster lets out a pained squawk and its movements become more erratic.
It writhes in agony to no avail, unable to shake me off its neck.

「That's not all.」

In addition, I start mixing in headb.u.t.ts whenever I can.

Finally, I start getting a satisfying feeling with every punch I land.
The boss monster stops making any sound and a momentary joy washes over me.


The bird begins a straight line dive down toward the ground.
Its consciousness is completely gone.

The wind pressure is so strong I can't lift my head up.
The result of cras.h.i.+ng into the ground at this speed is clearer than seeing fire.

「Not to mention…… that!」

Although small, I see a rocky mountain in front.
I will probably hit that rocky surface before anything.

Looking around for a solution, I find a small pond in front of the mountain.

「Jumping at this speed…… no other choice.」

I'm done for if the pond is shallow and I hit myself on a rock, however staying put means certain death.
I have to take the chance.

I wait for the right timing and then jump off the boss monster's neck.


I fall toward the pond while s.h.i.+elding my head with my hands.
The sound of slicing wind lasts until I reach the water surface.

「Gueh, guoh.」

I feel an impact on my back and then on my stomach.
I bounced across the water like a skipped rock.

Not long later, I hear a disgusting squelch.
That was probably the sound of the boss monster cras.h.i.+ng into the side of the mountain.
Judging by the sound, it was probably broken apart so much that it's unrecognizable.

I pray the same thing doesn't happen to me as I continue skimming the top of the pond.
Along the way, I happen to lose my pants and underwear, but my momentum ceases before I get turned into mince meat.

「Aah, it's been so long since I felt I was going to die.」

The pond was surprisingly deep, and I was fortunate that one side of it was covered in vegetation.

While I'm relieved to have survived, now I'm feeling cold from taking a bath outside in midwinter.

「I'm also naked.」

I lost all my clothes from that fall.
How far did that thing take me?
It would be a joke if I end up freezing to death after being separated from everybody.

「Aegir-samaa! Aegir-samaaaa!」

Genuine relief fills my body when I hear Celia's voice.
She runs to me crying with her mouth open and her arms spread wide, then jumps into my arms.

「Waaaah, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!」

What is she apologizing for?
Nevertheless, Celia's body feels warm and pleasant.

「Your shoulder wound is――」
「It's just a scratch. It's not a big deal.」

Actually, my back and stomach is red after hitting the water.

「Anyways, my clothes ripped. Do you have anything I can use?」

「Take my clothes! Take it all!」

Celia, still distraught, strips naked and offers her clothes to me.

Your coat is fine, but I'm not going to fit in your tank top or your shorts.
Also, what do you want me to do with your white panties? Wear it on my head?

「You're going to catch a cold, so put your clothes back on. I'll take this.」

I wrap Celia's scarf around my neck.
That was when everybody else catches up.

Unfortunately, wrapping a scarf around me isn't going to warm my body up. However, Celia's scent warms up my heart a little.


「Seeing the world up high was amazing. Looking back now, I should have enjoyed it a little more.」
「Hnhmph, what an interesting man.」
「As expected of the chief.」

The sun set not long after we all met up and so we decided to camp next to the dead boss monster.
The subjugation squad is also with us.

That thing apparently flew around in circles so I wasn't carried away too far from where the others were.
Our fight could faintly be seen from the ground too.

「I want to have a look at least once too…… will that mean I'll be eaten right after?」

Natia is curious about what the scenery looks like from the sky.
I don't recommend it. I'm reluctant to do it again after I retell the story.

I gulp down the alcohol Sekrit pours for me.

「Making me serve you. How laughable.」

We entertain ourselves with an after-fight party.
A large fire was lit and the dead bird gets roasted whole.
There was enough to fill everyone's stomach and more.

「You guys eat too. It's regrettable that your people died, but grieving won't bring them back. At the least, you can eat their killer as revenge.」

I invite the subjugation squad to share in the feast.

In conclusion, three died and four got injured from the subjugation squad.
Fortunately, the injured didn't suffer anything irreversible damage.

「I guess…… goodbye Marlowe…… Ara, this is good.」
「It's not often that we get to eat meat.」
「Gotta regain energy and give birth to a child.」

Drinks are distributed to everyone and things start to liven up.

In the middle of it, a single girl, my cute Celia, looks downcast.
She feels guilty that I almost died after covering her back and she hasn't said a word since treating my wounds.

「Come on now, don't worry about every little thing. Of course I'm going to protect you.」
「Fgah, fgah……」

I pull on her cheeks and ruffle her hair, but she goes back to being disheartened.
I'm going to have to poke her more then.

「Funyii! Hya! Munii!」

I start with her neck, arm and thigh, then gradually progress to riskier places…… like her navel, a.s.s, and chest.

When Celia resists from being easily embarra.s.sed in public, I embrace her.

「I'm going to protect you. It doesn't matter if I get injured or if I die. That's my way of life.」

I seal her mouth with a kiss.

「You're always saving me. During the critical times, let me at least look cool.」

I kiss her again.
Celia doesn't say anything after that and her mood returns to normal.
When I scratch the underside of her chin, she purrs cutely.

「I'll bring you more meat. There's still more bird remaining.」

I thought everything would be settled nicely after that.

「Got captured, end of the line.」
「Can't fly, scary, will be eaten.」

So the additional meat belonged to harpies?

「Wait a minute. I'll help you pluck out the feathers right now.」
「No, wait.」

I quickly take the knife from Celia's hand, then check on the bird roasting over the fire.
……good, I'm eating the meat from the giant bird.

「Harpies taste pretty good. I've eaten them before.」

Sekrit comments as she takes a big bite out of her meat.

Well, that's possible since they're half bird.
If they look more like males, I might try them.

「Going to eat? Going to eat?」

They look like females. I can't bring myself to eat them.

「Get me those harpies.」

The unhappy Celia pulls the tied up harpies over to me.
There are ten of them in total, some with burnt wings and others with broken bones.
Harpies are formidable monsters only when they're dancing in the air. When they're grounded like this, these slender bodies are weaker than goblins.

「Natia, can you treat them?」
「Eh? You mean the harpies?」

I don't reply, I just take one of the harpies with a broken wing and add a wooden splint to its arm.
At first, it tries to run away, but settles down after quickly realizing I'm helping.

「Where did you get hurt?」
「Got hit with arrow. In wing. Can't move.」

I flip over its wing and pull out the arrow.
There isn't much of a bulge in the chest area.

「Thigh hurts. b.u.mped when fell down.」
「Let's see.」

I spread its legs apart.
The part up to its knee is that of a bird whereas the part above that is more like a human thigh.

「Lie down a bit more.」
「Like this?」

Fumu, it's a thin slit. It's still a hole though.
Its body is similar to a developing young girl.

「You're into harpies too? What an impressive s.e.x maniac.」

Celia and Sekrit are stunned.

「No distinction at all. Well, he also did it with a lamia and an alraune after all.」
「So he's fine with anything…… as long as it has a hole……」

Natia sighs.
Alice whispers, and I feel a sting in my heart.

「I expect nothing less of the chief. I'm not quite at the level where I can handle monsters.」

Quiet Gido, or I'll expose your cheating.

「Anyways, I can't see these things as anything besides women. As a man, I have to protect them. I can't turn them into barbeque chicken.」

The harpies tilt their heads in confusion, understanding nothing except the fact I covered for them, and then they crowd around me. The ones who were about to be eaten by Sekrit separated from her especially fast.

「More will be injured if you free them.」
「Just when the big one was defeated too.」

The subjugation squad express their discontent.

「No need to worry, I'll take them with me. I won't let them stay here. You're good with that, right?」

「Migrate!」「As long as there is food. Anywhere is fine.」「I want to eat meat.」

They aren't the smartest, but they can understand basic words.

With that out of the way and the subjugation squad in agreement, the party resumes.

「Aegir-sama…… these things still have childlike bodies……」
「Not child. Adult!」

I'm curious about that too.

「Harpy children are mostly birds. Seeing how you can talk with them, they have already grown up enough.」

Natia informs me.

「In that case, there's no problem. I'm really happy.」

「Happy about what…… Uuu, you're going to do it, aren't you. I know it.」

I take one of the harpies―― who doesn't appear to have any injuries, maybe because it's the one I flung to the ground and knocked out earlier―― and pull it close to me.

「Your wings are soft and fluffy. And warm.」
「Is it? Fluffy-ffy?」

The harpy doesn't seem opposed to my touch and allows me to inspect its wing.
When I take advantage of the situation and feel its a.s.s, I don't get much of a reaction.

「Hungry. Want meat.」

It seems more interested in the roast bird in front of its eyes.
Will that make it a cannibal?

「Friends? What's that? Meat is meat.」

It takes one slice and eats happily.
Well, if they're fine with it, that's all that matters.

The night goes on――

Eventually the party ends and our two parties camp outside slightly separated from each other around the fire.

「It's really cold out here in the winter time.」

If we didn't get attacked, we would have made it to the nearby town by nightfall.
Blankets were given to the girls, while Gido and I slept directly on the ground.

I'm wearing indoor clothes as those were the only clothes left for me, so it was especially cold.
I declined when Celia offered to sleep with me because I didn't want her to get sick.

「It also has another purpose.」

Late in the night, I feel something tap on my shoulder.

「Cold? Need fluffy?」

I hear broken speech and feel the sensation of feathers.
One of the harpies came over.

「Can't see. Is it right?」

Apparently harpies have night-blindness and this one is relying on touch because it isn't confident it found me or not.

「You're right. Come.」

I pull the harpy close.
She climbs on top of me like mounting a horse and envelopes me in her wings.

「Yeah, very warm.」

Of course natural feathers are really warm.

「You are strong.」

The harpy whispers in my ear.

「Big bird. Was really strong. Ate lots of us. But you killed.」

I see, so that boss monster was ruling over the flock of harpies.

「You are strong. Also helped heal. And gave meat.」

I used one of Natia's ointments to treat her. It was meant for humans, but it also seems effective on harpies.
For those with broken bones, they will need to rely on the stints for a while……

The harpy gazes at me for some time before nuzzling its head against my chest.

「Strong male. Want to mate. Please mate.」
「Sure. Let's mate.」

With that said, the harpy happily licks my neck and rubs my entire body with its feathers.

「This, in the way.」

Harpies don't seem to need foreplay and this one immediately goes for my crotch.
Its winged hands cannot lower my pants though.

「Hahaha, give me a second here.」

I take off my pants and take out my still soft d.i.c.k.

「Big! Really big! Extremely big!」

The harpy makes a fuss, which I'm worried will wake the others.

No, it's already too late. Celia has been snorting unhappily for a while now.
Natia is pretending to toss around in bed and glancing occasionally at us.

If we've been discovered, then there's no need to m.u.f.fle our voices.

「If you touch it, it'll get bigger. Let me touch your body too.」

The harpy rubs my d.i.c.k with its wings.
What a new feeling.

In return, I also gently caress her body.
The areas from her face to her arms and her thighs are completely human.


My hands slowly move from her bosom to her navel, and gently from her crotch to her thighs, making her body s.h.i.+ver.

「Haha, your nipples are hard.」

I see the little small nubs on her flat chest slowly swell up.


My hand gropes around her crotch to find the hole.
When my finger finds a small hairless slit, a slight touch peels it open.
The suppleness of the flesh tells me it really is an adult's genitalia and not a child's.

「Getting bigger. More and more. Amazing.」

Both of us are ready now.

「I'm putting it in.」
「Mating, mating.」

I sit cross-legged, pick up the harpy and put her on top of me so we can have s.e.x in the rear seated position.
My erect c.o.c.k slowly parts her tiny orifice.


At the moment of insertion, the harpy cries out.

「Ooh…… more of it is going inside.」

If she really is the way she looks, not even a third of my d.i.c.k would fit in her.
As of now, more than half has buried itself within her body.

「Pigiihーーー! Piiiiーーーー!」

The harpy flaps its wings in agony.

「Does it hurt? Should I stop?」
「No stop! More mating! Piiiiihーーー!」

In the end, 90% of my d.i.c.k was swallowed up.
I can see something bulge out from the inside of the harpy's belly, close to her chest area.
The structure of her v.a.g.i.n.a is most likely different from that of a human's.

「I'm going to move now.」

I rock my body back and forth.
She's really light.

「Front! Front!」
「You want to see my face?」

When I turn her around, her wings cover my face.

「Strong male. My male.」

She embraces my body, her perky nipples presses against my chest.
Her fluffy feathers, her unclear words in my ear, her hard nipples, and her tight yet deep hole―― slowly bring me closer to my limit.

「Shoot. Make baby!」

I steal the harpy's lips and make one final upward thrust along with a grunt.


I close my eyes, while the harpy warps backward and shrieks.
At the same time, the sound of my shooting seed echoes.

「Uwah, amazing.」

Gido couldn't help commenting.
His surprise was at the sound of my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.

The sticky pulsing continues as the harpy collapses powerlessly.

「Give birth to a healthy child.」
「Will try……」

I lay the exhausted harpy to the side.
The next thing I know, soft sensations touch my back one after the other.

「Mate with.」「Want strong male.」「Want seed.」

The other harpies have gathered around me.

「All of you? Then you have to re-energize my d.i.c.k.」

When I say that, lots of harpies crowd around my crotch and use their mouth or feathers to stimulate me.

「Male smell. Good for children!」
「This is mine.」
「Move. Nuisance!」
「You, nuisance! Stop me mating!」

They aren't getting along, they're fighting a primal battle to secure a mating partner for themselves.
They each other away, irrespective of their injuries, in order to get a better position close to my crotch.

In the end, those who get left out appeal by licking my thighs and a.s.shole.
Aaah, I'm glad I worked hard to defeat the bird boss.

Looking at them now, it's like a bunch of young girls are being violated by me.
This doesn't mean I have a fetish for little girls though. These are harpies and ultimately adult females.

「Oooh, my b.a.l.l.s feel good too.」

「Suck b.a.l.l.s.」
「Lick b.a.l.l.s more.」

The harpies captivate me with their caresses, and then suddenly my back is struck.

「Ooh, there are older harpies too?」
「…… I'm not one of them. I'm a human.」

She's one of the women from the subjugation squad.
She appears to be over 30 years old.

「……I hate harpies. I can't accept that you spared them!」
「I see.」

The air has frozen, but the s.e.xually excited harpies don't stop pleasuring me.

「My child, ten year old Aran, was kidnapped by them. I doubt he is still alive.」

「Got smaller.」
「Lick more. Get big.」

Her eyes open wide.

「That's why…… I can't let such a big c.o.c.k be taken away by mere harpies!」
「Why has it turned out like this!?」

I hear Celia shout in the distance.

I remember now.
When I returned with Celia, I was only wearing a scarf.
Obviously that meant my crotch was exposed, and it was this woman who happened to see my randomly erect c.o.c.k.

When I put my clothes back on, she disappointedly looks away.

「This big c.o.c.k is mine! You monsters, get away!」

The woman tackles the harpies and stuffs her mouth with my p.e.n.i.s.

「Taken away!」
「Take back!」

The harpies squeal and try to recapture me.

「Um…… we also thought that big thing was……」
「Can we warm ourselves up? It's unbearable to stay still with all that sound beside us.」

The other females of the subjugation squad also join in.
Of course I gladly welcome them.

「Grrrrrr…… gnngghhh……」

Celia, if you grit your teeth so hard, they'll break.

My relentless attacks on one of the mature ladies results in me pouring my seed in her from behind.

I carry two of the lightweight harpies and insert my rod in one and then in the other.

Human and harpy lie on each other as I put my c.o.c.k in the front and back holes.
Surprisingly, the harpies were against a.n.a.l intercourse and they cry out in embarra.s.sment.
For some reason, Alice is watching right beside us.

I furiously swing my hips against a small harpy in the missionary position.
After the harpy climaxed multiple times, she out.
By the time the sun rose, all the harpies and women had my seed dripping from their p.u.s.s.ies.

「Kidnapped. Human boy. Alive.」
「Eh, Aran is!?」

The mature lady wakes up from her nap.

「Not eat. Different purpose.」
「Then why did you kidnap him?」

The harpy thinks for a moment.
They're birds. Some time is required for them to remember.

「Increase offspring. Kidnap to mate.」
「M-mate!? Aran is still ten years old. He hasn't even began to produce sperm……」

The harpy clings to me and speaks nonchalantly.

「Mating successful. Do it everyday.」
「Seed. Lots of it.」

「W-what…… my cute Aran……」

This isn't something I should interrupt, but a daily life of mating with harpies?
That doesn't sound bad at all.

「Recently. Come. On his own.」
「Hate a little. Gets happy.」
「Sometimes. Act. Like baby.」

It sounds like Aran developed some strange fetish.

「Mating. Had enough. If there, return.」
「Return tomorrow.」

「Aran…… Aran will come back…… oh, G.o.d……」

I don't get much of what went on. At least everyone seems happy.

And thus the monsters were subdued and we gained a tremendous amount of bird meat.
Some of my seed has been left in the remote regions of Altair too.


「Going where? Where?」
「Follow. Follow male.」

Flying overhead are the harpies.

「Especially. Happy.」

I rest the one with broken bones on Schwartz until it heals.
Schwartz thinks, then after seeing both front and back holes, gives the OK.

「Time to depart.」

The girls' gazes are cold.

「I expected nothing less, chief.」

You understand me, don't you Gido.

「Harpies taste really good though……」
「Danger. Watch out. Run!」

When Sekrit runs her hand smoothly along the skin of the harpy, it flaps its wings in a panic.
You'll loosen the splint, rest quietly now.

All of us walk on our way, and we finally see the urban area of Altair.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.

Adventure Party
Alice (mage), Natia (archer), Sekrit (dual-wielding swordsman), Celia (cute), Gido (adulterer)
Schwartz (horse), Harpy x10

a.s.sets: 12,900 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 583, children who have been born: 68 + 555 fish

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