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Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

On the way back to Rafen.

「The wind won't stop.」
「…… yeah.」

I comment while drinking water, which Natia answers.

「Look. The rain is turning into snow.」

The cold winds and rain are falling a little past noon.
We took shelter in a nearby farm hut to avoid catching a cold, however the rain didn't stop and we lost time in the day to travel to the next city, so we decided to stay for the night.

「This is pretty run-down for a hut and there are gaps everywhere to let in the wind. If you go off on your own, it'll be cold. Come over here.」

I put my hand on Natia's shoulder and pull her close to me.

I wonder why she's making such a troubled expression.
Perhaps it's because I made love to Celia and the others in front of her?

Celia had her hands against the wall and a blanket wrapped around her as I pounded her from behind.

Alice was lifted up by me as I drilled deeply into her a.s.s.

Sekrit was f.u.c.ked as she desired―― forcefully, as I countlessly hold down her face and arm while she scratches my chest.

Right now, the three of them are sleeping soundly in the corner.

「Wait, don't tell me, are you jealous?」
「No I'm not, idiot! Obviously it feels awkward after watching you f.u.c.k left and right!!」

She throws a lemon at my head.

But to me, Natia seems far from being angry.
She's glancing at me back and forth and blus.h.i.+ng…… almost as if she's in the mood.

「Now now, don't be angry.」

When I touch her shoulder, she lets out a short squeal.

I can do it.
I'm sure of it.

Natia is a healthy woman as well.
It's natural to be turned on when you watch others have s.e.x.

「Now calm down so we can warm each other up.」
「Wai-! Wah!」

I don't wait for her answer and bring her under the same blanket.

「I-I'm not quite ready to――」
「I know. Let's kiss.」

I peer into Natia's eyes.

「You don't kno―― ah……」
「If you don't want it, then resist me.」

My lips slowly approach hers, but I don't feel any fight from her.

Our lips meet.


Our lips part quietly and Natia turns red, touching her lips in shock.

「Y-you k-kissed me! That was my first too!」

I softly pat Natia's head.

「Those were some delicious lips.」

I push Natia down.

「I want to take you right here.」

I proceed to kiss her neck and nape.

「No, I'm scared!」

Natia puts her hands on my head to try and move me away.
Her feeble voice is cute.

She doesn't seem mentally prepared yet.
If I go any further, it will be against her will.
I need a compromise plan.

「Fine. I won't penetrate you. Only embracing you is fine, right?」
「You're really just going to embrace me?」

Natia stops struggling.

I lift my body and then strip.

「Why are you taking off your clothes!? Were you lying and actually intend to f.u.c.k me!? Liar! Traitor!」

Lots of lemons fly at me.

「Don't worry. I won't deceive you.」

I get naked and hug Natia tightly.
Normally she would also be naked and I would eat her up, but not this time.

「Your clothes will stay on. That way you can be a.s.sured I can't put it in.」

With her top layer taken off, she's in long sleeves and a skirt which goes up to her knees.
I've pushed her down with her skirt flipped up and my d.i.c.k is rubbing against her thigh.

「Although it's not going in, something hot is touching my thigh……」

I look into Natia's eyes and move my hips in earnest.
My meat rod softly prods at the base of her crotch.
If she wasn't wearing underwear, it would go in without a hitch.

「Natia, Natia!」
「Au, auauu.」

I grab her waist and thrust vigorously on top of her clothes.
If she wasn't wearing any clothes, we would be f.u.c.king in the missionary position.

「I can touch your, right?」

She doesn't answer so I grab the mounds―― try to grab them and fail so I rub them instead.
My sense of reason is at its limit.
I'm going to pick up the pace.


I hold up both of Natia's thighs and swing my hips furiously.

「The vibrations are transmitting inside.」

Her underwear is soaking wet.
Is that my pre-c.u.m or her love juices…… I hope it's the latter.

I caress Natia's cheek, knead her chest through her clothes and also poke her genitals through her clothes.

「Ah…… uuuu……」

I feel Natia's body start relaxing, her legs go limp and spread wider, and her hands grab my shoulders.
She must be getting there soon.

「Natia, I love you!」

I give a strong thrust as I shout.
It would have been enough to push deep inside her if she didn't have any underwear on.
Still, she can probably feel my d.i.c.k twitching through the cloth.

I stop moving and kiss Natia once again.


She's not agonizing this time, rather she's looking at me with moist eyes.

「Can I take this interfering cloth out of the way?」

I lower her underwear slowly as I ask.
Seeing a sticky thread pull down from her crotch makes me happy.
That means she's aroused.

Her v.a.g.i.n.a is pink and isn't stained or darkened.
It's a beautiful virgin p.u.s.s.y.

「Can I push it in like this?」

Natia's breathing gets rougher and she doesn't clearly reject me.

The tip of my d.i.c.k presses against her entrance.

「I'm going to make you my woman.」

I slowly move my hips forward.
Right before inserting my erect c.o.c.k, I give Natia a kiss.

「Don't…… you can't……」

Her tiny hole finally gets pierced by the head and her purity――


Natia suddenly screams.
At the same time she backhands me, knees my crotch and twists my nipple.


The slap and knee didn't work, but the nipple twist hurt.

「Haa, haa! That was close! I almost got swept by the mood! A little more and I would have been done!」

Natia quickly puts her damp underwear back on, then her s.h.i.+rt and even her bulky coat.

「You would have been mine in three more seconds……」

The lumpy Natia threatens me.
I know pursuing any further would be too persistent on my part.

「Alright. I'll give up this time. At least let me sleep with you.」
「Put that thing away first!」

I reluctantly sheath my rod.
It's so hard to put my pants on when it's erect.

「Don't look down on a 75 year old virgin. I'm not a simple girl who gets swept by the mood!」

Natia complains in my arms after my clothes are back on.
Soon, the two of us fall asleep enveloped in the same blanket.

In my dreams, I got Natia pregnant after f.u.c.king her over and over.

The next day, I wake up to Natia's screams and shouts of abuse.

「This stupid fool! Lecher! Pervert!」

I had a big wet dream because of my lewd thoughts and got Natia's bottom half sticky while she was sleeping in my arms.

「Ha, ha, ha!」
「Don't laugh, idiot!」

I couldn't f.u.c.k Natia.
However it's good that I'm slowly getting closer to her.

Now it's time to head back to Rafen.

–Third Person POV–

Meanwhile. A Certain City in Libatis.

Two people stare at each other from across a table.

「Welcome Your Majesty Wilhelmina, it's an honor to meet you.」
「Likewise, Vice Minister Juno.」

Wilhelmina offers to shake hands with Juno first.
It's unprecedented for the emperor of a country like Wilhelmina to ask for a handshake with a government official like Juno, no matter how high ranking he may be.

When the perplexed Juno accepts nonetheless, a smile forms on Wilhelmina's face like a blooming flower.
The soft, warm hand and beautiful smile doesn't give a poor expression to the experienced diplomat.

「Now then, shall we talk about that matter immediately?」

「You mean the non-aggression treaty?」

Juno's facial expression returns to a softer one.

「Yes, I'm being serious. Otherwise I wouldn't leave the country for it, unofficial or not.」

Considering the details of how two hostile powers, Altair and Vandolea, got absorbed and the South Yuguria Empire was born, Juno can understand how an emperor cannot so easily leave.
It's actually abnormal at a time like this when a disturbance isn't occurring.

「I believe Your Majesty's intentions are genuine. Our country also wishes for peace. However I want you to be aware that there are many doubts still remaining between us.」

Wilhelmina responds to Juno's tentative stance by leaning forward.

「Ara, and what might those doubts be?」

Juno gulps when those eyes of hers look up at him, but he was able to respond without his face or tone expressing it.

「Like your country believing our country and its citizens are villains, not to mention that I heard the idea was promoted by the government of Your Majesty. I can't trust that you desire a non-aggression treaty when you're planting the seed of hostility within the hearts of your people.」

Libatis is also one of the nations neighboring the South Yuguria Empire so they are quite sensitive to changes in the state of affairs, especially with fruitful intelligence a.s.sessments.
Naturally they have gradually fortified defenses on the border after sensing the possibility of an invasion with their heightened antennae, picking up on theatrical plays or proclamations offensive to Libatis.

Wilhelmina drinks her tea while replying apologetically.

「Yes, those were my instructions. And I apologize for that.」

Juno couldn't help expressing his surprise.
He was expecting some sort of deception, not an honest confession and apology.

「Our nation is an empire born from the connection of two opposing countries―― the hearts of the citizens are unstable and an accidental impetus can cause the nation to split. An outside threat was necessary to create a sense of stability.」

「And you used our country for that role?」

Wilhelmina nods.

「I couldn't find any other reasonable enemy. Malt is too weak and Goldonia is a mad dog which has already destroyed several countries…… plus they seem likely to invade for real if something upsets them.」

「That is a rather unpleasant topic..」

Juno's mood clearly worsens.
Part of it was true, part of it was diplomatic acting.

「I am really sorry. But no actual harm has been done to your country. To my knowledge, not a single conflict has broken out on your borders and not a single person from Libatis has been executed on a false charge. As for damaging your honor―― I apologize for that now.」

Wilhelmina bows deeply.

「Umumu…… true enough.」

Radical and antagonistic speeches are being repeated, however the South Yuguria army has not actually crossed the borders.

「Everything is an act, a way to control the unknowing people of the country. Until the country has become stable, can I ask that you find some way to overlook it for a while?」

Wilhelmina continues before Juno could say anything.

「If a riot breaks out, I am chased off the seat of power and the Empire collapses―― the fanatics of Altair might spread their roots again.」

Wilhelmina's eyes narrow in a split second when she says that.


While Wilhelmina's actions may be unsettling for Libatis, they do not cause any harm.
Ever since the South Yuguria Empire was established, no soldier in the Libatis army has died in battle.

It's because her actions are unpleasant that pressure is being applied. If South Yuguria was destroyed, it is uncertain what kind of political power will emerge.
The chance of bloodshed for the other possibilities is pretty high.

「I understand. I will bring the proposal back and consider it with an open mind――」

Wilhelmina puts her hand over Juno's.

「That's not necessary, is it? You should be granted full authority over this matter.」

Juno is astonished. On the other hand, Wilhelmina smiles.

「I hear the election in your country is nearing. To determine who will become the next president…… won't producing more results help your own cause?」

Wilhelmina presents a piece of paper.

「Under the premise of non-aggression, the South Yuguria Empire will ―― "immediately withdraw all troops near the border", "immediately dismantle forts on the border", and "create a demilitarized zone in South Yuguria". Once that has been confirmed, Libatis will withdraw troops from the border―― is this for real?」

「Yes, you can proudly report these conditions to your president, right?」

Those prerequisites for a non-aggression treaty were perfect.
The withdrawal of troops will eliminate the danger of a surprise attack and the destruction of forts will signify the loss of supply points.

「But to actually execute this――」
「You may dispatch an observer. I will permit you to send someone to keep watch until our army has retreated and our fortresses have been demolished.」

Juno was rendered speechless.
Looking at this from the opposite side, it can be taken that he had no more room to negotiate.

「……why would you concede so much?」
「Of course, it's for the sake of everlasting stability and peace for our country.」

Wilhelmina grins.

On that day, a ten year long non-aggression treaty was signed between the Democratic Nation of Libatis and the South Yuguria Empire.

――on the carriage returning home.

「To establish a non-aggression treaty with someone you're attacking…… I'm losing confidence in myself to continue doing politics.」

Zaphnes shrugs his shoulders.

「This is the best option. If there are ten or twenty countries around you, you would have to maintain good faith. However the only countries right now are in reality ours, Libatis and Goldonia. Malt is not worth taking, the va.s.sal state Stura is on the brink of death, and Goldonia won't leave their borders…… something like trust is meaningless.」

「What a frightening woman. Who would have thought to let the people choose when you created the country――」

Wilhelmina gives him an incredulous look.

「That was obviously for the plan geared toward Libatis. What are you saying at this point?」

「I knew politics wasn't my thing.」

Zaphnes sighs and looks over at Whilhelmina who is smoothly working a brush.

「What are you writing―― aah, the proclamation for the non-aggression treaty…… for all that fanning you did, I'm sure there will be people who oppose this. I hope things go well.」

Wilhelmina again gives him a dubious look.

「What's the point of immediately announcing the break of an agreement? This is――」

A paper was thrust at Zaphnes.

「A decree to start a war. What do you think as a soldier? Does it seem too awkward?」

The large muscular man's jaw dropped.

–Aegir POV–

――Some Time Later. Rafen.

「This is pretty tasty. It's too soft to eat with a fork though…… eei.」
「Carla, it's vulgar to use your hands! Are you a barbarian!?」
「Ara ara……」

Mel giggles as Nonna scolds Carla.

「Hamuhamu…… uuu, hamuhamuhamu.」
「Ruu has a small mouth so it's fine to go slow. If you push yourself, you'll choke.」

Ruu looks over to her sister Kuu's plate and tries to eat as fast as her.
Sure enough, something gets caught in her throat, which she clears with a few gulps of water.

「This is the soup we made…… Melissa needs nutrients after giving birth, right?」
「We added lots of delicious ingredients so help yourself.」
「Thank you. But I'm a little concerned with my belly fat~ just kidding. Ahaha.」

Maria and Catherine cooked another dish outside of the normal breakfast menu.
The warm soup has a milk base and also contains plenty of vegetables and bread.
Despite worrying about excessive changes to her figure after childbirth, Melissa gladly eats the appetizing offering.

Speaking of special menus――

「Nmoh! Gumogumogumo! Hamu, hamuhamuhamu!!」
「Madam, you're eating too much!」

Claudia and Clara are eating at a separate table from the rest of us.

This isn't any kind of discrimination.
Claudia just needs to sit on a different chair because of her weight and use a different table because the amount of food she eats takes up too much s.p.a.ce on our table.

「Aah gosh, use a knife to cut up the ham. Don't swallow it whole!」

「What a glutton…… haha.」
「So vulgar……」
「I'm losing my appet.i.te just watching her. It's hard to believe she's a n.o.ble.」

Mireille is still friendly, while Marta and Gretel who are well-versed in etiquette look away in disgust.
She eats politely in public settings…… but the amount she eats is the same.

「Carlsan, you're leaving out the spinach.」
「You're going to push it to the edge to avoid it, aren't you! Finish all your food!」
「Oh, shut it……」

I guess she thought Nonna and the others didn't see.

「Wahahaha! We can't lose either!!」
「Vulgar and hearty are two different things. You must not copy her.」
「Wah, don't swallow the bone with the meat. Spit it back out right now.」

Irijina, Myla and Celia are also making a fuss.
Sekrit is the only one eating silently because she doesn't have anyone to talk to.

This scene isn't a common one for n.o.bles during breakfast, however I feel a lot calmer when it's like this.

I always feel like I'm suffocating when the other n.o.bles invite me to eat with them.
That's why I usually touch Celia and Marta's a.s.s secretly as a distraction.

「Apologies for interrupting during your meal, but an urgent report has arrived from a spy.」

The door swings open and Leopolt steps in.

Nonna and Gretel furrow their brows, but I urge him to go on.

「It's about South Yuguria and Libatis, right?」

Leopolt nods silently while everybody else focuses their attention on me.
Celia and the others who accompanied me to the south already knew about the matter, however it should be surprising news to the rest of the family and the servants.
Now is the time where I show them I'm a prudent man capable of reading into the future.

I remain calm and drink my tea, smiling sarcastically as I cross my legs.

「So the war has finally started―― I expected this to happen.」

I am using the same gestures as the intellectual protagonist in Lilian's play.

「The feudal lord-sama isn't shaken at all. He really knew all along?」
「As expected of a great n.o.ble of his generation.」

The maids gaze at me in adoration.
If I seduce them with intelligence, I can mount them right away.

「How large is the invasion, what is the state of war like? Libatis won't leave its borders defenseless.」

I stand by the window sill and look outside with a cup of tea in my hand.
Lammy and Mirumi are doing some sort of exercises in the yard.
When I bend my body, I see Lammy has grown unexpectedly long.
Mirumi's children are scared and dive back into the pond.

「There's an advantage to being the attacker, although the Libatis army is powerful too. They've pushed a few kilometres in the border and then got locked in a stalemate―― am I wrong?」

I try being a little adventurous and offer a hypothetical situation.
If I'm right, I'll instantly appear like a genius general.

「That's our chief…… we can't compare to you.」

Luna's eyes sparkle.

「Aegir-san is becoming cooler…… I have to grow up too……」

Yoguri's mouth hangs open.

「――I will now read it.」

Leopolt speaks up.

「Libatis and South Yuguria has mutually agreed to a non-aggression treaty.」

An awkward silence fills the dining hall.
The ones who looked at with eyes of respect turn away all of a sudden.

「The rest contains confidential information so I will report to you in the office. Please come as soon as you finish your meal.」

Leopolt lowers his head slightly and then takes his leave.

「……what should I do?」

That was completely out of my expectations.
So I was wrong from the start.
I was trying to act cool and now I look like a total idiot.

「IWe will err…… tidy the plates and utensils.」
「Err…… I shall bring in desserts.」

Dammit Leopolt, if you said something earlier I wouldn't have done all that.
The maids ran away to the kitchen, Luna and Yoguri are looking elsewhere, and I can hear Sekrit trying stifle her laughter.

「D-don't worry. Aegir's selling point isn't his mind. You'll be fine if you train your muscles.」

「L-let's leave the thinking to other people. If you want to use your head, I can teach you how to headb.u.t.t.」

Carla and Nonna follow up in vain.

「……I'm going to the office.」

I exit the dining hall with my shoulders slumped.

「Kukuku…… kukukuku……」

Sekrit, you're still laughing?
I'm going to eat your bread then.

――In the Office.

Celia and Myla walk with me to the office, where Leopolt and Tristan are waiting.

「Why a non-aggression pact? South Yuguria has said so much about Libatis being their enemy. Celia, you heard it too, right?」

「Yes, without a doubt.」

I lean back in my chair.
You probably don't believe me.

「I've already confirmed something on that level.」

Can't you just say you believe me?
That's not cute at all.

「The signing of this treaty is not a reasonable move. Even I did not antic.i.p.ate this.」

「Right!? It's totally outside anyone's expectations.」

If Leopolt couldn't predict it, how could I predict it.
I feel a little weight off my chest.


Celia looks at me sadly.

「Explain. Conjectures are fine.」

Nothing can begin if we don't hear his opinions first.
If he's off-base, then I hope he himself like I did earlier.

Leopolt and Celia look to the corner of the room.
Standing over there is Sekrit.

「Pay no attention to me. I'm this guy's meat toilet, except I'm in the corner of the room.」

I'd be concerned if a toilet just happened to be in the corner, but I urge them to continue anyways.

The first to speak is Leopolt.

「I don't believe this is the correct move. South Yuguria wants to expand and their enemy can only be Libatis. They must cross a river if they wish to attack the city states, and there is little benefit to absorb Malt. If we consider the difference in national power, Goldonia is just a bad gamble for them.」

It should be hard for them to cross the river right away.
They would need s.h.i.+ps and leaving Libatis alone would make it hard for them to resupply.

「If they in fact don't want to expand, then there's no point in planting the seed of hostility towards Libatis in the citizens' hearts. Not only will they invite accidental clashes, there is also the fear of provoking an invasion from Libatis.」

「Wilhelmina wants to expand. That much is certain.」

Leopolt also seems to agree with me.

「I'm sure of it too. The conditions of the non-aggression treaty are already being fulfilled. The South Yuguria army has started to move away from the border zone and the forts are being taken down under the watch of Libatis. This is undoubtable information.」

I don't know how negotiations were done but if both conditions are being satisfied, Libatis has to believe the treaty is real.

Tristan also chimes in.

「Not to mention it is rumored that the contents of the peace negotiations are known by the Libatis citizens. That means the country can't say no.」

Why? If something is suspicious, you should decline.

「For that country, the people choose the government, right? The new threat in South Yuguria wants a non-aggression treaty…… not only that, they made the border unprotected first…… so how can Libatis reject. As a citizen of Libatis, you would want fewer enemies and you would rather use money on yourself rather than on military.」

Tristan takes a breath before continuing.

「More importantly, Libatis is nearing the election for the next president―― in other words, they will be choosing their supreme leader. If they don't comply with the non-aggression pact, the rival candidate can attack by saying how funds are being spent needlessly on military or the president is a warmonger.」

Fumu, a conclusion has yet to be drawn.

「So what should we do? Is South Yuguria going to be a peaceful empire and allow everybody to live happily ever after?」

「That is unlikely. This move is a form of deception to lure people into a false sense of security. It's a non-aggression pact for the sake of an invasion.」
「We can't tell what it is at this moment, but they have a trump card and are targeting Libatis with it. That is unmistakable.」

Agree to peace so they can invade?
I don't get it.

「It's a superb move. Even if Libatis thinks that person is suspicious, they still prioritize the election over everything. This is the perfect timing to aim for.」

「They dismantled the supply points though. Without those, large scale operations involving the crossing of the border won't be possible. Troops can be hidden, bases cannot. They should have a trump card in terms of military strategy.」

「An Empire-style army formation and skilled active commanders…… no, having a well-regulated army doesn't really change the marching speed much and the importance of resupply remains the same. If I had more detailed information on the branches within the army and the number of squads, I could make some predictions.」

「South Yuguria's counterintelligence network is rapidly being strengthened. It's hard just to find out the exact numbers let alone the composition details. The only thing we can examine is what they don't intend to hide.」

The conversation between Leopolt and Tristan becomes slightly complicated.
My role seems to be over too.

Sekrit comes over and gently rubs my shoulder.

「Let me put this simply. When there is someone you want to kill no matter what――」

Sekrit pulls the knife at my waist and gets into a low stance.

「This woman!」

Celia responds quickly by drawing her own knife and staring Sekrit down.

「There will be lots of resistance even from just looking at each other like this」

Sekrit drops the knife and raises both hands.
The tension in the air seems to disperse a bit.

「I'll hold her down!」
「First lower their guard, and then――」

The moment Celia approaches the unarmed Sekrit, Sekrit pulls out a knife hidden on her thigh and points it at Celia's throat.
Celia relaxed after seeing the blade fall to the floor and couldn't deal with Sekrit's speed.

「Killing this way is much easier, no?」

Sekrit releases Celia for real this time.
I see, now I understand.

「Uuuu…… she tricked me. How frustrating! It's so frustrating!」

Celia pounds the floor feeling mortified after the demonstration. Meanwhile Sekrit leaves the room laughing.

「I'll accept the punishment for this. You can do it yourself. I don't mind if you torture me.」

Sekrit leaves those final words as she disappears. What a real problem child she is.
I thought she opened up to Celia after travelling together, but it's all wasted.

「In any case, don't slack in the preparations. We should get ready for war.」

「I guess…… it's now way harder to persuade the kingdom though.」

Tristan is right.

I have been contacting Erich to advise the kingdom to fortify the defense to the south, however I haven't been getting a favorable response.
The King is unmotivated and Erich said that he can't mobilize the royal army without any real threat.
Pleading the case that South Yuguria is a threat just got more difficult with the signing of the non-aggression treaty.

「How troublesome.」

Let me play with the depressed Celia to distract myself.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.

Nonna (follow), Carla (follow), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (mother), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (? rider)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (……), Alice (master of a.s.s), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters - Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (chast.i.ty-protecting elf), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (loved one)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (lump of meat), Clara (female attendant)
Celestina (return preparations), Monica (preparing), Adela (pro lover)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (security unit), Marta (aide), Irijina (commander), Peticheri (sweetheart), Luna (……), Ruby (bow cavalry), Gido (adulterer), Polte (domestic affairs official)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (head of domestic affairs), Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress)
Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (bare), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (lizard?), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (erofu), Harpy x10

Citizens: 205,000. Refugees: 10,000
Major Cities – Rafen: 36,000. Lintbloom: 6000. Special Cultivation District: 14,000.

Army: 15 400 men
Infantry: 10 500, Cavalry: 1500, Archers: 1500, Bow Cavalry: 1500, Cannoneers: 400 (bow cavalry requisitioned only)
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 80

Reserve Army: 4000 men. Security Unit: 200 men.

a.s.sets: 10,050 gold (military reinforcement -2850)

s.e.xual Partners: 583, children who have been born: 68 + 555 fish

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