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Chapter 1239: Ma.s.sacring an IslandTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The killing such as this one was just a common occurrence back when Tang Xiu lived for 10 millenniums in the Immortal World. It was the world where b.l.o.o.d.y brutality was just common sight between all walks of life that fought and killed each other—the manifestation of the rules of Heavenly Dao—just like big fish preys on small fish and small fish swallow shrimps. Even if you don’t resort to killings, some others will come forward to kill you. Those who wanted to live and go further and those who wanted to be stronger must inevitably step on the mountain of corpses and traverse through the sea of blood to move forward.

This island had over 1,000 inhabitants and for the former Tang Xiu, this cruel battle might be less brutal than what had happened to those innocent victims. He valued life, but that didn’t mean he must care about the lives of the d.a.m.ned people who deserved death.

Those who became pirates were exactly such a group. They must be prepared to be killed by others when they committed the atrocities themselves.

Tang Xiu looked at Karin’s hesitant expression and said indifferently, “I begin to doubt whether the Sacred Flame people are all the kind of spineless and softhearted bunch. Now I’m hesitating whether I must issue the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission if you keep your womanly compa.s.sion. Your att.i.tude will make it impossible for my plan to be accomplished.”

Karin’s complexion changed. She noticed her companions in the surroundings casting angry looks at her. Her expression turned cold and then said in a deep voice, “Mr. Tang, our Sacred Flame Organization is similar to a mercenary. We have accepted the job and we will execute it perfectly. Let alone these d.a.m.ned people, we won’t even flinch when we must slaughter innocent and poor people. I admit that what I just said was driven by a touch of kindness and compa.s.sion. I a.s.sure you that this will never happen again in the future since the purpose of our Sacred Flame Organization is all for money.”

“That’s right!” Tang Xiu nodded contentedly and stated. “What you’re after is money, everything else is secondary. Be steadfast and purely focus on your own crusade for money, and kill whoever prevents you from making money. Money is everything and people would die for fortune. That’s just the way to live in this world.”

A complicated look flashed in Karin’s eyes and she nodded wordlessly. The Sacred Flame’s 200-plus members looked enthusiastic and stared at Tang Xiu with extreme reverence.

Even the black man strode to Tang Xiu’s front and excitedly said, “I really hope you can join us, Mr. Tang. Your ideas are just in line with the highest objective of our organization. I’ll explain to Vulcan myself if you’re willing to join. I’ll ask him to give you a position of regional administrator.”

A smile crept up on Tang Xiu’s face and he asked with a faint smile, “Do you think I’m short of money?”

The black man held his breath and suddenly looked awkward. Still, he braced himself and insisted. “I know you’re very rich, Mr. Tang. You can even pay 10 billion USD to issue a mission for us. I can say that you’re the wealthiest client I’ve ever met. However, I think there’s no one who dislikes having more. Not to mention that being able to take out 10 billion dollars doesn’t mean that you’re the richest man in the world. Could it be that you no longer wish to have more money, wealth, enjoy the best service in the world, and live the most lavish life?”

Money is that paramount? Seriously? Tang Xiu sneered inwardly. He then replied disdainfully, “Money and wealth may have great roles for you, but it has no significance in my eyes. You should’ve investigated Chen Zhizhong’s situation before you abducted him, shouldn’t you? Do you think he’s a rich man?”

“He does have some money, but he’s not too rich,” the black man replied. “According to our findings, the wealth of his Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical company just amounts to 5 billion dollars, give or take. It’s not even enough to issue the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission.”

Without being salty, Tang Xiu replied, “Chen Zhizhong is my disciple. An in-name disciple, precisely. For your information, my wealth is at least 100 times that of his, about 1 trillion or more. Do you think I can spend it all in my lifetime?”


The black man gasped, and the over 200 Sacred Flame’s members around looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief and incredulity, as though they heard the most unbelievable thing in the world.

Trillions of dollars in wealth?

Who else could have trillions of dollars besides those terrifying super clans? This Mr. Tang should be from China, but they never heard of such a super-rich man hailing from this country, ever!

“Money is indeed a good thing to have, but to me, it’s just like mud.” Tang Xiu went on, “What I seek is strength. You’re just very poor, so you still want to pursue wealth and money. But after you have such wealth that you know you won’t be able to spend it all, then you will start pursuing strength and the essence of life.”

We’re poor?

All the 200-plus members of the Sacred Flame wore bitter smiles. Who among them didn’t have a net worth of at least several million and even in the billions? Although they were not super-rich, they were still better than most people, right?

However, they recalled how terrifying this man was and the terrible amount of wealth he had, they could only weakly groan inwardly: I’m indeed very dirt poor compared to this guy.

Quickly after, several experts of Tang Sect and Sacred Flame stayed behind on the liner, while the rest followed Tang Xiu and landed on the Sunny Island.

Facing the tens of pirates armed with firearms and trigger-happy, the experts of Sacred Flame flickered fast without Tang Xiu’s order. Their swords and blades flashed, creating sword images that fluttered everywhere, with bullets flying around yet not injuring anyone at all. The tens of ferocious-looking pirates quickly beheaded, and their bodies were torn apart before quickly meeting their deaths.

“Kill these pirates as fast as you can!” Tang Xiu descended to the sh.o.r.e and ordered loudly, “Remember, keep a few alive and squeeze from them where Chen Zhizhong is!”

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Figures moved at the speed of lightning and dashed forward towards the island, greeted by hails of gunfire. Chi Nan, who just departed, hurriedly returned and reported. “Sect Master, Chen Zhizhong is being detained on the fifth island, called Cloudy Island. I heard that everyone on that island has been driven away by the pirate leader in the past seven days.”

A chilling light overflowed in Tang Xiu’s eyes and he shouted coldly, “Tell everyone to return to the s.h.i.+p! We’ll head over to the fifth island at once!”

After five-plus minutes, those who left the s.h.i.+p had returned and the liner quickly resumed sailing at the fastest speed toward the fifth island more than 100 miles nautical miles away. Tang Xiu was fully aware that saving Chen Zhizhong was a race against time. A minute of delay would mean more dangers to Chen Zhizhong.

After the fast cruise, Tang Xiu, who was standing on the deck, could see the looming Cloudy Island. However, at this time, four liners quickly came from the direction of that island. Tang Xiu then saw a big man in black exercise suit with various weapons on his body standing on the prow of the fourth liner.

“The liner in front, STOP! Else you’ll be killed!”

A loud radio transmission came from the four s.h.i.+ps.

Tang Xiu let out a contemptuous look and said in a deep voice, “Heed my order, everyone! Ignore their warning and rush directly to exterminate them!”

Having said that, he grabbed Chi Nan’s shoulders and the two of them flew up into the air and bolted towards Cloudy Island. Tang Xiu quickly unleashed his divine sword without hesitation when four burly pirates armed with swords flew and attempted to intercept them. Sword shadows elongated for several hundreds of meters and crushed the four burly pirates, leaving them no chance to avoid the strike.

“What power!”

The black man and the 200-plus members of Sacred Flame immediately gasped upon seeing Tang Xiu’s violent strike. They just couldn’t figure out why Tang Xiu would spend so much money to hire them despite himself having such fearsome power.

A short while after, Tang Xiu and Chi Nan landed on Cloudy Island. Murderous intent was overflowing in their eyes when they saw 13 old men in black robes wielding swords in front. Tang Xiu sneered. “The real experts appeared, huh. But you all won’t be able to stop us with your strength. Chi Nan, kill them all!”


A powerful aura burst out from Chi Nan as she unleashed her immortal sword and flashed towards the 13 black-robed old men lightning-fast. Her strikes were extremely fast and the strength brought with them was powerful, at least much more powerful than these 13 black-robed old men. Each of her strikes made these 13 people’s complexion changed as they found it very difficult to fight her back.

Tang Xiu continuously released his spiritual sense. After covering several kilometers radius, he kept flying towards the center of the island. He then saw a bizarre altar within the scope of his perception with Chen Zhizhong hung atop the altar with 13 blades impaling his body. A bald man in front of the altar was kneeling and kept chanting a bizarre incantation.

Suddenly, the bald man disappeared and, when he reappeared, he instantly transfigured into a black dragon in front of Tang Xiu, giving Tang Xiu quite a surprise.

The next moment, however, Tang Xiu disdainfully sneered and mocked. “Hmph, a real black dragon can contend with an Immortal’s strength and I may not be able to fight it. But you transforming into a black dragon is nothing but an ant! DIE!”

The divine sword streaked upward in that instant.

Crus.h.i.+ng and violent sword light instantly slashed down and split the black dragon’s head in a flash. As the black dragon wailed and disappeared, the black-robed bald man flew upside down to the back.

“Blood Sacrifice—Formation Smelter!”

The black-robed bald man spurted out a mouthful of blood but, while he was flying backward, his hands kept conjuring seals in the air and his blood gradually condensed into dozens scarlet, blood runes.

“Heh, a trivial skill will never able to make anything significant!”

It only took Tang Xiu a glance to see through all the mystery of the secret art cast by the black-robed bald man. His divine sword slashed forward and the ten scarlet blood runes disappeared. In nearly a flash, he then appeared less than 3 meters in front of the bald man.

“A wizard who can contend with the Spirit Formation Stage, huh? A bit interesting.”

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