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Chapter 1246: The Prelude of the Battle

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Time fleeted by quickly and nearly two hours had pa.s.sed. Tang Xiu was sitting on a boulder by the sea, watching several liners quickly approaching in the distance. As a smile appeared on his face, he made a motion with his hand and figures flickered lightning-fast and appeared on the beach.

“Mr. Tang.”

As the liners approached the sh.o.r.e, a wounded Vulcan quickly moved and came to Tang Xiu. Although his expression was rather vague, the chill radiating from him showed that he was very furious as of now.

“You were defeated. So?” Tang Xiu’s countenance was full of indifference and his tone was very cold.

Vulcan clenched his fists and replied, “We failed, indeed. The Celestial Wizard Clan turns out to have strength beyond what we’ve estimated. We are still not their match even if we’ve gone all out. But what I found very vexing is that the Dark Shaman Clan just fled without having any intention to help us even when the enemy’s reinforcement arrived. My Sacred Flame Organization wouldn’t have suffered such a great loss otherwise.”

Tang Xiu shook his head. “As far as I know, the number of experts the Dark Shaman Clan brought to the fourth island is just a few. I don’t think the losses would be reduced even if they lent a hand, and it could have been much worse instead.”

“How come?” replied Vulcan with a cold face.

“The Celestial Wizard Clan dispatched such a large punitive expedition to exterminate the entire Dark Shaman Clan. Yet, they failed to find anyone from the Dark Shaman Clan on the first island until they came to the fourth island. That’s the likely reason why the appearance of a small group of Dark Shaman Clan immediately triggered them and caused their momentum to soar. Do you think they would give up the chase and kill you so crazily after that?”

Vulcan’s gaze narrowed and the chill emanating from him diminished a lot. It was indeed a variable he never thought of before, and what caused his fury was the losses of several thousands of his subordinates. The remarks from Tang Xiu did make sense on this matter.

“Further, the Sacred Flame took part in this battle since you accepted the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission, to begin with.” Tang Xiu went on, “As far as I know, your organization has received this mission twice prior to this. I presume the losses from those two events were definitely not smaller than this one, yes?”

Vulcan recalled for a moment and finally nodded with a depressed mood, saying, “The losses were indeed larger than it is now, especially the second one, which nearly destroyed my Sacred Flame Organization.”

“Be that as it may, you’ve accepted my employment to carry out the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission and you must be prepared to face serious losses,” Tang Xiu said. “Of course, what you gain is by no means trivial, either. After all, you’ve accepted 15 billion dollars alone from the beginning I hired you until this incident now. I don’t think the figure is a trivial sum.”

Indeed! Vulcan muttered inwardly.

He was by no means short of money right now. To begin with, the main reason why he agreed to accept Tang Xiu’s employment this time was that he wanted to train his troops and eliminate all the weak members of Sacred Flame Organization, leaving only the elite. Another reason that his anger quickly disappear was that, although the loss was heavy and he only had a few men left, the more share he would get at the end.

He was already rich, but he never disliked having more.

Tilting up his head to look at Tang Xiu again, Vulcan seriously said, “But my Sacred Flame suffered heavy losses on the fourth island, and I don’t think we can take part in the following battles. Of course, we’ll also take action to help you if you’re defeated by the Celestial Wizard Clan.”

“I didn’t hire you to watch the show and have some fun here.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “You were the one who refused our good intentions when I originally planned to bring my men to take part in the battle with you before the battle on the fourth island. It is your obligation to lend a hand to kill all members of Celestial Wizard Clan since you’re already here. Instead of waiting for us to get defeated before you act, you might as well fight with us from the start. I promise you that your Sacred Flame Organization won’t suffer too many losses in the upcoming battle.”

“But there’s no need for my side to take part in the battle if we fell directly to the sixth island, isn’t it?” Vulcan frowned.

“Heh, you didn’t escape directly to the sixth island because you’re afraid that the Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts would chase and kill you down on the sixth island.” Tang Xiu replied, “You must fight with us here since you fled here. Besides, helping us is equal to helping yourself.”

“20 billion dollars! I’ll take all members of my Sacred Flame to fight with you and kill the Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts if you pay 20 billion dollars!” Vulcan didn’t refuse directly but demand more payment with a firm expression.

Tang Xiu’s brows deeply tightened and he intentionally revealed his reluctance and thought for a few minutes in silence. Then, he nodded and said, “20 billion dollars is a very large sum, but it’s not convenient to transfer the money to you now. I’ll transfer the remaining 15 billion dollars into your account after the battle. Is that acceptable?”


A smile appeared on Vulcan’s face and he immediately issued an order to the members of Sacred Flame who had disembarked to join forces with the Tang Sect disciples and the Dark Shaman Clan to besiege the coming enemy, the powerful Celestial Wizard Clan,

In the vast sea.

Several pa.s.senger s.h.i.+ps sailed in the direction of the fifth island. On the deck of the forefront s.h.i.+p, a black-robed old man was sitting cross-legged with his companion while observing the sea wordlessly.

“Brother, I just can’t figure out why I keep feeling restless and scared. It’s like we’re about to face a life and death crisis.” An expert who had a young appearance frowned and spoke to Wizard Ancestor.

Wizard Ancestor was silent for a few minutes and then replied slowly, “Before experiencing the battle on the fourth island, there have been such issues since all of us can leave, I think. But our clan lost quite a lot of people on the fourth island and are kind of suppressing our anger. It’s likely that all the clansmen won’t be able to vent it out if we don’t chase and kill those enemies.”

“That’s right! The cultivation system for wizards like us indeed depends on the mood. Bottling up our anger and being unable to vent it will indeed bog down our cultivation. This is likely the cause since we can’t retaliate while our clansmen keep being injured. Thus, the reason why they chose the Dark Shaman lineage as the target to vent it.” The young-looking man with an old voice nodded and spoke slowly.

Wizard Ancestor suddenly s.h.i.+fted the topic. “By the way, the message from Helios said that he is on the fifth island of Nonagon Bulwark, the Sunny Island. But how come those enemies fled to the fifth island? What happened to Helios? Did he have an accident?”

“I have no idea about it, either.”

Both of them were silent for a moment. Although they still felt a bit of uneasiness, they still persisted in chasing the enemy. Their clansmen had noticed the appearance of Dark Shaman Clan during the battle on the fourth island, so they decided to kill them on the fifth island. While at the same time obliterating the Sacred Flame’s members, they also made up their minds to find the Dark Shaman Clan’s members and completely annihilate them.

The fifth island was looming ahead. The island looked a bit vague, but both of them had seen their destination. It was precisely because of this that the atmosphere on the liner became extremely solemn. The killing intent felt like it was nearly materialized and caused the temperature to drop a few degrees lower than in the surroundings.

“Everyone! Get to the sh.o.r.e!”

Wizard Ancestor slowly got up from the deck. The moment he issued the order, a series of figures immediately bolted toward from several liners and landed on the beach in the blink of an eye. Immediately after, the tens of Celestial Wizard experts were on alert and ready for battle at the seaside.

“Raze and burn down the whole island!”

Waving the magic staff in his hand, Wizard Ancestor issued an order and pillars of flame streaked up to the sky towards the air above the woods. Over 2,000 experts of Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts then disembarked the s.h.i.+ps and landed on the sh.o.r.e. This time, they acted differently than when on the previous four islands, clearly showing their resolution to carry out a decisive battle here.

Back on the fourth island, they only dispatched less than 1,000 people. But now, although nearly 300 of their clansmen were killed before, the number of combatants was more than 2,000 people, which indicated that nearly all the powerhouses of the Celestial Wizard Clan had come here.

Their killing intent and persistence were abounding! The big fire set ablaze and burned down the forest that covered three-quarters of the area of the entire island, setting up the sky red with blazing fire.


The moment the enemies appeared, the Celestial Wizard experts avoided the blazing fire and stormed over the enemies.

At this time, Tang Xiu stood atop the two-story garden house in the middle of the island while watching the approaching flame in the sky. Disdain was visible in his eyes. The location where he stood was a residential area made of reinforced concrete within 2 kilometers radius. The flame wouldn’t pose any threat to them no matter how big the fire was.

Yet, he still felt pity for the Sacred Flame’s people since more than 60% of them were all hiding in the dense forest. Although the fire was unlikely to hurt them severely, it would still force them out and make them face the enemies.

“Go all out and kill them all! The harder you fight the fewer threats the Tang Sect disciples and Dark Shaman Clan will face!” Tang Xiu resolutely ordered as his eyes flashed.

After 20 minutes, Tang Xiu saw Vulcan rus.h.i.+ng towards him lightning-fast. He immediately shouted loudly, “All of you, heed my order and prepare to slaughter the Celestial Wizard Clan! Chen Zhizhong, you take some men and take out two powerhouses among them. Remember not to kill them and just entangle them!”


Chen Zhizhong shouted and immediately dashed with more than 20 disciples of Tang Sect.

Tang Xiu shouted again, “Tang Guang, Tang An. The two of you move and deal with another two powerhouses, one in the dark and one in the light. Give them heavy blows as severe as you can or kill them directly!”


The air fluctuated and the two of them instantly disappeared.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath. As Vulcan came in front of him in a rush, he streaked up into the sky and quickly rushed to the most chaotic spots on the battlefield, shouting, “Vulcan! Tell your men to go all out to kill the enemy!”

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