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Chapter 1160 - Counterattack

“I refuse to believe this. How can w.a.n.g Xi be captured by him? She cultivated three strands of immortal energy, her cultivation enough to look down on her peers. Once the w.a.n.g Family’s long life art is displayed, who could even face her?”

Heavenly deity inst.i.tution immediately erupted with commotion. Many people cried out loudly. These news were too shocking, leaving quite a few young cultivators shocked, all of them clamoring with noise.

Everyone knew that w.a.n.g Xi was a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy, practically unstoppable, so how could she be subdued like this, moreover forced to carry out a ritual kneeling?

This undoubtedly raised a huge uproar, making many people unable to sit still, complaining noisily.

“It is definitely fake news, there’s no way this is possible. I refuse to believe that Fairy w.a.n.g Xi would be inferior to her own servant, no way. All she has to do is activate the diamond band on his head, and then he will immediately be subdued!”

Even though these people were stunned, they didn’t believe these rumors.

“It’s true, someone personally saw Fairy w.a.n.g Xi’s cave become sealed up, precisely done by that brat. Many people saw it for themselves!” Someone sighed.

In this heavenly deity inst.i.tution, w.a.n.g Xi was naturally extremely popular. She not only had a n.o.ble background, her natural talents were also exceptional, one of the most stunning and powerful women.

Right now, a large amount of people gathered in w.a.n.g Xi’s pure land, converging like clouds. It was because this information was too shocking, everyone coming to seek confirmation.

Even those who were normally always cultivating in seclusion came, their emotions fluctuating intensely when they heard about this.

The pure land was extremely vast, the territory extremely great. Archaic great peaks rested one after another, imposing and majestic.

“Dao brothers, what is going on? Isn’t that fella w.a.n.g Xi’s follower? He has the diamond band on his head, so how can he rebel?” A blue-clothed prince’s chest was rising and falling intensely as he asked in a loud voice.

It was quite clear that he was an admirer of w.a.n.g Xi. When he heard these news, a mouthful of blood was almost spat out.

However, after learning about some of the situation, a bit of hope rose within him again, because right now, there were rumors everywhere, so he didn’t believe this was too likely to be true.

“There are people purposely slandering Fairy w.a.n.g Xi, it has to be like this!” A young man with a tall and st.u.r.dy statue roared, angered badly. At the same time, he felt a bit of apprehension.

Soon afterwards, these people arrived at w.a.n.g Xi’s pure land, arriving before her cave. There were already a lot of people here.

“That is… what is Mo Dao doing?” A few people’s eyebrows jumped.

Mo Dao’s white clothes were purer than snow, extremely handsome. Cultivating three strands of immortal energy at his age, he could be said to be a supreme being legend.

Right now, he was seated before the cave, unmoving, three strands of immortal energy surrounding him, forming great dao flowers above him. Mists moved about his figure.

“He is cultivating in seclusion!” Someone said.

“No, I feel like he is guarding w.a.n.g Xi’s cave, preventing others from going in!” There were some who displayed doubt.

“Sigh, did you all just arrive? Mo Dao is naturally sealing the door for his master, separating this place from the outside world.” Someone replied with a deep sigh.


This place immediately erupted with noise. Even the faces of the people who believed that everything were just rumors and expressed doubt now fell. w.a.n.g Xi really was captured and brought into the cave by s.h.i.+ Hao?

There were quite a few people who clenched their fists, while the eyes of the people who came later all released flames, finding this hard to accept.

These people who hurried over more or less all had good opinions of w.a.n.g Xi, cultivators who admired her. Otherwise, why would they appear so energetically?

“That fella and w.a.n.g Xi… it’s true?” Everyone found this hard to accept, asking the ones who arrived earlier.

“Even though it really leaves one in grief, but… it really isn’t just a false rumor. Someone personally saw it!” The people around them were furious, truly wis.h.i.+ng to immediately slaughter their way inside.

“What exactly is going on?” A few people made discreet inquiries.

As a result, this place became noisy, many people’s eyes becoming red, wis.h.i.+ng they could immediately break through the cave door and truly make their way inside.

“Too despicable, truly shameless! Our Fairy w.a.n.g Xi was plotted against, sealed inside the cave! Everyone, we should take action and rescue Fairy w.a.n.g Xi!”

However, no one dared go up, because the white-clothed Mo Dao sat there, complexion like jade, precious appearance dignified. Who dared anger or trouble him?

Unless Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, or others like these personally took action, it wouldn’t even be a fight.

Soon afterwards, there really was someone who came out. Princess Yao Yue appeared, her face carrying a smiling expression. This matter truly was too sudden, but for her, it could be considered good news. The misfortune of her compet.i.tor, bad news about the other party, for her, was all praise and encouragement.

“What? My clan’s pearl really was schemed against by a servant?” In the academy, there were other w.a.n.g Family disciples. When they heard these news, they were shocked and stunned.

Then, those two went crazy. This was too abrupt, moreover extremely shameless.

Previously, they were still discussing, about to stir up something major, yet in the end, it turns out that the fella who made them curl their lips, inwardly treat as a servant, actually initiated a ‘counterattack’!

Only, this counterattack really was a bit hard to accept, making these two almost fall onto the ground, feel as if stars were spinning before their eyes, and then everything went black.

Without a doubt, this was like a slap to their faces, slapping them silly.

The w.a.n.g Family, even though they all had the same surname, endless time had pa.s.sed from Immortal Ancient Great Era until now, so the clan had split into too many branches.

It could be said that even though they all had a common ancestor, the blood relations.h.i.+p wasn’t that strong, completely able to marry with other branches, the clan’s elders permitted it.

The two previously still felt some longing, but now, it was shattered like this, moreover by someone who they looked down on so much. This really was a disaster.

The w.a.n.g Family’s disciples also came, their faces all falling. This was especially the case when they saw Mo Dao, all of them couldn’t help but clench their teeth.

“You, still aren’t getting up and getting rid of the cave’s seal?!” Finally a disciple from the w.a.n.g Family shouted, shouting towards Mo Dao.

“Noisy!” Mo Dao gave them a cold look, immediately throwing their minds into chaos.

“What are you acting so insolent for? You are nothing more than that brat’s servant, and that brat is w.a.n.g Xi’s servant, so you ought to listen to my clan!” A youngster shouted in a fl.u.s.tered and exasperated manner.

“The so-called servant of yours is currently inside the cave. You all can feel free to go inside and deal with him, criticize him as you wish.” Mo Dao said extremely calmly.

“You… do you know who you are talking to? You are also someone who belongs to w.a.n.g Family!” That youngster shouted.

“The immortal energy you all have isn’t pure, created from the leftover immortal energy of past heroes, don’t try to boast here.” Mo Dao coldly said.

He didn’t treat these two as anyone significant at all, his expression carefree.

The surrounding people were speechless. A family, regardless of what methods were used, being able to cultivate a cultivator with immortal energy was still an extremely splendid thing.


Someone took action, directing precious techniques at Mo Dao.

As a result, blood splashed everywhere, a figure sent flying. Mo Dao swung his sleeve, striking outwards, his movements extremely relaxed.

This place became chaotic. Many people took action, but they still couldn’t do anything to Mo Dao, all of them withdrawing with serious injuries.

The disturbance was becoming greater and greater. There were people who went to make a report to elders.

“There really was this type of thing that happened?!” In the outside world, w.a.n.g Family’s elders became furious. After news of this got out, it would make them look extremely helpless and bad.

Many families heard about this, feeling that the w.a.n.g Family was too pa.s.sive. It was a servant who ‘rebelled’, definitely a scandal.

In reality, w.a.n.g Family immediately sent out people to understand and solve the situation. These weren’t the hatchlings in the inst.i.tution, but rather all seasoned and experienced individuals.

However, after this so-called calm and cold treatment, when they learned what happened, they were all stupefied, and then became furious.

As they learned more and more, there were more rumors that began to spread.

w.a.n.g Family’s experts arrived, and they began to take action.


Giant rocks collapsed, the mountainous region quaked. However, the cave was still unharmed, impossible to break apart.

When Mo Dao was faced with the w.a.n.g Family’s great expert, he didn’t interfere, allowing him to take action. Meanwhile, he himself intentionally moved aside, letting him attack the cave as he wished.

“Hehe…” Princess Yao Yue in the crowd laughed, feeling extremely happy. “w.a.n.g Xi chose a man herself, what are you all getting so agitated for? Insisting on breaking in like this.”

These were definitely words with bad intentions. When w.a.n.g Family’s person heard this, he immediately wanted to turn around and treat her with hostility.

However, Princess Yao Yue’s clansmen also arrived, gaze forceful, preventing the other party from acting out.

“Youngster, get your a.s.s out here!” Finally, w.a.n.g Clan’s elder roared furiously, unable to endure it anymore. At the same time, he also had people invite the academy’s other elders. They had to break open this cave as quickly as possible.

After who knew how much time had pa.s.sed, the cave rumbled, the pair of enormous doors opened wide, releasing a blast of chaotic energy. s.h.i.+ Hao walked over with large steps.

“Brat, you finally dared to come out! Wearing my clan’s diamond band on your head, you are destined to serve as a servant for the rest of your life, yet you dare act like this?!” A middle-aged man cried out. He really was getting anxious, finding it hard to calm down.

“If you are talking like this, I really don’t feel any guilt then.” s.h.i.+ Hao replied, putting on an expression of provocation on his face.

w.a.n.g Family’s people were about to explode from anger. Normally, when did youngsters like him dare contradict an elder and provoke him like this?

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