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Chapter 1170 - Force

“Mo Dao, come back, get rid of him for me.” s.h.i.+ Hao said, his voice frivolous, not attaching much importance to this person at all.

“You… are too arrogant! The one I am challenging is you, why are you making someone fight instead of you?” That person shouted. He wore a violet-gold hat on his head, the artifact unordinary. This was quite the large and tall young man.

“Just a trifling two strands of immortal energy, yet you think it’s worth challenging me? My servant even has three strands of immortal energy. If you want to fight against me, wait after you cultivate for another 500 years first!” s.h.i.+ Hao mocked.

He knew that this person definitely had an expert on the level of w.a.n.g Xi or Lu Tuo behind him who had him go up to test things first. Otherwise, why would someone with two strands of immortal energy dare take action?

People had faces and trees had bark. When he was mocked like this in front of everyone by s.h.i.+ Hao like this, his face was originally like jade, but now, it was red-purple. He rushed over with a heavenly spear, shouting, “You are a coward, only knowing how to hide behind others, making a foreign expert take action, while you yourself aren’t worth anything! If you have the skills, then come!”

“Exactly! What kind of skill is this? Using treacherous methods to accept a servant, not real skill at all! If you have the strength, then come and fight, you’ll definitely be suppressed!” There were people who shouted along behind, clearly mocking s.h.i.+ Hao, trying to force him to take action.

“Just a group of ants, what qualifications do you all have to be so noisy? Mo Dao, what are you hesitating for, hurry up and take action, knock them all down below my feet!” s.h.i.+ Hao said coldly.

Towards this type of provocation from people who weren’t worth fighting himself, he didn’t budge, still having Mo Dao take action.

Mo Dao returned, rus.h.i.+ng over from the stone furnace entrance. He stood on the mountain, which was also the stone furnace’s body. White clothes fluttered about, hair fluttering about, his eyes like lightning.

He released a type of astonis.h.i.+ng aura, making the hearts of those on the other side pound nervously.

“Mo Dao, as a foreign expert who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, known as the supreme being of a generation, how can you be willing to become the servant of someone weaker than you? If I was you, I would have directly killed him! However, I have also heard that you are restricted through some type of method, giving a demonic artifact that could nurture the soul to him, thus losing your freedom. If you feel any misgivings, we can help you deal with him!” The young man who wore the violet-gold hat and had a handsome face said. He raised the sharp heavenly spear in his hands.

Everyone knew that these weren’t sincere words, but rather just some stimulation to see the other party’s reaction. It was also to help the one behind him, or several individuals behind him feel out whether s.h.i.+ Hao really did kill the Three-Headed King.


With a raise of Mo Dao’s palm, several dozen ancient characters shone, every one of them releasing metallic sounds, bright and dazzling as they flew over. This was precisely the method he comprehended on the white jade mountain.

As a result, several dozen flame phoenixes released a cry, rising into the air. Those characters formed scarlet-red phoenixes, their magnificent wings long, the feathers brightly colored, their beauty carrying a type of holiness. Phoenixes were dancing in the nine heavens!

Moreover, they all carried wisps of immortal, released by the immortal energy Mo Dao cultivated. They immediately erupted!

The male on the other side shouted, the bone mirror in his hands extremely glossy, starting to s.h.i.+ne like a silver sun, also producing several dozen fiery red phoenixes.

“Clear Bright Mirror?” Everyone was shocked. This mirror had an extremely rich history, able to hold the enemy’s attacks inside the mirror, and then release it again to send the attack right back.

However, the one in history was an immortal mirror, powerful to a ridiculous degree, its power immeasurable. It had long disappeared for many years, rumored to have shattered during the battle of Immortal Ancient.

This mirror before them was clearly an imitation, but it was still shocking enough. How could a normal imitation block the attack of immortal energy?

The dozens of fiery colored phoenixes Mo Dao displayed grew dim, disappearing from that place, in the end all appearing in that bone mirror, being recreated inside.

“Kill!” The male who wore the violet-gold hat released a short shout. He activated the precious mirror in his hands, and as a result, released brilliant radiance. Several dozen flame phoenixes rushed out, turning into scarlet multicolored light. They carried sky overflowing flames, throwing themselves at Mo Dao.

This type of scenery left one stupefied. There were actually these types of methods!

One had to understand that he was only someone who cultivated two strands of immortal energy, yet he was challenging a young supreme being, defending and attacking, not in all that sorry of a state.

s.h.i.+ Hao released a cold laugh. No wonder the other party dared challenge him, turns out they had something to rely on. The one behind them gave him a precious mirror, this weapon originally supposedly used to test s.h.i.+ Hao.


Mo Dao’s gaze was as cold as lightning. His hands formed imprints, releasing sword radiance one after another, destroying the dozens of divine birds he released himself. Blood dyed the skies, and then they turned into symbol light.

Afterwards, he lowered his body and rushed out, not displaying precious methods, but rather closing the distance to fight in close combat.

The male who wore the violet-gold hat released a shout. The precious mirror in his hands was continuously activated, the surface of the mirror s.h.i.+ning. Large amounts of light shone from within, forming several dozen Golden Crows. 

Not only could it deour the other party’s precious techniques, it could release attacks itself as well, because it was originally carved from the divine bones of a Golden Crow, refined into a mirror.

However, because of the material not being from a supreme being level Golden Crow, its bloodline not strong enough, the amount of power this bone mirror could display was limited, difficult for it to injure Mo Dao.

In fact, when these dozens of Golden Crows flew out, they couldn’t injure Mo Dao at all. A layer of blinding radiance flowed about the outside of his body like liquid, protecting him.


When the distance was closed, Mo Dao hacked out with his palm, three strands of immortal energy wrapped around his palm and fingers! That person used the precious mirror to protect himself, however, a cracking sound could immediately be heard, the mirror shattering.

Right at this moment, a shocking change happened, a short blade flew out from the bone mirror, turning into sharp divine radiance, hacking at Mo Dao. It was too fast, like a sky-shocking divine rainbow.

At the same time, someone else took action, rus.h.i.+ng murderously at s.h.i.+ Hao. This was a bronze person, a type of secret treasure, and could also be considered a type of battle tool.

Someone couldn’t help but want to test out s.h.i.+ Hao, not taking action himself, but instead secretly activating a humanoid precious artifact, this artifact can also be considered a type of puppet.

This precious artifact was extremely unordinary, within it stored all types of divine materials, refined countless times.

“Do you dare fight?” 

At this time, four creatures jumped out at the same time, rus.h.i.+ng over. They all held secret treasures, wis.h.i.+ng to size up his strength.


Not far out, Mo Dao was angered. The other party always relied on precious artifacts, challenging his supreme being dignity. He took action with full power, palms and fingers s.h.i.+ning. With a sharp weapon in hand, he cut through the short sword, and then chopped the violet-gold hat male in half at the waist, blood dyeing the skies.

It could be said that regardless of whether it was the Clear Bright Mirror imitation or that short sword, they were both quite unordinary, at the very least able to endure the vicious attacks of three strands of immortal energy several times. However, they were both immediately destroyed.

Mo Dao held a sharp weapon in his hand that was similar to a Dragon Snake, nothing it couldn’t hack through. It it wasn’t for the misgiving he felt towards Heavenly Deity Inst.i.tution, he would have killed this person right here.

“Ah…” That person was sliced apart at the waist, the two halves of his body dropping onto the mountain, the pain difficult to endure.

Mo Dao returned, rus.h.i.+ng at the bronze puppet, about to fight against it.

“Forget it, I’ll take care of it myself, or else there’ll always be others who just won’t give up.” s.h.i.+ Hao released a cold laugh, walking forward.

His body shone slightly, supporting the single heavenly pa.s.sage. Because it was tightly sticking to his body, the heavenly pa.s.sage form couldn’t be seen, but instead looked like armor that covered him.


He raised his fist, smas.h.i.+ng outwards, fighting the bronze puppet head-on. An ear-piercing sound rang out. This thing was incredibly st.u.r.dy, within it a bit of Immortal Gold, a bit similar to the diamond band, the value astonis.h.i.+ng!

Everyone was moved. Worthy of the reputation of a body cultivator, actually fighting this type of war artifact head-on.

The bronze individual’s arm caved in, unable to stop the power of his fist. The scene was horrifying.

However, the people in the background wanted to know the extent of s.h.i.+ Hao’s magical force, because they were long aware that he was an innate body cultivator, clearly understanding that his flesh was incomparable.

That was why several cultivators rushed up, every one of them shouting, releasing resplendent screens of light, all of them displaying precious techniques, also activating the secret treasures long life families gave them.

Of these creatures, there was a Archaic Barbaric Ox, Flying Centipede, Three-Headed Lion King, and Silver Tortoise, all of them powerful species. Even though they were in human form right now, they still carried some characteristics of their species.


At this moment, s.h.i.+ Hao turned into a golden divine arrow, the speed of his flesh just too fast, blasting through the void, attacking that Barbaric Ox above, fighting against that heavenly centipede below, facing that lion king to the right, taking on the Silver Tortoise on his left.


First, it was their precious artifacts that broke. Even though they were things from long life families, under continuously collisions, they still exploded. That bronze person was even more so torn to pieces by s.h.i.+ Hao’s bare hands.

“Too terrifying, a humanoid prehistoric vicious beast!” Someone cried out in alarm.

This fella was ridiculously strong, his flesh alone enough to destroy all precious artifacts, simply unstoppable.


Then, the Barbaric Ox’ neck was twisted in his hands, blood gus.h.i.+ng out, the heavenly centipede was broken to pieces, the lion king sent flying by a single kick, half its body turning into a b.l.o.o.d.y paste, the Silver Tortoise’s sh.e.l.l exploding, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole even more so appearing in his body.

Everyone was stunned. This was just too fast, ending the battle in that short instant.

They all still wanted to see the extent of his cultivation, yet he completely eliminated these people with his physical strength, not using any precious techniques at all.

That violet-gold hat male with unordinary strength had his body cut up. Right now, he had just restored his body, just stood up, yet s.h.i.+ Hao’s foot crushed down from the air, smas.h.i.+ng down on his chest, making his body break apart inch by inch. Apart from his head, his entire body was turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

“Ah…” He released a miserable cry.

“Using these types of items to test me, far from enough.” s.h.i.+ Hao said coldly, looking at the other party.

“Brother is formidable after all, having this type of methods, there is no way you are an unnamed character. We wish to see your true body!”

Finally, those young supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy couldn’t sit still, all of them stepping on the void, pressing over together.

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