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W-Wow... Overgeared G.o.d, Overgeared G.o.d Church! It is great just from the name!!”

“Y-Yes! Really cool! Hahahat!


After the Great Robber of the Red Night left, Grid’s ears slightly reddened as he checked the religion system with Damian. The members of the Overgeared Guild finished sorting out the battlefield and gathered to congratulate their leader. Their expression and tone of voice was very embarra.s.sing. Even those who had been in the Overgeared Guild for several years needed time to adapt to the names Overgeared G.o.d and Overgeared G.o.d Church. The same was true for Grid himself.

“Can you get a religion if you change to a myth? I didn’t know that.”

“What are the basic pa.s.sive skills of a myth cla.s.s?”

Questions were pouring in. Many of the Overgeared members interpreted that Grid, who became a G.o.d, had been promoted to a myth rated cla.s.s. Maybe most players had accepted it. It was extremely rare for a person to think of the concept of a real G.o.d when they saw the world message that Grid had become a G.o.d.

‘It is natural.’

Even in Satisfy, a G.o.d was described as an absolute being. It was difficult to connect a player directly with a G.o.d.

“From a myth, is there a way to get stronger as the number of believers increases?”

“I guess this is how it feels to be a real G.o.d.”

Grid didn’t explain the inside story in detail to his colleagues who interpreted that Grid had changed to a myth cla.s.s. He had earned the status of a G.o.d and not a myth cla.s.s. After revealing the truth, it would be hard for Grid himself to explain the precise meaning and potential of his status as a G.o.d.

‘Now it might be a step toward a myth. Well, I want to stop thinking and take a break first.’

Shortly after raiding the 17th Great Demon, Botis, there was the battle with the 11th Great Demon, Drasion. He summoned and commanded a large army. In the process, he met and persuaded the Great Robber of the Red Night and fought a life or death battle with Lee Jeong, a follower of the Martial G.o.d. Then after the battle with Drasion, he had to face the angels and gained a lot of information through a new truth.

It really felt like he hadn’t rested all day. It felt like his mind and body had exceeded the limit and he would fall down if he wasn’t careful.

‘I should check the rewards at this time...’

His fatigue would disappear like melting snow once he checked the harvest he got today. In the midst of his noisy colleagues, Grid smiled happily and pulled up the list of rewards he had earned from Lee Jeong. As one of the Triad, Lee Jeong was said to be at the top of the followers of the Martial G.o.d and he was indeed a rich man. In addition to giving five levels, he dropped two unique rated Martial G.o.d’s Secret Techniques.

‘A fists technique and a grappling technique... it isn’t efficient for me to learn the fists technique.’

Grid was overgeared. He only became strong when he improved the power of his items. He didn’t feel the need to learn the relatively inferior fists technique. Next, he looked at the list of items that Lee Jeong dropped. It was a very unusual item. It contained features he had never thought of before.

[Lee Jeong’s Blindfold]

[Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 155/230

* Loss of vision.

* Targeting skills aren’t available.

* Agility and strength will decrease by 50%.

* There will be a further decrease in defense by 40%, evasion rate by 60%, and hit rate by 50%.

One of the training tools of Lee Jeong, one of the Triad.

It is made by layering the enus cloth so it blocks out all light. The wearer can’t see even one inch ahead of them.

Wearing this blindfold and fighting with your vision sealed will be a great help for training.

★ Experience acquisition rate is increased by 30%.

★ Agility is permanently increased when you acquire a certain amount of experience while wearing the blindfold.

★ Once the number of times evaded reaches a certain number while wearing the blindfold, the absolute avoidance system will open and the absolute avoidance rate will be permanently increased by a small amount.

★ Once the number of attacks reaches a certain number while wearing the blindfold, accuracy and strength will be permanently increased.

★ Once all set items are equipped, the training effect is doubled.]

[Lee Jeong’s Handcuffs]

[Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 515/577

* Significantly reduces the attack range.

* Some attack skills aren’t available.

* Reduces the weapon’s power by 70% when worn.

* Hit rate will decrease by 30%.

One of the training tools of Lee Jeong, one of the Triad. By restraining both wrists with a steel plate made of black iron, the range of motion of the joints is greatly reduced and specific movements are prohibited.

Fighting while wearing these handcuffs will be a great help in training.

★ Experience acquisition rate is increased by 30%.

★ Once you gain a certain amount of experience while wearing the handcuffs, the skill proficiency of the weapon mastery skills will increase significantly.

★ Every time a skill hits while wearing the handcuffs, the skill’s experience acquisition will increase significantly.

★ Once all set items are equipped, the training effect is doubled.]

[Lee Jeong’s Chains]

[Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 686/764

* Significantly reduces movement range.

* Movement speed is halved.

* Movement related skills such as charging skills can’t be used.

* The chance to activate skills related to the lower body is reduced by 50%.

* 30% decrease in health and stamina recovery rate.

One of the training tools of Lee Jeong, one of the Triad. By restraining both ankles with chains, the range of motion of the joints is greatly reduced and certain movements are prohibited.

Fighting while wearing these chains will be a great help in training.

★ Experience acquisition rate is increased by 30%.

★ Once a certain amount of experience is gained while wearing the chains, the power of movement related skills and lower body attack skills will slightly increase permanently.

★ Once you move for a certain period of time while wearing the chains, your health and stamina will slightly increase permanently.

★ Once all set items are equipped, the training effect is doubled.]

Lee Jeong didn’t wear the restraints for nothing. By sealing his eyes, his hands, and his ankles, he was able to become stronger.

‘...Is this good?’

Grid’s expression was complicated. Lee Jeong’s training tools definitely boasted excellent training effects, but it was questionable if they could be used in practice.

‘If I want to use it, I might have to use it in low level hunting grounds where I won’t die...’

Wasn’t it putting the cart before the horse if he went to low level hunting grounds to enjoy the effects of the training tools? After thinking about it for a while, Grid soon realized it was a waste of time.

‘I’ll know when I use it. There is no need to worry.’

Additionally, there was a need to learn the Martial G.o.d’s secret techniques in order to properly use Lee Jeong’s training tools. The fists technique—it was a martial art that showed power without a weapon. It was a skill he wasn’t interested in at all until a while ago, but he had to learn it to move around in Lee Jeong’s Handcuffs which reduced the power of a weapon by 70%.

[Mixed Throw Strikes has been learned.]

[Mixed Throw Strikes Lv. 1]

[Strikes the target with fists so fast that it is hard to see.

Deals 1,500% physical damage to the target and there is a normal chance to stiffen the target. The next skill can be linked to attack the stiff target without any preparatory action and additional damage will occur.

Cooldown Time: 50 seconds.

Skill Mana Cost: 4,000]

The strength of fist techniques lay in the linkage of a high attack power coefficient and the combo. People with high basic stats could show quite a bit of power without equipping weapons. It had the weakness of a short attack distance and high resource consumption, but 4,000 mana wasn’t much for Grid. It seemed he just had to adapt to the attack range.

[Turning the World Upside Down has been learned.]

[Turning the World Upside Down Lv. 1]

[There is a high probability of throwing the grappled target.

The thrown target must hit the ground with the top of the head, inflicting 20,000 fixed damage and a stun for 0.3 to 1.5 seconds. The stunned target will have a significant decrease in defense.

Skill Cooldown Time: 2 minutes.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,800]

Grappling techniques were the essence of crowd control. The only downside was that it was a non-targeting skill, so it was hard to hit. There was a need to approach and hold the target. If the movements were too big and the target avoided it, then a gap would be revealed in turn. However, even with such weaknesses, it usually wasn’t possible to learn because it wasn’t available.

‘I don’t want to blindly use skills that are hard to match, but in any case, it is good to learn a grappling technique.’

Perhaps Lee Jeong was a gift from the sky. The rewards for this raid were amazing. His fatigue felt relieved.

Grid hummed as he tried wearing Lee Jeong’s training tools one by one. First, he tied his ankles with long chains. It was very inconvenient to move. He could only raise his legs halfway up and the rotation range of his ankles was smaller. The handcuffs were much more uncomfortable. The range of motion of his shoulders was reduced by 80%. It was difficult to hold something in his hands.

‘No matter what weapon I hold, the tip of the handle keeps touching the iron plate.’

It seemed to him that the power of the weapon decreased when using weapons. It was impossible to hold the weapon tightly because the handle of the weapon kept touching the handcuffs made of a thick iron plate. However, the handcuffs were pretty good compared to the blindfold.

[You can’t see one inch ahead of you.]


Grid’s vision was completely sealed the moment he used the blindfold. He literally couldn’t see an inch ahead of him.

‘This requires 100% relying on sound.’

He had to understand and respond to the surrounding situation only by what he heard with his ears. The difficulty of the blindfold was really terrible. It happened when Grid was struggling and waving his hands in the air...

Ohh...! The Overgeared G.o.d is blinding himself to understand the position of the sick and the weak. How can we not shed tears?”

Grid heard the cries of the Rebecca Church’s elders.

[The faith of the Overgeared G.o.d Church’s followers has greatly increased.]

[Your deity stat has increased by 1.]


Were they making fun of him now? Grid was thinking seriously when the main pillars of the Overgeared Guild, the 10 meritorious retainers, came to him. They came after discussing with the n.o.bles of the empire on how to identify the damage of this war and overcome it together.

“So, who else have you decided to appoint other than Sariel?”

Grid, who was struggling with the blindfold and handcuffs was reminiscent of a comedian, but Jishuka and the others of the 10 meritorious retainers didn’t smile. The Overgeared G.o.d Church’s messengers—it was a coveted spot for any of Grid’s colleagues. Yura and Jishuka were particularly serious about it.

“It must be Braham, Piaro, and Mercedes. Who else are you going to a.s.sign to the remaining three spots?”

Grid took off the blindfold and replied, “First of all, I have decided on one person.”




That hatchling?

Everyone was wide-eyed with shock when an unexpected name popped up.

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