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Wei Jin felt weak these days. He had sore limbs, headaches, a slight fever, shortness of breath, and chest tightness, so he thought he had caught a cold. When he went to the hospital for a check, there was no sign of a cold.

After a blood test, he was suddenly shocked. He actually had AIDS, HIV positive!

"Doctor, are you mistaken?" When Wei Jin saw the result, he was shocked as though struck by thunderbolts, sitting in a daze in the hospital.

"No mistake. We are very cautious with the test results that show a positive result. We will use different reagents to test the results several times before we can draw conclusions. Since there are false-positive cases in the world before, we will be very careful." The doctor looked at Wei Jin and shook his head with some sympathy. This young man doesn't look too old. He actually got this terminal illness...

"Doctor, how can I get AIDS? Have you mistaken the test results?" Wei Jin still couldn't believe the result. "I don't have casual s*x. How can I get this disease?"

"The AIDS transmission route is not only through s*xual behavior, but also it can be transmitted through blood. Blood transfusion and drug use may cause transmission." The doctor explained to Wei Jin.

"But, I didn't take drugs or blood transfusions. How could this happen?" Wei Jin held his head and shook his head.

"Then, I don't know. I am just a doctor, not a detective. It is impossible to investigate the cause of your illness. I can only give the final result!" said the doctor with a bitter smile.

"But..." Wei Jin still wanted to say something.

The doctor was a little impatient. "If you don't believe it, then check it again. However, the possibility of error is very small."

"Okay, good!" Wei Jin nodded quickly. This was exactly what he wanted. He was unwilling if he didn't perform another check again.

Wei Jin gave another blood sample and waited anxiously for the test results in the hospital corridor.

Wei Jin paid the expedited fee. After an hour, the result came out, and it was still HIV positive. This time he was completely dumbfounded! How is it possible? How did I get this disease?

Wei Jin took the test sheet. He wanted to cry, but no tears were shed. Looking back carefully about what happened recently, there seemed to be no way for it to be transmitted!

I didn't have casual s*x. I didn't use drugs. I didn't have any blood transfusions. How did I get it…? Wait. Wei Jin was shocked. Sister Gu!

During this time, he only had s*x with Sister Gu. Is it Sister Gu?

Thinking of this, Wei Jin did not stay in the hospital. He drove directly to Immortal Resort, wanting to question Sister Gu.

"Young Master Wei, you are back!" Sister Gu was surfing the Internet in her room. When Wei Jin came, she quickly stood up and said apologetically, "In recent days, my body is not very comfortable. It seems to be a cold."

"You? Also, caught a cold?" Wei Jin was stunned immediately. He thought that his illness was transmitted to him by Sister Gu, but now, it seemed that Sister Gu only got sick recently.

In the hospital, the doctor had told him that he only got infected recently. Thus, only the initial cold-like symptoms would surface. After some time, it would enter the asymptomatic period.

"What happened, Young Master Wei? Did you have a cold as well?" Sister Gu saw Wei Jin's quirky expression, and she asked in wonder.

"Cold... Hmph, if it were just a cold, it is still fine. I do not have a cold!" Wei Jin sat down on the sofa dejected and said depressed, "I hope that I am just catching a cold!"

"Young Master Wei, what happened to you? What exactly happened?" Sister Gu looked at Wei Jin's face and asked anxiously.

Wei Jin put a laboratory test sheet on the coffee table in front of him, then he grabbed his hair with his hand and said in agony, "Sister Gu, look at it yourself..."

Sister Gu picked up the test sheet in suspicion and read it. However, at first glance, her head was about to burst as she opened her eyes widely! She came from a prost.i.tution background. Hence, she was familiar with such terminology. When she saw "HIV+" on the test result sheet, she was dumbfounded for a while... She only said after a while, "Young Master Wei, you… aren't kidding with me, right?"

"Am I kidding? Can I make fun of this kind of thing? I'm not out of my mind!" Wei Jin shook his head with a bitter smile. "Sister Gu, you should go check it out..."

"I... Young Master Wei. Are you suspecting that I infected you?" said Sister Gu in surprise.

"It doesn't matter if it is you or not..." Wei Jin was still very angry, but he also got over it on his journey. This disease couldn't be cured after getting afflicted. It was basically a terminal illness.

Well, it was not important to find fault anymore. Each day counted. Wei Jin didn't want to think about the rest of the garbled troubles. AIDS was still better than those with bird flu, right? It will be instant death if I'm afflicted with bird flu. I can't be rescued in anyhow...

Sister Gu naturally knew how severe the disease was. She was trembling as she held the test result. Her heart was fl.u.s.tered, and her tone changed, "Oh my G.o.d, how could it be... how could this be..."

"Sister Gu, no matter what. You should get checked out first." Wei Jin was calm at the moment as he said faintly.

Sister Gu nodded. At this moment, going to the hospital was the only thing she could do.

Wei Jin went to the hospital with Sister Gu. The result was almost unquestionable; Sister Gu was also infected with AIDS. Sister Gu's mind collapsed almost instantly, sitting in Wei Jin's car and constantly wiping her tears.

"Well, Sister Gu, didn't the doctor say that this AIDS is a terminal illness? However, if it is treated well, it will not be a problem for us to live for another twenty or even thirty years. For the rest of our lives, we can find a place where there is no one and live in seclusion..." Wei Jin looked at Sister Gu's pitiful look and persuaded her.

"Young Master Wei… sorry… sorry… This is all my fault..." Sister Gu whimpered and said, "I probably know the reason for it..."

"What is the reason?" Wei Jin got over it, but when he heard Sister Gu apologizing to him, saying that she knew the reason, his heart s.h.i.+vered. He asked quickly.

"It's Zou Ruoguang... It must be him!" Sister Gu gritted her teeth and spoke with resentment.

"Zou Ruoguang?" Wei Jin was surprised. "What does it have to do with him?"

"He raped me..." Sister Gu naturally had her outstanding wisdom and capability when she was able to sit in the position of the madam running a brothel for a few years. Her a.n.a.lysis of things and human nature was highly proficient. Hence, with just a clue, she thought of the key to the matter!

"What? He raped you? When?" Wei Jin widened his eyes, and a murderous intent glinted in his eyes.

"On the day of your cla.s.smates' gathering..." Sister Gu sighed and said faintly, "I think he had s*x with Zhao Xiaoyu, but he didn't know that Zhao Xiaoyu was sick. When you revealed this, later on, I guessed Zou Ruoguang already had s*x with Zhao Xiaoyu. He was resentful and raped me. He tried to pa.s.s the virus to you through me. This is all my fault... I should have let you known, but I was afraid that you would not want me after you learned of it..."

"Motherf*cker, this Zou Ruoguang, I will never spare him!" Wei Jin's eyes were filled with murderous intent momentarily. He said to Sister Gu immediately, "Forget it. This is not your fault. I will investigate carefully. If it were really Zou Ruoguang who transmitted it, I would not spare him!"

The incident was as Sister Gu expected. When Wei Jin called Zou Ruoguang, Zou Ruoguang's tone was obviously unnatural. "Cousin, are you... looking for me?"

"Zou Ruoguang, why do you want to harm me?" Wei Jin said coldly. He was also bluffing Zou Ruoguang because everything was just Sister Gu's guess, there was no actual evidence.

"Have you already known about it?" Zou Ruoguang listened to Wei Jin's tone and did not cover it. He laughed. "Wei Jin, motherf*cker, you are really terrible. You sent a lady with AIDS to me. I didn't know, and I f*cked her. I wanted you to taste the disease too. Isn't it refres.h.i.+ng?"

"Zou Ruoguang!" Wei Jin was angered deep down in his heart. He didn't expect that it was really Zou Ruoguang's work. He suddenly felt his chest tight. "You deserved it. You are lascivious and had s*x with Zhao Xiaoyu. You, motherf*cker, even dare to blame me?"

"Ha? You still dare to say it to me?" Zou Ruoguang laughed fanatically. "You are right. If you weren't lecherous and had s*x with Sister Gu, would you get infected? Hahahaha!"

"Zou Ruoguang, you are capable!" Wei Jin smashed his phone in resentment. He became enraged; his teeth were bared as he yelled madly, "Zou Ruoguang, it is either you or me. If I don't kill you, I will not be a man!"

"Young Master Wei... forget it... He is sick too, or else, he wouldn't have gone to extremes." Sister Gu also heard the phone call by the side, so she advised.

"Sister Gu, this thing can't be forgiven. I am not done with him!" Wei Jin had blood-red eyes and a malevolent expression. "Never mind the fact that he infected me. I have to kill him just because he raped you! He cuckolded me. I want him to die!"

When Sister Gu listened to Wei Jin's words, she was moved and no longer persuaded him. Wei Jin gritted his teeth and began to think about how to deal with Zou Ruoguang.

His father had died. Several of his father's men were done for. It could be said that Wei Jin was now alone without any power. However, Zou Ruoguang was different. He had a good connection with Sui Guangheng. If Wei Jin was rash, he might not be Zou Rougang's opponent. It was possible that Wei Jin not be able to kill Zou Ruoguang but would get killed instead.

Therefore, Wei Jin contemplated a plan that could get rid of Zou Ruoguang without putting himself in danger. As he kept thinking, he still couldn't come up with any good ideas. He could only sigh. "Mothef*cker, if Madman Ma and Zhou Xiaoming were not finished, I still can use them. This *sshole Yang Ming..."

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