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After a while, Old Keng came back. The wound on his arm was already wrapped up. Fatty Li also suggested that Yang Ming re-wrap, but Yang Ming shook his head and said that his injury was nothing.

"You all should be hungry, right?" After Fatty Li and Old Keng spoke a few words, Fatty Li turned around and said to Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, "I have already asked the owner here to prepare a sumptuous lunch. You should be tired on the road, right?"

"We're still fine." Yang Ming smiled and said, "There's no need to be so polite. No matter what, we have been through some difficulties together. We are not some distinguished guests, and we still need your help to go to Africa."

"That can't be done. Don't mention anything about needing my help." Fatty Li waved his hand and said awkwardly, "I, Fatty Li, have already said. If I walk out of the woods, my life is yours!"

It could be seen that Fatty Li was a loyal person, so Yang Ming would not say anything more. People with this ident.i.ty could only survive if they were loyal. Otherwise, they would soon be eliminated.

"Well, let's just simply eat a little bit." Yang Ming no longer said anything more. If he said more, it would seem as if Yang Ming looked down on him.

"It's okay. The boss here is one of my people," Fatty Li said, waving his hand.

Not long after, the sound of knocking on the door came. Fatty Li swiftly said some Vietnamese words, and the door was pushed open. The hotel owner they just saw before pushed a dining cart and came in with a lot of delicacies. In such a small town hotel, it was not easy to prepare so much food in such a short time.

Putting the food on the round table in the room, Fatty Li waved his hand and told the boss to go out.

"Since it is your own person, let him come and eat together." Yang Ming looked at the food on the table. Four people couldn't finish it at all. The leftovers would be a waste, so why not let the boss come to eat together?

Fatty Li was surprised, then he immediately waved to the boss and said a few Vietnamese words. The boss quickly sat down at the table, pleasantly surprised; he was flattered. After all, he was only the lowest level of workers in Fatty Li's organization, not a core figure. Being able to sit here was already a great honor.

"Try it. These are some of Vietnam's special snacks. It is very difficult to find this in the mainland." Fatty Li smiled and pointed at the delicate snacks on the table, and said, "This is called Caramenl[1]. It's a very delicious snack. Brother Yang, try two pieces?"

"Okay... is this thing really so delicious?" Yang Ming did not actually see this kind of pastry before. There was no such thing in his country.

"[email protected]#¥%——" After listening to Yang Ming's words, the boss smiled and picked up a piece of caramenl to throw into his mouth.

"He can understand what you are saying, but he can't speak Chinese." Fatty Li explained with a smile, "He said that this sugar treat is very famous in Vietnam; many tourists praised it to high heaven!"

"Is it? Really?" Yang Ming picked up the so-called caramenl. Before it entered his mouth, there was an accident.

Yang Ming saw that the boss' face suddenly became pale, his eyes bulged, and the sweat on his forehead began to fall. His hands were around his neck. It seemed that he had difficulty in breathing, and Yang Ming didn't know what he was mumbling about...

Yang Ming's face suddenly changed. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan on the side responded faster and hit the caramel in Yang Ming's hand to the ground.

Fatty Li and Old Keng roughly understood what was going on. Before Fatty Li said anything, Old Keng stepped forward and grabbed the boss' neck collar and shouted loudly in Vietnamese.

-- "I didn't do it... I understand. You want to kill me! You are the only one who has been to the kitchen..."

A voice came into Yang Ming's mind, and he sighed in relief. Fortunately, his special abilities knew no borders! Although the language was an obstacle, the thoughts were the same.

In Yang Ming's mind, the boss' ideas naturally evolved into a language that Yang Ming could understand.

Just now, Yang Ming suspected that this was a problem of poisoning. Regardless of common sense or the reaction of the boss eating the caramenl, it shouldn't be he who poisoned the food. The reason was very simple. If the boss poisoned it, then he wouldn't go and take the first bite himself, unless he wanted to commit suicide.

Moreover, seeing his frightened expression after being poisoned, he did not seem like an insider.

"Let him go. He did not poison the food." Yang Ming quickly voiced out to stop Old Keng. Unfortunately, the boss was poisoned. In addition to being strangled by Old Keng, he directly spit out bubbles and died like a crab.

Fatty Li's look had also become dignified. He clenched his teeth and said, "Hei Lao San, it's either you die, or I die!"

"It's not Hei Lao San." Yang Ming suddenly stood up, shook his head, and faintly said.

"It's not Hei Lao San? Then who is it?" Fatty Li was stunned, then he somewhat understood what Yang Ming said. "You mean, my internal organization has a problem?"

"That's right." Yang Ming nodded. He had been skeptical before, but he was only guessing. He was not entirely sure. However, this incident just made Yang Ming firmly believe in his own opinion.

The so-called Hei Lao San was just an excuse. The real problem was Fatty Li's internal organization!

"Old Keng! You go and subdue all the people in this restaurant! Motherf*cker, I would rather kill one hundred today, and not let one go!" Fatty Li was really angered, and he loudly ordered.

Old Keng responded. As he was about to go out, he was stopped by Yang Ming instead. "Wait. It's not urgent yet. It's not too late to go after you listen to me."

Old Keng acted as if he didn't understand what Yang Ming said. He mumbled a few Vietnamese words and walked out inexplicably.

"I told you to wait. Didn't you hear?" Yang Ming sneered, blocking the movement of Old Keng.

Although he didn't know what Yang Ming was going to do, Fatty Li scolded Old Keng because of his trust in Yang Ming, and Old Keng reluctantly sat back in his original position.

"Brother Yang, say what you want to say. After you finish, I have to carry out an internal cleaning!" Fatty Li said with hatred.

"First of all, the first thing that made me wonder is, Fatty Li, who knew that you picked me up in the mainland and then illegally crossed the river?" Yang Ming looked at Fatty Li, and faintly asked.

"Regarding Mr. Fang's business, I naturally want to keep it secret. Besides Old Keng that picked me up, I didn't tell anyone else. I don't know how Hei Lao San knew..." As Fatty Li said this, he was suddenly surprised. "Brother Yang, are you suspecting that I wanted to harm you? This is impossible... How would I dare to do this..."

Yang Ming waved his hand and smiled. "Fatty Li, you should calm down first. I didn't say that you wanted to harm me. I just want to figure out some facts."

Fatty Li breathed a sigh of relief, and probably realized that he was too anxious. He smiled, embarra.s.sed, and sat quietly, waiting for Yang Ming to continue.

"Well, this is my first suspicion. Since this matter was well kept, it shows that this thing is unusual because Hei Lao San knows it." Yang Ming shrugged and continued, "The second point was when we were on the way, you went to a convenience store to buy something, and then you were ambushed. Don't you think it was too coincidental?"

"Coincidental?" Fatty Li was stunned and then fell into deep thought.

However, Yang Ming continued, "No matter how strong Hei Lao San is, he can't control every grocery store, right? From the time we entered the town, I counted it. There were at least seven or eight grocery stores. Are these stores all controlled by Hei Lao San? I think if he had such strength, there is no need to deal with you in this way, right!?

"Who looked for this grocery store on the way? Mr. Old Keng? I think this was your suggestion, right?"

When Yang Ming said this, the atmosphere in the room immediately became a little nervous. Fatty Li heard Yang Ming and had to turn his eyes to Old Keng.

The look on Old Keng's face also began to become unnatural. He protested loudly, but Yang Ming couldn't understand what he was talking about.

"He says that he didn't do it. It was just a coincidence." Fatty Li told Yang Ming about Old Keng's explanation because of his trust toward Old Keng.

"Really?" Yang Ming smiled. "Brother Old Keng, are you also saying that the poisoning incident was not done by you?"

Old Keng wanted to say something again, but Yang Ming waved his hands and interrupted, "Don't rush to deny it. If you didn't do it, no one could accuse you wrongly. You don't even have to accuse the boss. I think if the boss is not stupid, then he had no need to take a bite after he had poisoned it. What is the difference between this and suicide?

"And the eyes of the boss before his death were full of disbelief and horror, which means he did not do this thing! When a person is going to die, his eyes at the time will not be fake.

"And you, Mr. Old Keng, why were you eager to kill the boss? Was it because of your loyalty to Fatty Li, or was it to kill him? A person who has been poisoned should not have any dangerous aggression, right? You still had to kill him. What does that mean? Are you guilty?"

Yang Ming had noticed the unusual details before, including the ambush on the way and the attack on Fatty Li in the convenience store. These things were a bit too coincidental and strange!

It was inevitable that Yang Ming would be suspicious. That was why Yang Ming kept asking Fatty Li about Old Keng until the poisoning incident just now. The thoughts of ​​the boss the moment before he died made Yang Ming more certain. He could ultimately conclude that the whole thing was caused by Old Keng!

After listening to Yang Ming's a.n.a.lysis, Fatty Li's face had also changed! Before, he had a lot of trust in Old Keng and didn't think so much. However, after listening to Yang Ming's a.n.a.lysis, Fatty Li also began to be moved! After all, Yang Ming was right. The situation was too fishy!

And only Old Keng alone knew all about all these! If it were him, it couldn't be justified.

Seeing Fatty Li also looking at himself with suspicion, Old Keng suddenly panicked. He loudly refuted a few words.

"He said that the poison is random. Anyone could be the first one to eat. It may be you, it may be your girlfriend, or it may be the restaurant owner and me. As long as one person is poisoned, the others will not eat again. This random poisoning method is not necessary at all. The risk is too great!" Fatty Li acted as a translator.

"Yeah, this is your cleverness." Yang Ming nodded with affirmation, "It is because the poison is random, so I may be poisoned, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan may be poisoned, and Fatty Li may be poisoned! At first glance, it seemed that if the poisoned person were w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and me, then the act of killing Fatty Li cannot continue! But no matter who dies, the fundamental result is the same!"

"The same?" Even Fatty Li did not understand Yang Ming's words and asked.

"Yes, no matter who died, the result is the same." Yang Ming nodded and continued, "If Fatty Li is dead, that is the best possible result. He will achieve his objective. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and I can be a witness for you. Isn't it, Mr. Old Keng? You know that we have to go to Africa. If Fatty Li is dead, we can only rely on you. You can take us to see Fatty Li's former men, and through our words, you can pin the crime on Hei Lao San! In this way, as the most trusted person around Fatty Li, you may become the new leader!

"However, if w.a.n.g Xiaoyan or I die, although it seems that your purpose has not been achieved, from a fundamental point of view, your goal has also been attained in disguise! Because you know that w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and my ident.i.ties are not simple; the person that introduced me to Fatty Li is more complicated! If something happens to us, that person will never let Fatty Li go!

"In this way, it is equal to you borrowing the hand of that person to kill Fatty Li. It's the same reason! So you had chosen such an opportunity to make a move when there are two outsiders present. Is this the case?

"Don't deny it. You can understand Chinese, right? It seems like this from your current reaction. Fatty Li also said it before. You can understand it; you just don't know how to speak it!

"Then just now, when I told you to wait and not go out, why did you pretend not to understand it? You even put up a blank expression? What are you hiding? Or are you guilty?

"I think you pretended not to understand me. You were so eager to go out because you wanted to kill those who can prove you guilty, right? If I guessed correctly, when the boss was preparing food in the kitchen, only you went to the kitchen!

"You were rus.h.i.+ng to go out just now to kill people and destroy the evidence, right? You want to kill the waiters who saw you going into the kitchen, then come back to tell us that these waiters wanted to run away, so you killed them directly. Is my guess correct?"

"[email protected]#@!¥#@¥%-" Old Keng roared and looked at Yang Ming with anger.

"Don't look at me like that." Yang Ming snorted.

"¥##@%#%...&...&" Old Keng still shouted in dissatisfaction.

"Is it true?" Fatty Li was already mad until he was trembling at the moment. He pointed to Old Keng, shouting loudly.

"Whether it is true or not, you don't have to ask him. Just get a waiter to come up and ask if Old Keng went to the kitchen or not!" Yang Ming said very calmly. The thought before the boss died was definitely not a lie.

After listening to Yang Ming, Old Keng's expression had completely collapsed. He shouted and stood up abruptly. He hugged w.a.n.g Xiaoyan from behind, took out a sharp knife out from nowhere, and pointed it at w.a.n.g Xiaoyan's chest. He said with a miserable expression, "Don't come over! Otherwise, I will kill her! Let me go!"

"Hehe, you really know how to find someone to kidnap." Yang Ming shrugged. He had already seen w.a.n.g Xiaoyan indicating that she was fine, so Yang Ming was not nervous.

It was a good thing to come out with Little Girl w.a.n.g. When she was in danger, Yang Ming wouldn't have to worry too much, unlike other girls who needed protection.

"Hmph, you are a guest of Fatty Li. He will not have it easy, regardless of whoever is dead!" Old Keng sneered and said, "There is only one woman here. Of course, I will kidnap her!"

"Your Chinese is very fluent!" Yang Ming sneered, "I thought you didn't know how to speak it."

"I was thinking about using your situation to finish the big thing in one fell swoop. I didn't expect that things will be ruined by you!" Old Keng said very unwillingly.

"You can only blame yourself for being too stupid." Yang Ming didn't care and curled his lips with a scornful expression. "Fatty Li trusted you, so he won't have any doubts about you. But we are different. He doesn't doubt you, but it does not mean that we will not doubt."

"I am not reconciled!" After listening to Yang Ming's words, Old Keng's face suddenly showed an agitated look. "Why can he, a foreigner, have all the power in our Vietnam, and I have to be his underling?! You have to know that Hei Lao San and I used to be two wolves in this land! After Fatty Li came, the situation then changed..."

As Old Keng said that, his mood became abnormal and unstable. His entire body trembled a little...

However, after the trembling, there was no more sound. His face still had an expression of indignation, but his eyes had a little disbelief. He then fell down.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

On his chest, a gla.s.s dagger was inserted. Under the light, it was s.h.i.+ning... The blood flowed down from the gla.s.s dagger, and it was even more terrifying under the reflection of gla.s.s and light.

"I said it earlier. You really know how to find someone to kidnap." Yang Ming glanced at Old Keng's body with a scornful look and sighed. "You dare to kidnap her? Do you think that women don't know how to kill? Such a dumb*ss! I've already reminded you, yet you still don't realize the danger. Ai!"

Seeing Yang Ming being sympathetic, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan couldn't help but giggle...

Fatty Li was dazed. He stared blankly at w.a.n.g Xiaoyan who was carefree after killing someone and laughing. He really lamented that this Brother Yang was not an ordinary person. Apparently, his girlfriend is also a sly character…

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