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Chapter 1114: Arrival in Africa

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The car was parked in front of the gate, and there were soldiers in charge. These people did not know Fatty Li, but Fatty Li’s license plate was the license plate of the local military, so there was no question.

Fatty Li took out his mobile phone, made a phone call, and said something that Yang Ming couldn’t understand. However, not long after he hung up the phone, the gate opened. Obviously, the soldiers at the gate got the order from inside.

Fatty Li started the car and drove it inside directly, then the gate behind it closed again, restoring the calm before.

It was obviously not Fatty Li’s first time coming to this place. He promptly drove the car to the front of a garret and stopped. A tall, middle-aged man standing in front of the garret came over, and Fatty Li also got off. They smiled, shook hands, and said something friendly in Vietnamese.

Yang Ming did not care what they said, but it should be some conventional greetings. Although the two people were using each other, this kind of superficial homework still needed to be done.

The tall skinny guy chatted with Fatty Li for a while, looked up at Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and nodded. Then he said something to Fatty Li. Fatty Li suddenly smiled delightedly.

“This is Commander Ruan.” Fatty Li turned to whisper to Yang Ming, “The person in charge here.”

Yang Ming nodded and said nothing. He was not very clear about the things here. It was not useful to say anything more.

Under the guidance of Commander Ruan, Fatty Li and Yang Ming entered the airport and came to a small pa.s.senger plane. Then Commander Ruan said something to Fatty Li. Fatty Li nodded and told Yang Ming, “The things here have already been arranged. You don’t have to say anything. Just sit on it, and you’ll be fine.”

“Okay, thanks for the trouble.” Yang Ming smiled and knew that he didn’t need to be too polite with Fatty Li.

“Have a pleasant journey. Call me before you come back. I will arrange it for you again.” Fatty Li also smiled and patted Yang Ming’s shoulder.

Apparently, Fatty Li and Commander Ruan were very familiar; they didn’t need to say anything more. They directly arranged for Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan to get on the plane, and then the plane took off slowly into the twilight.

There were no other people aside from the two pilots on the plane, but from watching the pilots’ movements and words, they should also be Commander Ruan’s soldiers.

The skills of both of the pilots were excellent. Although the balance of the small aircraft was not as good as that of a big plane, it was still okay. It was not as b.u.mpy as expected.

The entire flight lasted for more than twenty hours. The plane was refueled in some unknown places, but Yang Ming didn’t need to worry about it.

Although the pilots were Vietnamese, they spoke a little bit of Chinese. However, it was limited to simple communication. They were not very fluent.

“We are going to land.” The pilot said to Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan.

The plane slowly descended and finally landed smoothly. However, the location of the landing was not in Africa but on an unknown island.

Perhaps this was because they couldn’t enter the country, so they had no choice but to use such a way.

After getting off the plane, a s.h.i.+p came to pick them up. Obvious, Fatty Li had arranged it properly. After the pilots led Yang Ming to board the s.h.i.+p, they were ready to return.

This was a small motorboat. There were two people on board; one was an Asian, and the other was black.

“Are you introduced by Fatty Li?” The voice of the Asian was very feminine, which made people feel uncomfortable. His Chinese language was also somewhat strange. It seemed that he was not from the Mainland.

“Yes.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Go on board.” The Asian glanced at w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and looked up and down at Yang Ming, then spoke.

Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan got on the boat together, and then the Asian spoke to the black man in English, meaning to let him set sail.

Through a simple conversation, the Asian was called Wulang. Yang Ming didn’t know where he came from, and he didn’t say it. The black man was called Jim, who was a native of Africa.

They were still a distance from Country X in North Africa. Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan were arranged in a cabin on the boat. Yang Ming roughly looked at it. There were only three cabins on the vessel.

Quietly lying in the cabin, Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan did not sleep. This was not the time to relax. If the previous pilot was trustworthy, Yang Ming was still a little bit a.s.sured.

However, now the two people on board were not so trustworthy. These two people were not direct friends of Fatty Li. They could be said to be indirect friends through Commander Ruan or others.

Therefore, Yang Ming had to be somewhat careful.

The speed of the s.h.i.+p was not very fast, but Yang Ming did not insist on anything. In this kind of place, it was not bad to have such a s.h.i.+p. Yang Ming could even barely accept a sampan [1] now.

While the two were quietly closing their eyes and resting, they suddenly heard a ” Bang .” Yang Ming quickly opened his eyes, but he saw the Asian, Wulang, come in with a pistol in his hand, and he pointed the gun at Yang Ming. “You go out; the woman stays.”

Yang Ming was stunned at first, then he immediately understood what Wulang wanted to do after seeing Wulang’s obscene gaze. Seeing that he was not afraid, this must not be his first time doing such a thing.

w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was also not stupid. When Yang Ming understood, she also understood roughly. She nodded at Yang Ming slightly, indicating to Yang Ming that she could handle it herself. Then, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan made a frightened expression. “You… what are you going to do?”

Yang Ming was somewhat helpless, but he did not stop her. After all, this trip was really dull. No matter how powerful w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was, she was still just an eighteen-year-old girl with a childlike heart.

Since w.a.n.g Xiaoyan wanted to play a game with Wulang, then Yang Ming naturally went with it.

“Do what? You will know later.” Wulang said with a lascivious look while holding the pistol.

“We have paid the money.” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan said hurriedly.

“Paid money? So what if you have paid the money?” Wulang said disdainfully, “Women who have been f*cked by me were all spending money on smuggling, but what about it? Can you sue me? Just go and sue me. It’s good enough that you didn’t get caught for smuggling!”

Although Wulang was a bit crazy, Yang Ming knew that he was telling the truth. As a result, a woman who was insulted by him could only swallow her voice. They couldn’t do anything to Wulang.

But even if Yang Ming knew, he couldn’t change anything. Since you choose to smuggle, if you don’t have enough strength to protect yourself, you can only be trampled by others.

Even if Yang Ming killed Wulang, it would not help. If Yang Ming killed him, there would be other smuggling organizations doing this.

“Okay, don’t talk so much nonsense. If you don’t want to die, just go out. I’ll make sure you’re fine!” Wulang pointed his gun at Yang Ming.

“Okay…” Yang Ming had to put on a weak and incompetent appearance to cooperate with w.a.n.g Xiaoyan. He walked toward the cabin door helplessly.

Wulang’s face showed a smug smile. He had used this trick many times, and it was well-tried. Even if these two people were friends of Fatty Li, Fatty Li couldn’t do anything to him.

Before, when Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan boarded the s.h.i.+p, Wulang had already noticed w.a.n.g Xiaoyan. Her pretty face and exquisite figure were tempting. So, although they were under Fatty Li’s care before, Wulang still had an evil thought.

It was also because in these years, Wulang had f*cked countless women who were smuggled, and there had been no accidents. Therefore, he had become so unscrupulous and was ready to make a move after w.a.n.g Xiaoyan got on the boat.

Originally, after waiting for the two to fall asleep, Wulang planned to sneak into the cabin. However, Wulang couldn’t help it, so he went in with a gun. He wanted to drive Yang Ming out, and then stage a rape drama.

Yang Ming was “forced” to leave the cabin. The black guy, Jim, was standing aside. When he saw Yang Ming, he said “sorry” with a blank expression. He pushed Yang Ming into another room and then locked him in from the outside.

Yang Ming could see through the door panel of the cabin through the x-ray vision. The black guy, Jim, was at the door of the cabin where w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was located. He did not move, like a black G.o.d of Doors.

In a short while, Wulang’s powerful moan came from w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s cabin.

Jim was curious about why his boss screamed so loud today, but it was inappropriate for him to disturb. After all, it was normal to make such a moan from doing those things.

However, it didn’t take long for the door to open. Wulang stumbled out of the cabin, scared witless. The black guy, Jim, was shocked. As he was about to break in, Wulang stopped him instead. “No… it’s fine. It’s really fine. It’s a misunderstanding…”

w.a.n.g Xiaoyan walked out of the cabin with Wulang’s pistol in her hand and looked at Wulang coldly. “If you don’t want to die, you sail the boat in peace!”

“But, when will you give me the antidote…” Wulang pleaded with an ashen-face.

“If you perform well, I will naturally give it to you before we disembark.” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan snorted.

“Okay; okay!” Wulang nodded and began to look up.

Yang Ming saw that w.a.n.g Xiaoyan had played enough, and he didn’t have to continue to act. He lifted his leg directly, kicked the door in front of him, and walked out.

The loud sound shocked Wulang and Jim. But when they saw it was Yang Ming, Wulang quickly lowered his head and complained in his mind. This person is obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He could open the iron door with one kick. Could he be a simple person?

His woman is also powerful enough. Never mind that she took me as a sandbag to practice on; she also forcibly gave me poison. If I knew earlier that this guy and girl cannot be easily dealt with, only fools would provoke them.

“Yanyan, are you okay?” Yang Ming knew that nothing could have happened to w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, but he still asked subconsciously.

En , of course, I’m okay.” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan stretched out and said, “I have been sitting on the plane for so long. I can finally stretch my muscles!”

Wulang broke into a sweat. Are you treating me as fitness equipment? Although he thought so, he dare not have the slightest complaint. Otherwise, if they became angry and did not give the antidote, then Wulang would be f*cked.

He dared not to say more. Wulang took Jim to sail well-behavedly, but w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was so excited. After she returned to the cabin with Yang Ming, she said softly, “Yang Ming, why don’t we do it once here?”

“Isn’t this not so good?” Yang Ming felt that the cabin was not soundproof.

Hehe , just to let that Wulang hear it. Let his heart be itchy; torture him.” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan said wickedly.

“You are really evil.” Yang Ming shook his head helplessly and said, “Right, what medicine did you give him?”

“Aphrodisiac!” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan suddenly lowered her voice and said slyly.

“What?” Yang Ming was astounded, then couldn’t help but laugh. “Aren’t you harming him? Where did you get it?”

“I just found it in this room. I just swiftly gave him a pill. He didn’t even see what pill it was. Haha !” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan said proudly.

“Then are you not afraid that he can’t hold it after listening to us.” Yang Ming was afraid that this guy would once again be overwhelmed by l.u.s.t and come to disturb their happy occasion, then Yang Ming really would have to kill him.

“Does he dare? Hmph hmph …” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan said disdainfully, “At most, he can’t handle it and then do it with black Jim… Wahaha , am I not evil?”

Haha , you have such a playful side.” Yang Ming really felt that w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was also a young girl. She would have some bad ideas occasionally.

“Yeah. How about it? Do you like the former me or the current me?” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan nodded and asked.

“Current?” Yang Ming smiled and said, “You seem to be happier now, more energetic and more attractive than the one who was indifferent and was just interested in making the group famous.”

“Really?” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan hesitated, then said, “I also feel very happy now! Come on…”

The joyful voice pa.s.sed from the cabin to Wulang’s ear. Wulang only felt that his lower body was as hard as iron. Although his heart was very itchy, he thought that if he went over now, he might lose his life. Therefore, Wulang still dismissed this unrealistic thought.

That little girl is not someone I can touch, not to mention her own means. If her man casually gives me a kick, then my, Wulang’s, five internal organs would explode and die.

Seeing that the iron door that had been kicked to the ground was deformed, Wulang suddenly trembled, but his physiological needs were not reduced at all. Unfortunately, Wulang had to stand on the edge of the deck and start masturbating…

When the sun rose, the s.h.i.+p also docked onsh.o.r.e. This was the first time Yang Ming had set foot in the land of Africa. He was somewhat excited and nervous.

“Superwoman, my antidote…” Wulang naturally would not forget to get the antidote he wanted. Seeing Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan ready to disembark, he quickly asked.

Oh , antidote.” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan patted his head and smiled. “If you didn’t say it, I almost forgot…”

“Great aunt, you must not forget. It’s okay for you to forget, but I will be finished.” Wulang said humbly.

En , I’ll give it to you!” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan pulled out an “antidote” from her pocket and threw it into Wulang’s mouth.

“Thank you, thank you!” Wulang was finally relieved, or else, he would always worry that w.a.n.g Xiaoyan would not give him an antidote. If she didn’t give him an antidote, he could forcibly grab it. If he failed to grab it forcibly, then he could only wait for death.

Fortunately, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was still a trustworthy person. She gave him an antidote eventually. However, for w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s forthrightness, Wulang was still somewhat suspicious. So he asked, “Superwoman, is this really an antidote? Would you lie to me?”

“Lie to you for what? You can believe it or not!” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan frowned and said impatiently.

“I believe… I believe… I’m just making sure…” Wulang said with a smile.

“When we go back, we may have to take your boat. If you were dead, who am I going to look for?” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan glared at him and said. “Okay, don’t dawdle. We have to go.”

“Okay, okay!” Wulang was relieved after hearing w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s words. He watched as Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan left, and then Wulang got on the boat.

Jim also knew that his boss had suffered a big loss this time. He felt a little amused but did not dare to laugh out loud. He had to endure it. It was really uncomfortable.

Wulang seemed to have seen the smile in Jim’s eyes. He scolded, “Laugh, laugh. What are you laughing at? My life was almost gone!”

Wulang didn’t think that there was anything to be embarra.s.sed about in this matter. If his strength was not as good as others, then he had to admit defeat. The result of fighting recklessly was death.

In the land of Africa, Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan smiled at each other. After a few days of floundering, they finally came to their destination. Although there were some twists and turns in the middle, it was still smooth.

“What antidote did you give him?” Yang Ming wondered. This aphrodisiac didn’t need an antidote, right?

“It’s still an aphrodisiac. I gave him another one.” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan smiled and said.

“d.a.m.n, you are so vicious!” Yang Ming smiled and shook his head.

“Now you know how vicious I am? If you make me upset, I will give you one!” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan scolded.

“Make me eat one? Ha !” Yang Ming started laughing when he heard that.

“What are you laughing at?” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan frowned and asked.

“If you are not afraid of being f*cked to death by me, just give it to me…” Yang Ming still couldn’t help but smile.

“…” w.a.n.g Xiaoyan also felt that if she had given one to Yang Ming to eat, she would hurt herself. Her face was red, and her mouth closed shut.

Here was a small country belonging to northern Africa. Although it was within the territory of Africa, it was actually not in Africa. This was a country controlled by armed forces.

Here, the alternation of regimes was like the transformation of day and night. Sometimes, a provisional government that was in power yesterday was replaced by another regime today.

General Kars had a sizeable armed force here, but his opponent General Howton was not weak either. Moreover, General Kars had already lost his vigor because he dethroned a regime recently. Now, if there were a conflict with General Howton, it was still unknown who would win.

The target of Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was General Howton, the political enemy of General Kars.

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