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Chapter 1407: People From Central/ Exterminate the Families

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1589: People From Central

Kevithan had just become the Lancer Family’s patriarch, but there were no signs of excitement on his face! This was because the Lancer Family was dealing with the hardest blow in its history!

Kevithan’s only hope was his cousin Jetson who had entered “Central”. However, he was desperate after receiving no reply to the distress signal he had sent three days ago through the unique communications channel that Jetson had given him. Did my cousin abandon me, or did he not receive my message at all?

Slade was more anxious than Thomas and Lecroft. After all, Kevithan was his son. If Kevithan could not resolve the family affairs satisfactorily, he would become known as the patriarch who had to step down immediately after appointment.

“Is G.o.d going to destroy my Lancer Family?” Kevithan looked at the people in the family meeting. The once proud and arrogant members of the Lancer Family couldn’t help but drop their eyes and shed tears. “Does anybody have other solutions?”

“Solution?” Lecroft snorted ambiguously, “Kevithan, my nephew, you are now the family patriarch. Everything is up to you, so why do you still ask us for other solutions?”

“You—” Kevithan was already filled with grief and indignation. He was so infuriated by Lecroft’s words that smoke was puffing out of his seven orifices [1], “Uncle San, what do you mean by this? Are you not part of the Lancer Family. Are you willing to watch our family go to ruin?”

“In the beginning, it was you, my nephew, who vowed to protect Goode and keep the family safe from losses. So, we unanimously elected you to be the patriarch,” Lecroft said slowly. “Later, you said to give up Goode. Well, you are the patriarch. We all listen to you. I also voted in favor of giving up Goode. There is the solution. What else do you want me to think of? Let’s just hand over Goode to the b.u.t.terfly Family.”

“You—” Why wouldn’t Kevithan want to give up Goode? since Thomas had clearly disagreed, there was nothing he could do! Don’t be fooled by Thomas who had stepped down from patriarch at this moment. His trusted aides still remained in the family. It was a fact that half of the people in the large Lancer Family answered only to Thomas. How was Kevithan supposed to do anything?

Kevithan felt his position as the patriarch was meaningless. He was elevated and just before he could enjoy the pleasure of being the patriarch, he was almost crushed by these matters.

When Kevithan saw that his family’s business about to vanish, he went to visit families that had close business relations.h.i.+ps with the Lancer Family in the past. However, the other families did not even give Kevithan a chance to meet with them, and gave him the cold shoulder!

No matter how Kevithan brought out their past mutual co-operations and friends.h.i.+ps, the families were not moved at all. Who would dare help those who had offended the Buffon Family? Wouldn’t this be harming themselves in the future? So, from the looks of things, the Lancer Family was like a cat on a hot tin roof. There had no hope and no one to rely on.

However, there was no word from his cousin Jetson who was the only one who could provide support through technology to the Lancer Family. This caused the people who had thought highly of Kevithan and supported him to be the patriarch to begin to stir up trouble!

Especially Lecroft, he thought that Kevithan was just drawing a big cake, but in fact, had no ability. His cousin Jetson is just an excuse. Now, Kevithan was promoted, but his cousin had not shown up. This made Lecroft even angrier and he firmly believed that he would be a better patriarch than Kevithan.

“Kevithan, since you can’t protect Goode and bring any benefits to the family, then I think it’s best that you step aside and let a better person take over?” Lecroft smiled coldly, staring at Kevithan like a viper, “I think even Second Brother Thomas will be a better patriarch than you are. ”

Lecroft had missed the best opportunity to be promoted to the patriarch position. He revealed his ambitions too soon but failed because of the dark horse Kevithan. Now it was impossible for him to claim the position again.

Even if Kevithan abdicates the position, Thomas will be the one next in line. There’s no hope for me. This made Lecroft hate his nephew Kevithan to his core! If not for him being such a busybody, I would be the one promoted to patriarch.

So, Lecroft had made up his mind. Although he was out of contention for the post, he would not give Kevithan an easy time. The best way was to let Thomas take the position again so that no one could reap any benefits.

Thomas was the patriarch initially, and you, Kevithan, just hijacked the position half-way. Step down and stay down.

“Who said my cousin cannot protect Goode? Who said that he cannot bring benefits to the family?” A cold and ethereal voice rang through the Lancer Family’s conference room. The voice sounded like it came from a distant h.e.l.l, yet felt like it was close at hand, sending s.h.i.+vers down their spines.

“Cousin Jetson! It is you!” Kevithan heard this voice but did not feel chilled like everyone else. He instead felt exalted and exclaimed, “Cousin Jetson, I know you will not leave me out in the cold!”

“Cousin Kevithan, as your cousin, I remember your kind deeds of taking care of me in my heart. I, Jetson, am responsible for anything that has to do with you!” A tall figure quietly drifted into the conference room, without anyone in the room knowing how they had come in! It was just like the legendary move of leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls!

“Cousin Jetson, what kind of martial arts are you using! That’s awesome!” Kevithan exclaimed, looking at the person in front of him in disbelief! In truth, although the Lancer Family was in grave danger, their defense was also the tightest at this time. This was because the Lancer Family was continually defending the front entrance in case people from the b.u.t.terfly Family came to seek revenge. Hence, juniors were guarding both inside and outside the family’s premises.

Such a person who could appear silently in the meeting room without any alarm from the juniors made all the present members of the Lancer family turned pale with fright!

There was one possibility. Jetson did not arouse the attention of any of the guarding juniors when he entered the conference room. They did not even notice that someone had infiltrated the family premises!

If this person was not Jetson, but the enemy, the consequences would be disastrous! Fortunately, he was not! However, this caused absolute fear among Thomas and the other important family members! Since Jetson could come in, then the b.u.t.terfly Family’s skilled could as well. They would find it easier than Jetson.

“After receiving your message, I flew over here non-stop. But, Central is a bit far from here. I didn’t come late, eh? Cousin Kevithan?” Jetson did not look directly at the other members of the Lancer family at all but sat in a chair opposite Kevithan.

Fly over? This fly over in Jetson’s discourse was obviously understood by everyone as air transport and had no other meaning.

“Of course it’s not too late!” Kevithan said quickly, “Cousin Jetson, I’m now the current Lancer Family Patriarch. Our Lancer family has encountered an unprecedented big problem as mentioned in the message to you. Can you help me solve it?”

“Trouble?” Jetson sneered, but his words were full of scorn and disdain, “You call this a problem?”

The whole scene was in an uproar at Jetson’s words. Lecroft and Thomas were secretly saying that Jetson was too arrogant. Even if you are a member of Central, it is impossible to not know the strength of the Buffon Family. In your eyes, this is not a problem at all?

“What? You don’t believe me?” Jetson glanced over Thomas and Lecroft. Then, he glanced at the others in the conference room, and finally fixed his sight on Kevithan.

“I naturally believe in you, cousin!” Kevithan said quickly, not knowing why. This time, his cousin’s homecoming was completely different from before. There was an indescribable chilling aura which made people feel like they fell into an icehouse.

Jetson nodded with satisfaction and looked at Thomas, Lecroft and the others, “How about you? Don’t you believe in the strength of Central?”

Chapter 1590: Exterminate the Families

“This-of course not!” Thomas and Lecroft were startled and quickly denied. This must be a joke. Who would dare be suicidal enough to oppose the mysterious Central?

Hmph, whether you believe or not has nothing to do with me. I’m here because of my cousin Kevithan. Otherwise, how would I even know you?” Jetson said indifferently.

“No, of course, we believe in the strength of Central. After this incident, we believe that as long as Central gives us some technological inventions, it will be enough for our Lancer Family to be proudly at the pinnacle of the IT industry.” After all, Thomas was the former patriarch. He spoke in full detail and suddenly changed his att.i.tude.

“I already understand this matter, but the technology of Central is not for any of you to possess. So don’t even think about it.” Jetson waved his hand and directly rejected Thomas’s proposal.

“This–” Thomas and Lecroft’s faces were suddenly cast with disdain. You are here, but you can’t provide us with technical support. What are you trying to prove? Are you pretending to be an expert? What’s the use of you coming here?

Kevithan felt a little guilty at this moment. Cousin Jetson isn’t going to help me? But, just a moment ago, he vowed to support me! Thinking of this, Kevithan asked carefully, “Cousin, you mean…”

“Announce this news. The daughter of the b.u.t.terfly Family has to marry Goode, and the Buffon Family has to resume your firearms business and divide the profits by 50%!” Jetson said calmly, ” I’ll let them live if they do this. Otherwise, I will annihilate them! ”

“Ah?” Everyone’s jaws, including Kevithan’s, dropped after listening to Jetson’s words. They looked at Jetson as if he were an alien! This guy, the so-called help, is this?

You will annihilate these families? Do you have the ability? Although you are a person from Central and Central is indeed a mystery, is it possible for them to be invincible? You know, the b.u.t.terfly Family is the number one family in the world. They are ranked second on the ranking list! The Buffon Family sits at the top of high society and it has hundreds of years of history. Isn’t this easier said than done? What is your rationale?

Let’s put aside whether you are a match for the b.u.t.terfly Family. Perhaps it is not important even if you attack the b.u.t.terfly Family, but if you attack the Buffon Family, it may cause a backlash from some small country royalties or governors in Europe and Africa. Many of these small countries are supported from behind by the Buffon Family. If you do this, a World War may break out!

“I have promised to help you, and yet you are not cooperating?” Jetson also saw the doubts in everyone’s hearts. He sneered in his heart. You weaklings, how could you know what a strong person is?

“Cousin Jetson, it’s not that we are not cooperating, but the b.u.t.terfly Family and the Buffon Family are too powerful. If we agitate them, the consequences will be unimaginable!” Kevithan saw that the present members were quiet. He could only speak carefully.

Jetson would have been enraged if someone other than Kevithan had said this. But as it was Kevithan, Jetson did not react drastically, and instead said calmly, “What b.u.t.terfly Family, what Buffon Family. To me, they are just like ants and are not worth mentioning. ”

“Arrogance requires capital. You are a smooth talker and are talking about illusions. Will this help our Lancer Family? I think you want to harm our Lancer Family, right?” Lecroft was at the end of his patience. He had long considered Kevithan an eyesore. He was planning to dispose of Kevithan just a moment ago. Out of the blue, this smooth talker had appeared with his mouth full of nonsense. He was extremely arrogant and this made Lecroft extremely upset.

“Capital? Hmph. ” Jetson sneered, stretched his hand out flat, and hit the conference table in front of him with a loud “bang” .

Jetson’s sudden move shocked everyone in the conference room, especially Lecroft, who was already so angry that his heart was beating rapidly. But, he was so shocked by the loud noise that his heart almost fell out!

“Hitting the table? This is your strength?” Lecroft reddened and sneered sarcastically. “Who can’t hit the table? Does. .h.i.tting it harder mean that you have the strength? As if-?”

Before Lecroft could finish talking, he choked! It wasn’t that someone had stopped him, but he was stunned by the sight in front of him! The conference table in front of him had split apart in the blink of an eye. The large marble conference table had suddenly been smashed into small pieces and was piled up on the ground!

A conference table made from the best solid marble had turned into a pile of rubble in the blink of an eye! All the people present stared at the pile of gravel!

This marble table was actually turned into a pile of broken stones from Jetson’s palm? How is this possible? Isn’t there a limit to a human’s strength? This solid marble table would not be reduced to this even if it was. .h.i.t by a sledgehammer, right?

“Hmph!” Jetson sneered again, pulling down the copper wall lamp beside him. The wires above hissed and sparked through his body without any effect. He tore the wire and crumbled the copper wall lamp with his hands. The whole copper wall lamp became a copper cymbal!

Lecroft’s gaze changed from the initial disdain and contempt to fear and awe. How did this guy do it? Is he a human being? Not only does he have infinite strength, but it also seems that an electric current can not harm him?

“Cousin Jetson- you, how did you do that?” Kevithan was closer to Jetson. Among the shocked gazes of everyone, it was Kevithan who spoke first.

“Hahahaha-” Jetson laughed arrogantly, stood up, and looked contemptuously at the people of the Lancer Family, “How can this be done? The ability of Central is far beyond the imagination of you common people! But, since you ask, then I can tell you. In the eyes of you ordinary people, in your words, you can call me the Terminator! ”

Wow! Terminator!”

Kevithan never thought that his cousin Jetson, who was reaching the end of his life, had now become a terminator that only appeared in movies! What kind of horror existed in this Central?

“Nevermind even if there are eight or ten b.u.t.terfly Families and Buffon Families, I can destroy them with a snap of my fingers!” Jetson said arrogantly, “Cousin Kevithan, if not our friends.h.i.+p. I definitely will not have come out this time. Did you know how many sacrifices I needed to make to get Dr. Benjamin to agree to let me come out of Central? ”

Strength was above all else! Now, there was only wors.h.i.+p in the eyes of everyone in the Lancer Family who were initially doubtful about Jetson. The wors.h.i.+p of those who were strong! Obviously, they all knew that by relying on the horrific power revealed by Jetson, even if there were ten other families besides the b.u.t.terfly Family and the Buffon Family, they would definitely be no match for him!

Moreover, the most important thing was his ident.i.ty as a person from Central. Just an average person who came out possessed such horrifying skills, so what about the others in the Central?

Fighting against Jetson would be fighting against Central. At that time, there would be multiple people with the same strength as Jetson coming out from Central. Who could argue against it?

“Cousin Jetson! Sorry, even I doubted you before; I am so ashamed!” Kevithan said sincerely. He did not conceal in the slightest as his skepticism must have been noticed by Jetson. It would be inappropriate to lie.

“It doesn’t matter. You and I are like brothers. Don’t say that. Don’t worry, I will let you be the most accomplished and brilliant patriarch in all the generations of the Lancer Family!” Jetson said sharply.

However, no one suspected that Jetson had boasted empty words. After seeing his strength in person, these people all believed that Jetson really had that strength.

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