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Book 6 Chapter 19.6 - Collision

Su thought of the black robes who were equipped with stealth abilities, but even though the two black-robed soldiers’ auras were weaker and more indistinct than ordinary people’s, under the Panoramic View, they still couldn’t escape his detection. However, right now, the Panoramic View drew a complete blank, unable to sense any life auras. In this entire hall, forget about larger mutated creatures, there weren’t even many insects. However, that drop of sweat really did appear from thin air, as if it had entered this world directly from a parallel s.p.a.ce.

A long blade spun about in Su’s right hand, changing from a reverse grip to a normal grip. Su stopped his steps, observing the s.p.a.cious hall. It was as if those rough and primitive style mural paintings all came alive, as if murderous soldiers were coldly staring at him right now one after another.

The s.p.a.ce behind Su suddenly warped, a simple and unadorned short blade appearing. The blade was dull and without light, to the extent where one could even see mottled rust stains, as if it hadn’t been used for a long time. The blade silently stabbed towards Su’s lower back, the cutting edge covered in a layer of formless ripples, making it appear a bit indistinct.

All the way until the blade made contact with the skin on his lower back, Su seemed completely unaware.

The st.u.r.dy gear like bones, resilient skin, and powerful muscles couldn’t stop the short blade at all. The instant the short blade broke through, everything in the blade’s path was shattered by the high frequency vibration on the blade, not even the half metalized bone plates an exception. After most of the blade pierced in, the power added to the blade suddenly erupted, the ferocious energy able to completely destroy the inner organs of any ability user under nine levels!

However, ninety percent of the s.p.a.ce in Su’s body was a digestive cavity. After food entered through his throat, it would be chopped up into fine granules, released into the digestive cavity, and then burned under high temperature, using heat energy to provide his body with the essential heat it needed. That was why when the explosive energy entered his digestive cavity, it merged together with the raging flames inside the cavity, at most bringing a bit of pressure to the walls’ insulation and energy absorption tissues.

“What?” A low cry of alarm sounded in the hall, the feeling the blade transmitted back to the attacker was completely off.

The pair of curved blades suddenly moved, hacking into the s.p.a.ce behind the short blade with lightning speed. Meanwhile, Su’s muscles and bone plates contracted, trying to lock the short blade in place.

The short blade retracted without being obstructed at all, the high speed vibration’s destructive power great to the point of instantly shattering bone plates. As soon as it left Su’s body, the blades completely disappeared, and he could no longer feel its existence. Su leaned forward, maintaining the reverse hacking posture, only slowly withdrawing the long blade after the short blade’s aura completely vanished. When he saw a smear of blood on the blade in his left hand, Su smiled. He brought the long blade closer, licking the blood on its surface.

He was still unable to locate the attacker’s location. This was the first time his Panoramic View failed, as well as the first time Su was at a disadvantage in terms of information on the battlefield. The temple’s sulfuric smell became stronger and stronger, a vague pressure attacking at him, making sweat pour out from Su’s forehead. The feeling of realism the mural paintings gave off became stronger, to the extent where it would make one feel the killing intent and bloodiness emitted from the bodies of warriors.

The moment Su shook his head, shaking off a drop of sweat that trickled down from his brows, a light sound suddenly rang out beside him. From the corner of his eyes, he could see that it was a crushed rock, currently rolling on the ground. The question was, where did it come from?

The moment Su’s attention s.h.i.+fted, the short blade appeared in the void again, this time aiming between Su’s legs! Just like the first strike, only when the blade was about to touch his body did Su realize something. Then, the long blade released shrill screams, launching a crazy attack towards the short blade behind him. Su continuously brandished his blade five times, and only then did he stop.

The short blade completely destroyed all of Su’s male organs below. On an ability user, this type of injury wasn’t life-threatening, but it would weaken one’s combat strength. In addition, after having those parts completely crushed, unless one had an extremely powerful regenerative ability, there would be no hopes of fully recovering. That was why for most men, this was a fatal blow.

Su stood there quietly, blood currently flowing down his legs, collecting into a shallow puddle on the rock surface. He suddenly felt as if the mural painting before his eyes were a bit strange, as if those soldiers on the paintings were currently looking at him. The moment the strange feeling appeared, Su already compared the mural painting to the image in his memory, unexpectedly discovering that there were more than ten soldiers who turned their heads, currently staring at him! The moment Su was shocked, that frightening short blade appeared again from nothingness, the blade aiming for Su’s b.u.t.tocks this time!

Not only were the attacker’s methods sinister, it was becoming more and more vulgar. When faced against this type of enemy, it would be difficult for most ability users to display all of their strength.

The short blade reached its intended destination, but the feeling of penetration was quite different from what the attacker expected. Meanwhile, Su’s body suddenly released a blast of scorching aura. His movement speed even more so increased by thirty percent, the two blades releasing a crazy flurry of strikes towards the void!

This time, Su stopped only after releasing twenty strikes, the two blades now already dripping with blood. Meanwhile, during this time, the short blade couldn’t help but reappear again, blocking one of the strikes.

Su restored his quiet standing posture, as if he had never been injured or taken action, no trace of pain, anger, or humiliation on his face. Only, the pair of blades stabbed into the ground one after the other, the blade’s edges continuously trembling, releasing a low vibrating sound.

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