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Chapter 146 - Valiant!

The faces of the two disciples from the Pill Creek Sect were deathly pale. Their hair flew up as their clothes wildly danced, even their exposed skin had marks left by deep depressions.

Their terror was such that their souls practically left and scattered*[1], and their panic reached its pinnacle. In the centre of the gale, their bodies resembled a lone boat amidst raging waves, and in an instant, their bodies were pushed with a strength strong enough to topple mountains and overturn seas. Facing this monstrous force, the duo fell back involuntarily, spurting out fresh blood uncontrollably as they retreated.

The female disciple was bleeding from all seven apertures of the head: the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth; her body seemed to resemble a shuddering sieve. The moment she retreated, her eyes turned bloodshot, and her body was ultimately unable to withstand the crus.h.i.+ng force of this imposing power, and unexpectedly, she let out a mournful blood-curdling scream. Instantaneously, her eyeb.a.l.l.s raptured, her skull burst, and her body exploded!

Her entire body instantly became a blood mist as it drifted into the distance.

"No!" The male disciple whose entire body was incessantly spurting blood was dumbstruck. It was as if the whole world turned black in a blink of an eye, and he let out a mournful scream. Never in his dreams would he have imagined that the person he provoked would unexpectedly be this much of a ... indescribable person that defies the heavens.

This kind of imposing air, this kind of oppressive power; he had only ever seen it upon the body of a sect elder. Seeing this kind of oppressive power on a Qi Condensation disciple was unprecedented. Even if it was their sect’s strongest Heaven’s Chosen, Fang Lin, he too wouldn’t be able to do so!

“The information is wrong! The information our sect has on him is completely wrong!!”

"Please don't kill me! I..." the male disciple pleaded, crying as his body incessantly trembled. His mind was on the verge of collapse. He didn't want to die; he was extremely afraid and terrified. However, before he could finish speaking, Bai Xiaochun’s figure came close. Bai Xiaochun headed towards the male disciple with extreme speed, appearing before him in an instant. He then raised his right hand, grasping the neck of the blood-covered youth from the Pill Creek Sect.

“Ah... My Nephew Zhou didn't want to die, I too, do not wish to kill people.” Bai Xiaochun muttered. He was not a person of camaraderie or brotherhood, his heart belonged only to Spirit Creek Sect.

Regardless of what happened, he would always side with Spirit Creek Sect, because that was his home! *[2]

Bai Xiaochun’s right hand viciously clamped down. A moment later, the sound of an explosion echoed out; the neck of the Pill Creek Sect youth was completely crushed. The disciple’s eyes bulged, his legs flailed for an instant, and after a few breaths, he died!

The surroundings slowly quietened, and Bai Xiaochun loosened his grip; returning to the South Bank disciple's corpse side. He sighed softly.

“Zhou Youdao, I will send you back to the Sect.” Bai Xiaochun said quietly. Once he removed the Dao Bottle, he placed Zhou Youdao’s body within the storage pouch; with the rest of his possessions left untouched.

The Pill Creek Sect’s disciples, however, had all their possessions looted by Bai Xiaochun. Eventually when Bai Xiaochun was a fair distance away, he condensed the grey liquid from the four Dao Bottles. The combined total of the four disciples, compared to the previous amount Bai Xiaochun alone had, filled up half the Dao Bottle.

Likewise, Bai Xiaochun finally got to look at the introduction that the Pill Creek Sect disciples had on him within the information jade slip

“Spirit Creek Sect’s Bai Xiaochun: suspected to be a genius in the way of medicine, and possibly the person behind Spirit Creek Sect’s Turtle medicine symbol. His techniques are unknown and his battle strength is vague; strong at times, other times weak. He is believed to be in possession of many treasures, and suspectedly, Gui Ya conceded in his battle against Bai Xiaochun to hide his strength, hence, Bai Xiaochun became number one in the Heaven’s Chosen War. Compared to his indistinct battle strength, his medicinal skills are the main focus. When fighting against this person, bring two people to encircle him and attack.”

Bai Xiaochun didn’t know how Pill Creek Sect got their information, and after seeing it, he was even more curious about Mysterious Creek Sect’s and Blood Creek Sect’s information of him. Following this, Bai Xiaochun turned around and walked away, only staying for a short period of time.

Four hours later, a youth with an expressionless face walked over. This youth was Pill Creek Sect’s number one Heaven’s Chosen, Fang Lin. The moment he saw the condition of the area, his eyes glimmered as he carefully inspected the place.

Not long after he stood where Bai Xiaochun bellowed, with eyes closed as if in thought, his expression swiftly changed; when his eyes abruptly opened, he was breathing rapidly.

“So strong!”

“Who was it… Song Que, Gui Ya, or was it Jiu Dao?” Fang Lin sucked in a deep breath, a desire to fight slowly appeared in his eyes. After looking around, his gaze stopped at a particular direction. This direction was the exact same direction that Bai Xiaochun had left for. Fang Lin's eyes glimmered as he muttered to himself. Unwilling to make contact with Bai Xiaochun at this moment, he switched to another direction.

After 4 hours, another figure arrived. It was a big man who had thunder and fire encircling his whole body, and his figure was huge and towering. The man stood and inspected the area, and after some time, a spirited look slowly appeared in his eyes whilst his chest heaved.

“It’s not Song Que, and it’s also not Jiu Dao. Could it be Gui Ya? d.a.m.n it! I don’t want to provoke any of these three!” This burly man was precisely Mysterious Creek Sect’s Lei Shan. He scanned his surroundings and hesitated for a bit. He was unsure in which direction the person who released the terrifying pressure went. Lei Shan clenched his teeth and picked a direction to run towards to.

This direction was exactly the same direction that Bai Xiaochun left for.

Time pa.s.sed quickly, and in the span of three days, a large number of people pa.s.sed through this area. Some people could figure out what happened, and these people were endlessly shocked; there were also others who didn’t sense anything and left quickly.

This scene continued until the evening of the third day. Song Que slowly walked over, and his footsteps paused when he walked pa.s.sed this area. Although most of the marks in this area had dissipated, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. Squatting down, he pressed his right hand to the ground. After a long period of time, a spirited look flashed through his eyes.

“This pressure...isn’t Jiu Dao’s. It isn’t Fang Lin’s either, and definitely isn’t Gui Ya’s. In that case, it can only be… Bai Xiaochun’s!”

Song Que narrowed his eyes and his body blurred as he ran into the distance. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s speed during these three days within the Sword World was rather fast. Each time he encountered a Earthen Pulse Fiend Beast, he would immediately make a move and collect the Earthen Pulse Qi.

The grey liquid within the Dao Bottle had slowly acc.u.mulated. However, the disparity between the current amount and the forming of the Earthen Pulse Qi Attractor was still far too large. Although the Earthen Pulse Qi obtained from killing a Fiend Beast here was much greater than previously, almost all of the time and energy which was expended was wasted on scouring the area for Fiend Beasts.

Additionally, the Earthen Pulse Fiend Beasts here seemed to dwell between reality and illusion; they could merge into the nothingness in order to hide their tracks. Everytime he made a move on the Fiend Beasts, they would disappear and reappear at random. Were it not for Bai Xiaochun’s sharp senses, it would be extremely difficult to detect them.

The bodies of the Earthen Pulse Fiend Beasts would only appear from the nothingness whenever he approached them, If he didn’t approach them, he would be unable to detect their presence.

“I need to think of a way. It’d be best if I could draw all of the Earthen Pulse Fiend Beasts over here. If not, it’d truly be too slow if this continues. Even if I attacked the disciples of the other sects, although I’ll obtain their Earthen Pulse Qi, it would still be too slow.” Bai Xiaochun muttered to himself. Suddenly, his body paused; a whoos.h.i.+ng sound echoed out from the s.p.a.ce in front of him as a scaly claw appeared, grabbing only empty s.p.a.ce as it missed. The moment it was about to withdraw, Bai Xiaochun’s right hand swiftly moved and grasped the beast claw.

He fiercely pulled it, causing a cras.h.i.+ng sound that resembled the sound of a mirror shattering to echo out. An enormous monkey-like Earthen Pulse Fiend Beast- over a zhang tall- was directly pulled out from the nothingness by Bai Xiaochun.

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1: A direct translation would be "Practically their spirit/soul left and scattered." It is an idiom meaning one is terrified out of their minds, and are absolutely terror-stricken.

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