Titan Beneath The Heavens Chapter 249: Twenty-Seventh Episode: Chapter 1

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"Cruel! Such cruelty!"

O'Neil Andrew Morisette gathered all of his followers. Everyone had let out similar shouts.

The rain outside was still falling, and the fireplace was all red. The soldiers and the southern n.o.bles were all sitting in the same room with odd expressions. They were thinking about one question. "Should we step into this trap?"

"Why not?" Oscar asked.

"This is a cruel trap!" Marquis Glenn Alpré moaned, "This is the trap that can destroy you in both spirit and body!"

"Why do you say that?" Oscar held his forehead with one hand. He still had the relaxed gesture.

The next one to speak was the young Head of a.n.a.lysis Division, Viscount Lukas Diyabaker. He indicated with two of his fingers.

"We must first confirm that the crime of killing the Empress is not valid! However, no matter what sort of evidence the Imperial family or Secret Service Department are able to come up with, or regardless of whether this crime will be valid, there will only be two results! One, Your Highness will forever carry the doubt of killing the Empress and lose your status and the faith of the soldiers. Secondly, it comes from the fear of the Empire's n.o.bles toward you and Andrew! Think about it! Some said that you have killed the previous Emperor His Majesty Alfa III when His Majesty has always been the one protecting you and helping you to this position. Your lack of grat.i.tude will terrify everyone! I'm afraid, even the southern n.o.bles that respect you will have to think twice... whether you will eliminate them after you ascend to the throne!"

After saying it, Diyabaker turned to the motionless Marquis Alpré. "This sir is the representation of profits of the southern n.o.bles. He must admit this matter as well. I am sorry I have to put it this way. You know I am only saying my a.s.sumptions!"

"A nice a.s.sumption!" Glenn smiled at the university graduate. His ugly face was crimped together, but he truly envied this guy's head, especially his youth.

The old Marquis turned to the Prince.

"Lukas is right! This is the most dangerous part of this trap! Theoretically... the southern n.o.bles that are not clear with this accusation will indeed probably have such worries! However, the problem is... Since the Imperial family dares to accuse you of this, then they must be able to forge evidence that is reliable or is able to prove your crime!"

"So..." The Head of the a.n.a.lysis Division groaned. "Your name has been stained by this accusation. Also, this has cast fear and doubts in the hearts of the n.o.bles that support you!" The young man said as he spread his hands at the cold-looking Prince, "Other than going back to Narcissus County to avoid this clash, I can't think of the connection that may happen between you and the Ministry of Justice of the Empire--"

"Oh, right!" The Head of the Internal Security Department, Sir Brayson, suddenly interrupted the Head of a.n.a.lysis Division, "There is something that is certain... No matter what sort of evidence the Imperial family and the Secret Service Department have prepared, ultimately this accusation will not be valid. This is because this is a crime that can send a man to the guillotine! Whether it is Her Majesty the Empress or the Capital's n.o.bles, they do not dare to take this risk. So, I believe the Supreme Court will acquit you. However, just as Lukas has said, even though you are innocent, the Imperial family will have destroyed your name and affected the relations.h.i.+p between Andrew and the Empire's n.o.bles."

Oscar nodded slowly. Actually, when he just knew about his crime, he had already known that the judgment of the Supreme Court would be nothing. He also knew well of the two results Diyabaker talked about, but the key of the problem was the accusation itself. It was fine if the local did not know about it, but the people that raised the accusation must know clearly that the crime of murdering the Empress would definitely be valid!

"This is Alfa III His Majesty's medical report and death certificate... I just manage to clear it out." The Head of Internal Security Department Sir Brayson handed a doc.u.ment over. No one knew where he got these doc.u.ments from.

Oscar did not take it. He simply smiled coldly. No one knew better than him about the death of Osli Alfa Morisette.

The Head of the a.n.a.lysis Division took a glance through the report and shook his head at the people present here. "Very ill. Weak heart! I can't see where the investigator can make out of this."

The Minister of the Military Intelligence Secret Operations Office, Baron Spencer Balung, took the doc.u.ment from the university graduate, and he cast it aside without even taking a look at it. "This is not the problem! His Majesty has died for more than two years. Her Majesty Empress Alanis won't do anything like a post-mortem examination. So, in my opinion... They can make something out of anywhere! Isn't it easy to frame others? There are many experts in the Secret Service Department!"

"Yes, that's right!" The quiet Southern Government Affairs Chancellor, Count Philip Goolean suddenly spoke, "If I remember it correctly... In the last hours when His Majesty left the world, Your Highness has been in his bedroom alone the whole time!"

Oscar nodded, but the sensitive Sandinand already frowned rather awkwardly. He gripped the Prince's shoulder and stared at Philip Goolean with frivolous eyes.

"Look, Your Highness! Viscount Diyabaker is right! Even before the Supreme Court deal with this case, the people on our side has started to doubt you!"

"I don't mean that!" Count Goolean was bright red immediately. He retaliated strongly.

"Alright!" Oscar waved his hands impatiently. He looked at Devil Sandinand who only knew how to mess things up with cold eyes. The latter immediately stopped his words and retreated to on side. The t.i.tan Prince stood up from his seat and his followers followed suit. The people left a path for him and saw him walked to the window and pushed it open.

The cold air gushed into the room quickly and strong, a refres.h.i.+ng wind that brought the mixture of the scent of rain and soil breezed through the room that smelled of cigars. The flames of the candles swayed, and its shadow was cast on one part of O'Neil Andrew Morisette's face. The people in the room could not see his expression clearly.

The rain that was ordered by the G.o.d of Light smashed into the world outside of the window. The large noise disturbed the senses of the people along with the sound of wind and swaying shadows of the tree. The t.i.tan Prince and the group of people that were about to decide the future of the Empire stopped the quarrel. They stared the world outside of the window. It was as if they were identifying the truth behind the rain, but also relieved that there was an unbreakable water fall blocking in front of the truth.

"Let's call it a day!" Oscar turned around and his mouth quirked into a smile.

The people did not say anything. They knew the Prince's order was absolute.

"Glenn, my great poet!" Oscar suddenly called Marquis Alpré who was about to leave the room, "Accompany me for a drink..."

Everyone paused subconsciously. They thought they were O'Neil Andrew Morisette's trusted followers, but the Prince chose Marquis Glenn Alpré whom he acquainted the latest. This fact was enough to state the problem.

"My honor!" The old man bowed slightly to the Prince. He saw completely the few officers' alert gaze right before he closed the door.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette took a Sauvigoon's wine from his belonging. When he was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder, he began to love the alcoholic beverages that were not too strong and had a fresh floral scent. Sauvigoon's wine reminded him of spring because it could always be connected to flower.

As for Oscar, he did not care much about the alcoholic content or the taste of the beverages. The choice depended on his feelings. As for Marquis Alpré... Who cared about him? This smart guy did not look forward to this secret meeting. He had already guessed some of the news. Philip Goolean used to be Alfa III His Majesty's confidential secretary. He had just shown a slight doubt about O'Neil Andrew Morisette. This way... Since the Imperial family was able to make up such accusation, this matter must not be appearing out of thin air, or this was not as simple as some evil framing work.

The late-night food arrived right at the moment when the bright red wine was poured into the gla.s.s! Oscar began to yell 'Ola'. During his journey, he had never been as luxurious as he was this time. Caro Arsia not only sent sweet blessing to her husband but also sent him a few Italia chefs that had superb cooking skills.

The food was simple but extremely luxurious and delicate. It was vegetables with sesame and oranges and caramel duck breast meat, and lobster salad with Vodka and Italia fried rice. Oscar gave the fried rice and lobster salad to the thin old man in front of him. He opened up the walnut toast that kept releasing a wheaty, savory odor and began eating it with wine.

"Leaving the house... is just to survive!"

"Oh... You have a point!" The old Marquis replied nonchalantly. He was dealing with the lobster wholeheartedly.

Oscar brushed the breadcrumbs on his hands away. "Do you know who is the one that said this?"

Alpré shook his head, but he could understand that this was the truth that was believed by those that lured within the underworld.

"There was an old man in the Damorga Prison before. He was managing a huge empire just like Alfa III His Majesty did!"

"You are talking about the leader of the Underworld?"

"That's right! Leaving the house is just to survive. He said this."

Oscar showed a nostalgic expression. After being silent for some time, he suddenly reached out his hands. The infamous poet could only look at him when he overturned the plate of Italia fried rice on the table.

"My goodness! What are you doing? You can't do this to an old man!"

Oscar did not care about the objection of an old man. He only pointed to the overturned plate. "Even just to survive, someone has to make you unable to taste it and swallow it... What should you do?"

Alpré spread his hands helplessly. "Your Highness, haven't you already ruined the plate of rice? What do you plan to do about that?"

Oscar shook his head, "Ruining the plate doesn't solve the problem! In the beginning, I made this mistake as well. I thought by destroying a fragile plate I can solve all of my problems. But, the truth has proven me wrong! If I can't deal with the chef that cooked this food, then won't the same thing happen again? It will be just a change of plate. What is on the plate is still the disgusting thing."

The old Marquis stopped speaking. He thought O'Neil Andrew Morisette had already stated the problem clear enough.

"I am sure you must have guessed it!" The Prince glanced at the anxious poet with a smile. "I can even tell you clearly that Alfa III His Majesty is--"

"No, no, no!" The old Marquis quickly waved his hands in shock, "You are dreaming! I am dreaming as well! Let us drink until we go down! We are sleeptalking! You didn't! You absolutely didn't!"

"Ola..." O'Neil Andrew Morisette cheerfully said his catchphrase, "You are indeed a smart one!"

Alpré could only smile bitterly. He was indeed a smart person, but also extremely stupid. He should not have stayed here and faced an extremely dangerous carnivorous animal by himself. Now, he finally understood. Those whom Prince O'Neil sent away were the ones whom he truly trusted! If he thought about it deeper, the Prince had truly killed the previous Emperor. No matter out of what reason this outrageous murderer had done it, this matter must not be told to anyone. In other words,... Whoever knew about it, whoever would die!

"Do you want to die?" Oscar stared into the old man's eyes. That calm gaze seemed to be glancing at some disturbing furniture. It was as if he was considering whether to throw it into the furnace or rubbish bin.

"I don't want to!" The old man was honest. He loved life, the game of power and the status he would receive when O'Neil Andrew Morisette ascended to the position. Think about it! The famous poet or the Secretary of State of Andrew Dynasty! Which one was more intriguing?

"Don't want to die?"

"Not even in a bit... I am still young!"

t.i.tan Prince smiled without help. "Well said! You are still young!" He took the wine and poured the liquor for the 'young' old man. The wine shone just like fresh blood.

"Then let's make a deal!"

The old Marquis nodded with a bitter smile. Since it had already come to this stage, what sort of deal could it be?

"Who is it?"

This unclear question that could be easily understood made Glenn Alpré fall silent for half a minute. In this short thirty seconds, the smart old man thought about all matters of status in his mind with the speed of lightning. Then, he categorized these matters in the end. At the same time when he came up with an answer, he had also buried many people's lives.

"As decided by a few southern n.o.ble families, as permitted by Count Gru Goolean and executed by Head of Southern Military Intelligence Bureau Janin Sherman!"

O'Neil Andrew Morisette took a deep breath. He did not understand. Not at all! What were the southern people thinking? Wasn't it good being peaceful? Were their heads too heavy on their shoulder? Was his Sinelli disturbing them so much? Ought his son to be the sacrifice for power?

"When did Janin get so close with the southern n.o.bles?"

Alpré shrugged as if he was not related to those matters and these people at all, "Who knows? But the most possible explanation is that... they have always been so close! The southern n.o.bles wish to change their current situation, survive and thrive. It's not our first day knowing that. They won't let any chance to slip by!"

Oscar nodded. "Let me think about it..."

Glenn Alpré was no longer his past self that seemed mysterious and knowing.

Since he had already betrayed his past companions, these things had to be done completely and without sympathy.

"Actually, you don't need to consider so much. Even though people don't care about some things, but this can greatly present the problem clearly!"

"Oh?" Oscar was a little confused.

"When the second defending war begins..."

The old man raised his wine gla.s.s with smiles. "Did you notice it? Let's not talk about the southern army group. Just focus on the local armed forces that are prepared by the United Government and the n.o.bles! There were twelve independent brigades and twenty-seven independent divisions. Every larger town has organized the self-defense camp with the scale of a division. Every larger city has organized self-defense army with an uncertain number!"

"Now think about the chaos in Year 791. The Southern Army Group had fought lazily for eight years! The n.o.bles have hidden in the dark for eight years! Then--"

"The terrorists have destroyed the local administration system that is used by the Empire to control the south! The United Government of Southern Five Provinces is the direct consequence of this chaos!" Oscar's eyes lit up.

"That's right!" Marquis Alpré nodded. "Even if the southern n.o.bles have experienced terrible loss during that time, after that they have completed the reorganization as well as the absolute control over the southern land, thanks to your power!"

"Then?" The t.i.tan Prince was a little looking forward to it. Knowing how he was used by others was also a matter of honor.

"Then?" The old Marquis knocked on his head. "We must admit that the southern n.o.bles have thought deep and far here! Their grasp on the available opportunities was almost perfect! The aim they set in the first place was a final aim - to completely topple the Morisette Dynasty and help a new Emperor that suits their own benefit! Only this way can the southern people completely get rid of the greedy and fallen Capital n.o.bles..."

"Am I the ideal historical opportunity?" O'Neil Andrew Morisette interrupted Marquis Alpré unwillingly.

"You are only an important part to that matter!" The old Marquis seemed to plan to further attack the Head of Andrew who had a headache.

"In the Year 791, you were released from the prison. The Pope His Grand Eminence put a Prince's crown on you. You and the Princess were attacked at the southern mountainous area. Then, it was the southern chaos, the Guards' failing war. His Majesty the Emperor challenged the House of Lords about the problem with his successor. You eliminated the southern terrorists. Then, the fight for the throne in Dulin city, the elimination of northern Big Three, the crowning of Her Majesty Empress Alanis, the establishment of United Government of Southern Five Provinces and your base in Vielonna... There is no sudden success in life. It is a series of historical events that created the current event! They seem to be unrelated, but there must be a correlation in some ways! The historical coincidence will only appear in parts of it, while the historical opportunity will bring about the whole matter!"

"You are saying that... The southern n.o.bles have chosen me from the start?" O'Neil Andrew Morisette widened his eyes. He thought this was rather unbelievable.

Alpré spread his hands, "Do you still remember the hint I dropped you the first time we met? You have all the potential to be a ruler!"

Oscar shook his head, "I don't believe it! If the southern n.o.ble really can see this..."

"Wait, Your Highness! Think more carefully about it!" Marquis Alpré shook the wine gla.s.s in his hands. The b.l.o.o.d.y-red liquid swirled with his movement.

"You are the fourth son of Andrew family, the son of Princess Mica Morisette. Your double ident.i.ty and that honorable lineage are enough to make people think that! It's not easy to create a ruler, more so in such places as the Damorga Prison. If there is no protection by the southern n.o.ble group, just the name of Andrew alone is not enough to make all bosses in the prison to respect you earnestly! You may think that is a natural thing to happen, but you were still young. You didn't think that these gangs in the Underworld have a large part of their profits focused at the south. They must shape you as well. For a purpose that cannot be applied in history just yet!"

The old man did not care about the terrified Prince. He kept on talking without pausing.

"So... Think about it carefully. Everything that seems unreasonable can find its definite evidence! Do you think no one opposes Alfa III His Majesty when he gave you the t.i.tle of a Prince? Do you think all stepping stones in front of you in these eleven years are doomed to fail? Take the simplest example! The Hagrid family has deep roots in the Burton province. They have the strength of completely controlling Vielonna! But, this large family, which has remained solid and strong in a few hundred years, is destroyed in just one night. Do you really think you are the G.o.d of Light?"

"The Hagrid family is another loyal dog to the Morisette Dynasty. If the southern n.o.bles really want the change, they must get rid of the surveillance of the Hercules! It's the same for every other thing. Every person that blocks your way or the southern n.o.bles' way will be eliminated! Behind your success, there is more or less the influence of the southern n.o.ble! You are affecting history and they are encouraging and pus.h.i.+ng you to change history. This is the relations.h.i.+p between you and the southern n.o.ble."

O'Neil Andrew Morisette glanced at Glenn Alpré in terror. He just knew that there was true and false information in his words. However, how much of it was true? How dangerous was the false part? He was uncertain whether Alpré simply wanted to keep himself safe by telling him everything or he was scaring him to protect the profit of the southern n.o.bles.

The old man shook his head as he glanced at the food on the table. "You may not know it. The southern n.o.bles' gaze broadened along with the brightening of the future! They have harmed Sinelli and maybe... I am saying maybe! This may not be the first time!"

"What are you saying?" Oscar felt waves of rage that was able to destroy everything growing in his heart.

"The miscarriage of Her Majesty Empress Alanis seems reasonable. She had a cold and was exhausted every day. Also, it was her first time being pregnant, but you should ask Doctor Percy properly in the future. See if the miscarriage symptoms of Her Majesty are the same as the Lady of the Family. Doctor Percy is famous for his poison, but he did not find the cause of poison after all this while. So, he can only question this matter, but you must understand the secret within."

"Why... Why?" O'Neil Andrew Morisette was trembling. He could hardly believe he was still keeping his rationality.

"Why? Good question!" Alpré nodded. "The rights to ascend the throne! It doesn't only involve two rulers and two dynasties. Not as simple as that! We have to take note of everything that is related to the new ruler."

"For example..." The old man looked frighteningly at the stunned Prince. "For example, the successor of the new ruler is also an important aspect! If the trip to Dulin can be as smooth as planned, then Empress Alanis giving up her throne is within their expectations! You already have four wives. Even though the unity with that Persian Princess is barely accepted by the Church, but that is the product of common interest. On the problem of a successor, the Church will never allow a Prince that has foreign blood in him to stain the holy world. It is not allowed even for the open-minded southern n.o.bles. So, Madam Arayna Mogadishu can be excluded!"

"What about Sinelli?" Oscar stood up from his seat. His expression was just like a violent beast. If he could not accept the answer, he would gobble the old man up in a craze.

"You pointed that Sinelli will be the ruler of Faran. This is an unreasonable matter. The southern n.o.bles will not believe it! They think that your child with the Lady of Andrew must be the future successor of the Empire. This is too dangerous. Moreover, they need to use this matter to cause a misunderstanding between you and Her Majesty--"

Enough!" Oscar yelled. He pointed at the old man's nose with trembling fingers. "You... and them! You all deserve to die!"

"Listen to me and let me finis.h.!.+" Alpré smiled as if he did not care about his life.

"The successor of Lady of Andrew cannot receive the throne you pa.s.s on in the future. Meanwhile, your child with Princess Caro Arsia Manuel can only go to Italia. As for Madam Vijdeline, even if you marry her, she still can't let her son to be convinced that he can succeed the throne. So, from the current situation, or in the understanding of the southern n.o.ble, the women who are close to you cannot nurture an heir that can satisfy your supporters."

Oscar's chest was as unstable as the wind slot in a blacksmith shop. He was glaring while his palm was placed on his Marshal sword.

"This way... Since your trip to the Capital can deal with one of your wives... Don't be this way! Listen to me!" The blade was suddenly on the old man's chest. The cold sweat that had been acc.u.mulating on his forehead finally broke out.

"You must believe me! Even if you have never thought of harming your wife, someone will definitely do this for you. Just like how Silverfox Alan is defeated so strangely! So... This way... You can have one more wife. The southern n.o.bles have chosen a suitable Queen for you as well. A wife that can nurture the perfect successor!"

"Who is it? Say it! With you! And everyone that knows about this! I will send all of you to h.e.l.l!" Oscar said as he pushed the blade forward. The old man's chest was immediately stabbed. He gripped the seat tightly and tried not to moan in pain.

"You... Do you still remember Lady Victoria Honwarren? She... This year... She is eleven! She has become very beautiful!"

Oscar thought about it. Victoria Honwarren? That little beauty that wanted to become queen?

"According... According to the southern people's guess, if during this Dulin's trip... the ruling of the Morisette Dynasty can be finished smoothly. Then... Then, you will lead the army as the Prince... You will lead the n.o.bles as well. The Anti-t.i.tan Alliance will surely initiate a new round of war. You will at least need two years to defeat the enemy, then a few years to strengthen the country. Then, you can be crowned as Emperor..."

Oscar tightened his grip on the sword, "Continue talking!"

The old man panted intensely. He could feel his jumping heart was about to touch the sharp blade. "At that time... At that time, Lady Victoria Honwarren will already be adult! Her natural beauty and training are enough to mesmerize all men in the world. You won't be an exception!"

Oscar let out a cold smile. The matter seemed a little funny since the southern people were so sure that Andrew Empire would arrive in this world. If Andrew wanted to, Oscar could even help Alanis brainwash the southern n.o.bles... History did not only have one possibility.

"Have you heard about Queen Soolad of the Honwarren family? The Honwarren family is known for producing Queens. You must have heard of it, right? Do you know why Emperor Morisette send his own Queen to the guillotine?"

"How does this concern me?" Oscar was distasteful.

"Of course, there is some correlation!" Marquis Alpré reached out his hands desperately. He gripped the blade and tried to stop the Marshal sword from going even deeper into him.

"It's not the southern n.o.bles' first attempt at searching for political benefits! The last time was spearheaded by the powerful Queen Soolad and the Honwarren family. But, you should know that they were defeated! A terrible defeat! The Honwarren family only has one successor in this generation!"

"But having a successor means there's a chance to return to the game! Victoria is born to be a Queen. She is your Queen, and also the Morisette Dynasty's Queen. No matter who will ascend to the throne, the southern n.o.bles will definitely prepare such a beautiful thing for the next ruler!"

"She will represent the southern n.o.bles to fight for power! For the benefits of the southern n.o.bles--"

"Enough! The southern people will not get what they want. I won't do what they want!" Oscar said disdainfully. If he still married Victoria Honwarren, then he must be either crazy or stupid.

"Your Highness!" The old man yelled in terror. "The hope of the southern n.o.bles is on you. We can only succeed! We can't fail! If we do... The current Morisette Empress won't probably do anything to you. At most, she will ask you to go back to your hometown. But, can you imagine what will happen to the southern n.o.ble? After the peace talks with the Anti-t.i.tan Alliance, what will become of t.i.tan? Can you imagine that?"

The old man stared into the Prince's eyes. The latter seemed to be motionless.

"Your Highness... You can win! You must be the one to attain the throne, honor and new generation! You can't give up on your ally at this key stage. The southern n.o.bles are your..."

O'Neil Andrew Morisette suddenly smiled. He took the sword from the old man's chest, then placed it on this guy's neck when he was happy.

"You have shown your true colors, old fox! You are protecting the southern n.o.bles!"

"No, Your Highness!" Alpré shook his head. "You still don't understand what I mean! Who would protect the southern n.o.bles? They really deserve to die! But, before you topple Morisette Dynasty, completely control the Empire's situation and win against the Anti-t.i.tan Alliance, you must not eliminate the dangerous people in the southern n.o.bles! These people are the deciding factor to help you to attain the throne. Without them, not only will you gain nothing, but you may even lose your life!"

Oscar raised his eyebrow, "Let them come!"

Alpré released a helpless sigh, "You must calm down! You can let the southern people remove rocks for you, but you yourself must not be the rock under the southern people's feet! When you have completely controlled t.i.tan, the central east n.o.bles, the northern n.o.bles, the western n.o.bles and the n.o.bles that rely on Andrew are all tools that you can use to control the southern n.o.bles. That is the accurate and correct time to clean the Empire internally."

Oscar had completely calmed down. No matter from which angle he thought about this question, the old fox's suggestion was attractive.

"Fox and the lion... are two sides of the s.h.i.+eld!" Alpré gripped the blade on his neck lightly with his two fingers. He moved the sword aside as he said it.

"If you know when to use the fox to attract the enemy and attack with the lion, then you can truly be called as a ruler!"

"A ruler? Too soon for that!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette suddenly kept his sword in the sheath. He leaned against the Polar Bear Sofa. The Head of Andrew actually planned to find out the people who had murdered Sinelli. He did not expect Alpré to tell him so many things that he could not process in a short amount of time.

"Hehe! It's enough that you understand this! The urgent matter at hand is to deal with the n.o.bles in Dulin City and the accusation of the Morisette Empress towards you. If you win this, please believe me! The southern n.o.bles are not just an iron plate. We have all the time to find an opening. We will slowly divide these people, and slowly use the Andrew family and the Empire's n.o.bles that support and protect you from all over the Empire to reduce their influence on the new dynasty!"

Oscar glared at Alpré questioningly. He already knew that this old dog, who shook its tail at anyone, was definitely a cunning politician with many evil ideas! Facing these sort of people, he had to use that s.h.i.+eld of a lion and a fox. When he would use and eat this guy... There must be a clear distinction between these times. Until the end, he would only see what would happen! O'Neil Andrew Morisette had already made up his mind to protect his four wives. However, we already knew that Victoria Honwarren must be his future Queen and finally an Empress.

"So... History won't be changed just by a personal will." Baroness Rolanda Getha Ogeiro glanced at her ex-lover that suddenly crashed into her bedroom with puffy eyes.

"My husband is very clear with this sort of matter. The pen of the Imperial historian has recorded the rising and falling of the Morisette Dynasty. Sometimes, even though the things written by the pen is this way, the truth is very much different from what the people think!"

Oscar nodded. This was the same as everyone though Alfa III His Majesty had died of a weak heart.

"Don't worry about it. I have already requested the Military Intelligence Bureau to send someone to protect Bernadot. That person is also my friend."

Rolanda shook her head tiredly. "You don't have to console me!"

Oscar had nothing to say to that. He had no confidence in this at all. Moreover, the Military Intelligence Bureau had replied that no one knew where the Imperial Chief Historian was kept at. They believed this was the thing that was only known by the Head of the Secret Service Department.

"My husband... is a just person!" The Baroness suddenly said it, "If he isn't so, then when he heard that the Imperial family and the Capital's n.o.bles are going to accuse you with that ridiculous crime, he wouldn't have chosen to step into danger and asked his follower to inform me."

"Yes!" Oscar nodded. "Baron Ogeiro is a just man and a just historian! Wait until I save him from danger. I will let him write the most just words in history!"

"He had already finished his part!" Rolanda smiled helplessly. That was her husband's last words. Even a stupid person could guess how the Secret Service Department would treat a historian that had betrayed the Imperial family's secret.

Oscar's feelings sank even lower. He knew that he did not feel the same for Rolanda.

However, seeing such a beautiful woman losing her soul for another man, the Prince's heart felt like a huge rock that was soaked in salty water.

"I envy your husband."

Rolanda looked at her ex-lover in confusion.

"I envy his plainness!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette said as he sighed like an ill old man.

"I should be a just person! I should have been one! But, no matter how hard I try, I can't! Do you know how depressing it is to experience the helplessness during self-reflection? Do you know the scolding of conscience will make a person go mad? I am fighting to survive! It is G.o.d that gave me the rights to take lives, but I have paid a heavy price for this understanding! This is my punishment--" Rolanda got up from her bed and cupped the man's face in her palm. She did not know what was wrong with Oscar! The Prince in her mind would not believe in the effect of heaven's vengeance!

O'Neil Andrew Morisette was in the woman's chest. He seemed to be speaking, but he also seemed like he was asking for forgiveness.

"Rona, do you know this? When people wake up in the morning, they will look in the mirror. They will know clearly that the person in the mirror is himself! But, I will doubt it! I will doubt whether the murderer whose hands are stained with blood is human or devil!"

"I must be a devil, right?" Oscar suddenly raised his head. He looked at the crying woman as if he just understood something. "Or else... Or else, why would the G.o.d do this to me? Why would he s.n.a.t.c.h my child away for so many times?"

"No... You are not a devil... How can you be?" Rolanda cried. She was stimulated by the man's pain. "Tell me, Oscar! What happened? What exactly happened?"

Oscar's face was twisted. There were no tears. There were only soundless sobs.

"They... They took my child away! Alanis's child... Sasha's child... They took my child away... I... I can't even take vengeance for my poor child... Why... Why did they do this..."

Baroness Ogeiro hugged her crying ex-lover tightly. She really doubted whether this weak and ruined man was actually O'Neil Andrew Morisette. Or rather... whether the true O'Neil Andrew Morisette was this way. It was only that the people never thought so of him.

After crying it all out, the tired Oscar fell asleep in the woman's embrace like a child. He seemed to be having a nightmare. His strength while he struggled in his sleep almost hurt Rolanda's arm.

The sky slowly lit up and the rain had paused. Sunlight found its way into the bedroom and the bright color lit up the man's curly hair. The stiff woman finally moved a little and the man sleeping on her woke up in surprise.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette looked into the woman's eyes for a long time.

"Thank you!"

"You are welcome!"

The man and the woman smiled at the same time. The Prince waved his hands. He suddenly thought of an interesting idea.

"Rona! Become the historian of Andrew!"

Baroness Ogeiro blinked. Andrew did not need a historian unless...

"My husband is more suited than me!"

Oscar smiled. He would not forget the just representative of the Moon G.o.d. "You should consider it..."

"Where are you going?" Rolanda suddenly thought of this as she looked at the man about to leave.


"Have you decided?"


The woman sent the man out of the room, "Oscar!" She suddenly called him.

"As long as you don't disappoint a just person, then you yourself are a just person! And also a just Emperor!"

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