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Alice’s home was just a mere fifty square meters two-bedroom apartment topped off with a living room. Ever since she arrived in the US, she had rented this apartment until she met Thompson but had kept her rental payments for this tiny abode all this while.

For a young woman like herself, she undoubtedly had no plans to live with Thompson her whole life. Her intentions were well presented in this apartment she called her own. If she met a better man she would bring him to this apartment and act like she was a single woman all along.

Xia Lei could only imagine the number of men who have walked through those doors. But it did not matter. Alice fell for his wealth and his fictional connections in the film industry, while he sees her as a valuable chess piece.

Alice’s apartment was well decorated, borrowing romantic influences from French culture.

“James, would you like a drink?” After inviting Xia Lei in, she promptly a.s.sumed the role of its sole proprietor.

“Juice, coffee, anything will do.”

“Well let’s have some whiskey then.” Alice headed towards the liquor shelf.

It was obvious that it was just a rhetorical question. Alcohol spiked the senses, and if Alice decidedly invited him to her house, her intentions were crystal clear.

Alice brought some alcohol and both of them downed two

“Alice, who is that old fellow?” Xia Lei tested the waters.

Alice blinked a few, kept her silence for a couple of moments before she replied, “A friend. When I first came to America, he was the one watching after me. Does that bug you?”

Xia Lei shook his head, “Nah, just curious.”

He put down his whiskey gla.s.s and held onto her tiny waist. “All I care about is the feeling of us together, like the first beam of sunlight into my life. You don’t know what you mean to me. Ever since I first saw you that day, you were like a magnificent doe and that geezer was an old hunter. And me, I just feel like I have to be the one to save you from his grasp.”

“You’re my hero.” Alice gazed into his eyes, starstruck from his exposition as tears began streaming out her eyes.

What a waste that she was not in the film industry already.

Xia Lei sealed her lips with his own.

After a full two minutes, Alice finally got her chance to speak again. “James, that old bag has been tormenting me, threatening me to never leave his sight. Please help me! Please! I beg you to save me from this misery. I can do anything for you in return!”

“Anything?” Xia Lei seemed rather surprised as his eyes exhibited a glimmer of perverted gaze.

“Anything you ask.”

“I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, I swear I will protect you, my little doe…” Xia Lei rea.s.sured her in an empathetic tone.

Alice succ.u.mbed into his embrace as the two intertwined.

The whiskey bottle fell off the table and smashed to pieces.

Alice was tossed onto the couch before Xia Lei began clawing at her by the throat.

Alice then rolled off to the floor while Xia Lei tugged on her hair.

Alice reemerged on the kitchen table with Xia Lei’s loose belt on her voluptuous hip.

That was an exciting process for the two who never even bother to finish Fifty Shades of Grey.

Xia Lei perfectly embodied the role of Christian Grey, handsome and suave outside, yet filled with a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic kink on the inside.

Alice meanwhile channelled her inner Anastasia Steele, attracted by Xia Lei’s mesmerising appearance and seemingly limitless wealth.

It was just as heartstopping as watching the Oscar Award-winning actor and actress at work!

Portraying as the male protagonist of the Fifty Shades of Grey was the best setup for Xia Lei to gain her trust. Any other story would not have cut it for her.

Love at first sight? There was no way Alice was going to believe that! Saying that she reminded me of my previous love, or a sister or whatnot, that would work if she was a teen! But for a woman like Alice that could play Thompson in the palm of her hands. He needed more than that.

Which is why he chose Fifty Shades of Grey as his main theme while hinting on his inner kink.

As for Alice, she knew a wealthy guy like ‘James’ could be with any woman he wanted. But why did he fall for her instead? Not to mention that their first meeting was with Thompson by her side!

Men are particularly sensitive to that, and if Xia Lei couldn’t offer a plausible reason then she would definitely be raising her guard. Regardless, even after multiple deductions she just could not have guessed his true intentions!

The revelation that James had a perverted, sadom.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic kink, had dispersed all her suspicion and contemplation! When she was with James, she might be put into some physical pain and sensual tease, but it was far better than anything she had ever had with Thompson!

After the exhilarating experience, the house returned to its usual silence.

Alice curled inside Xia Lei’s embrace, saturated with bruises from whips and scratches. Now she really did seem like an injured little doe.

‘James’ craved her for being a pathetic little doe, not to rescue her, but to personally make her one. Yet it was all she never knew she wanted.

“I’m calling Daniel tomorrow. I have to tell him I found the perfect choice for the next Bond girl, how’s that?” Xia Lei comforted her with a satisfied smile.

“Really? You wouldn’t lie to me would you?” Alice was genuinely anxious.

Xia Lei gently caressed her bruises, appearing sorrowful as he rea.s.sured her. “Of course I’m serious. All you have to do now is to wait for the director’s call.”

“I love you. You’re really the gift personally handed to me by G.o.d Himself,” Alice’s pupils began watering up as she replied.

“My little doe, I swear to you. You will get everything you deserve in this world and more,” Xia Lei dried the tears from the corner of her eyes and gave her a loving peck on the lips. Just when he was about to make his next move, she coyly pushed him away and crawled out of his embrace.

“I’m taking a shower.”

This was already pus.h.i.+ng her limits.

Xia Lei nodded, and off she went.

Xia Lei leapt off the couch and sprinted towards Alice’s handbag, scouring through its contents to find her phone. Once he had it in his hands, he began flipping through the messages that Thompson had sent.

Thompson’s latest messages. Babe, where are you?

Sent an hour ago.

Babe, I’m going to the base for a bit and will be back tomorrow afternoon. I was thinking of moving to your place, think about it. Once you’re done considering please text me back.

Received just half an hour ago.

Xia Lei cracked a half-smile. That b.u.g.g.e.r spent only part of his money from the sale of the house on paying off his debts. Yet he did not even spare Alice a cent. And now he wants to move into her place? What level of stinginess is this? Who’d want to be with a stingy old c.u.n.t like that? But with my help, your dreams will soon come true.

Xia Lei replied to the most recent message. Alright, come over whenever you’re ready.

Afterwards, he began scrolling through her contact list and memorized every single one of the phone numbers. It might serve to be of use.

Finally, he drew out a USB and connected it to the smartphone and installed his little piece of software ‘Xiao Qian’. Once Xiao Qian was implanted into her phone, not only would it guarantee Xia Lei full access to her exact location, he could tap into every single one of her calls and messages.

This was a far superior procedure than that of the usual tapping device.

After he was done, Xia Lei deliberately placed her phone on the coffee table instead of the handbag.

Minutes later, Alice came walking out of the bathroom, wrapped up with a white bath towel. A loose knot was tied on her chest. It seemed like the knot would break loose at any moment and reveal her enticing body.

Her body was dripping wet, soaking the bath towel enough to make it seem thinner and more translucent than usual.

It was clear that she chose the specific set of bath towels to flaunt her s.e.xual appeal.

Xia Lei stared blindly at her, seemingly captivated.

But it didn’t take long before Alice caught an eye of her phone on the table. Perplexed, she confronted, “James, what did you…”

Xia Lei explained, “I heard your phone ringing while you were in the bath so I took it out from the bag for a look.”

“Did somebody call?”

“No, it was a message from the old geezer,” Xia Lei answered, with a discontented look on his face.

Alice had initially become wary of him, but now that he seemed genuinely displeased, she began panicking as she rea.s.sured him. “James, I’ve ended everything with him. But if he threatens or bugs me again you have to stand up for me.”

Whilst speaking, her pupils watered up again.

“As I told you before, n.o.body will hurt you and I’m gonna make sure of that.”

Alice let out a pet.i.te sigh of relief as she held up her phone and went through her past messages with Thompson. Before long, she singled out the message that Xia Lei sent with her name. Hesitating for a moment, she took to question, albeit uneasily, “How could you make this decision behind my back James?”

Xia Lei bluntly rea.s.sured, “You’re my girl. If he hurts you, I’m going to make him pay.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to protect you.”

“No, James, he’s a military captain, a really high ranked one. This is America, your suggestion is dangerous,” Alice was anxiety-ridden.

“Well, I got you.”


Xia Lei continued, “Alice, he’s making me really uncomfortable. If I don’t do something about it, I’ll start to question myself as a man. This is important to me. Besides, you’re going to the UK to start filming soon so why care about what he thinks?”

“What do you have in mind?” Alice questioned.

“Worry not, horrible things like kidnapping or murdering him are out of the question. You said he likes gambling right? I’m good at that. All I need you to do is convince him to play a few rounds with me.”

Alice finally appeared relieved as she cracked a smile. “I don’t even need to convince him. Every time he gets his pay, he would return to the casino. But I’ll do what you tell me to.”

Xia Lei chuckled.

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