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Chapter 1177 - Devouring a Python

The woman beside him was still asleep, exhausted. The rise of her chest was stable and there was a satiated smile across her face. Perhaps she was already playing with her Xia Yang and Xia Yue in her dreams. Maybe her dreams of getting pregnant with a pair of twins would come true after tonight.

Xia Lei clambered up from the bed. He checked his wrist.w.a.tch- Mm, it was a few hours shy of the morning. Despite that, Xia Lei no longer felt the urge to sleep. Ever since he had taken the last AE capsule, his sleeping hours had been on a gradual decline. The man was sleeping less as days went by.

Lesser sleep seemed to be one of the side effects of complete evolution.

Would he no longer sleep when he reaches a certain level?

Xia Lei had nothing to base deductions on. Thinking back, Zhu Xuanyue loved to sleep but she was different from the prehistoric chosen one; the woman had literally reconstructed a new body.

So he opted to turn on his laptop instead. Before he went to work, he decided to check on the American share market’s situation by habit. But this time, he clicked on the share market version Xiao Qian software instead of the market’s platform.

In just a few days, all four accounts had managed to acc.u.mulate a total of four billion USD. Even if he had taken over the controls, this was the best outcome Xia Lei could’ve achieved.

He read through the activity records, glossing through countless buy and sell share logs. Its operation formula was not focused on long-term investment. It was all band operations, buying when the price was low and selling when the price was high. As long as the share was profitable, it would appear in Xiao Qian’s trading records.

In the middle of browsing its records, Xia Lei was presented with a dialogue box on the operation interface. There was a line of Chinese characters in an alarming red fas.h.i.+on- ‘Caution! You have too few trading accounts, frequent trading will attract attention from the SEC. Do you wish to set up more accounts and transfer accounts?’

Following that, Xia Lei was prompted to make a choice.

Xia Lei smirked and clicked on ‘Yes’ without hesitation.

Another pop-up appeared- ‘Creating trading accounts and bank accounts…’

With Xiao Qian’s artificial intelligence, Xia Lei was freed from the menial task of setting up more accounts. Xiao Qian was a whole package deal. Many countries had held a gargantuan amount of zombie accounts, which were accounts that were not involved in trading. As long as Xiao Qian hacks into the accounts and reset its pa.s.swords, it’d be able to use it. It would take over as many zombie accounts as it wished and swap it out after a certain interval. That way, no trails would be left for tracking.

The owners of the new accounts set by Xiao Qian were not important. As long as it was able to garner him profit off the American share market, all was good.

The account creation process was speedy. It had only taken Xiao Qian five minutes before a new pop-up had emerged- ‘100 trading accounts and 100 bank accounts have been created. Enable automatic account creation according to the trading situation?’

Once again, Xia Lei clicked ‘Yes’.

Please provide your bank account destination. Xiao Qian will transfer generated profits into the account accordingly.’

Xia Lei agreed and entered the number to a secret account he had in the Swiss Bank on the next prompt. This would be where Xiao Qian would channel in loot from the American share market. The man was not at all worried about the Americans tracking this account as Xiao Qian was programmed to transfer the money between different accounts to hide trails.

This version of Xiao Qian was like a hidden bandit in the American share market. However, this bandit was non-existent and almost impossible to locate.

To s...o...b..ll then slammed the gigantic sum onto the share market had been Xia Lei’s initial plan. Sadly, he was not able to do much personally due to time constraints. The man was at the brink of giving up on his wildest dream, the only motive behind his prolonged stay on the platform was just to generate some ‘pocket money’ from the market. With Xiao Qian, however, Xia Lei could once again see some hope in that dream.

After he was done, he exited the interface and made a mental note- “Before I die, I must use the s...o...b..lled amount to crash the American share market!”

Only America had ever caused havoc in the stock market of other countries and never the other way around. Xia Lei would become the first person in history to commence an attack on their share market. The lack of attempts from other people was due to the lack of funds. With Xiao Qian’s help, Xia Lei now had all his funding issues solved. The rest was just a matter of time. Even as the man was staring unabashedly at his naked ex-wife who was still asleep in an African hut, Xia Lei was still earning big bucks every second.

Xia Lei began to work on programming the Super AI Xiao Qian software. He had successfully created the spy version and the market network version. A seamless merging of the two with a sprinkle of better and stronger essence, Xia Lei was confident that he could create something on par or perhaps, better, than the American Tens.h.i.+n system sooner or later.

Yes. Xia Lei was painfully aware of his fleeting time but there was just so much left to do. The man could no longer spare more hours for slumber and rest.

The wind continued to rustle the branches outside and rang in symphony with the calls of different insects and birds. The African village’s night was not exactly quiet but those noises did not hinder Xia Lei’s work.

Soon, the dark tidied away and light began to pour in from the eastern horizon. The skies on the other end were already bright but Riverside Village was still veiled in the darkness.

Shentu Tianyin stirred awake, only to find a busy Xia Lei beside her. Her eyes widened with shock. “Did you not sleep?”

Xia Lei turned around to regard her with a smile. “I did sleep for a moment but woke up. After that, I could not fall back asleep so I decided to work instead.”

Shentu Tianyin propped herself up and rested her cheek against his spine. She murmured softly, “Try not to overwork yourself. I understand your ideals and burden but I’d like to tell you this- You’ve done so well. I think it’s time you relax a little and get some well-deserved rest.”

His nostril caught a whiff of her bodily aroma. Along with the soft pressure of her protruding mounts against his back, how could Xia Lei possibly be in the mood to work? He folded his hacking laptop and pulled her into his arms. He grinned. “Hey, are you thinking of naughty things again?”

Shentu Tianyin pouted slightly but her eyes were betraying her. “It has been so long since you last touched me. The way you went feral last night had me quivering in fear. How could I bear to ask for anything else?”

Despite her words, her languid tone and seductive gaze were positively dripping with s.e.x. The way she settled into his arms was filled with unspoken want.

Xia Lei dove down and captured her lips in a searing kiss.

“Wait.” Out of the blue, Shentu Tianyin pushed him away. She slid off the bed, dressed herself and put on some shoes.

Xia Lei was perplexed. “Where are you going?”

Inexplicably, her cheeks went red. “I… I need to pee.”

Xia Lei flopped onto the bed.

The woman quickly went over to pull him up. “You need to come with me. There’s no toilet here and I… I need you to s.h.i.+eld me and look out for people. Also, I’m afraid of snakes.”

“Eh? But you were so good at strangling snakes last night. How are you afraid of snakes?” teased Xia Lei.

It took her a moment for realization to settle in. Her face went completely beet red at the innuendo. Frustrated, she slapped his a.s.s hard. “Hurry up! I can’t hold it in much longer.”


His ex-wife needed to answer her nature call, hence Xia Lei was stuck with ‘ex-husband’ duty. The man pulled on some clothes begrudgingly and followed her outdoors. Noticing that there was a small jungle patch on the side of the village, he pulled Shentu Tianyin’s arm and brought her deeper. Past the foliage was the gus.h.i.+ng Sanaga River.

Xia Lei ran a quick check. “Here’s a good spot. I don’t see anyone around.”

Shentu Tianyin walked to one of the trees and pulled her pants down.

The odd high-pitched water noises had Xia Lei sheepish but he could not just walk away. In the end, he turned around and waited for Shentu Tianyin to be done.

“Ah! Snake!” Shentu Tianyin screeched.

Xia Lei frantically turned around, immediately noticing the giant green python hanging off a branch. It was about to attack Shentu Tianyin, who was peeing right below it! The woman paled, frozen by fear. She did not dare to move.

Xia Lei lunged forward and grabbed the python’s skull. The snake certainly wasn’t expecting someone to attack it without hesitation. It dropped its weight onto Xia Lei’s body. The python was at least one hundred and fifty kilograms. On instinct, it coiled its body around Xia Lei as soon as they came into contact.

This was a large python that had the strength to strangle an adult cow alive!

Though Xia Lei’s strength was terrifyingly strong, it was still weak compared to a huge python. Worried that the snake would hurt Shentu Tianyin, he threw himself and the snake sideways onto a patch of gra.s.s. It was also in that short amount of time that the python had successfully coiled its full length around the man.

“Hubby!” Shentu Tianyin was in tears. Ignoring her falling pants, she picked up a stone and ran towards Xia Lei and the snake.

The urgency in her choice of fas.h.i.+on had earned her a harsh fall at the very first step. She fell head first onto the gra.s.s with her pale a.s.s high in the air.

“Don’t come near!” Xia Lei yelled.

The python slackened its jaw and went for his skull.

In that split second, the mysterious energy inside Xia Lei was awakened. It built an energy field and the snake’s consciousness entered his mind- ‘Kill! Kill! Kill! Eat him!’

The vicious creature had a simple mind but it was filled with the intent to kill!

Xia Lei skillfully dodged its b.l.o.o.d.y jaw but the snake was faster to tighten its grip around his body. The tightness and overwhelming weight were suffocating Xia Lei, he felt like his bones were about to shatter any time soon!

His life was threatened. His survival instincts and adrenaline defeated all morals and rationale. Before he could even think about it, his energy field produced a whirlpool that tore apart the snake’s mind. It had devoured its biological electromagnetic waves and soul like a hungry beast!

One second later, the phyton closed its jaw and lost all strength. It slumped to the ground and went slack.

The python was dead, not through slaughter but by consumption!

This was his first feeding but Xia Lei felt no excitement. All he felt was nausea and terror!

Though it wasn’t human, Xia Lei had fed on its brain!

This was his first and his second time might happen soon!

While Xia Lei berated himself inwardly and doused himself in agony, something unprecedented was happening to his body and brain!

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