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Chapter 965: Countdown starts (3)

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Huang Yueli received the examination paper and enthusiastically flipped through the paper feeling novelty.

It was hard for her to imagine that the first tier Armament Master certification included the theory section as she did not expect it.

Armament refining was a form of workmans.h.i.+p which required a lot of practice. No matter how strong one's theory was, even if one put it into hundreds and thousands of words, but ultimately….. the Profound Armament must be refined out then would it be considered successful!

So she wasn't really used to this kind of a.s.sessment method.

In her past life when she was learning how to refine armaments in Mythical Flame Palace, she had never took part in the so-called certification a.s.sessment. When she was in her teens, she could already refine Profound Weapons which were fifth tier and above. During the first time she exhibited her Profound Armament in Soaring Heavens Continent auction, it had shocked all the Armament Masters in the Armament Guild Headquarters!

Subsequently, she was conferred the fifth tier Armament Master's badge directly.

After that, she became the Armament Guild's most protected person and every single breakthrough of hers was known to everyone and the badge would be presented by the President automatically. So from the start till the end, she had never taken part in such an official a.s.sessment.

Huang Yueli dwelled in her past memories and didn't started answering the examination paper.

Li Xue'er was just sitting beside Huang Yueli and she took a bit of time to steal a glance at her only to discover that Huang Yueli's examination paper was totally blank without a single word so she couldn't stop herself from revealing a sn.i.g.g.e.r!

As expected, this wretched la.s.s didn't know anything at all. Such simple questions and she couldn't reply even a single one, so how could she even had the face to take part in the certification a.s.sessment?

Originally she had thought that this wretched la.s.s had dared to bet with her, she would at least had looked through several theory books and could answer at least seventy or eighty percent of the examination paper's questions. But she had not expected that she couldn't even make it in the theory section.….

Looks like she didn't even need to wait for the second round and Huang Yueli would already been disqualified…..

Wasn't this an easy win?

Li Xue'er was extremely complacent as the pen in her hands started to dance around while she answered all the questions.

Perhaps it was because she felt that she was going to win immediately and today, she especially had the inspiration so she was even faster than usual while answering the questions!

Upon seeing that there were only forty five minutes left for the countdown, her examination paper was already more than ninety percent completed!

Li Xue'er increased her writing speed, thinking to become the first person to hand in the examination paper!

To be able to be the first to hand in the paper was a representation of ability. The Armament Master theory a.s.sessment was extremely difficult and there were a lot of questions. Most people would only be able to complete sixty to seventy percent of the questions within two hours and it was very impressive that one could answer ninety percent of it!

Generally speaking, only those people who had a strong base in theory standard could answer all the questions correctly. As for submitting the paper earlier, even those who had already been certified as a true blue first tier Armament Master might not be able to do it.

Li Xue'er wrote faster and faster, she was just two questions away from answering all the questions!

Just at this moment, she suddenly heard a voice of someone who stood up from the neighbouring seat!

Li Xue'er turned back and saw Huang Yueli standing up from her seat as she put down the pen in her hands and was just holding up her examination paper, preparing to submit it.

She instantly was stunned.

What situation was this? How is it possible that that wretched la.s.s who didn't knew anything be faster than her? And she was the first one to submit the examination paper? Surely it can't be true?

However, it was indeed the truth as Huang Yueli took big strides and walked upwards, pa.s.sing the examination paper in her hands to Tang Jinhua.

Li Xue'er stared at the examination paper in her hands and suddenly thought that earlier, Huang Yueli's paper was still blank so how could she answer all the questions so quickly?

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