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Chapter 1623: Ninth stage realm’s might (4)

Murong De stood by the side as he looked at Li Moying, winking at him.

“Moying, aren’t you coming over to apologize to Sect Master Cui?”

Murong De now understood that Li Lingchuan could not be saved but there wasn’t much influence if he gave up on this hopeless second disciple. Now the greatest news was Li Moying had came back to life!

As long as Li Moying was around, Celestial Light Sect’s future would be boundless so even if one thousand Li Lingchuans died, there wasn’t any influence at all.

Hence when Cui Yuan Shan dabbled in the situation based on his reason to capture Li Lingchuan to hand over to Leng family, he didn’t object too violently.

But now that Li Moying was going up against Cui Yuan Shan, things were not good.

If Cui Yuan Shan exploded and heavily injured Li Moying, then that would be Celestial Light Sect’s irrevocable damage!

That was why Murong De hurriedly jumped out to ease the situation.

Cui Yuan Shan saw Murong De jumping out and thinking that he had not brought any men along, hence he could only let things go. He placed his hands behind his back and gave a cold humpf as he said, “Alright, since Sect Master Murong put it in this way, how could this Sect Master haggle with a junior? As long as Young Sect Master Li apologizes sincerely, then I can let this matter rest!”

When Murong De heard that, he winked even harder at Li Moying, so much that his eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to drop out.

Alas, Li Moying totally ignored him as the ridicule beneath his eyes was even stronger.

“This is not a misunderstanding! This Seat has already made it clearly, Li Lingchuan…. Must die under my hands!”

Cui Yuan Shan simply did not believe what he had heard!

Under his coercive suppression, Li Moying actually remained so resolute, without any sense of wanting to step back.

“You…. must you go against this Sect Master??” Cui Yuan Shan’s face turned green.

The Profound Energy in his body had started to gather and his aura kept on increasing as the air started to be charged with an intense wind attribute Profound Energy!

If it was an ordinary seventh stage realm pract.i.tioner, he would have been lying limp on the ground. No matter how much determination he had, there was no way that he could control his own actions under such a powerful suppression.

But Li Moying merely replied indifferently, “Talking so much rubbish, either you scram or strike!”

The public square turned completely silent.

No one had expected that Li Moying actually dared to provoke the long established ninth stage realm pract.i.tioner, Cui Yuan Shan in such a way!

He… did he really want to die? Or had he gone insane?

No matter how excellent his innate talent was, there was no possibility of him being able to block a move from Cui Yuan Shan!

Now he had even incited Cui Yuan Shan to make a move, was he… in a hurry to reincarnate??

Cui Yuan Shan stared intently at Li Moying’s eyes, “Good, good, you’re very good! This Sect Master shall let you experience what is known as a genuine ninth stage realm pract.i.tioner! You must know what kind of price you must pay for provoking the strong!”

Murong De’s expression changed abruptly as he cried out sharply, “Li Moying, what nonsense are you sprouting?? Quickly shut your mouth!!”

But saying anything now was just too late.

Right after Cui Yuan Shan said three “good” words, the Profound Energy within his body started pouring out in torrents as it gathered into a wind blade striking towards Li Moying’s head!

He had been completely angered and no matter what, he was a Sect Master. To be provoked by a junior in such a way, his face had been completely lost!

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1623 - Ninth stage realm’s might (4) summary

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