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Chapter 1236: That shameless woman (5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“That's right, Young Sect Master is definitely just playing around with her! Since she had offered herself, it'd be a waste not to take it, so after he's sick and tired of her, he'd dump her!”

“Correct, by then let's see how complacent she can get? To actually show off with the love bites which Young Sect Master had given! Hmph, wait till she gets dumped, she can just go and cry by herself!”

The few female disciples stared deeply at Huang Yueli's neck, that gaze was just like a knife, as they felt extremely sour!

Young Sect Master was well-known for his aloofness and conceitedness, totally not giving a d.a.m.n towards woman. He…. how could be possibly by seduced by this young lady, even leaving love bites on her neck?

Although the gossip regarding Murong Fei and Li Moying were bubbling hot, there were quite a number of people who were jealous of Murong Fei. Even one knew that Li Moying character was so cold, even if he did marry Murong Fei, it would be because of Celestial Light Sect Sect Master's position. If Murong Fei were to marry him, wouldn't it be equivalent to a living widow?

But now they saw Huang Yueli, they had a totally different feeling.

How could Li Moying possibly….. possibly have done anything towards her…..

The number of exceptionally beautiful woman who tried to seduce Li Moying, were not just one or two, but so far no one had managed to get their way!

What charm did this vixen had? To actually made Young Sect Master's interest perked up? Even though those people had convinced themselves that Li Moying was just fooling around with her, but in their hearts, it was filled with various emotions such as envy, jealousy and hatred.

Huang Yueli's lips curled into a chilly smile, as she slowly turned around.

As she had just reconciled with Li Moying, her mood was very good today and couldn't be bothered to haggle with these ignorant young But they continued to climb all over, did they think that she had a good temper?

Huang Yueli bluntly brushed away her long hair which was covering up her neck, as she generously revealed the love bites.

“Why? Feeling jealous from seeing these? You all haven't even seen Li Moying directly, and you placed yourself in the position of his wife or concubines? Guess what he would do if he heard all these things that you all are saying?”

The female disciples all cowered when they heard what she said.

If these words were heard by Li Moying, then there was no need to think before they knew how horrendous the consequences would be.

But looking at Huang Yueli's gorgeous face, and her look radiating with happiness, it was obvious that it was the look of being soaked in blessing, so the few of them couldn't suppressed the jealousy they had in their hearts.

“Hmph, Ye Xiao, don't be too complacent! Did you think that just spending the night with Young Sect Master, he will come and stand up for you? Haven't you been thrown out to the outer door?”

“That's right, Young Sect Master is just playing around with you, did you think you are really his wife?”

Huang Yueli replied coldly, “I really feel like prying open your head to see, if all it contains is just glue? Who do the few of you think you are? Do I even need Li Moying to deal with the few of you? Today let me give each of you a lesson, that before you provoke others, firstly consider your own ability and if you are able to handle the other party's revenge!”

She stepped forward, and the Profound Energy within her spilled out, as the might of a fourth stage realm pract.i.tioner suppressed the entire place.

Even Yuan Zeyu's face turned white, he hurriedly retreated backwards when he felt that he was about to suffocate.

Not to mention those blind female disciples, one of them even spat out a mouthful of blood as she laid onto the ground!

The colours on the other's faces also changed!

Right now, they finally recalled that this young lady not only had a pretty face!

Three days ago, at this faithful spot, she only used one strike, and killed Fatty w.a.n.g's fourth tier magical beast Iron Claw Silver Wolf!

That meant to say, her actual ability and battle power was equivalent to a fifth stage realm pract.i.tioner!

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