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Chapter 2527: Bridal room and ornamented candles(6)

Facing Liu Buyan’s distrustful gaze then hearing him mentioned about what happened in the room earlier.

Li Moying’s face also showed an embarra.s.sed expression.

To tell the truth, he indeed wasn’t lying to Liu Buyan and he absolutely had no intention to hurt Li’er, so all of those were the truth.

But he was a man after all and he was a man who had abstained from female charms for many years because of his beloved young la.s.s….

Earlier at that moment, he really had lost a little control over himself as the intense heat gushed up, and almost casted Liu Buyan’s warning to him behind his mind….

Although at the very last gate, he definitely would cool down but earlier, he had indeed lost control….

To a determined man with resolute matureness like Li Moying, this situation was exceptionally rare.

It could only be said that Li’er’s influence on him was just too huge!

Liu Buyan looked at his expression and his anger just spiralled from nowhere, “Why? I was right aren’t I? Feeling guilty? You hypocrite who says one thing and does another!”

Liu Buyan struggled to get up but this time Li Moying was prepared as he directly sealed his meridians.

“You’re thinking too much!” Li Moying spoke out with a chilly expression, “If I wanted to regain my former ability and hurt Li’er, then why did I have to…. save her that year? If I haven’t gone through reincarnation, I might have already broken through to the tenth stage realm!”

When he said this, Liu Buyan was choked right back.

Right, if Li Moying only cared about his own ability, then sixteen years ago he could just abandon Huang Yueli so why bother to wait till now?

Seeing that he didn’t say anything else, Li Moying’s face regained a little calm, “But I still have to thank you. When I saw Li’er dressed up so beautifully today, with a joyous look while marrying me, I was indeed a little overly agitated… in future I won’t do this again, don’t you worry!”

As he said that, he stood up and raised his voice, “The restraints on the few of you will be released after one hour and by then, just leave on your own! Later on I will activate the defence mechanism in the bedroom so don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you dare to disturb This Sovereign’s bridal room, and if you get injured by the array…. bear the consequences yourself!”

When he spoke to Liu Buyan, both of them controlled their voices and had been using Profound Energy to isolate the possibility of their voices from being overheard.

Whereas the things that he said now, were spoken out loudly by Li Moying and it was a guarantee that everyone was able to hear it.

Momentarily, all the younger disciples laid on the floor groaning.

They didn’t manage to disturb the bridal room and instead, their meridians were sealed as they were left in the courtyard laying down like salted fishes, and this was indeed a little embarra.s.sing!

Levitation Sword Palace’s female attendants all hid on one side while sn.i.g.g.e.ring at them!

Li Moying finished his words, didn’t turn back his head and walked directly back into the bedroom.

Liu Buyan looked at his back with complicated feelings, as he silently clenched his teeth.

At this moment, he really didn’t know if he should be happy, or if he should be upset.

Li Moying was destined to not be able to consummate with Huang Yueli today and this seemed like it was a good thing. But he and Huang Yueli were married after all!

Henceforth, Huang Yueli would be Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign’s Wife….

Thinking of Huang Yueli in the main hall earlier, dressed in the bright red wedding dress as she walked slowly towards Li Moying, with a broad smile on her face….

Liu Buyan slowly shut his eyes.

In the bedroom, Huang Yueli got off the bed and sat on the chair, while staring at the red candle on the table as she went into a daze.

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2527 - : Bridal room and ornamented candles(6) summary

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