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Chapter 2528: Bridal room and ornamented candles(7)

“Creak~” and the room door was pushed open.

Huang Yueli abruptly regained her senses as she lifted her head and saw Li Moying walking in from the outside.

The tall and handsome figure was still dazzling, but… his face…..

Huang Yueli stood up at once and ran towards him while asking in shock, “Moying, you… what’s the matter with you? You’re actually injured?”

She carefully touched the bruise on Li Moying’s lower jaw, as her heart ached.

Actually this small physical pain to Li Moying was totally nothing and basically it didn’t hurt any longer but on seeing Huang Yueli acting so anxiously, he immediately put on an act as he grimaced in pain.

“Ugh.., Li’er, please be gentler… your Senior Brother is simply too vicious, he specially aimed for my face!”

Huang Yueli frowned, “How can Senior Brother do this! He must have seen that you’re the groom today and it’s not nice for you to fight back so he intentionally bullied you!”

She grumbled in dissatisfaction as she hurriedly retrieved an ointment for treating external injuries, carefully applying it onto Li Moying’s blue-black.

Li Moying enjoyed his dainty little wife’s meticulous care with a clear conscience, and occasionally let out a dull moan, to win Huang Yueli’s sympathy.

He was not going to tell Huang Yueli that actually Liu Buyan suffered an even more serious injury than him, what’s the logic with not being nice for the groom to fight back? Would he, Li Moying, be such an inflexible man?

Huang Yueli carefully applied the ointment and heaved a sigh of relief, as she kept the medicine bottle away.

“Earlier you were outside ‘exercising’ for such a long time, do you want to drink some water, I’ll pour you a…. ah!”

She was speaking halfway when her wrist was clasped by him, and she was rugged forward instantly.

Huang Yueli’s body instantly lost balance and she fell forward, falling nicely into Li Moying’s arms.

Li Moying lowered his head, as his handsome face slowly leaned near that fair and tender little face, looking satisfactorily at Huang Yueli’s face which had once again blushed red.

“Li’er, I’m a little thirsty, but I don’t want to drink water. We haven’t drunk our nuptial wine yet!”

Huang Yueli jolted, “Ah, that’s right! I’ll pour you a cup of wine!”

Saying that, she pushed Li Moying and wanted to get up.

However, Li Moying’s arm which wound around her waist hadn’t loosened at all. Instead he held her slender waist and adjusted their positions in order to allow Huang Yueli to sit even more comfortably on his thigh.

“My dear wife please don’t need to go through these formalities, let this Husband serve you instead!”

Li Moying’s hand caught hold of Huang Yueli’s waist while the other raised up the slightly warm wine pot, as he poured the contents into two small wine cups.

The clear liquid filled the wine cups and a mellow and rich fragrance instantly dissipated in the entire room.

This wine’s history was extraordinary and on the day when Huang Yueli was born in this lifetime, Bai Liufeng then buried this Maiden Rose wine underground.

Last month when he sent his men over to South Yue Kingdom to bring those people over, Bai Liufeng specially got someone to dig it out from the underground of Valiant Martial Manor.

Li Moying pa.s.sed one of the wine cups to Huang Yueli as he raised up the other and smiled in a mellow voice, “My dear wife, my toast to you!”

“To… Toast to you!” Huang Yueli pushed the cup a little forward and clanged her cup against Li Moying’s.

After that, she wanted to retract the wine cup.

Whoever knew that Li Moying held on to her wrist, not allowing her to back off as his handsome face leaned forward towards her once again.

“Li’er, you seem to have forgotten about something?”

“Eh? What did you say?” Huang Yueli’s watery big eyes grew even bigger, as she looked puzzledly at the man in front of her.

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2528 - Bridal room and ornamented candles(7) summary

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