Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2546 - Don't be too self-abased (5)

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Chapter 2546: Don’t be too self-abased (5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Quick, come drink it while it’s still warm!” Huang Yueli personally picked up the medicinal cuisine and delivered it to Li Moying’s face.

Moying didn’t suspect anything and instantly lifted his head to finish it all.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled and sat right opposite him and secretly observed his reaction while chatting with him about the official matters.

“Today when I went over to my Father’s side, I happened to meet Guardian Yu. I heard that his injury had gradually started to improve and he would study meticulously on Snow Phoenix Palace’s arrays with my Father every day. The two of them seemed like old friends on their first meeting and were extremely congenial. I heard that both of them had already decoded a majority of Snow Phoenix Palace’s arrays!”

Li Moying’s eyes lit up and he expressed happily, “That’s really great! As long as these arrays are decoded, the next step should be to head over to Northern Ice Fields to rescue your mother!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she nodded, “It should be so! But my father said that in this short period of time, it’s still not possible to head over because he still needs to make more preparations and this time round, he must rescue my mother out in one go!”

“That’s right, Lord Zhan is such an unfathomable person and moreover he works very discreetly…. Help me convey this to Father-in-law, that no matter what kind of support he requires, he can let me know and I’ll gather the entire Blue Profound Sect’s resources to help him!” Li Moying said.

Huang Yueli stuck out her tongue, “I’ve already told Father this long ago! But Father said he doesn’t need you to be a busybody, just take good care of his daughter and that will do!”

“Father-in-law really is…..”

Li Moying sighed softly but his gaze had completely been attracted by Huang Yueli’s sticking out of her little tongue.

That pure and innocent yet dainty little face, under the dim glow of the lights became even more alluring.

Li Moying sensed a scorching warmth scuttering from his lower abdomen and his entire body was extremely hot, which made him unable to sit or stand still.

He wanted to force himself to s.h.i.+ft his sight away, but his body seemed as though it didn’t listen to his commands and his eyes were fully concentrated on that pair of pink lips which was opening and closing.

“Moying, Moying? Are you listening to me?” Huang Yueli asked with a tender voice, as her large watery eyes were sparkling.

Watching Li Moying’s stiff expression, she was able to guess that the medicinal cuisine that he ate earlier had already started to take effect.

Li Moying’s face was slightly flushed and after staring at her for a long duration, he suddenly stretched out his hand and locked onto her wrist, pulling her into his arms.

“Mo… ying…. um um!”

His robust and powerful arm wrapped around the young lady’s slender waist, as his kisses anxiously landed on her lips.

In the past ten days, the flame that was continuously suppressed started burning intensely in his heart. At this juncture, it was completely unleashed!

Li Moying’s kisses were like scorching flames, which instantly lit the young lady in his arms instantly.

Huang Yueli completely did not resist as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back with vigor!

As she was now seated on top of Li Moying’s thigh, she could even distinctly feel Li Moying’s excited reaction…..

Huang Yueli got a little anxious instinctively, but even more than that, she was delighted.

She was just saying, how was it possible for her husband to not have any interest in her? Just this small illness, she would definitely be able to rid him of the illness totally!

Huang Yueli pa.s.sionately responded to Li Moying’s kisses while simultaneously sensing the man hugging her tighter and closer than before.

Suddenly, Li Moying stood up in a second and her body also flew into mid-air at the same time!

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2546 - Don't be too self-abased (5) summary

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