Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 3302 - The Consequences of Overestimating Oneself (4)

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Chapter 3302: The Consequences of Overestimating Oneself (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Seeing this, Jing Shaoyuan was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. He tried hard to restrain himself from punching Li Moying’s excessively handsome face and disfiguring him!

“Let’s see how complacent you can be! Who asked you to be so condescending!”

“Later on, Divine General Meng will definitely teach you a lesson!”

But when he looked at Meng Shurong, he realized that Meng Shurong’s face was filled with an awkward expression.

“Cough cough, this… this matter… Shaoyuan ah, this matter…”


Meng Shurong hemmed and hawed, as though he was hesitant to say something.

Jing Shaoyuan thought he wanted to cover up for Li Moying, hence he hurriedly said loudly, “Divine General Meng, you have always been known for being fair and impartial in the army. This Subordinate believes that you will also handle this matter fairly! Will you please not have any misgivings and tell everyone at this banquet the truth! Otherwise, everyone will not be convinced by this result!”

Jing Shaoyuan’s words had an inciting effect. Various pract.i.tioners below the stage also started to protest softly.

“That’s right, what exactly is going on? Why isn’t Divine General Meng saying anything?”

“Even if Young Master Li is a G.o.d grade genius, he can’t simply hurt another person even though his ident.i.ty is special, isn’t it?”

“Could it be that even if such an unfair thing was happening in the allied armies, Divine General doesn’t even care?”

Jing Shaoyuan had full confidence upon hearing these discussions. He even looked at Meng Shurong with a provocative expression.

Meng Shurong felt helpless and sighed deeply.

“Alright, originally this is a compet.i.tion and This Divine General didn’t want to say so much. Since Young Master Jing insists, then I shall say this directly. I hope Young Miss Lan will not blame This Divine General in the future!”

Something just didn’t seem right.

Why would Lan Mengqing blame Meng Shurong?

But this thought merely flashed past everyone’s mind and was quickly forgotten.

Meng Shurong continued to say, “In the earlier compet.i.tion, Young Miss Lan indeed held a huge advantage at the beginning with her Profound skills, “Whirlwind Dance” and a set of palm technique called “Eighteen beats of the Nomad Flute”. But Young Madam Li seemed to not react because she had already seen through the flaw in Young Miss Lan’s palm technique. That was why she could defeat her in one move!”

“Palm techniques’ flaw? What flaw? I can’t tell at all?”

“How can this be? It’s so miraculous? Young Miss Lan’s palm technique is so fast. Isn’t the only way to break her moves to be faster than her?”

“Could it be that she had resorted to some trickery? Surely Divine General Meng would not lie to us, right?”

Seeing everyone puzzled, Meng Shurong thought over it for a moment and decided to explain it even more clearly.

“The speed of the Empyrean Fox Clan’s secret skill, “Eighteen beats of the Nomad Flute” isn’t as fast as what you imagined. Rather, it uses a kind of hallucination skill to coordinate with her speed. So it makes one think that the speed of her actual moves was much faster than it is by several times! Eighteen palm strikes seemed as though there were more than 20 moves! But in reality, among so many attacks, only a few strikes are real. The remaining are all virtual moves. If one can differentiate this, it wouldn’t be so hard to evade them.”

“Moreover, this kind of palm technique which chases after speed will also result in a huge loophole. Of course, this loophole is concealed very cleverly so that most people can’t tell. But if one sees through it, that person would only need to aim at her weakest point to defeat her instantly!”

Meng Shurong sighed deeply. “Does everyone get it now? Young Madam Li had merely seen through this loophole!”

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 3302 - The Consequences of Overestimating Oneself (4) summary

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