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Chapter 3460: The Secret Realm (2)

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“Ah, so that’s the case…” Huang Yueli was stunned.

She should have offended Li Yuntao that day. She felt that it was a little strange before, because Li Yuntao didn’t seem to have any reaction at all, and he never bothered her again after that.

Now it seems that it’s not that they didn’t hold any grudges, but they knew that they couldn’t get through Li Moying here, so they simply went back to Cloudy Qilin Clan to complain!

Li Moying lightly tapped on the table with his fingers, and said in a low voice, “However Li’er, don’t worry, no matter what they say back at the clan, no one can hurt you. I will be responsible for handling the matter, and what happened at Grandmaster Xiao’s manor last time will not happen again.”

Huang Yueli raised her lips into a smile, “I know, I’m not worried about anything. I’m just thinking, won’t you be going back to Cloudy Qilin Continent?”


Li Moying shook his head, “I want to go back but I’m going back with you. I don’t want to be separated from you again, not even for a few days! So, only after I deal with Cloudy Qilin Continent’s matters properly then we’ll head back together.”

“I’m fine, but, in this way, you won’t be able to get the family’s resources? Will it affect your ranking in the G.o.d Realm’s Grand Meet?” Huang Yueli was a little worried.

Speaking of which, Li Moying was a G.o.d-level genius, and his talent was second to none in the entire G.o.d Realm.

However, on the other hand, this was also a huge pressure.

Li Moying must and can only be the first place. If he doesn’t get the first place, everyone will question the extent of his efforts.

The G.o.d Realm Grand Meet was open to everyone under the age of fifty. Compared with these so-called “younger generations”, Li Moying’s age was really too young! The years of cultivation he had were even shorter, and even the time spent cultivating in the G.o.d Realm has only been a year.

This disadvantage was also very obvious. Therefore, if Li Moying wants to win the first place, it was still a challenge and he must prepare well.

Li Moying knew what she meant, but just shook his head and smiled, “You forgot? I told you last time that I found a map to the ancient secret realm, and I am going with you for to gain some experience? That secret realm in the G.o.d Realm is also rarely opened once, and it is impossible to enter without a map, and there must be a lot of treasures and opportunities hidden in it.”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up immediately when she heard his words.

“I remember that you mentioned this, but didn’t you say that there’s still some parts on the map that need to be further deciphered before you can ascertain the exact location? How is the situation now?”

Li Moying held her hand out, took out the scroll made of cowhide from the interspatial ring, and handed it to Huang Yueli.

“During this period of time, while you were busy making money by refining armaments, I checked some cla.s.sic books, deciphered most of them, and successfully found the location of the secret realm. This secret realm is not far from the Empyrean Fox Continent, and it is about seven or eight days of travel via the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.”

Huang Yueli took the scroll, couldn’t wait to spread it out, and looked at it carefully from top to bottom.

Li Moying looked at her getting busy with a flushed face while full of concentration, her long eyelashes fluttering up and down. She looked gentle and beautiful and for a while, he was mesmerized as he stood there staring at her.

“Husband, husband? What are you thinking?”

Huang Yueli’s voice rang in his ears.

Li Moying finally recovered, “What’s the matter? Little Li’er? Have you finished studying it?”

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