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Chapter 635: We are on the same side

No matter how calm one may look, there would be that one instance that their bodies would become stiff and slight changes would occur to the frequency of their breathing.

What Zuo Fangping was hoping for was that instance of abnormality.

As long as Huang Yueli had that one little bit of being disturbed, she would easily display some loopholes and he would be able to use that to ascertain a rough estimate of her hiding place. Once he was able to locate her, then capturing her would not be a big issue.

However, reality had disappointed Zuo Fangping.

There was no slight change in breathing frequency in Huang Yueli, as though his capturing of Bai Ruo Qi had no effect or response from her.

“Wretched la.s.s, stop pretending, she is your blood cousin! I heard that you were raised by your uncle, how could you be so heartless to your cousin? …. Alright, your heart is made of steel isn’t it? Then I won’t stand on ceremony!”

Saying that, Zuo Fangping raised Bai Ruo Qi with one hand and held tightly onto her slender hand, as though he was gently caressing her.

“Tsk tsk, this cousin of yours looks not bad at all, youthful and smooth skin, and this pair of hands are especially beautiful. If I were to slash off her fingers one by one, this scenario…. What would it be like?”

Bai Ruo Qi’s soul had flown out of her body and her expression was even paler than a dead person as she trembled like a leaf and almost wet her pants on the spot!

Zuo Fangping pressed her hand on the ground and raised his sword with his right hand, about to slash downwards.

Bai Ruo Qi shrieked, “No, please, don’t cut my finger! Even if you were to slash me into a hundred pieces, it would be useless! Although this s.l.u.t and I are cousins, but… we are more like enemies and she can’t wait for me to die! If you killed me, she would be ecstatic, she… she won’t show herself at all!”

She knew, if she didn’t say anything at this time, she would definitely die so she couldn’t care less and started screaming.

Sure enough, after hearing what she said, Zuo Fangping’s movement paused.

Bai Ruo Qi’s heart soared with joy as she felt that her words had taken effect.

She hastily added, “It’s true, I’ve been bullied by that s.l.u.t daily and I’ve bore hatred against her for the longest time and I want her life as well! Since you’re also Bai Ruoli’s enemy, that makes our target the same, so we are on the same side! Sir, please let me off and I’ll help you find that s.l.u.t!”

Zuo Fangping stared at her for a moment trying to gauge if what she had said was true.

Bai Ruo Qi displayed an earnest expression towards Zuo Fangping and said, “Sir, I swear that all I had said are the truth!”

Zuo Fangping replied sinisterly, “Oh? Really? Then what proof can you show that you’re telling the truth?”

Bai Ruo Qi was stumped, “Huh? Proof?”

On seeing Zuo Fangping’s fallen expression, she hastily replied, “Right, right right, you want proof, I have proof! That is… those people with me on the carriage, they all know me and Bai Ruoli, and know that we have an enmity! If you were to ask, then you can find out for sure!”

Zuo Fangping face a icy smile, “That’s wasting too much time. Besides they’re all in cahoots with you, who knows if you’d gang up to lie to me?”

“Bu…. But…..”

Bai Ruo Qi wanted to add on more but was stopped by Zuo Fangping.

“To find out if what you’re saying is the truth or not, it’s very simple!”

Saying that, he pressed down Bai Ruo Qi’s hand and without any hesitation, the long sword on the other hand had already swerved downwards!

Blood spurted out!


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