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Chapter 1681 - Brute Force

After Beast Emperor finished speaking, he immediately began writing divine runes and chanting an incantation.

Suddenly, a gigantic magic array formed beneath Beast Emperor's feet and continuously expanded outward. Only after reaching a radius of 500 yards did it stop growing. The magic array then conducted a ma.s.sive amount of Mana that no single player would be capable of.

When the magic array was complete, Beast Emperor stabbed the black jade staff in his hand into the center of the magic array, letting it serve as the magic array's core.

"Have them enter the magic array one by one. Make sure not to enter it too quickly. If they're too quick, the magic array won't be able to absorb their Immortal Souls, and they will end up hurt for nothing," Beast Emperor said as he looked at Singular Burial. "Also, during this period, no harm must come to the magic array's core. Otherwise, everything will be for naught."

"Rest a.s.sured. I've summoned plenty of my Guild's experts here. There's even an army of 100,000 elites spread across the surrounding area. Even if someone tries to launch an ambush, I still have a defensive magic array I can activate to hold them back," Singular Burial said, nodding. His gaze then s.h.i.+fted toward the general direction of Stone Forest Town, a cold glint flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes as he swore, "Black Flame, just you wait! Since you dared to destroy my Ancient Rock City, I will definitely let you personally witness the destruction of the Guild you created!"

Due to the various superpowers' successful invasion of Ancient Rock City, he had no choice but to turn the city into a nest for Evil Demons.

The loss of this ma.s.sive source of income had a considerable impact on Heaven's Burial's development. In fact, some of the major corporations supporting Heaven's Burial had already withdrawn their funds, instantly shattering Singular Burial's dream of making the Guild a superpower. As for the remaining corporations backing Heaven's Burial, they were staying only because they believed in Lei Jingyang's and his own abilities. If not for the two of them, these major corporations would've drastically reduced the funding they provided Heaven's Burial.

Hence, it was definitely not an exaggeration to say that the hatred he felt for Zero Wing could blot out the sky!

Originally, the plan was to take action against Zero Wing. However, after the battle at Ancient Rock City, Singular Burial changed his mind. He also wanted Zero Wing's members to have a taste of getting whittled down and destroyed bit by bit. First, he would take away Stone Forest Town. Next, he would deal with Zero Wing City. With these two places gone, Zero Wing would lose two of its most important sources of income. If that happened, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing crumbled. Meanwhile, all Black Flame would be able to do at that time was watch as Zero Wing dissolved into nothingness while Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing City fell into the hands of Heaven's Burial.

From then on, Heaven's Burial would replace Zero Wing as Star-Moon Kingdom's absolute overlord!

Beast Emperor no longer made any further comments. Instead, he summoned a Mythic ranked Evil Demon to secretly a.s.sist in protecting the magic array. Compared to expert players, a Mythic ranked Evil Demon provided much greater a.s.surance. After all, he had paid an enormous price to obtain the black jade staff. Acquiring another one to hold another sacrificial ceremony would be extremely difficult.

After Beast Emperor was done dealing with the matters here, he took out a Teleportation Scroll and left the area. All he needed to do now was wait for the magic array to collect a sufficient number of Immortal Souls.

Meanwhile, such a large commotion naturally could not escape the eyes of Star-Moon Kingdom's various major powers.

"What's Heaven's Burial trying to do by gathering so many players over at Stone Forest Town?"

"Could it be preparing to vent its anger on Zero Wing's Stone Forest Town now that its Ancient Rock City has been destroyed?"

"That shouldn't be the case, right? That's Stone Forest Town we're talking about. It's not as if we've never seen how strong the town's defenses are. It is even more fortified than NPC towns. Moreover, I heard that the number of Tier 2 NPC soldiers defending Stone Forest Town has already exceeded 400. The town won't be so easy to take down. Hasn't Heaven's Burial learned its lesson from its previous failure?"

"Maybe Heaven's Burial has some trump card to rely on."

When the various major powers discovered Heaven's Burial's actions, they could not help but discuss it curiously. They all wondered what Heaven's Burial was trying to do.

"Vice Guild Leader, Heaven's Burial seems to be trying to take action against Stone Forest Town. What should we do?"

The Zero Wing members garrisoning Stone Forest Town were greatly concerned over this matter. Based on Heaven's Burial's actions, that Guild was obviously planning on starting a Guild war, only it had yet to make all the necessary preparations. Once it was ready, however, it would definitely launch an attack.

"Everyone in the Guild is to avoid casually going out during this period, to avoid getting ambushed by Heaven's Burial's Evil Demons. At the same time, keep a close eye on Heaven's Burial's status and report back any findings immediately!" Aqua Rose fired off commands through the Guild chat. She also had Melancholic Smile strengthen the defenses of Stone Forest Town, building more Defense Turrets and moving more Miniature Ballistas to Stone Forest Town as a precaution.

Currently, Heaven's Burial's monster army was already approaching Star-Moon Kingdom's border. If Zero Wing did not send experts to help the NPC armies exterminate some of the monsters, the monster army's advance into Star-Moon Kingdom would definitely accelerate. Hence, they could not afford to pull away those experts to deal with Heaven's Burial's player army.

The only thing they could do right now was slow the advance of the monster army while strengthening the defenses of Stone Forest Town. Not to mention, the odds were that Heaven's Burial's player army was capable of summoning a large number of Evil Demons to aid the army in battle. If Zero Wing launched a half-hearted attack on Heaven's Burial's player army, Zero Wing's members would definitely be beaten black and blue. After all, without the help of static defenses and NPC soldiers, players couldn't contend against the powerful Evil Demons.

For a time, the atmosphere in Star-Moon Kingdom turned awkward. Aside from Zero Wing, the other Guilds in the kingdom were also making their own preparations for war. After all, n.o.body knew for sure what Heaven's Burial was actually trying to do. There was always a chance that the Guild would go crazy and start attacking every Guild Town in sight.

Although the NPCs of Star-Moon Kingdom had already tightened its security measures against Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, if players wanted to have the kingdom's armies mobilized to a.s.sist them in dealing with these monsters, they needed to provide concrete proof that these monsters had actually appeared. Only then would the kingdom's armies move out. Moreover, the kingdom's armies would need some time to get to the battlefield.

If their Guild Towns failed to hold out until the kingdom's armies arrived, then there would be no point in notifying the kingdom. Hence, the various large Guilds had all started building up the defenses of their respective towns.

Meanwhile, back at the Darkness World, s.h.i.+ Feng had also started grinding Grand Lords with greater urgency. Now, he had two Heroic Spirits partic.i.p.ating in the battle simultaneously. With the help of Anna and three Tier 3 Demons, killing Level 70 or so Grand Lords became significantly easier. However, Grand Lords still weren't available in great abundance.

After half a day or so of wanton slaughter, s.h.i.+ Feng had basically killed every Grand Lord present on the map he was currently in. Now, s.h.i.+ Feng had a total of 52 Darkness Stones and 386 Darkness Stone Fragments, which was still some distance away from his target. Meanwhile, if he wished to find and kill more Grand Lords, he had only two options to do so.

The first option was to wait for the Grand Lords he killed to resp.a.w.n. However, Grand Lords generally took two or three natural days to resp.a.w.n. Killing the Grand Lords too quickly had left him with no Grand Lords to grind. However, s.h.i.+ Feng couldn't do anything about this situation. Anna was simply too strong.

The second option was to head to other maps. The Grand Lords of other maps remained untouched. They were all alive and kicking. The only problem was getting to other maps.

The Darkness World was different from the continent of G.o.d's Domain. On the continent of G.o.d's Domain, players faced no hindrance when moving between maps. In the Darkness World, however, the maps had strict level restrictions preventing players from going wherever they wished. In a sense, the Darkness World was similar to the Ice Crystal World. Players needed to defeat the designated Guardian Boss in order to proceed to other maps; otherwise, they would be stuck in the same map forever.

Generally, players that arrived at the Darkness World using the teleportation stones exchanged at the Seven Luminaries Temple would not think of heading to other maps, because the map they were teleported to was suitable for their level, and just surviving in the said map was already plenty difficult. They would not even have time to think about heading to other maps. s.h.i.+ Feng was definitely a unique case.

It seems I have no choice but to force my way through, s.h.i.+ Feng thought as he looked at the 30-meter-tall monster sleeping inside the canyon ahead of him. He then advanced towards the monster together with Anna.

Now that the Evil Demon and Evil Beast armies were invading Star-Moon Kingdom, he naturally could not waste time waiting for the Grand Lords he had killed to resp.a.w.n. His only choice was to head to another map and hunt the Grand Lords there.

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