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Chapter 1924 – Foundation Investigation

Frost Rain suddenly felt a chill enveloping his entire body at the old man's words. He immediately retold the battle, careful not to miss out on even the slightest detail.

“I see.” The old man narrowed his eyes as he caressed his white beard. “A Guild from Star-Moon Kingdom, is it?”

“An outside Guild dares meddle in the matters of our Death G.o.d Workshop?! Chief, why don't I bring a team to take care of them?” a two-and-half-meter-tall Bearkin Berserker said suddenly.

The Bearkin's suggestion stunned the other commanders present.

Among the eight commanders of the Death G.o.d Workshop, the Bearkin Berserker ranked number one. t.i.tled the Heavenly Spear by the Secret Pavilion, he was one of the two true pillars of the Death G.o.d Workshop. While others might not know, it was entirely due to the first commander and chief commander's existence that the various superpowers chose to ignore the Death G.o.d Workshop's antics. Otherwise, with the strength the various superpowers possessed, they would've long since taken care of the Death G.o.d Workshop.

Yet, now, one of the Death G.o.d Workshop's pillars was proposing to take action himself. The other commanders present were naturally surprised by this situation.

“Forget it. We'll stop hara.s.sing Ninth Heaven temporarily. We'll decide how we should proceed after we have conducted a thorough investigation of Zero Wing,” the old man said, shaking his head. “Moreover, even if we don't take action, Zero Wing will still encounter a lot of trouble from this point onward. The waters of the Fairy Country are much deeper than they think.”

Meanwhile, the Death G.o.d Workshop's lack of response to its crus.h.i.+ng defeat fueled Zero Wing's fame to greater heights in Forest City. In just one day, a large number of players already wanted to join Zero Wing. Unfortunately, as Zero Wing had no intention to establish a Branch Guild in Forest City at the moment, these interested players could not help but sigh in disappointment.

However, the businesses Zero Wing had set up in the two Shops Melody had traded were booming with popularity. Many of the potions and engineering tools sold by the Candlelight Trading Firm were very much welcomed by Forest City's players.

For example, the Exotic Stamina Potion. As there weren't many towns and cities in the Fairy Country, there were very few teleportation points. Meanwhile, with the Guilds occupying most of the nearby resource areas, independent players had no choice but to grind in distant maps. Due to these factors, independent players had to expend a lot of Stamina just on travel, a situation that further increased the demand for the Exotic Stamina Potion.

In addition, as Zero Wing held exclusive rights to the Exotic Stamina Potion, Candlelight's Shops were the only source of the potion, which the independent players and Guild players of Forest City were frantically purchasing. As for the selling price, it was much higher than that of the potions sold in Star-Moon Kingdom.

In just one day, after deducting material costs and labor costs, the two Shops set up in Forest City earned Zero Wing over 5,000 Gold. Candlelight's Shops here were much more profitable than those in White River City.

Melody also found the Exotic Stamina Potion very tempting; hence, she asked to purchase the potion in bulk from Zero Wing.

However, as the Candlelight Trading Firm could produce only a limited number of Exotic Stamina Potions each day, even if Zero Wing wished to sell the potions in bulk, it couldn't. In the end, after Ninth Heaven negotiated with Melancholic Smile, it was decided that the Candlelight Trading Firm would supply the Guild with a fixed number of Exotic Stamina Potions each day. In exchange, Ninth Heaven would supply Zero Wing with materials unique to the Fairy Country.

A few examples of materials unique to the Fairy Country were Fairy Fruit and Fairy Wood. Both were extremely rare materials.

Fairy Fruit could be used to make all kinds of beverages. Not only could Fairy Fruits enhance the taste of a beverage, but they also provided a sobering effect, which allowed players to focus better when working. To Lifestyle players, beverages made using Fairy Fruit were akin to wonder drugs.

Fairy Wood was even more special. It could be used to make furniture and s.h.i.+ps. Furniture made using Fairy Wood carried Mana, which, in turn, increased the Mana density of the furniture's surroundings. Meanwhile, when used to produce s.h.i.+ps, Fairy Wood would increase the s.h.i.+ps' durability.

These two materials might not be particularly useful to current players and Guilds, but as players reached higher levels, these two materials would likewise appreciate in value. This was especially true for furniture made using Fairy Wood, which was something all Lifestyle players sought. Although such furniture would not improve the production success rate, the increased Mana density would help Lifestyle players concentrate better.

This was also the main reason why s.h.i.+ Feng had tasked Fire Dance and the others with setting up Shops in Forest City: to purchase a large amount of Fairy Fruits and Fairy Wood. Now that Zero Wing had Ninth Heaven's help as well, the collection of these materials would proceed even faster.

Meanwhile, a group of cloaked players suddenly arrived in Star-Moon Kingdom's Zero Wing City. These cloaked players had thoroughly hidden their appearances. However, the fierce aura they radiated still made other players avoid them like the plague.

If a player with a high-ranking Identification Skill were to inspect these players, they would definitely be very surprised because these cloaked players were not part of the human race but of neutral races. In total, there were 50 players in this group, every one of them a Tier 2 player. This was almost as many Tier 2 players as a first-rate Guild possessed at this stage of the game.

The one leading this group of neutral players was a Level 58, Tier 2 Tigerkin Ranger. Meanwhile, moving alongside him were a male Half-elf and a female Tigerkin. The latter two were none other than Frost Rain and Chopped Axe, commanders of the Death G.o.d Workshop.

“So, this place is Zero Wing City?”

“The Mana density here is so high!”

“Why are there so many players here?”

The Death G.o.d Workshop's members were filled with surprise as they observed the crowded streets of the city.

Although they had seen NPC cities with much higher player populations, this was their first time seeing a Guild Town or City with so many players. Moreover, a considerable portion of these players were experts. There were also plenty of Tier 2 players roaming about the city. The situation here was completely different from any Guild Town they had visited before.

However, the most surprising aspect of Zero Wing City was still its Mana density, which greatly surpa.s.sed even the Fairy Country's most Mandense area.

“Alright, enough sightseeing. Our goal here isn't to tour Zero Wing City,” the Tigerkin Ranger said in a cold voice. “We only have one goal this time, and that is to get a clear idea of Zero Wing's strength. The chief commander has also stated that, if need be, we should exhibit a portion of our strength to let Zero Wing know that the Death G.o.d Workshop's reputation is not for show. Frost and Axe, that goes double for you two. If you don't perform well, you should know what kind of person the chief commander is.”

When Frost Rain and Chopped Axe heard the Ranger's words and thought about the chief commander's means of doing things, their bodies shuddered involuntarily. They couldn't offer any reb.u.t.tals to Light Cloud, the Tigerkin Ranger. While part of the reason for this was the intense aura he gave off, another part was him being the second-ranked commander in the Death G.o.d Workshop. In terms of combat standards, Light Cloud far surpa.s.sed the two of them.

The other Death G.o.d Workshop members also nodded silently and sorted out their emotions.

They immediately followed Light Cloud to investigate Zero Wing's Residence.

When the group arrived on the top floor of a high-cla.s.s restaurant adjacent to Zero Wing's Residence, Light Cloud used a high-ranking Identification Skill to observe the situation inside the Residence. However, the moment Light Cloud did so, he fell into a daze.

This was because 500 Tier 2 players stood in the Residence's front courtyard at this moment. Meanwhile, even the weakest piece of equipment these players wore was Level 50 Fine-Gold rank while the majority of these players sported Level 50

Dark-Gold Equipment. Currently, these 500 Tier 2 players were standing at attention before a man. When Light Cloud tried identifying this man, he could not see any information about him aside from his name, Black Flame. Even so, he could distinctly feel an indescribable sense of danger from the man even from several hundred yards away.

“Cloud! What's the situation inside Zero Wing's Residence?” Frost Rain and Chopped Axe could not help but ask curiously after Light Cloud remained silent for a long time.

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