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Chapter 1265: Collude

Lofty Sovereign was a little surprised when he heard the news about the White Deer Demon.

After that, he calmed down, “Right now, this old demon has yet to appear. If he does really come to interfere, we should hasten ourselves and settle the problem before he appears.”

Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu had a sudden change in tone. He told the Pill Hall's hall spirit, “Since you've gained intelligence, you might have a deeper understanding about Longevity G.o.d's mount, the White Deer compared to all of us.”

“If that old demon did not perish during the Great Calamity, his cultivation must be even scarier since so many years had pa.s.sed. Based on your current condition, even you might not be able to beat him.”

“How about you and us join forces, and deal with that old demon first?”

The Pill Hall's hall spirit said coldly, “Silver tongue.”

As he was talking, a sudden tremble appeared from the void far away. Someone was closing in to this place.

Two people were closing in. One of them was a teenager in white s.h.i.+rt and a jade crown. It was the “Little Sword G.o.d”, Long Xueji that he hadn't met in a long time.

The other person was Yan Zhaoge's father, Yan Di.

Apparently, the two of them had coincidentally met each other when venturing around the internal universe of the hall. After that, they decided to venture together, and reached this place.

Yan Zhaoge and the others immediately went up to greet them when they spotted them.

After everyone had greeted each other, they quickly reported the information which they held.

Yan Di and Long Xueji were slightly surprised by the current situation.

Part of it was because of the hall spirit gaining its own intelligence. The other part of it was because of how strong the leader of the Demon Race was.

“Since we can't convince that hall spirit, how about we quickly dispose of it when it's distracted with the ritual?” Long Xueji said peacefully, “When the time comes, we can rely on the geographical advantage of the Pill Hall to fend off against that White Deer.”

The Cloud Emperor said, “I also wanted to do the same. However, if we aren't able to dispose of it within a short amount of time, our path of retreat might be blocked by the Demon Race. Secondly, if the Demon Race worked together with this hall spirit, we would be in grave danger.”

“If they were to really work together, it would be too late for us to leave, since we're currently still in the Pill Hall. How about we sacrifice everything for this victory, and focus our attacks to attack the hall spirit together?” said Long Xueji.

Yan Zhaoge muttered, “We can try.”

Through the observation of the North Ocean Clone in the central control hub, Yan Zhaoge knew that almost all outsiders that came into the Pill Hall were already in the areas engulfed by shadows.

Other than Yan Di who he had met up with, Nie Jingshen, Yu Ye and the Mars Halberd wasn't far from here.

Under the current distance, there might be a solution to fight the hall spirit Awakened Sky.

Instead, the real threat was that old deer.

Long Xueji did not say anything else. He immediately transformed into a sword-light, and flew towards the place where the Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu was fighting.

The Cloud Conquest Emperor did the same.

The Pill Hall's hall spirit was very strong. However, before it managed to become a human, his understandings towards the levels of profundities were considerably vague. It was hard for it to distinguish between cultivator's level of cultivation. Even the attacks of the True Immortal Emperors would be a threat for it.

Instead, the aftermath of the Lofty Emperor's attacks would be a threat to those human martial pract.i.tioners who have yet to push open the Immortal Door.

Because of it, Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and He Mian both remained on the same spot. After Lofty Sovereign and the others who could attack without holding back had attacked, only by then would they consider their next action.

At the same time, the three of them spread their essence outwards, and were being wary of their surroundings.

On that side, the main attacker was still Zhang Buxu. However, after Long Xueji and the Cloud Conquest Emperor entered the fray, the hall spirit felt even more pressure.

After all, the two of them couldn't be cla.s.sified as normal True Immortals.

While Yan Zhaoge was observing his surroundings, he was also trying to feel the condition of the Pill Hall hall spirit.

The ritual had already begun.

If the hall spirit was being attacked by Long Xueji and the others under this situation, the possibility of the ritual failing would be very high.

If that was the case, there wasn't any point in being persistent about it.

As Yan Zhaoge was thinking about this, he vaguely felt that something was not right.

When the battle between them was going very smoothly, a sudden burst of light rays appeared in the void of the dark universe where the medicine storage was. As if it was a brilliant great sun, it slowly rose up near where Yan Zhaoge and the others were.

Outside of the radiance, there were three shadows which resembled sunspots dancing around the sun.

It was naturally Long Xueji and the other two of them.

Other than the Long Xueji and Cloud Conquest Emperor that Yan Zhaoge was familiar with, there was another handsome and elegant middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was sitting in the void with a lotus stance. A Qin was placed on his knee.

As the Qin's string was vibrating, waves of shapeless sword qi were dancing around within the heavens and earth. They were slas.h.i.+ng against the brilliant great sun.

It was the Prime Clear Seven Strings Sword which made the Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu's name well-known throughout the world.

Now, he was the main attacker, with Long Xueji and the Cloud Conquest Emperor a.s.sisting from the side.

The three Prime Clear sword cultivators started a devastating attack. The fierceness of the attacks rushed through the sky, and could even destroy the heavens and earth. The vast brutalness of the sword intent caused the whole void in the universe to transform into a wasteland.

The radiance from the brilliant great sun was flickering. It switched around being dim and radiant continuously.

Among the radiance, a human figure appeared. Fragrance was brought along with him.

The fragrance wasn't pungent. However, it lingered for quite a long time, and didn't dissipate even after a long while.

Even if the battle between the two had caused the void to be in shambles and the cosmos to be devastated, the fragrance still lingered around. It makes one attracted to the smell.

“As expected, it used a huge amount of divine pills along with the spirit and spirit medicine stored within the medicine storage, and many other precious materials to refine the body.” Yan Zhaoge knew what had happened when he saw the body.

However, his eyes flickered for a while, “It's just that, I feel like something isn't right…”

As he was thinking, Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt an extremely horrifying intent being emanated nearby.

It wasn't emanated from a distance away, and was getting closer at a fast pace.

Instead, it seemed like it suddenly appeared from the ground. It had always been nearby, but there were no signs of it being around there.

The horrifying intent caused everyone's body on the spot to be paralyzed, and their souls were trembling with fear.

Other than the Lofty Emperor, Zhang Buxu's condition being slightly better, Long Xueji, Cloud Conquest Emperor and the three other people who were merely spectating both felt that their body was being pressurised, and weren't able to move.

Everyone thought of something, and immediately raised their heads.

An old man could be seen standing among the void. He wore a yellow turban on his head, and he wore a Changyi. His face was charming, and his hair was waving downwards.

On his hand was a Withered Psychotria Rubra Vine Wyvern Sceptre. He smiled as he was looking at everyone present.

“Those that had pushed open the Immortal Door are practically here already, right?” The old man asked leisurely.

The Pill Hall hall spirit said in a cold voice, “That's right. Other than a Leakless Immortal Artifact still roaming around outside, those that had pushed open the Immortal Door are all here.”

The old man let out a laugh, “It's lesser than what I have imagined.”

Yan Zhaoge thoroughly a.n.a.lysed the old man. Memories and scenes buried deep inside Yan Zhaoge's brain started emerging.

The opponent was Lord Longevity G.o.d's mount, the White Deer!

Before the Great Calamity, this deer had accompanied Longevity G.o.d to enter the Heavenly Court's Divine Palace's Martial Repository. Although he was in the form of a white deer, he had transformed into a human for a short period of time. With the guidance of Longevity G.o.d, he was researching a supreme art in the Martial Repository.

Which was why Yan Zhaoge could recognise his ident.i.ty.

As for Yan Di, Cloud Conquest Emperor and the others, they guessed who this old man was based on the records within the ancient scriptures as well as his figure described within the myths.

Currently, everyone's attention wasn't on that Wyvern Sceptre.

It wasn't because the sceptre wasn't something amazing. Instead, it was because the old deer's body in front of them caused everyone to feel a coldness throughout their whole body.

Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu frowned. He stared at the White Deer Demon, and his lips moved.

“Heavenly Lord..”

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